M.I.B.D. - Artemis The Hunter -Part-3

The Agency Is heading to the Island for a showdown with the Sisterhood. Team jade has infiltrated the island has found both Jodi and Diana. The Sisterhood readies itself for battle as insurrection against the Sisterhood begins to end its reign of terror.


Jaydeep awakened from his healing sleep as a nurse in the classic white dress and hose wiped his brow. "Well sir, you have had quite a long nap. You have been out for two days. How do you feel?' Nurse Holly asked as she signaled Mary.

"Like I just went ten rounds with a grizzly bear and lost. I am sore all over. Do you have anything for pain?" he asked as she handed him a cup filled with an amber liquid.

"Drink this, it will make you feel better shortly," she said.

"Damn stuff tastes awful, he said after he finished drinking the liquid.

M.I.B.D. - Artemis The Hunter -Part-2

"Jo, you know that the 'Ellis Process' can turn you back into a man," said Kim

Grabbing Kim by both shoulders, Jo looked into her eyes. "I know that my friend, but I stay a woman to honor Mom. Why have you stayed as you are? You could have returned to a male or become a genetic woman," asked Jo

"I stay like this because you need me. Until you have the help you need, I won't make the choice." Then the friends embraced each other and wept.

M.I.B.D. Artemis The Hunter


Part 2


M.I.B.D. - Artemis The Hunter - Part 1

"How do you know I was born on Christmas Day my little warrior? It’s a secret," he asked with a grin.

"For a computer Maven, like me, there are no secrets you can hide from me," I chuckled in response to his grin.

"Perhaps not Jody, but I intend to try. I thank you for this generous gift," he challenged.

Mastery of the 6th mystery of the EGO took time. To master the EGO is to truly master one self. The mastery of SELF is the mastery of my desires. You proved to be my friend. As I gained the mastery, you never let me forget earlier lessons.

M.I.B.D. Artemis The Hunter


Part 1


M.I.B.D. - Artemis The Hunter

Jo Ellen is the heir of Diana Hunter: the tragic heroine who was Joe Rossi. Joe was a Mafia "wise guy". Joe was often bullied by the larger boys due to his small size. Joe soon developed a reputation as a small, tough and wiry fighter. His speed, dexterity and agility made him popular with Joey Mancuso; the son of Salvatore Mancuso, the Godfather.

Soon he was working for the Mancuso family. Joe had hacked into the files and was caught. Salvatore Mancuso took Joe into the business when he saw that Joe was a wizard with computers. Soon, the family business was practically immune from any attempts by the government to bring them to justice. Salvatore rewarded Joe by placing him in charge of his neighborhood.