All in a Day's Work

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All in a Day's Work

By Julie O

 Being a personal assistant for a celebrity often involves many strange requests, as Keith and Teri are about to discover.

Note: I've added a PDFversion of this story to make it a bit easier to read if you don't have something that understands Microsoft Word files. Both versions are the same. Bob Arnold

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all in a days work

Once again you put together a very nice story. I hope you would maybe consider
a Julie Verse story with Jirra and the gang. What ever comes about will be excelent I'm sure. thanks very much.

I am sure that he is

I am sure that he is considering that :)

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Slight Mistake

Word made a change when I ran the last check and Changed the title (Days to Day's) My bad. Hoep you enjoy the story anyway!



Nice to see a story that

Nice to see a story that isn't as dark. I loved this story and JulieO is still one of my favorite authors. Please keep up the good work and thank you.




Though I still don't see the need for some of the gratuitous se scenes for the story line. Also I was not overly impressed with Terry per se and am not sure even now how he passed muster and how s/he explained why it was fun to play at being a guy. That part was kinda cloudy.

Also, I find 38C kinda big for a 5'8" thin person. I am a fraction smaller at 5'7", and very thin and I am no more than a 36B. I tried 38C for size using a breast form and it was like humongous and I looked like I was about to tip over. I would say 38C is more proportionate for somebody about 5'10 or 11 as 38 is a fairly big band size. At most Kate should be about a 36C.

The premise was a bit shaky to say the least but I will not focus too much on it.

I notice those folks who enjoy Julie's really off the wall dark stuff was notably absent in their comments so I hope they are bored out of their skulls.


Love the story but

I hate MS word for reading text.


Yay Julie!

Wow. Show biz, romance, freindships, betrayal, triumph and a paparazzo with a heart of gold! Loved the way my expectations kept getting played with; like wondering if too-wonderful-to-be-true Dan was going to turn out to be a lying cad or something even worse, or if if Kate's acceptance of her transformation wasn't being influenced somehow, by mind-control superhormones secreted by her prostheses or some malign magic. 


A great read and a worthy new batch of characters for this 'verse. I almost expected Jen Stevens to come strolling in at some point. Oh well, maybe in a sequel. Say ....... ANASAZI HONEYMOON? One can only dream... 

~~hugs, Laika

Changes for the Best

I was hoping for another story and kept checking. You didn't disappoint. A wonderful tale of change and the challenges that go with it. The transformation of Kate and the acceptance of her change is uplifting. I hope someone keeps and eye on Trent - will we see him again given his anger towards transexuals?

I look forward to your next story.

As always,


Great story

A great story, and thankfully without the forcible feminization or sexual slavery of so many Julie O. stories.

Thank you so much!

All in a Day's Work

What can I say, I have always enjoyed reading your stories.