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Synopsis: When Atlantis drowned, King Curry and Queen Mara were given a Blessing that would restore Atlantis when their lineage found two who would once again embody their eternal love.  



The Empire Of Atlantis was the first and greatest of the ancient empires with its arcane knowledge of the mind and spectral realms which allowed them to harness power and elemental forces to do the impossible.

The Mages embraced their abilities and set out to help the People who were suffering from maladies, only to awaken a Darkness that swept over the Land, wreaking havoc as it caused the volcano to erupt, and sinking Atlantis.

When Atlantis drowned due to the wrath of Hephaestus, who set off the volcano, Zeus granted King Curry and Queen Mara a Blessing to find in their lineage a man and a woman whose Love was Eternal and able to overcome and begin the Renewal of Atlantis. They set aside the most valuable manuscripts, hiding them deep in the last remains of a fallen castle before the sea overtook them.


I am Madison Greene. I and my fellow archeologist, Sebastian Keith are leading an excavation on a rocky island sporting many ruins. We'd found lots of pottery and other paraphernalia in good condition, but not the mother lode of ancient books that we were looking for.

We'd already dug out the city from the mud and silt that had flooded the city while lava had overtaken the farms and forests. True, we had a treasure trove that would help us to recreate the culture of Atlantis, but we were looking for the Holy Grail of the expedition. But we did not find it and left for the university, fully knowing that we'd return.


Back home, Sebastian and I relaxed and let our bodies recover from the rigors of the expedition. He suffered from a child hood accident that had robbed him of any chance to be a father, so his parents chose to let him decide which gender that he'd be. He chose to be a boy, so he was given a steady dosage of testosterone so that he'd develop as a boy.

I was finally able to become the woman that I wanted to be by donning my enhancements, then pantyhose, lingerie and a shorts outfit. I was a petite five foot brunette who was saving up for the operation in Thailand. I was blessed with an androgynous body that'd let me go to school as a girl, and thanks to my understanding parents, got excused from gym.

Sebastian and I met at the Smithsonian as college students under Professor Grant: Dean of Archeology. Under his tutelage, we went around the world to excavations where we able to add to the already vast amount of knowledge on the past. It was during this time that Sebastian and I became a couple and married.

We accepted each other’s uniqueness and celebrated our love and sated our lust for each other. We knew that we could never have any children, but were content in knowing that our Love was eternal.


We went to the new ATLANTIS EXHIBIT to meet Professor Grant about the next foray to gather more finds. It had been two months since we'd returned and the public was clamoring for more. The Exhibit was set up as temple with alcoves where various examples of Atlantis culture were portrayed.

I always felt strangely peaceful here, as if I was Home but how could that be? Ever since we'd stepped on the island, I felt as if I knew the place as if I'd lived there before.

Some Egyptian archeologists felt the sense of déjà vu, but they were always out in the desert where they'd find some cave or chamber, but Atlantis was a tropical island.

We found out why after we'd sat down in recliners to relax and drink in the atmosphere.


"You have come."

I saw a woman who was a double for Marina Sirtis wearing a golden gown and a matching tiara of gold and diamond with her arms open, "Who are you?"

"I am Queen Mara of Atlantis."

"Why are you here?"

"To call you my daughter to your Destiny."


"You are to become my avatar and lead my new People into recreating Atlantis."

"Are you crazy?"

"I am quite sane."

"Can you not tell that I am a man?"

"Your mortal shell is male, but your soul is woman."

"How do you know?" I asked in awe.

"Zeus has given me the Blessing to see Atlantis reborn after Hephaestus in his wrath destroyed it."

"Why did not Poseidon do anything?"

"Only Zeus, Hera, or Hades has authority over Death, and only Zeus could give me the Blessing."

"Then why was I born in a male body?"

"The very same Darkness that Atlantis fought is still alive. It ought to corrupt my Blessing."

The darkness was a phenomenon in manuscripts in every ancient culture that had over time, overthrown it. The Darkness took on many forms and caused civil unrest as well as wars that destroyed all and was still active today. Only those who refused its power could overcome it.

"Then the Darkness must be fought."

"Through you, it will be."


"You and your friend will marry and have children who along with you, lead the World away from the Darkness."

"That's a tall order."

"Yes, but together, you will awaken the People of Atlantis scattered around the World, and their children along with them shall help you lead Civilization away from the Darkness."

"Will the Darkness ever be defeated?"

"Yes, there is the Light that has been battling it for years. In the end, the Darkness and its followers will be sealed away."

"OK. But what about my body?"

"I can exchange your body for Sebastian's."

"But he has masculinized his body!"

"Yes, but he is still a woman in body. Once the exchange is made, you will have the body that you've always wanted."

"But does Sebastian want to be me?"

"Ask him."

"Madison, I have heard everything."

"You have?"

"Yes, and I now regret what I have done to my body. If Queen Mara can switch our bodies and undo what I've done, I am more than ready. But what of our wardrobe?"

"Your clothing will be taken care of. Now, sleep and awaken to your new bodies.


We awakened in each other's bodies and immediately went home consummated our new lease on life. I was soon with child and had the fun of watching my beloved find the Library of Atlantis. With him were the Mages and Clerics of Atlantis whose knowledge had been preserved through Learning Crystals that sought them out and trained them over the eons.

Many had already fought the Darkness and were ready for more knowledge to defeat their foe. Me, I was also finding the lost Citizens of Atlantis in my own way.

I would meet them in Church and the Community Center where I'd take my children to meet other children while Sebastian was away as a Professor of Archeology, meeting the business and community leaders with ties to Atlantis.

Sebastian's working with the leaders and my working with the grass roots People created an atmosphere of love and acceptance that spread worldwide until only the Darkness had only one bastion of hatred from which to launch a retaliatory strike.


It was the volcano from which it had launched itself into history, causing the fall of Atlantis and the mountains utter destruction by eruption and the sea so that only the city itself was left intact upon a dome of cooling magma that was slowly lifting itself up until Atlantis was in the clouds.

New Atlantis was a merger of the Ancient Past with technology, creating a fantasy land where the best minds worked to create modern day miracles that had cured all maladies but the common cold and let humans colonize the Solar System.

Sebastian and I were now many centuries old and were the last of the living Atlantis Bloodline Long Sleep to await the Renewal Of Earth. As humanity conquered the Solar System, he also left behind an earth that was dying from humanities pollutants that the Darkness was harnessing in order to take over the Universe.

But Atlantis was saved from the pollutants, leaving on Eden on Earth to remember LIFE until humanity could restore the Balance and reclaim Earth from the Darkness.

Sebastian and I stood upon the volcano, daring it to erupt, knowing that we would live or die, depending upon the next action of the Darkness. The Darkness took the form of a great dragon which Sebastian slew, sealing the Darkness within the Pit from which it will stay until the Last Day when all of Creation will be renewed and humanity judged for its stand against the Darkness.


It has been many more centuries, and we are now ready for the Long Seep and to rest from our Labors. I can now see the Blessed Realm and see the Maker welcoming us Home. Zeus may have Blessed us, but it is the Maker that we Love.