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It's got lots of new facets and it's faster, fastest, fasterest!


- Joyce

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Ah - Sorry - But I must correct your English

Dear Joyce/Erin,


The word you were looking for and missed - 'by THAT much' - is not "fasterest", but rather, "FASTESTEST". (pronounced "fassessess")(The GREAT thing is, that for even MORE emphasis, you can just keep tacking on more "est"s, to keep adding ever higher octane horsepower to your superlatives.)


with love,



Oh, one codicil to the above rule

Never use this rule to suggest to a female of our species anything about the super-superlative of "big", "large: or "huge". It could very easily be misconstrued and earn a slap to the face.


Thank you.


with love,