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BCTS Hardware Struggles

We're still wrestling with a stable configuration of our hardware to host BC. We hope to have something up tonight so it can be tested when traffic is low in the middle of the night for us.


The failure last night of the previous configuration resulted in some database corruption so there will be some comments lost but not as bad as it could be. If worse came to worser, we still have the Saturday night backup but we do have most of Monday, too.


Sorry about the delay. We're ordering new hard drives so that we can keep the system running until it is possible to upgrade to complete new hardware.


Please be patient, we're running on caffeine and aggravation for four days now.



Erin, Piper, Cat, Sephrena et al.

We're Back! BCTS, that is!

Many, many thanks to Piper for about 14 hours of hard work! We are up and running on a different server. Now all we have to do is acquire a new server to replace poor Magda and go through this again! No, wait...


BC is down with hardware problems

BCTS is down with hardware problems. We are going to temporarily move BC to one of our other servers, this may take most of the day. Please don't just sit and click on BC, it's going to be at least noon and maybe later than 3p.m Pacific time before the site comes back up. And there may be DNS problems when it does, so please be patient.


Most of our other sites are still up, Stardust here,, and several others.




BC is back up

BC is back up. Blogs, forums and the list of recent comments are not back on the front page yet but should be soon.


Hugs to all,


Check out our new search facility

It's got lots of new facets and it's faster, fastest, fasterest!


- Joyce

Stardust is Back!

Through the efforts, mostly of Piper, Stardust is back. :)

Sapphire and I helped but everyone should give Piper a nice round of applause.




Bob Arnold, Founder of StarDust

Bob Arnold, the founder of Stardust R Us, died earlier this month and his websites were just brought back up early on Saturday morning, July 16. A rescue effort is under way to be sure that these sites continue to be available for readers and contributors to continue Bob's interest in providing a place for quality TG fiction. Bob's family is behind this effort and we will be moving Stardust to new servers, probably within a month.

About three months ago, Bob passed the administration of Stardust to me, Joyce Melton (aka Erin Halfelven), in part because his failing health was sapping his energy and he had numerous other projects to take up his time. Stardust's editorial policies will continue the same because Bob asked me to keep them up.

Bob's kindness, wisdom, gentleness, wit and skill will be missed but I hope that everyone that comes to Stardust will continue to enjoy his vision of a safe and friendly website.

New look

Just a note to say how much I like the return to the original stardusty look. :)


REAL Stardust

REAL Stardust as seen by the newly renovated Hubble telescope.


Fires in SoCal and BigCloset

People who have been seeing news about the fires in the LA area should be reassured that I am in no danger, the big fire is 40 miles away and going up the wrong mountain. Smaller closer fires are not a threat either at this time. However...

FM down

FM server is down, no news on when it may be fixed.


Yes, BC is down at the moment, some problem at ISP

Seems like this keeps happening everytime we get a hot spell. Maybe they should keep the server inside with the air conditioning.


Appointment to Chat - Tuesday, Nov 7, 8-10 pm EST and 7-9 pm PST

Either Bob or I, or both, will be in the BigCloset/Stardust chat room this Tuesday evening, November 7, 2006. Planned topic is the future of TG websites. We'll probably schedule another one for Sat or Sun next weekend for people who couldn't be at this one, like most people in Britain and Europe.

Hope to see you there! Here's the link to the chatroom if you can't find it in the top menu: BigCloset/Stardust Chat. It's Java-based chat so you need to have Java turned on in your browser or use an IRC client per the instructions there.