Fyre Mei

10 Types of People

There are 10 types of people. Male and Female.
                                                                                        By Fyre Mei

  • A short revenge based sci-fi stand-alone story for ADULTS only.

Hawking's Revenge

Hawking's Revenge
by Fyre Mei

- A Stand alone sci-fi short story for ADULTS only.

A note from the author:
Thought I would try my hand at writing, this one is just for fun.

Following is a short stand-alone story  based on a  real-life experience I had a while back. Minus the magic, and the TG, and the characters are all different, and ... well OK I made it all up. Anyhow, I hope you like it, I may write more... who knows?

This is a slightly updated version of what has been posted at big closest. There will be no sequel from me, although anyone is welcome to take over the plot and characters if they wish.