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OOPS, it happened again...

I woke up this morning to find that the temperature in the house was up to around a hundred degrees or so or at least it felt that way. Turns out that a controller board failed in the we hours of the morning and locked the burner on in the furnace. I don't know how long it was running either to get it so hot.

I had to kill the power to the furnace to get it to stop. The guy from the heating and AC company just left and all is well again. I'm not overly happy about the bill but considering it could have been much worse I won't complain too loudly.




I nervously sit in front of my mirror wearing my favorite dress applying my make-up examining my face for any flaws, I never would have thought that I would be wearing a dress and putting make-up on my face waiting for my boyfriend to go on a date one year ago. Let me explain how I ended up in front of my mirror wearing a dress.

One year ago I was your normal average guy, at least I thought I was until my father died suddenly and left mom and me trying to cope with our loss. I was 15 and a freshman just starting high school, I was not a macho guy by anyone’s standards I only weighed 130lbs and was 5’7’’ tall I had long brown hair and a high tenor voice, you might even call me a sissy; I know all the jocks did. I was never any good at sports and academic activities were not my favorite either. I enjoyed drama and music so I registered in drama and music classes and joined the drama club along with choir. With my size I was always called “fagot” or “queer” because I was in those clubs but to the people who knew me I was just me. My best friend was my neighbor Amanda we had been friends since we were little, her parents moved in when we were two and we have played together ever since then.

BC/TS url??

I've lost BC/TS since earlier today. Should I just wait until tomorrow??

The Sojurn Universe: The LightKeepers, part 3

LightKeeper families= While the LightKeepers have a loose organization outside 
	of universities, hospitals and other social services, several larger 
	and powerful families have de facto control of the movement. 
	Other families are noteworthy for other reasons.  Anyone can join the
	families through marriage or adoption.  The laws of the republic allow 
	males or females to take a family name.  Some change their name and 
	join the “circles”, covens or families when they are accepted. Outside 
	of the Lightkeepers, many Arans view these families either as nobility 

The Sojurn Universe: The LightKeepers part 2

The Light Keepers = an Order dedicated to truth, beauty, the joy of life and spiritual enlightenment, founded in the mid 21st century. The five tenants are: 1) Do no harm to others 2) Revere all life in the universe 3) Frugality makes inner happiness, 3) Spirituality and rationality compliment each other. 5) Freedom is a basic right for all.


The colonists of Alpha Centauri were some of the first to leave Earth. They wanted a fresh start after seeing the destruction of the environment of Earth and the wars they left behind. The lightkeepers flourished there. The colony was seen as a refuge. Prisoners had been sent to the planet for years, many no longer feeling any emotional ties to Earth. The Whitesun family would get it’s official start (according to Earth records) on Alpha Centauri. As time went on, more wars occurred. The refusal of the colonists to get involved caused the Earth Federation to move them to Mu Arae. Their they would be “out of the way” on O’Neil 7. They could work refining ores and terraforming Mu Arae. The lightkeepers refined their order on Mu Area. Several would lead the terraforming of the planet. Legend has it they were the first to breathe the air planetside.

The Sojurn Universe: The Armed Forces of the Republic of Arae

 The Republic of Ara survied the Earth Federation Civil War taking few direct causalities.  Their planets and colonies were pro-independance, fighting against Earth Federation units based on their territory.  they were the first to break away from Earth in 2230.  When the war ended in 2273, they transformed their irregular forces into a professional militay machine.  They are in an armistance with the Union of Free Suns (who were pro-Earth during the war).  To maintain their edge, the Republic has been rumored to contract out some of their elite units as mercenaries to other nations in exchange for hard currency or technology.  While their biotech and chemistary are with out peer, the Republic needs help maintaining their colonies and teraforming some of its worlds.  The Free Suns have threated to burn Mu Arae to the ground on more than once.

The Sojurn Universe: The LightKeepers, the order of light

Orders of Light = Called the “Rainbow” by Lightkeepers, it is the rank structure of the order, each order given a binary color combination except the highest one.

Student (Acolyte): the lowest order, Acolytes are those with 2-3 years of
religious training college education or technical training. [white
diamonds on black, an Acolyte has white circles around the stars]

Adept: Those with 4-5 years of religious and/or general college education.
[red diamonds on black]

Scholar (Cailleach): Those who can teach at the college level, a Cailleach is
a Scholar on a Mission, doing charity work or education. [For Scholars

the Sojurn Universe: the Republic of Arae

Mu Arae = Capital Star of the Republic of Ara. The constellation Ara had been settled during the first and second “push to space”, Earth sending political dissidents and scientists (the eighth successful Stanford Torus and the three successful O’Neil colonies orbit Mu Arae). Religious minorities would follow over the years, with Neo-pagan faiths dominating social and political life. Celtic languages dominate public conversation, a revolt against Earth Federation Standard English. Mu Arae’s O-Neil-3 was the first colony to alter language and commerce polices in opposition to Earth. It was one of the founding Alliance worlds.

The Sojurn Universe: The LightKeepers part 1

The Light Keepers = an Order dedicated to truth, beauty, the joy of life and spiritual enlightenment. They are based on Mu Arae, the capital Star of the Republic of Ara. Founded in the mid 21st century. Their five tenants are: 1) Do no harm to others 2) Revere all life in the universe 3) Frugality makes inner happiness, 3) Spirituality and rationality compliment each other. 5) Freedom is a basic right for all.

The Light is the ‘inner light’ of the soul, the universe made conscious according to their belief. This philosophy rose in response to the failings of the ‘mechanistic’ world view put fourth by the culture of the time, the wars that preceded the establishment of the off-world colonies, the violent selfish spirit of popular culture, and widespread abuse of the environment. They believed that a new knowledge and new life-enhancing ethics were sorely needed. Not an anti-space movement, they believe in living in harmony with the universe, avoiding destruction. Typically confused with the Order of SOL and Children of Earth (anti-space/anti-technology). Lightkeepers do not blindly embrace technology. They use it sparingly. Unlike those movements, Lightkeepers value life greatly. Lightkeepers repudiate the frivolous use of technology, taking a precautionary outlook on its use. Their philosophy and the pagan religions became intertwined by the mid 22nd century.

The Sojurn Universe: Galactic Politics Before The Fall Of Earth (background part 1)

Earth was where mankind was born. The Cradle of civilization. From the mud and stone of ancient Mesopotamia to the glass and steel of the 20th century, humans lived and died on the same blue ball circling the sun. It was the 21st century that started the land rush in the sky. After 2033, several nations had small “workshacks” in orbit. These small space stations paved the way for the huge colonies that would orbit the Earth and the Moon. The Moon was soon dotted with small colonies and factories to support them. By 2050 mankind had migrated to Mars, the Moon and Earth orbit being way stations. The asteroid belt was mined, nations and large corporations eyed the moons of Jupiter. The 21st century was supposed to bring a new era of cooperation, but old habits die hard.