Bob Arnold, Founder of StarDust

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Bob Arnold, the founder of Stardust R Us, died earlier this month and his websites were just brought back up early on Saturday morning, July 16. A rescue effort is under way to be sure that these sites continue to be available for readers and contributors to continue Bob's interest in providing a place for quality TG fiction. Bob's family is behind this effort and we will be moving Stardust to new servers, probably within a month.

About three months ago, Bob passed the administration of Stardust to me, Joyce Melton (aka Erin Halfelven), in part because his failing health was sapping his energy and he had numerous other projects to take up his time. Stardust's editorial policies will continue the same because Bob asked me to keep them up.

Bob's kindness, wisdom, gentleness, wit and skill will be missed but I hope that everyone that comes to Stardust will continue to enjoy his vision of a safe and friendly website.

Please take a moment to remember Bob and thank his family for their generosity in allowing us to continue providing this website to his fans.




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God Bless.

God Bless Bob. You gave a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. You will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace.

Thank you for all you have

Thank you for all you have given us.

Thank you Bob,

Thank you Bob,                

                Years ago I was first introduced to Bob’s work by reading Julie O’s stories on Fictionmania. Over the years I have read all of his works a couple times and read a great deal other stories on his site. You will be sorely missed and we will be left wondering what has happened to Jen. From all of us Bob, thank you, god bless and enjoy the road that is ahead of you.



Goodbye Bob

Goodbye Bob, I know that a lot of us are going to miss you.

I hope that where ever you are you enjoy good health, good friends and never know want.


Natasha Sanotova

Thank you


   I think I speak for many of us in thanking you for what you are doing. It is a fitting trubute to Bob to have his website continue. And I cannot think of anyone better to continue running this site.

  Bob was a wonderful human being who touched so many of us. I will miss him as a friend and a mentor.


   Julie O

Bob, You were an excellent


You were an excellent writer and site manager. As a fellow up-stater, you will be very much missed. May Jen Stevens return to us, somehow, some when with your guiding touch.

Farewell friend!

I never knew Bob

It is sad in passing I discovered someone I would liked to have met, or at least chatted with.  We get to know him through his stories, which is something.  This site is a unique kind of legacy too.  Thanks Bob.

Bob Arnold

Bob was my uncle and hoping that i can find some of the lost pages of zapped and some of the other stories he started and maybe with his guiding touch I can finish them or bring back jen so that you can still have her and maybe in doing that you will still have a part of bob around he was loved by all and is missed

Bob is gone

It's been almost a month and I still can't believe it. I miss stopping by to read about his weather, or his latest brainstorm to put out old tv shows or other things. It sure has left a blank spot, not to have him around the web, taking care of things. Hope you are having  a great time tinkering with stuff Bob.

Not enough

I'm back at StarDust now that's it's up again after the move. Piper, Sapphire, and Erin have revived it. However it was hard for me to click on that link bringing me back here. Like I said before Bob was one of the very first to offer me encouragement to write. I've never forgotten that, and tried to repay that kindness by posting my stuff here first. When readership fell off, I began putting Once the Hero up here a chapter or so a week. During that time, he never said one cross word about my ineptness trying to put up pictures or other snafus I always run into.

Sitting here drabbing at my tears, nothing would ever be enough to repay all he did not only for me, but it seems like legions of others. Perhaps, like another dear friend is always telling me, "There isn't any repayment, only pay forward."

Help others as I myself was helped. What little I know of Bob he would approve.


Plan? Ain't got no Plan!
"Beyond Thunder Dome"

Well said

Very well said, my friend.Bob Arnold left a legacy, and it isn't this or any other web site ... it's us. We are his living legacy, his memorial, and it's up to us now to follow his example and pass that legacy on to others. If we can do that then Bob will never truly be gone.




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New Coeds

The latest Coeds will be posted here shortly. It was the last story that Bob and I worked on together. Itinerant stepped in to help me finish it. It's a tribute to my good friend and mentor. Bob, you may be gone from this world, but you will never be forgotten.


Bob will never be forgotten

Bob will never be forgotten thanks to all of his friends and family Im finding more of his stories as i go thru stuff and as soon as i can get them uploaded to my laptoop im going to post them so all of you can read them and enjoy them

thank you for finishing it he

thank you for finishing it he would have wanted it that way

Goodbye Bob

Bob was my uncle and he is missed more and more every day. I sit on my laptop and just wonder if he is in heaven on the internet up there looking and reading at what we write about him and how much he is missed. I am just glad that he touched so many people that he will never be forgotten. Im still working on finding some of the stories that he never posted and getting them uploaded to my laptop but it is hard for me to read them and proof them without crying. So as soon as I can they will be up I promise. Thank you everyone for keeping his memory alive.

Bob Arnold


This is Bob's sister and I wanted to thank you for finishing what the 2 of you started. I know he would have wanted it that way. Please feel free to use any of his characters in your stories. He had a much richer life than we realized thanks to friends like you. My hope is that Zapped does not get lost to everyone now that Bob is gone, so If you will accept I would like to pass control of everything he posted of Zapped to you so that someone will be able to keep it where readers can find it now and in the future. Since he had allowed you to use Jen, I think he would approve.

Take care and know that Bob may be gone but will never be forgotton.


I hope you accept Julie O and

I hope you accept Julie O and keep Zapped going he would have wanted it that way and he will never be forgotten as long as friends and family keep his memory alive I miss him every time i get onto my laptop but i think he is watching down on me and it makes me feel a lot better


Welcome back! Bob's death is a great loss to us all. I'm glad that this website - his legacy - survives. I wish you all good things.


SK (Silent Key)

I am saddened that I was never able to QSO (talk) with Bob by amateur radio while he was still with us. I have enjoyed his site and hope that he finds what is beyond the doorway of life is as vast and wonderous as we all pray it will be.

de 73, AA4HA (Tish, Alpha-Alpha-Four-Hotel-Alpha)

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It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most
Of freedom and of pleasure


Thank you Bob.


Although it's bad for us that we have lost you from our lives, I firmly believe that you will be back and if there is any justtice in the universe, you will have the body that fits your mind.




Holly Wholeman

Yes, the weird author with the boob fetish.