Mature Subjects

Alchemy and Essence

An old man on a flight up the California coast tells the young stranger sitting beside him about a famous movie villain that had lived next door to him when he was a boy. An actor who was known for playing mad scientists and vampires, but in real life had been a remarkably kind and gentle man. And while his fame hasn’t endured the way Boris Karloff’s has, at the time even movie critics who panned the films he was in admitted that this startlingly ugly man brought a rare sensitivity to the types of roles he specialized in, as if he knew these monsters’ private pain.

Then the teller’s story takes a strange left turn. Claims about the actor’s suicide that---as preposterous as they might sound---would be nice to believe. That rather than drowning himself on that rainy day in March of 1941, Max Grosz had found his way to a second chance at life, and a very different sort of acting career that would win the hearts of a nation...

Laika Pupkino ~ 2011


“Nature does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation. Everything science has taught me and continues to teach me, strengthens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death…”
~~Werner von Braun

Lucy and the Ghost

What do you do when you discover your new house is haunted by a transgendered ghost?

Lucy and the Ghost
by Kristine Roland

Edited and proofread by Angela Rasch

The Gift

Melissa has one last gift to give her father.

The Gift
by Kristine Roland

Edited and proofread by Angela Rasch

The Wynter Lioness - Part 7

The Wynter Lioness
Part 7 (Chapter 6)


by Tychonaut

Prince Henry Wynter was the Heir to the High Throne of the Heptarchy and prophesised to one day lead his people to unparalleled greatness. Twenty two years after he abandoned his destiny and his throne for the chance to be the person he felt he was meant to be, he finds that Fate has not yet finished with him. The events surrounding the proposed appointment of a new Heir to the High Throne have consequences that reach as far the remote farmstead refuge of the former prince and threaten to destroy the new life that she has built for herself.



Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 31

“This attempt to make the Watanabes legitimate would likely end in Agent Ripley’s death?” Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda asked his Justice Minister, Kunio Hatoyama.

“I think you are right, Prime Minister-san.”

“You do remember what Fukushiro Nukaga is asking of me?”

“Yes, Prime Minister-san, I do.”

“If Agent Ripley died doing the Swan Song work, do you think that would satisfy him?”


Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Thirty One

by Danielle J


Synopsis- Chuck gets to meet Hiromi’s parents for the first time and preparations continue to be made for a renewed Operation Swan Song.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 30

“How are you feeling?” Chuck asked Hiromi

“I am having a little bit of morning sickness right now.”

Chuck smiled. “We’re going to be parents next year.”

“We’re parents already,” Hiromi corrected Chuck. “It’s just a little hard to see right now.”

Chuck kissed his wife again. “I stand corrected, Kimi-chan. Is there anything I can get you?”

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Thirty

by Danielle J

Synopsis- Chuck comes back to Hiromi but will she accept his apology?

The Cynthia Chronicles, Volume 1, Book 6, Cynthia and the High School Years - Part 2



The Cynthia Chronicles


Volume 1


A Story of Magic and Love




Portia Bennett


Book Six


Cynthia and the


High School Years


Part Two



Cyndy and Bobbie are now seniors in high school.  Their adventures continue, and Cyndy finally takes the steps she had so desperately wanted, but was afraid to take.  She had no reasons to be afraid.  In the midst of their adventures, they find a new witch.  It's not quite that simple, though.


Culture Clash

Culture Clash


Julie O

Following a heated cultural discussion in a college class Marshall Graham is plunged into one nightmare after another.
Note: The idea for this story is based on real life events.