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The Wayward Messiah


The Wayward Messiah



        Father Ignacio was the keeper and master of his parish, and he controlled his flock with fear of fire and damnation. Fear was a tasty emotion to the old priest, one that could feed him forever. He was not what he seemed, but true monsters seldom were.

The orphanage that fell under his dominion was no exception to his influence; the fear of the orphans was palpable and fed his dark soul. Father Ignacio was a creature of darkness hiding within under a cloak of righteousness, a vampire as dark and ancient as any in the world.

Alone 5:The Room

Alone 5: The Room

    I walked in that smooth boneless gait of the aliens without even thinking about it any more. Just as automatic was my expressionless face as I pretended to busy. It appeared that the gold standard in slacking off still worked with humanity under different management or not. As long as you acted and looked as if you were busy, no one bothered you.

His Girl

His Girl
By Stanman63
Edited by Nora Adrienne

Synopsis: When a young man finds that he is a girl, his family supports him and he finds that his best friend knew she was a girl and knew that she was his girl when they met.



Always and Forever: Across Space and Time

Across Space and Time

A spirit torn asunder can a sacrifice cause it to merge

 Always and Forever 


By Elsbeth

Alan sat at the back of the room pencil in hand lost in the world of his own creation. School as for so many seemed to be just one more day of insanity. Institutionalized babysitting turning everyone into good corporate drones a place filled with life sucking destroyers of dreams. Be normal or else. His pencil snapped under the pressure of his anger.

Looking around Alan wiped a tear from his face. Could the day get any worse?

“You look like crap.”

BC is Down?

I tried to log in around 7am EST and got the blue drop of doom.


Preview: Asgardian Sagas

This is a work of fiction. As such, if it represents another’s work or someone’s life, in is pure

happenstance. The majority of the names are the Americanized version of the old Norse names.

This work is indeed my property. Please ask permission before using this story for basis of any others.






The Aesir, Asynjur, and Vanir were gathered in Gladsheim to discuss

possible strategies to avoid Ragnorak, the end of the world. The court was

called to order by the pounding of the enchanted hammer known as Mjolnir.

This was followed by a call to order.


“Are all here and accounted for?” asked Odin as per tradition but not

of practicality as he already was in knowledge that Loki was not to be found

among the contingent today.



By Stan man63
Thanks To Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When a young man discovers that his Mother was a cheerleader, he tries out for the team, finding the girl within.



An Invisible Life

An Invisible Life
By Elsbeth

John lived an invisible life, in a selfless moment he stepped out the shadows.

John Andrews passed through life as invisible as possible. His early memories were difficult living with unhappy parents who frequently took out their unhappiness on him. Emotionally scarred instead of lashing out, John retreated into himself. Blend in, don’t make a fuss, make sure not to stand out be invisible. Unfortunately, the necessities of survival disconnected him from the rest of the world as well. 


Relating to stardust and all stuff that connected with the space. Did you see documentary film about comets? As I remember this is BBC film (maybe no). The main goal of this film is the statement that comets has brought the life to Earth. The explaining is very simple. Many comets was made from water (90% of weight of comets consists from water). Couple of billion years ago when our Earth was like egg on frying pan, comets cooled it surface. This statement was the topic of many essay writers that are interested in this stuff. What do you think about this? For example I don't know what's true of fake there!