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- Joyce

Bob Arnold, Founder of StarDust

Bob Arnold, the founder of Stardust R Us, died earlier this month and his websites were just brought back up early on Saturday morning, July 16. A rescue effort is under way to be sure that these sites continue to be available for readers and contributors to continue Bob's interest in providing a place for quality TG fiction. Bob's family is behind this effort and we will be moving Stardust to new servers, probably within a month.

About three months ago, Bob passed the administration of Stardust to me, Joyce Melton (aka Erin Halfelven), in part because his failing health was sapping his energy and he had numerous other projects to take up his time. Stardust's editorial policies will continue the same because Bob asked me to keep them up.

Bob's kindness, wisdom, gentleness, wit and skill will be missed but I hope that everyone that comes to Stardust will continue to enjoy his vision of a safe and friendly website.

Short Story Months' Two Notable Challengers

Well, the two month long Short Story Months Challenge on the theme of Second Chances had two notable and outstanding entries.

New Road to the Stars

Stardust is now running on the BigCloset server and will continue there indefinitely under my administration. Bob Arnold will still be available to help me out on technical issues. There will probably be changes in how things are run here but not immediately and not quickly.

REAL Stardust

REAL Stardust as seen by the newly renovated Hubble telescope.


Only Just a Glance

Only a Tony Bennett song...

Only Just a Glance

by J.E. Melton

Soul Survivor

What is life but a journey along an unmapped route toward a certain and inevitable destination? What would you do to tread a different path than the one you have walked so far?