My Despair-5

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My Despair-5

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:After After Terri's fiancée Grant arrives to remind her that he has never stopped loving her and why, she feels joy only to despair of life and plan her retaliation against her attackers. But she decides to postpone it when her father intervenes with his plan of action that ends the evil.



From My Despair-4

Yes, Tommy Todd was there for me when I heard the dreaded news that the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence.



But that came later, after I had been released from the Bay City Memorial Hospital Emergency Room.

I heard a ring and saw my brother answer her cell phone, "Hello?"

He frowned as he listened to his caller.

"OK, Grant. I'll be right there, bud."

"May I speak to him?" I pleaded.

Tommy smiled as he tossed me his cell, "Keep it down, Sis, can't have my phone gunked up with you slobbering it up with your kisses," he teased.

"Oh, hush," I shot back with a smile.

I heard a chuckle from the cell as I brought it up to my ear, "Really, now. Should we not wait till I get there to 'snog' as our Brit friends say?"

"I guess that we should, but when will you be here?"

"Just as soon as T.T. brings me."

"OK, be waiting for you, my Love."

"Same, here, Sweetie."



I handed the cell back to my brother, "Gotta go and get Grant from his place."

Momma kissed him, "Take care, son."

Daddy clapped him on his shoulder, "Be safe, Sport."



I saw a petite blond wearing a red skirt suit with pink hose, black flats enter, "Hello. there, Terri, I am Doctor Mandy Sewell, your physician," she said with a smile.

"What's up, Doc?"

She laughed softly as she looked at the Doctor Mandy Sewell I.D. with Bugs Bunny on it, "Well, I DO love to eat carrots."

"Doc, are you here about my cousin's lab results?"

"Yes, I am," she affirmed, then looked at me. "Are you ready, Miss?"

I smiled at her, "Thank you, Ma'am. Even though I am still officially male, I see myself as a girl. Yes. I am ready."

She passed over my folder to Momma, "There was abuse of sphincter and semen in the anal area as well as within with bruising from assault."

What about oral?"

"Unfortunately, there is no evidence of any oral sex. Not even ant skin samples on your teeth. But there is evidence upon your clothing as well as your attackers evidence from their visit to the Emergency Room," she completed.

"That is if they don't have a way to circumvent letting the evidence go public," groused Daddy.

She came over and held my hand, "Sweetheart, I've seen too many girls like you come through the Emergency Room to see you as anything BUT a girl! In fact, I treat girls like you here at the hospital to make sure that you're healthy."

"Thanks, Doc! It's nice to know that you see me as a girl, even though I still have my male parts," I confessed.

"Ma'am, what kind of creeps would hurt a girl like my Princess?"

"Religious nut cases who do it to serve their 'god', homophobes and some who get off on it, sir," she replied.

"Well, it must have been the last," sighed Momma.

"Did you tell the school about your transitioning?"

"Yes, Ma'am. My therapist, Doctor Anna Blackburn said that telling the school that I was about to start living as a girl so that they could deal with any fallout."

She smiled, "Anna has been a boon and blessing to girls like you. I have sent those who I see to her."

"How many are as young as my daughter?" asked Daddy.

"They range from young teens that’ve just started on their journey all the way up to senior citizens."

"SENIOR CITIZENS?" asked Momma in wonder.

"Yes, Ma'am. Some don't get the chance to transition until later in life and some choose to wait."

"Are there any who start really young?"

"Yes, Kelly Lee Moore, She knew when she was a toddler and in time, transitioned and married her best friend."

"Did she suffer as I am?"

"Yes, she had to deal with a lunatic pastor who caused her and her family grief until he was dealt with. But now she is happily married."

Momma looked at me, "Child, you are not the only one. There are others."

"I know, Momma. But are there any who've transitioned because of grief?"

"Why do you ask that question?" asked the doctor.

"Because I fear that my fiancée Grant may seek vengeance on my behalf if there is no justice for me."

"Well, Terry, Emanuel, Scott sought vengeance for the deaths of his wife and daughter. But he had a secret, too."

"He was a girl like me?"

"Close, he dressed as a girl while growing up, but when he met his wife, he stopped because of love."

"Why did he not tell her?" asked Daddy.

"She knew, but he never had the need to dress while his family lived. It was in seeking vengeance that Terri was born and found a new love after her vengeance was complete."

"You mean that in seeking her vengeance, she was rewarded with her new gender and new family," I asked.

Exactly! She became Terri Emma Hawk and was even able to conceive."

I began to cry as her words hit me in my Heart of Hearts, 'Is it possible? Can I be a birth mother and know the feel of carrying a child in me and the wondrous pain and joy of childbirth that Momma knows?' I thought.

Daddy held me in his arms as I cried myself out and soaked his shirt, thoroughly, "You OK, Princess?"

"Yes, Daddy," I sighed.

Momma wiped my brow with a cool compress, "Why the tears?"

Doctor Sewell looked at me, "Was it because of what I said?"

"Yes, before now, I never believed that I could be a Mother like Momma. Now, I can, according to you."

"When you're ready, come to my office and we can discuss the possibilities."



After she left, I saw an elderly man dressed in a rumpled charcoal suit that had seen better days enter. I got the impression that he deliberately dressed like this because although the suit was rumpled, he and it was clean.

"Excuse me, but why are you here?"

"Miss Terri?" he asked, sounding and looking like a black Humfrey Bogart with a Bronx accent.

"I am. And who the hell are you?"

"Detective Jasper Harper at your service, Ma'am."

"Why are you here?" asked Momma.

"Because of the attackers, Ma'am."

"What about Officer Jones who was on call in the< strong>Emergency Room?"

"Terri was in no shape at the time to give a statement. So, instead of having her come down to make it, I'm here to take it."

I gave him my statement and he left his business card and left. That should have been it, but it wasn't as we found out.



We went home to find my brother and Grant waiting for us. They'd mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedges that delineated the yard's boundaries and had the wooden gate open for us. The brick walkway was bordered with Christmas lights that were blinking in a pattern that led up to the front door that sported a rainbow on the glass of the door.



The house was a two story four bedroom brick full attic and basement with a screened in front and back porch. The front porch was our outdoor grill with a mini kitchen from an RV and folding tray and recliners.

The living room/home theater was on the right and den/library on the left. The only difference was that the den had a computer instead of a home entertainment center, but both had bookshelves and comfy sofas with a microwave and fridge full of sodas and microwave ready food.

the kitchen/dining room was behind the living room and utility/laundry behind the den with a bathroom behind the kitchen and tool shed for gardening and Dad's tools behind the laundry.

The basement was our pantry and storm cellar setup as a one room apartment while the attic held our trunks, treasures and game room. Best of all, Tommy and I had our own bedroom next to each other with separate bathrooms, like the master bedroom and guest room.



Daddy chuckled as he drove his Ford Transit van into the driveway, "those two have cooked something up, Princess. Be ready."

"Daddy, just what should I get ready for?"

"A 'Welcome Home' Party," informed Momma.

"Way cool"

As we entered the house, I expected for them to do something special, but they were not in a party mood.

"What's wrong, Bro?"

"We have no case, Sis."




End Of Part Five


To Be Continued...