BC is Down?

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I tried to log in around 7am EST and got the blue drop of doom.


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BC is having one of those "Can't load page' days. Just to be helpful I posted Alone 5 here. I've had it awhile but wanted to get 6 finished first. Darn plot hang-ups! :)

I do want to thank Erin and all her helpers for the work they do.



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Posting stories

You're lucky you can post your stories. My name isn't even in the authors list . I have been trying to  find out how to let Erin know, but I can't seem to find a link to send her a message. Would you be willing to help me send a message to Erin and let her know I can't post my stories here because I am not in the list of authors. Thanx.


Barbara Lynn Terry

Barbara Lynn Terry


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You should be able to post

Once a post from someone appears, I add them to the author list.




site off-line


just went to bcts and read your message there. I agree with your actions even though I do not know the full storey, once rules are forgotten then the real damage is done not when the rules are enforced. I do hope you do reopen bcts soon. as for the people who are causing your frustration smarten up and grow up you. I for myself understand what hurtful let alone hateful language can do to someone so cudo's for you for doing the right thing.


p.s. I do not post very often actually this may be my first time posting but I want you to know you did the right thing.


Apparently Erin took BC down because some people were being compleate tools.

This just goes to show how 4 or 5 people being retards can ruin things for 100's (even thousands) of others.

Most people dont commit, participate in discussions or post on the forums at all. We just go there, enjoy a few storys and move on. Seriously tho, what is there to complain about reguarding B/C? So a few trolls start flamming the forums... who cares?

ppl like that are easy to deal with... add them to your ignore list and merrily humm "Another one bites the dust"

BC Still Down

as of 4:26 PST.  There have apparently been some problems with a few members and Erin has taken the site offline for a bit.  I hope things work out.



Maybe I'm just naive...

...but I wasn't aware of any problems. BC is a bastion of civility compared to the hyperboards on Fictionmania. I don't go near *there* without my flame-retardant underwear.

Me too!

Me too, SuZie! Me too!



Plan? Ain't got no Plan!
"Beyond Thunder Dome"

Yeah! Log in works. So sad BC is down at the moment

I don't know what happened but if Erin needs a break or if *we* need a *time out*, so be it.


Let's not pester her with the email equivalent of "are we there yet are we there yet are we there yet?


And let's behave when she does turn it back on.


When it all comes down to it this IS her site and she puts up a huge share of the monthly costs in addition to all the maintanance she does on a daily basis. She has helpers , both financial and tech but the bulk of what happens at BC is due to Erin unless I totally misunderstand.

She has every right to take a break for whatever reason. Her house, her rules.


It's only fair.


BTW Thanks to whoever cleaned up the spam that infested the comments of late here at Stardust.

Bravo on a job well done.


John in Wauwatosa

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  BTW Thanks to whoever


BTW Thanks to whoever cleaned up the spam that infested the comments of late here at Stardust.

Bravo on a job well done.


John in Wauwatosa


Sorry that it takes us a while to catch it :(... We are working on installing some of the same spam protections here that we've been testing and verifying @ BC... It won't stop them completely, but it will keep down the volume of the spam hopefully..