a short story by Daphne also posted on BCTS 

From the window of the VIP lounge, American Ambassador Nick Fielding watched the Light of Pulukhistan, Supreme Leader Qabibullah himself, descend from the forward hatch of PulukhAir’s flagship Boeing 757.

The Leader of the Pulukhi Nation was dressed as usual in the collarless shirt and square-shouldered Western-cut suit he had decreed to be the working garb of all “servants of the People.” Before him and on either side were bodyguards, Uzis at the ready to repel any threat to the Leader’s well-being. Behind him on the ramp trailed two girls of eleven or twelve – one a light-skinned blonde and the other dark -- and the Leader’s principal wife, who was shrouded head-to-toe in a Pulukhi caftan. Next to Qabibullah, in animated conversation with the Leader, was Fielding’s wife, Jane.