Coin Collection

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Coin Collection

As I sat in the box, a veiled screen kept the light down low.

Now the next parishioner, could I help this poor soul?

There came the timeless words "forgive me father for I have sinned",

I must tell someone, I fear that they will come looking for him.


I don't understand why he interrupted me.

He had a coin in his hand, which he tried to show to me.

I snapped at him, can't you see I'm on the phone?

Can't you be quiet? I wish you were like your sisters, Dianne and Nicole.


From that coin, a flash of light, now before me stood Dianne and Nicole,

and double again as my daughters came from the other room.

Of my son Tim nothing can be found, than I swooned.


When she paused, I chanced to ask, dear lady are you are telling me that Tim...

Yes dear father, I've Nicole and Dianne'd, poor Tim