Maeryn Lamonte

Dress Fitting


Phil was bored and frustrated and trying hard not to show it.

His sister, Janet had asked him if he would mind giving her three friends a lift down to the dress shop for the final fitting of their bridesmaids' dresses and, lacking otherwise gainful employment, he'd agreed. It wasn't often that he had a chance to spend time with pretty girls, and these three were amongst the prettiest he'd met. The thing was, he tended to get hopelessly tongue tied around women and, having done his usual grunts and gurgles on first meeting them, they'd made their hellos and thank-yous for politeness' sake then fallen into chatting amongst themselves leaving Phil to his own thoughts.

Double Dare - complete

Steve is a bit of a loner and a prime target for other people's jokes because one thing everyone knows about him is that he can't ignore a dare. A couple of his not exactly friends have a challenge for him which smells a bit off, but what they don't know is that in trying to trick him into a humiliating situation, they're offering him the thing he's dreamed of for so long, and the beginnings of a journey of discovery.

Miracle of Science

It was humiliating. I mean bad enough that I should find myself made redundant after nearly thirty years of nearly continuous employment. Worse still that all the skills I’d built up in my various meanderings through the great career archipelago were considered insufficient or irrelevant to whatever challenge that latest pipsqueak, fresh out of college, prospective employer wanted me to face.


In a way it was my own fault. Most people I knew had chosen to stick with one career, had worked hard and had specialized. That was the thing these days, businesses didn’t want all-rounders anymore; they were only interested in applicants who had twenty years’ experience in advanced widget shuffling or whatever nonsense. My own life had seen me bounce from one career to another like a pinball caught between the bumpers.