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BC is Down?

I tried to log in around 7am EST and got the blue drop of doom.


Grover's blog

Hey Everyone! Understanding Spouse and I are fine despite the heat. However it's going to be at least another week before we might be connected again. I'm here today because of the public library. Like I said in Can't Get There From Here, BCTS is closed to me from here. Well, I guess I'll have a lot of stories to catch up on when we get internet again!

Until next time




Can't get there from here!

Hey everyone! Well, Understanding Spouse and I are still alive after the move from Hades. It was Hot! Each and everyday a heat warning with the index well over 100. As always money is a little tight, and so our getting back online is going to be delayed. I'm here today at the library taking a break from hunting and pecking though boxes trying to find stuff!

I tried going to BC but was blocked. Pornography or so they claimed. Why am I surprised? I have to ask myself again just why I live here. Then again, way back when I was a kid I thought we would be on Mars by now. What do we have? One rinky dink space station!

OTH Delayed again

I'm sorry to say that Once the Hero has been delayed again. I'd finished the story even before I began posting but because of feedback and earlier tweaks, I heavily edited the last and final chapter. It is now some 6 thousand words longer and I hope ties up a few more loose ends.

Currently it is off to the wonderful Kimmie and Hope so they can do their magic. When they're finished and I have a chance to give it that one last read of approval I'll go ahead and post it.

I hoped that it would've been ready but it was not to be. :(

Delay of Once the Hero

I hate to say it but the new posting of Once the Hero will be delayed. I've been hit with a migraine headache from hell and like always I'm taking awhile to recover. I hope it is only a day or two, but for everyone's sanity I have to send it off first to Hope and Kimmie. Yes, my grammar and spelling is that bad! I do have a list of characters that I'll post instead of that last chapter.

Again sorry everyone!



Once the Hero Part 10 Addition

Hey I just noticed a section that should've been in Part 10. I've added it to near the bottom of the post to just after SRT-One's observation of High Energy Event Number 2.

It's just a few paragraphs but it needed to be included in this part.



Once the Hero Names

Hey everyone!  After having a chat with someone who knows Slavic/Russian naming conventions much better than I, there is going to be a name change. Federnova is going to be changed to Savitkaya. Silly me got things confused and this hopefully will fix my error. By the way this also means that Peter is now Pyotr Savitskiy. See the nature of my mistake. Family name of Savitskiy for the males but for the females it's Savitskaya. 

Hopefully this will be the last! Don't you just love works in Progress?  LOL!

My Bad!

I usually post my stuff here first but for the last several months I've been a little low. Bob's announcement made me realize just how many of my stories hadn't made it to StarDust. Oops! Hopefully I've helped some, and over the next week I'll try and post the rest of my newer stuff!



Is BigCloset having problems today?

I seem to be having problems logging onto BigCloset. Is anyone else?