She Talks to Angels

Tim Dodds wasn’t a bad sort, as God botherers go. While his church ran a general outreach programme to the homeless, Tim had a personal mission to the young people living on the streets; where possible he reunited them with their families, or at least found them a place of safety. Every one he met had a different story, sometimes tragic, sometimes just a misunderstanding that was easily resolved. Of course, he had regrets for those he couldn’t reach, whether by circumstance or suspicion, but each strengthened his resolve to carry on. And then he met Kiera.

Kiera wasn’t a girl as most of his congregation would have recognised; she was tall, a bit of gawky, spoke in a whisper, and was quite obviously a boy for all the clothes and make-up – and there was a lot of the latter. She hadn’t been on the streets long enough to pick up a dependency, although Tim suspected it was a ‘punter’ who had put her in the A&E department where he first met her. Kiera’s life wasn’t a tragedy – yet – with a little help she could become the woman, God - if not nature - intended. His church might not agree, but he would bring them around – he was Pastor, after all.