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A Little Help From My Friend

A little help from my friend.

By Megumi-chan

What would you do if I sang out of tune,

Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song

And I'll try not to sing out of key.
Oh, I get by with a little help from my friend
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friend
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friend


The best Christmas ever

“Well” I thought to myself, “it worked”. It was odd, just a moment before I had been feeling so incredibly happy and now here I was in the depths of depression.

“I finally managed to become the woman I’ve always wanted to be and here it has just fucked my life all out of recognition.” I said these words to the image of the teenager in the mirror.

“Omygod, he’s gonna freak when he gets home and sees this waiting for him. I can’t be any older than 17 and here I am waiting for my husband of 21 years to get home and see me. What the fuck am I gonna do? He’s never gonna believe that I’m me.!”

Thank you

I'd like to thank Grover for putting up the stories now gracing this site.  I see new ones and a couple of old favorites. 

Grover, thank you for being a wonderful story teller and sharing your dreams with all of us.


Bright Blessings



It all started when my sister went to University I was one year older than her and had not bothered to continue with my education. I was having too much fun doing nothing and living at home for free! Our parents are rich, my dad has a successful import business and my mom owns several beauty salons and spas. They are seldom home and I get the run of our house all day alone. Dad has tried to get me to go to work for him but I’m just not interested and mom just nags me for not doing something with my life. Karen my sister is the ambitious one always trying to be the best and usually succeeding at it. My only ambition was to surf the net, play video games and watch T.V. till I got bored, despite my relaxed life style I was still fairly fit for I ate the right foods and took all the vitamins that I needed to stay in good health. I was not a muscle bound jock by any means but I was no wimp either, I tried to be fit for I was shorter than most guys my age standing only 5’5”. I was bugged in school and maybe that was the reason for me not wanting to continue my schooling. Karen was the same height as me and she thought it was no big deal to be short, it was easy for her to say that she was a girl and cute. A short guy gets no respect and is usually always the last one to get a date.

Just read a story

by Julie Manchester called Shifting Sands which i really enjoyed...And it set me thinking about how many other good stories are hidden away behind the names in the author list.

In my case i'm curious, So i have a look behind the authors names to see what they have written, And in many cases i'm rewarded with another good story for me to read, And all for spending a few minutes browsing!

So i'm just hoping that any casual visitor who happens upon Stardust takes the time to look a little deeper than the front page i know they'll be glad they did!!!


Dinosaur BBQ makes Good Morning America appearance - UPDATE

Word has come that the Dinosaur has won in the voting. They're going to have a live segment from the place in downtown Syracuse at some point during GMA on Sunday morning.

As part of a story on BBQ places my favorite local place, Dinosaur BBQ, made an appearance this morning and is one of 4 places in their final competition for best BBQ. You can check out the GMA story and vote if you want to here:

I'm having some of their famous pulled pork BBQ tomorrow for lunch and possibly the left-overs for supper. Visiting their booth at the NY State fair is also another one of my summertime traditions.

Fictionmania's Removal

I note with some sadness that the direct link to Fictionmania has been removed from the home page. I realize that it has been over seven months since FM was up for anything more than a short flash or test, but I (and a lot of others, I believe) always hoped that it would be back up sooner or later. Do you have any inside information? Is FM's demise now sealed?
Thank you for your concern, and thank you for all your efforts to keep this site and others up and running right.
Avid Reader


By Ronnie

Jeff sat at his desk fidgeting and constantly looking at the clock, he was having a hard time paying attention to the teacher. It was Friday the last day of school before Spring Break and then ten days off. His parents had told him that they were going to go visit his sister at the University two hundred miles away and that he would be alone for the weekend. He had been looking forward to this day for a long time; he had carefully hidden his obsession for wearing his sister’s clothes for a very long time. This weekend was his opportunity to fully dress up as a girl and spend the whole weekend that way. He could not remember when it was that he first felt the need to wear girl’s clothes but he knew that he liked it.

Crossing the (Border) Line

My name is Sam Parker, and I am 40 years old, single and I live in Boston. I am an independent sales representative for manufacturing companies, and my territory covers New England and New York State. My largest single account is in Montreal, Canada and I am up there every other week. It is a great deal of driving and many nights in motels but I have no family to miss, and it allows me to indulge in my hobby, cross-dressing, as much as I want.

Now I am bisexual and in my male persona I enjoy female companionship, but what really turns me on is sex with a man when I am in my female persona. Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with a creep I met on line last year so I have been oh so careful about dating men. That has resulted in very little sex and a great deal of frustration and pent up desire for Samantha, my female alter ego. Now looking back, that was probably what caused my life to be so completely changed. There may have been some red flags but I didn't see them, probably because I wasn't looking for that kind of trouble.