Santa School

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Santa School

Jacob Burrows answered the ad for a mall Santa, and was surprised to discover that one had to actually attend a class before you were allowed to put on the red suit and beard. In fact, he was sent to a day long “Santa School”.

At the class, Jacob spent the day learning how best to act “jolly”, even when things were not going well. Things like when a kid pulls on your beard or pees on your pants.

There was also a discussion on what to do if a kid asks for something other than a present, and this led to some of the “Santas” to stand up and share stories.

They told of kids asking that a sibling wasn’t sick, or that a parent could find a job, of wishing mommy and daddy would stop fighting, or that there would be enough food on the table for Christmas dinner.

One Santa even told a story about a little boy who asked for his daddy to come back from heaven because he missed him so. At that story, some of even the most veteran and cynical Santas wept openly when he had finished.

There was silence after they all composed themselves, and the instructor asked if anyone else wanted to share. A fairly young man spoke up.
He said, “My name is Mike. This is just my second year being a Santa. This is the story of what happened to me last year.”

Last Year:

It was Christmas eve, and the mall was crazy. Mike was not surprised that there were a lot of last-minute shoppers. But he was surprised how long the line to see him was. He wondered at parents who brought kids to ask for something this late unless maybe they knew for sure what the kid would ask for.

Finally, there was only one child left. She must have been about eight or nine, holding the hand of a man who could only be her father, judging by the affection the little girl showed him. She shooed him away, clearly wanting to talk to Santa privately, and the man honoured her choice, and stepped aside.


“And what do you want for Christmas, little girl?”

“Is it okay for me to ask for something for somebody else?”

“That is… a very nice thing to do, sweetie What would you like, and for whom?”

“Its for my daddy”

“And what do you think he needs”

“You wont tell anybody, will you?”

“Santa always keeps secrets. I wont even tell Mrs. Claus”

She leans in, and whispers, “I think.. I think he needs to be a girl.”

Mike was simply stunned.

“Wh…why would you say that hon?”

“He had to teach my mommy how to brush my hair without hurting.”

“Lots of daddies can do stuff like that”

“There is more”


“Well, one day, when he thought I was asleep, I saw him holding one of Mommy’s dresses.”

“Maybe he was just putting it away for her honey”

“No. He was holding it against his body, like he was wanting to put it on. He swung it around, and was smiling. He almost never smiles.”

“What do you mean, never smiles?”

“He is always sad. His always looks like he was crying. And he cries a lot, when he thinks I am not looking, although he tries not to cry in front of me.”

“But that still doesn’t mean he needs to be a girl”

“A couple of days ago, I overheard him and Mommy arguing over it, believe me, I am sure.”

“What do I say to her? It sounds like her so-called ‘daddy’ is one sick puppy, but I can’t tell her that.”

“Honey, I can’t promise you something like that”

She looked at Mike with tears on his face.

“Please Santa. I know he is hurting so bad, I just don’t want him to hurt anymore.”

“But.. But if he is a girl, he wont be your daddy anymore”

“I…I don’t care. I would rather he be a girl and be happy, than be my daddy and be sad.”

“Look, I can’t promise. But if you are the best girl you can be, and say your prayers, everything will work out, okay?”

“Oh… okay. Thanks Santa. It felt good just telling somebody.”

“She is a better girl than a pervert like that deserves”

“Take care now.”

She got off his lap, and bounced over to her daddy, who took her hand. Mike looked at the man as he hugged the girl. He looked close, and saw sadness and pain in the man’s eyes as the girl hugged him back with every bit of strength she had, and then they walked away.


Mike finished the story, and sat back down, and the class continued. At the end, Jacob left the classroom and made his way home. He slipped into his small apartment, took off his clothes, and put on a robe. He opened his closet, and looked at the pretty dresses hanging there, and sighing, closed it again.

He got down on his knees and began to pray. He didn’t attend church anymore, the rejection got too much for him, but he still liked to talk to God, and hope he was listening.

“God, every year at this time, I make a special request. I am not sure why I do it at Christmastime, except that maybe this feels like the season for miracles. But this year, I want to change my request. I am not going to ask that you make me a girl.”

“Instead, I would like to pray for that little girl, and her daddy. You know their situation, and if he really needs to be a girl, please let it be so. And…and…”

He paused, and hesitated. Could he really go through with what he had in mind?

“And if there is only one miracle to be had, and it means I never get my own prayer answered. I…I still want it for him. And God, thanks for listening.”

That night, Jacob slept, and he dreamed. He saw….

Across town, on Christmas day

Andrea woke, still tingling, especially around her chest. She smiled, and remembered the attention her wife Tracey had paid to her growing breasts last night.

She kissed her wife softly, and whispered. “I am so grateful for you, my love. Most wives would have left a husband who was trying to become a woman.”

Tracey opened her eyes, and smiled into the face of her love. “I am sorry, my dear, sweet spouse”

“Sorry, Tracey? For what?”

“For ever doubting you, ’Drea. You have become, no you always were, a beautiful, special woman. I only wish I had seen it sooner.”

“It is okay hon. I…I just wish we could afford to get me the surgery, so I could be complete.”

“Have faith, sweetie. God has carried us this far. He will see us the rest of the way. And whatever happens, we will face it together. You, me, and Sam”

At that moment, as is invoked, the door to their room was thrown open and a small bundle of energy jumped into bed with them.

“Morning mommy Tracey. Morning mommy Andrea. Can I open my presents now?”

Andrea laughed, and said “Okay, okay, let me and Mommy Tracey get dressed, and then we will open presents.”

A while later, as Tracey and Andrea looked at the wrapping paper that had been ripped and thrown everywhere like confetti, and listened to a small child happily playing, and sighed together.

Then Tracey noticed an envelope in a stocking hung by the artificial fireplace, and said to Andrea, “What is that?”

“I don’t know”

Tracey picked it out of the stocking and looked at it and said, “It is addressed to both of us.”

“Well, let’s open it”

They looked inside, and saw a card that said:

“Because you have both been very good girls, here is a gift.”

Inside the card was a letter, and Tracey read it.

“’Drea, you got to read this. It’s…it’s a dream come true. It says you have your SRS scheduled in January, and its already been paid for !”

Andrea grabbed the letter and read it, and read it again

“I .. I can’t believe it. It really is a miracle!”

They kissed, and then went over to their child.

“You okay, mommy ‘drea?”

“Better than okay. I am so happy I could burst!”

“Good. That’s what I asked Santa for last year.”

“You did?”

She nods.

“And he told me if I was a good girl, everything would work out right, and it has.”

“Bless you, and merry Christmas, Sammy.”

“The merriest.” said Tracey, and they held each other and hugged and kissed.

Now, across town.

Jacob woke, and smiled. He had enjoyed the dream, and really hoped it would come true in a couple of days. Then he wept, remembering what he had promised.

“I … I guess there was only one miracle to be had. I am happy for her, but it is going to be hard for me.”

It wasn’t until he slid out of bed that he realized something was different. He felt the weight on his chest and looked down and saw the swell of breasts under his nightgown.

With growing excitement, he made is way over to a mirror, and stood there, seeing for the first time in real life the girl she had always been inside.

“I…I am beautiful?”

She could see no bulge in the front of her panties, and a quick peek confirmed it, she was a girl, all the way through. She then noticed a card on her dressing table, and went over to it, and opened it up, and read:

“For being a good girl, and for being willing to sacrifice your own dreams to make a stranger’s dream come true, your prayer has been answered. You will find another present in your purse. Merry Christmas, Rebecca., from a friend”

She went over to her purse, and gasped as she pulled out a ID with her new name, and it had the best thing possible in the corner. Beside the box marked “Sex” it had an “F”.

“Thank you, Thank you!” she shouted at the sky.


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Good tale

Once in a while, every once in a while, a sacrifice doesn't turn out to be a sacrifice.

This one made me tear up.

Santa School

Very nice story! Stories like this give me a nice tingling feeling. :}