Peter's Girl

Set in the near future Timmy and Lucy are a normal couple like so
many other couples of their generation. However, with the new Rejuve
drug reversing the ageing process and also reversing masculine and
feminine characteristics Women are gaining power! Men are now seen as
cute little feminine things and much to Timmy's dismay men's and women
roles are now completely reversed. This story follows poor Timmy's
descent into femininity along with his fellow men.

Authors note.

This story replaces the original Peter's Girl. It has been extended
and rewritten in some parts. It is written in English as spoken in
Britain. If you wish to take some of the themes and write a version
that is more specific to your country then feel free. Just mention your
source of inspiration. I apologies if there are any plagiarisms. I
particularly enjoy gender role reversal themes and I would encourage
anyone who enjoys this story to have a go at writing one your self. I,
for one, would probably enjoy it.