BCTS Hardware Struggles

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We're still wrestling with a stable configuration of our hardware to host BC. We hope to have something up tonight so it can be tested when traffic is low in the middle of the night for us.


The failure last night of the previous configuration resulted in some database corruption so there will be some comments lost but not as bad as it could be. If worse came to worser, we still have the Saturday night backup but we do have most of Monday, too.


Sorry about the delay. We're ordering new hard drives so that we can keep the system running until it is possible to upgrade to complete new hardware.


Please be patient, we're running on caffeine and aggravation for four days now.



Erin, Piper, Cat, Sephrena et al.

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Update: BCTS is UP

We're up for now. Hopefully this config will keep us running long enough to get our new hardware financed.