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The Cynthia Chronicles, Volume One, Book Five, Cynthia and the High School Years - Part One

The Cynthia Chronicles


Volume 1

 A Story of Magic and Love




Portia Bennett


Book Five


Cynthia And The

 High School Years


Part One


Cynthia is maturing fast, and so is Bobbie.  Bobbie is quite the athlete, being a starter on the women's softball team, and the top seed on the school's golf team, the men's team.  Bobbie has fallen in love and so has Cindy.  It's not really a big deal, but Cindy's lover is a beautiful young woman.  Then things get really complicated.


The Wynter Lioness - Part 6

The Wynter Lioness
Part 6 (Chapter 5)


by Tychonaut

Prince Henry Wynter was the Heir to the High Throne of the Heptarchy and prophesised to one day lead his people to unparalleled greatness. Twenty two years after he abandoned his destiny and his throne for the chance to be the person he felt he was meant to be, he finds that Fate has not yet finished with him. The events surrounding the proposed appointment of a new Heir to the High Throne have consequences that reach as far the remote farmstead refuge of the former prince and threaten to destroy the new life that she has built for herself.


Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 28

FBI Director Robert Mueller began the call to Attorney General Michael Mukasey by summarizing the current status of Swan Song and where it may still be heading. “Swan Song has been bungled in almost every imaginable way.”

“Then you should relieve Grant Williamson from his duties at once.”

“I am going to relieve him but not till I have his replacement ready to step in.”

“Do you already have someone in mind?”

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Twenty Eight

by Danielle J

Synopsis- Hiromi tries to remain strong after being rejected by Chuck’s mother.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 27

Maurice Gao spoke up. “Do the Watanabes know Ripley is in Australia now?”

Gabrielle Tanaka answered the question. “Yes, they do.”

“Is it possible the Watanabes could check on her activities here?”

FBI Director Robert Mueller answered Maurice’s question. “We are taking precautions, Inspector. The McBride home in Alice is being watched. Charges are being made to Hiromi Sato’s credit cards to make it look like she is leading a normal routine here.”

Maurice nodded his head gently. “Thank you for answering my question, Director.”

Gabrielle looked over at Maurice. ‘Be patient, your turn will be coming soon.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Twenty Seven

by Danielle J


Synopsis- While a JAG attorney works on Hiromi’s legal defense, Gabrielle Tanaka advises the Swan Song committee on how they could get Ripley assistance once she returns to Japan.

Family Curse

   Summary: Corey Strasburg's life is about to be turned upside down thanks to a deal by an ancestor over 700 years ago.

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 26

“I agree with you, Audrey-san. Ripley should not be prosecuted, but it is not my decision.”

“Minister Hatoyama is calling the shots?”

Kazu Ippitsusai remained silent. He had said too much already.

“Are you telling me Japan’s Prime Minister is behind it?”

“I cannot say, Audrey-san.”

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Twenty Six

by Danielle J

Synopsis- Chuck and Hiromi have arrived safely in Australia, so Hiromi made her promised confession to him. It didn't go well, and Chuck became angry about being fooled by Swan Song and by his wife. He's run off home to try and help the original Hiromi, to whom he still feels loyalty, because he's never been sure that the old and the new weren't one and the same person. In order to help Hiromi’s legal defense, Gabrielle has given a affidavit that's almost sure to get her in hot water with almost everyone else at Pine Gap.

Lesley and the Lion

Lesley and the Lion
Based on The Chronicles of Narnia
by C.S. Lewis

for Ronnie

by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Duty, Honor, Country, Family, Part 25

The real Hiromi Sato was still in prison. A female guard had just brought her dinner.

“You are new here?” Hiromi asked the guard.

The guard, whose name was Sayo Seo, had been told to ignore Hiromi Sato and not to speak to her. So she turned her back and began walking out of the cell.

“Can you help me? I can make it worth your while.”

Duty, Honor, Country, Family - Part Twenty Five


by Danielle J

Synopsis- The Yakuza war between the Watanabes and Inagawas escalates as Hiromi meets with Swan Song officials.

Out Of The Frying Pan

Out Of The Frying Pan...

By Julie O


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This is not a chapter of my storyline “Choices” but an independent story.  I hope you enjoy it as much as you do my “Choices” chapters.
This is a product of my imagination and as such belongs to me. If you like it or don’t, please let me know. That’s the only way I can get better.  Thanks.
Two families intertwined by destiny but will not be discovered until their daughters make the connection.
Linda Green was a single white female (straight) 30 years old who was very rich but very alone in this world; she seemed to have everything, her own business, money but no one to share it with,
Susan McKay (Gay) 26 years old, had been alone for about 6 months now (she also had money and a career) after she kicked out her last girlfriend after she found out she had been sleeping with someone else.