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It was just another Gawd awful, but all too typical hot and humid summer day in the Deep South. I was closer to drinking instead of breathing the thick and moist air, but what else could one do? For one thing, I stayed out of that scorching sun as much as I could. The heat only made it worse, and being under cover in the shade helped.

Knight and Dragon

Knight and Dragon


Into the jaws of death the Knight rode. Before him, the early morning fog lingered over the burnt remains of the entrance to the vale. There no signs that once a village had prospered within those borders.

“Might I ask what you think you’re doing?” A voice out of nowhere rumbled like thunder.

Steadfastly, the Knight ignored the unseen Beast’s question. He’d hoped to surprise the monster as it left it’s lair to feed. Now that he’d been spotted far too early, that advantage was lost. He looked for the monster, but saw naught. Keeping to his task, he picked out the best path to its cave for he and his destrider to begin their charge.

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl-Part 77 Costumes R Us

I awoke more than a little confused. Where am I? Who's snoring? What am I wear... Aargh! I've got tits! I came fully awake and everything slotted into place. Obicon. I slumped back into my pillows and lay wondering

what today would bring. The gentle snoring from the other bed stopped

and I watched fascinated as Mad stretched, a smile covering her face and finally opened her eyes.

"Morning Mad"

"Hmm morning"

"You want the bathroom before I shower?"

"No, but don't be all day"

No Man's Hand

Have all you high fantasy fans out there ever wondered about other explanations when it was you read that the Witch-king, demon or whatever the baddie is would not fall "by the hand of man?" I have.

No Man’s Hand

Their brave company had accomplished the impossible. The antidote to cure Good King Phillip was in their hands. Now all they had to do was get it back to the Kingdom, but time was not on their side.

The insidious poison Lord Night used to cut down the King could only be slowed, while the antidote could only be made from the same rare flowers that the deadly poison was brewed. It took the intrepid heroes days of hard travel to reach the dread Lord’s keep, and bold action bordering on insanity to enter that terrifying garden of death to harvest those frightful blooms.

Gaby BOOK 2 Summer GirlPart 76 Gabicon!

Dad starting the car woke me up and the sunlight streaming into the room ensured that sleep would not be returning. I glanced at the clock,

urgh, half seven! I decided to go for a ride before the day warmed up

too much and I didn't think the neighbours would appreciate me starting

on the lawn at this hour either.

I was at least in a better mood this morning and I was quickly into a

pleasant mile-eating mode. Perhaps it's the weather but even the

motorists are being more considerate this morning! It was just before

nine when I got home, plenty early enough to shower, breakfast and cut

Stardust is Back!

Through the efforts, mostly of Piper, Stardust is back. :)

Sapphire and I helped but everyone should give Piper a nice round of applause.




GABY: BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 75 On Thin Ice

"Dad's gunning for you" Jules told me as I dumped my sweaty kit into the washer


"Dunno, he was muttering a lot though"

"There you are! In here, now!" Dad bellowed

Jules shrugged her shoulders and I followed Dad into the lounge with no idea what was up, other than trouble.

"You have some explaining to do young man. Just where is your mother's race bike?"

So that was it.

"The Peters" I told him

He relaxed a little but his tone didn't soften.

"And just what is it doing there?"

"Mad borrowed it to ride tonight" I mumbled, "I'm picking it up tomorrow, honest"

"And just why did Madeline think she could use it?"

Bob Arnold, Founder of StarDust

Bob Arnold, the founder of Stardust R Us, died earlier this month and his websites were just brought back up early on Saturday morning, July 16. A rescue effort is under way to be sure that these sites continue to be available for readers and contributors to continue Bob's interest in providing a place for quality TG fiction. Bob's family is behind this effort and we will be moving Stardust to new servers, probably within a month.

About three months ago, Bob passed the administration of Stardust to me, Joyce Melton (aka Erin Halfelven), in part because his failing health was sapping his energy and he had numerous other projects to take up his time. Stardust's editorial policies will continue the same because Bob asked me to keep them up.

Bob's kindness, wisdom, gentleness, wit and skill will be missed but I hope that everyone that comes to Stardust will continue to enjoy his vision of a safe and friendly website.

Something Feels Strange - 55

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

Eventually, I join my Dad in the land of nod. The morning will start my journey back to what I was born to be.

I shall really miss life as Tina.

Chapter 55: The Aftermath

Something Feels Strange - 54

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

I finally give up and crawl in my sleeping bag at one o'clock. I just can't stay up any longer. I'd like to reflect on the evening's chat with Andy, but I lose consciousness as soon as my head hits the pillow.

My last thought for the day is that I'm so glad we came.

This is going to be a great vacation.

Chapter 54: Show Time