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Sephrena Hospital Update-ll

Sephrena is resting up from the surgery. She is alive and well. She is now finally taking an interest in food now that she can eat something and not get sick. She will be at least a week in the hospital.

Sephrena Hospital Update

I got off of the phone with Sephrena's father earlier tonight. She had a gall stone removed today. Tomorrow the doctors will remove her gall bladder. She should be back home by Thursday or Friday. Please keep her in your prayers. I know what recovring from surgery is like. She will be very sore for awhile and need rest. So please do not call her at all hours of the day. She will log on at Big Closet or in Maddy Bell's chatroom. Please do not call her house, her family knows we are very concerned, calling will cause Sephrena problems. Princess Chelsea Has spoken with her recently. Sephrena appreciates our love and prayers for her. I hope and pray that Sephrena uses this down time to relax and reenergize. We also need to keep Erin in our prayers. She has lost one of the best monitors there is. Samantha Payne has offered to help out. Let's hope and pray that Sephrena revovers quickly.

I Need An Editor Please

I have a story that I have almost completed in the M.I.B.D. series. Tina has been very nice to let me write the story, I need an editor To help polish and post.

May your light forever shine.

Sephrena Is In Hospital

Princess Chelsea just posted a blog saying that Sephrena is in the hospital for surgery. I ask Stardust people to pray or Sephrena. 

BigCloset TopShelf is down

BigCloset TopShelf is currently down as of 2:10 pm eastern standard time US. We are working to restore it back up as quickly as possible. Thank You for your patience.

Sephrena Lynn Miller

BigCloset Topshelf

Greetings To Stardust Family

I am new to the STARDUST family. I have been reading the stories posted at Erin's wonderful website BIG CLOSET. I ave gotten to appreciate the many authors that post there. I am truly astonished at the many authors that post at both BIG CLOSET and STARDUST. I have read storiees at other sites and would love to see them posted here.

The reason I read stories here and at BIG CLOSET is because both Erin and Bob Arnold endeavor to create a family atmosphere. That places both far above the other websites except for perhaps Maddy Ball's Drew/Gaby story site.

May your light forever shine,

Heroes of Justice

Main book page for Heroes of Justice


Geez. My first ever blog entry anywhere. Never thought it would happen. I don't know about the rest of you readers, but I am finding it very hard to vote in Bob's contest this time. I am a fan of several of the writers, and they did very well, as well as many of the other stories. I still can't decide which story to give my one vote to.

Calling Dr. Wagner.......

I will soon be posting parts one and two of a new story I'm writing. Its science fiction, and unusual for me, not set in any TG story universe.

A brief synopsis-  Army Captain Tom Slater has been asked by the FBI and the US Army, to infilitrate a Japanese organized crime family. But first the Captain has to undergo some interesting DNA therapy and training to prepare him....her for the mission.

This isn't a short story and what I will post is the first two of what will be a four or five part story. There is sex in the story, but not in parts one or two.

I must thank Daphne  for all her help with the story.

Josephine Bockernodd

Poor ole Joe Bockkernodd . Upset with life. Work, work all the time. Whenever he saw a girl with her boyfriend, a wife with her husband, he thought, “Oh how lucky they are. Never having to work. Always having somebody to take care of them. Oh, if only he was one of the lucky ones with someone to take care of him.”

Josephine Bockkernodd

Supposedly written and revised by Billie Sue Pilgrim
But she will not admit it