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Relating to stardust and all stuff that connected with the space. Did you see documentary film about comets? As I remember this is BBC film (maybe no). The main goal of this film is the statement that comets has brought the life to Earth. The explaining is very simple. Many comets was made from water (90% of weight of comets consists from water). Couple of billion years ago when our Earth was like egg on frying pan, comets cooled it surface. This statement was the topic of many essay writers that are interested in this stuff. What do you think about this? For example I don't know what's true of fake there!
Another topic of my article is how to add find good resource about exploring of the space! I'm writing jobs about this (mostly about the space). So I want to know more about this stuff. Maybe I asking stupid information. But I have read the title of this site and decided to write there.