New Meaning : Sugar And Spice -17- Invitation

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New Meaning: Sugar and Spice

Part Seventeen ~ Invitation

By Ariel Montine

What surprise invitation will Betty recieve from Paris?


New Meaning: Sugar and Spice

Part Seventeen ~ Invitation


By Ariel Montine

It seemed like ages but actually was a few seconds after Dr Erika had left that I heard a knock at the door.


"Betty, is it alright if I come in and talk to you?"




"Come in, Mom. I'd like that very much." I'd said Mom on purpose instead of Momma and I guess I reverted back to my 'Tony' voice. I felt that it would help me sort things out to be Tony for this conversation even though I still looked like Betty.




Mom came into the room and took a seat opposite me on my bed. "It's Tony now that I'm hearing even though I see Betty still."




"Mom, I would like to talk to you as Tony if that's okay? Can you imagine me as Tony or will I need to get changed for us to talk this way?"




"It's okay, Tony. I was expecting it long before the stress that you've been thru. I can relate to you as Tony so you don't need to try to look like Tony right now."




"Whew! I'm glad! I still want to help out Jenny so I'm not backing out of that but suddenly for me this is about the rest of my life and I'm a little scared."




"Tony, you are my big boy and I love you so much. You wouldn't be normal if you were not scared about this but remember that you have me, your sister and your doctors to help you thru this."




"Mom, will you love me if I'm your son and not your daughter?"




"Oh Tony! I love you! You've always been a good son to me. I want you to know that just because I wanted you to try out being Betty, it wasn't that you failed me as Tony. Just the opposite, I didn't want to fail you."




"Mom, you've been great thru this. My doubts are about me. If I am a boy deep down can I be 100% boy after I'm sorted knowing that I'm part girl now?. If I am a girl deep down can I be 100% girl afterward knowing that right now I'm part boy?




"Tony, you are young enough that going forward after you are sorted, you will have the experiances of the gender you discover that you really are. You can't do anything about your past and that makes you part boy and girl right now. While you can't change your past, you don't have to live there. Your present and future are what you choose to make them. You are my child and I have faith in you to overcome and thrive as you respond to this challenge. In a way it will take every thing that you have experianced as Tony and as Betty to get you thru this but who ever you decide that you must be, you will be stronger for going thru this experiance."




"Why did you choose to raise me as Tony, first, Mom?"




"It had nothing to do with who I thought you are or who I wanted you to be. I wanted some stability to your childhood so that meant choosing one gender to raise you as mostly with giving you some time at the end to experiance the other gender so you would discover when you were best able to do so who you really were. I wanted you to be safe and I thought that if I raised you as Tony that your father would leave us alone. In giving you some normality it was easier to cover up your girl parts than your boy parts to start with too. I knew that I might have gotten it wrong so the best I can do for you now is to make things right for you once you discover what is right for you."




"Thank you for loving me so much, Mom. I love you, Momma. Thank you for seeing me thru this. Oh Momma, I'm not sure yet but being Betty seems right to me."




The emotions overcame me and reverting back to presenting as Betty seemed right. I hugged Momma tight and buried my face in her shoulder and proceeded to cover her blouse with my tears. She hugged me back and comforted me by running her hand over my hair. It felt so good to have her close to me and soon I cried myself out."




"Are you okay now, Betty?"




"Yes ma'am. That was a bit intense. Thank you for working thru that with me, Momma. It seems to me that on the inside I may really be Betty but I'm glad to have more time to know myself so I am true to myself at the end."




"I'm proud of you as both Tony and Betty. I have faith in you to surpass expectations in how you deal with this challenge. I love you."




"I love you too Momma. Guess we ought to find out what Jenny has been doing."




"After you my dear."


I and Momma left the bedroom catching Jenny listening at the door and stubing her toe left bare by her sandals in the process..


"Oww! Tony? Betty? Who are you now?"


I reverted to Tony for just a moment to tease Jenny.


"Munchkin, it's me! How could it be anyone else?"


"Oh Tony!' I've missed you."


Jenny wraped me up in hug I remembered fondly as she made me feel like a big brother again instead of the equal I had been as Betty. All of a sudden I knew that teasing Jenny was the wrong thing to do. Her reaction helped me understand that neither Jenny or Momma had any agenda to this and it was truly all up to me. I looked at Momma and she nodded to me that she understood what had happened and would go with my lead even though I had just told her I was resuming being Betty. I had reverted to Tony to help me sort out some of my confusion but I guess I didn't realize that Jenny was going thru the same things as well.


"Munchkin, I'll always be here for you one way or another."


"I know, Tony, but it has always felt good to have a big brother so when things were reversed and I became the big sister it's been different."


"Different isn't bad is it, Munchkin?"


"No, it's just that you are special to me in different ways depending on when you have related to me as Betty or as Tony"


"In a way, I've been your sister all along, Jenny. I've got to figure out who I really am inside. Would you be too dissapointed if I discovered that Betty is who I really am?"


"Oh no, Tony! I want you to be who you really are. I want you to be healthy so I know you have to make a decision and I'll love you no matter if you choose to be Tony or Betty for good. It will be tough if you have to quit being Tony, but having you as Betty means that everything will turn out alright,"


"Jenny, thanks for helping me remember Tony, but I really need to be Betty now so I can figure out for sure who I really am."


"Oh of course ... Betty. I'm okay now. Are you okay?"


At her prompt I slipped back into acting as Betty. It seemed so natural to be Betty now. It no longer amazed me that I really might live out the rest of my life as Betty. I just had to be sure before that could happen.


"Oh, sis! I'm fine. We girls will stick together and get thru what ever comes next!"


"That's the spirit, Sis! Momma, thanks for letting Betty and I sort things out. What's next?"


"We all go down to Supper. I'll reheat everything quickly so we won't have any further delay. Betty you might like to check on her friend, Kimmie, after Supper. She kinda got lost in the shuffle when everything started happening. Ok Girls! Time for Supper!"


Momma warmed everything up quickly like she said with Jenny and I helping. We finially sat down to supper. It was none too soon since my tummy rumbling made herself known and there was nothing else going on to distract me from the urgency of eating.


"Betty, I am so proud of you. You must be starving yet you are taking such small bites and you are eating like a young woman would. Jenny, you should pay attention to your sister. She might teach you a few thing!"


"Oh Momma!"


Jenny rolled her eyes at Momma while giving my hand a squeeze with hers under the table. I was about to come to Jenny's defence when the phone rang.


Jenny got up and answered the phone and brought it to the table.


"You know the rules, Jenny! No personal calls durring meals. Politely tell your friend you'll call her back."


"Paris, please hold for me."


Jenny touched a button on the phone which must have been "Mute".


"Momma, It's Paris and this could concern us all. May I put it on speaker phone and continue the call?"


"Jenny, you may tell Paris that you can either continue the call on speaker phone or call her back after supper."


"Yes, Momma."


Jenny returned to the call after pressing a button which must have unmuted the call.


"Paris, sorry I put you on hold. Momma says that we can continue the call on speakerphone or I can call you after Supper."


"Thanks Paris. You are on speaker now with my Mother and my sister."


"Hi Mrs Hastings and Betty. Mrs Hastings I was hoping that you could bring Jenny and Betty to my house in an hour. I was able to get my Daddy to hurry up the delivery of my message to Tony's Father and he set up a special satalite video link so that we can see my invitiation to Tony delivered in person. I thought that Tony's sisters might like to see that happen too. I would have given you more notice but I just found out about this myself."


"Paris, the girls can go and I'll take them, You wouldn't mind if I were to witness the invitation too would you?"


"Of course, Mrs Hastings. Please forgive my overlooking you. I look forward to your arrival with your daughters. Jenny and Betty, see you soon."


"Thanks Paris"


"Thank you so much, Paris"


"Okay Paris. The girls and I will be over in time to witness the invitation with you. See you soon. Bye"


"Bye, Mrs Hastings."


Jenny hung up the phone and both of us looked to Momma in expectation.


"Girls, you'll just have to go over as you are. Let's eat as much as we can. I want to be there in time to see whatever Paris has to show us."


We nodded and began to eat very quickly while still paying attention to our manners. Ten minutes later we were finished eating and had saved a little time to touch up our appearances..


"Girls, I hope you are ready. We have to leave like now!"


"Coming Momma!"


We all settled into the car and were on our way to Paris' house. Momma seemed nervous while all I could think about is how I could handle it if my cover as Betty was blown.


"Girls, how ever this all goes down, keep calm and keep your heads held high. We have help to deal with this and with a little luck even if it seems hopeless, we may yet come up with something to get through this."


"Momma, do you think they really found Carl?"


"I hope not. What we have in our favor is that although this would take Carl by surprise if they have found him, in spite of everything he loves Tony in his own way."


"What should I do if I'm outed, Momma?"


"Deny it without offering an explanation, Betty, and above all be very calm and say as little as possible."


"Yes, Momma."


"Betty, when we get home, I would like for you to log into Wizard 101 and contact Kimme and see how she is doing. I feel bad that we invited her over for Supper and we didn't get around to it. I hope she's okay."


"Momma, she seemed okay when she left. She understands that we are going thru a lot right now. She was so thrilled to be accepted as her true self that we are willing to help her more. I believe Kimmie will be fine and thank you for letting me check on her."


We arrived and the three of us left the car and Momma rung the doorbell at Paris' frontdoor.


"Come in Mrs Hastings, Jenny and Betty. The show should start soon. I've patched the computer feed to our huge TV in the living room so we'll see it in HD and 3D and Imax so it will be just like we were there. Help yourself to the refreshments and take a seat."


"Thank you for your hospitality, Paris. Girls please do as Parris has asked."


"Thank you for inviting me, Paris. You're welcome, Betty. I imagine that you are as excited about seeing Tony as I am. After all you didn't get to even see each other when your parents swaped you. It all sounds like a Disney movie to me."


"I am excited about seeing Tony. I'm wondering how Daddy will react to your invitation. I hope that he doesn't take it as an excuse to swap us back. I've just gotten to know my Momma and Sister and I don't want to go home yet."


"Maybe something else can be worked out. I'm sure it will be okay, Betty."


"Paris, can you direct me to the Ladies room?"


"Sure Mrs Hastings. It's down the hall and the first door on the right."


"Thank you, Paris. I won't be gone long girls."


Momma left and disapeared down the hall leaving us to freely discuss things with Paris.


"What are you planning for Tony once you get him down here, Paris?"


"I'm going to show him how much I love him. I made a mistake and lost my chances with him once but I'm going to make every moment count now."


"I'm sure Tony will enjoy the attention even though I believe that he will be completely surprised."


"I hope that you'll be gentle with him and take things slow. I wouldn't want either of you to be hurt by another misunderstanding."


"Betty you have a good point there. I only want the best for Tony and I'm sure he'll agree with what I want for him."


"We'll see. What is that test pattern on the TV for?"


"The show is about to start. Everyone please take your seats and I'll dim the lights."


"Did I miss anything?"


"No. It's about to start."


Evidently they did find someone named Carl Kessler since the cap mounted camera was giving us a first person view of what the delivery man was seeing including a rustic home in the middle of nowhere with a name plate with his name on it over the mailbox. The glass door that he knocked on was reflective under the bright lights that illuminated the scene so that the camera could record it. The delivery man was a handsome young man named Steve Milton. An older man about Momma's age came to the door.


"Hello, I'm Steve Milton and I have a message for Carl Kessler. Are you him, sir?"


"Yes, I'm Carl Kessler. What is the message?"


"The message is an invitation from Paris Triton for Tony Kessler to attend her birthday party in Loganville. As the boy's guardian round trip transportation for both you and the boy will be provided at Trition Industries expense so that Tony can be escorted on the trip to go to the party. Paris is aware that your daughter, Betty (who was awarded to you in the divorse) was swapped for your son, Tony (who was awarded to your wife). Paris understands what the time being with your son after being separated from him but hopes that you will let him attend her birthday party. I am instructed to wait for a reply and if the invitation is accepted, direct you to the means provided to accept the invitation."


"I'm sorry but I've already sent Tony home. He got homesick and wanted to surprise his mother and sisters. You'll have to deliver your invitiation to him at his father's house in Loganville."


"Thank you sir, I hope that everything works out for you. I'll transmit your answer back."


The picture went blank.


"I guess it wont be a surprise now when Tony shows up back at your house. I hope that you'll let me know, Mrs Hastings, when he arrives so I can welcome him properly."


" Of course Paris. Thank you for your hospitality. I'd like to get the girls home now."


"Certainly Mrs Hastings, I'll show you and your daughters to the door. Have a good evening.


Jenny, Momma and I left after bidding Paris farewell. The three of us were in shock but we didn't let anything slip. We were just wondering what Carl would do now that he knew that I was trying out life as Betty. Of course there was also the matter on how both Tony and Betty were going to attend the birthday party. Momma said that our help specialized in making possible things thought impossible and I just had to have faith that she was right.

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New Meaning : Sugar And Spice -17- Invitation

I understand Tony/Betty's need to be Tony to sort things out. And that ability to compartmentalise the mind can help the child, as well.


May Your Light Forever Shine