My Despair-6

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My Despair-6

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:After arriving home to find Terri's fiancee Grant and her brother have grim news, her father sets a plan into motion and Grant reminds her that he has never stopped loving her and why. Then at the trial, she feels joy only to despair of life when the evidence is gone, forcing a mistrial and case closed..



From My Despair-5



Daddy chuckled as he drove his Ford Transit van into the driveway, "Those two have cooked something up, Princess. Be ready."

"Daddy, just what should I get ready for?"

"A 'Welcome Home' Party," informed Momma.

"Way cool"

As we entered the house, I expected for them to do something special, but they were not in a party mood.

"What's wrong, Bro?"

"We have no case, Sis."




"WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED?!", demanded Daddy.

"I just got off of the phone with Janice Larton, his secretary. She says that he just got the report on the incident from the police and the ER.

"What does that mean, Daddy?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"That means that the mayor and his crony can cause the case against those two to be dropped. IF the judge does not have the facts, that is."

"OK, Dad. Just what are you planning?"

"Simple, Tommy Todd, Making sure that he has the evidence."

Grant hugged me, "Don't worry, Terri. We will take care of things."

"But why Grant? Aren’t you the Deputy Mayor's nephew?"

He snarled with a hatred that scared and comforted me with its purity, "I wish that I was not a part of that family! The only reason that my damned uncle acknowledges my existence is that Trust Fund that Grandpa Welch set up!"

Momma held his chin, "Gerrold Welch was a very good man, Grant. He passed on before you were born."

"I know, Momma Boyles. If not for him, I'd not have been able to do what I did when Terri got hurt."

"What did you do, Son?" asked Daddy as I saw him cry silently.

"Tell them what you told me, bro," added Tommy.

Grant smiled at being called 'Son', "I moved out of the Welch Estate into my log cabin up the road."

"But I thought that you had to stay with your uncle."

"No, Princess. Judge Larry Stanford showed me that I was paying for the utilities from my Trust Fund. When I moved out, that stopped."

When did you learn this?"

"When Momma got pregnant with me, Grandpa Welch wanted to make sure that they had everything they needed as well as my Aunt Jo. But how could he know what that @$$ Uncle Bastard would become?"

Daddy began to chuckle, then let out a rip roaring laugh that left him crying, "Uncle Bastard? I love it! Much better than Deputy Mayor Augustus Sebastian Reinaldo."

"And fits him much better too. Augustus and Sebastian means venerable or worthy of worship, respect. He is neither. Same as Mayor Anthony Thorpe."

"But your Auntie Jo is not like him, is she?"

"I know, that's part of why I am here. She is an innocent in all of this. She truly is the epitome of grace and beauty who Chairs all of those Committees. I'm hoping that she can be spared any trouble, but I don't know if her Committees are corrupted."

"Grant, I've already checked into the City Government. The only corruption is the corruption of the evidence on Terri's assault."

"That's good, because she and Miss Mona can replace those bigots once the truth is told."

"Yeah! Replace the husbands with their wives," I observed.

Grant smiled, "If only that were true," he sighed. But then, how could I marry Terri?"

"You're worried about political repercussions hurting them," stated Momma.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Don't be, Son. Let me and my associates take care of things. We know where the skeletons are and will make sure that the Ladies are elected."

"What about Terri?"

"We will deal with that, too."



We had one hell of a rip roaring celebration that lasted all weekend. I was glad that our property had brick walls on the perimeter that prevented anybody from sneaking up on us. Daddy had purchased the Tutwiler Estate when the city auctioned it off to pay for back taxes when he married Momma.

The Tutwiler Estate consisted of an acre front lawn perfect for outdoor activities, a driveway that circled to the garage/pool house in back and four foot deep screened in pool with picnic table. Best of all, the estate was surrounded by the on ramp on one side and the freeway on the other.

Except for Grant's Log Cabin on Tutwiler Road, the Tutwiler Estate was all alone, which seemed poetic when one considered Grant and me. We'd met in school and had become best friends. When I told him that I was a girl, he accepted me, like his mother, Aunt Jo and Miss Mona. But not anybody of their families.



Monday, we were in Judge Hector Grant's Court Room. He looked regal in his robe and graying hair that hid a bright wit and razor sharp mind that brooked no dissension. More than one attorney and client had felt his thundering edict when they tried his patience.

He was chosen for his honesty and fairness. His record for harsh treatment of sexual offenders made him my ideal choice, which made it unusual for the mayor to allow it without balking. But we would find out why, all too soon.

Judge Hector Grant entered the Court Room and sat down, "Bailiff, present the case."

"Jerry Lynn Boyles vs Franklin Randall Thorpe and Chadwick Reginald Thorpe on charges of First Degree sexual Assault."

"How do you plead,"

"I have been informed to enter a plea of 'Not Guilty' because of lack of evidence.” informed Attorney Hastings.

"Your Honor, there was evidence that has been destroyed or made unavailable," said Daddy.

"If there is no evidence, then I must dismiss the case."

"Your Honor, I have been attacked by them. Is there no way to make them pay?"

He cleared his throat, "Miss. Even though the State cannot prosecute them, you can still sue them"

"Yes, Your Honor."

Then with his gavel, he sealed my fate," Case dismissed.

Hey, Terri, can't wait till we meet again," he chided

Then I saw red and felt an electrical shock that sent me into oblivion.



I awoke in a cell with bars on the door, "What happened?"

"Ma'am. You were tasered to prevent you from attacking."

"They deserved it. Am I to go to jail?"

"No, His Honor has you here to make sure that the taser did you no harm. Your family is waiting for you."

"Don't know why," I sighed.

She slapped on my thigh, "GIRL! THEY LOVE YOU!"

"But I failed to bring those bastards to justice."

"Girl, I am Maureen Novack I am here to help you."


"Because I know what you've been through."


"Yes, really."

"Are you like me?"

"No, I am post op and was post op when I was attacked," she sighed.

"Did they,,,,"

"Yes, I was no longer a virgin, there."

"Do you still have nightmares?"

"Yes, but not as often, nor as bad. Thank to my husband, Brad."

"I hope that I am as lucky. But, I have no hope."

She hugged me, "I also felt that way, but thanks to my family, I found Hope."

"You think that I can?"




My family and Grant tried to console me on the way home, but I was in a fugue state that would not let me acknowledge them beyond a simple one word answer.

I wanted to end my agony in any way that I could. In my current frame of mind, I couldn't see myself as being loved. In my mind, I was a freak of nature, fit only for destruction. But even in my despair, I had an inner fire that was not to be denied.

I would kill my attackers, then myself to end my misery. They had used the System and were now free to continue their evil. I had no intention of being attacked again, or letting another suffer as I had.

Getting out of the car, i went straight to the den and got out Daddy's Winchester from the gun cabinet. Daddy had inherited the Family's Gun Collection that held the guns used by our kin from as far back as the Revolutionary War. All of the guns were kept in perfect working order minus the firing pins kept in his desk with the ammo.

"TERRI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" exclaimed Daddy when he saw me loading the gun.

"Getting ready to kill them, then myself."


"Speak, Daddy. But if you can't convince me to stop, I'll still do it, even if it takes a lifetime."

I have a way to stop them and their parents. Give me a chance. If I fail you, I will personally load the Winchester for you."




End Of Part Six


To Be Continued...