Fine Print

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It's always advisable to read the fine print before signing a contract as James is about to find out.

Fine Print


Julie O

Thanks to Itinerant and Barry

Chapter 1


“Good afternoon,” greeted Mark Randall as he extended his hand.

The younger man shook hands with Mark.

“I appreciate you seeing me so quickly,” replied James Davison.

“Please sit down,” said Mark as he sat down behind his desk. He then opened up a file.

“So, how does it look?” asked James anxiously.

Mark sighed.

“You have a large amount of debt, few assets, and therefore very few options,” replied Mark.

James nodded.

“I’ve been looking for a better job, but the economy is … well, you know,” explained James. “My family is on the other coast, and besides, they wouldn’t help me anyway.”

Mark closed the file.

“Yes, we deal with the consequences all the time,” said Mark.

James shifted nervously in his seat.

“Is there anything you can do to help me?” asked James. “I’m just about out of options. At this point, I would do just about anything.”

Mark rubbed his chin, as he studied the young man sitting across from him. He estimated that James was five-nine and weighed around one hundred and fifty pounds. James also had shoulder-length light brown hair and very little facial hair.

He also liked the fact that James was desperate.

“I may have a solution for you -- it all depends on how open-minded you are,” replied Mark smoothly as he leaned back in his leather bound office chair.

Mark loved this part of his job; it was so much like fishing. All he had to do was set the lure and reel in the fish.

James stared back.

“I’m not going to do anything illegal, right?” asked James as he leaned in closer.

“Of course not! I don’t deal in things like that,” countered Mark.

“Okay, what is it?” asked James.

“I want you to hear me out completely, before you make up your mind,” said Mark. “Is that acceptable? It’s okay to ask questions, but please let me tell you the whole deal.”

James nodded.

“Good,” replied Mark. “I have recently been contacted by a group that is looking for someone of your physical size and shape. They provide entertainment to a very rich and exclusive clientele.”

James listened intently as Mark spoke.

“What sort of entertainment?” asked James.

“Transformations,” replied Mark. “You would be a model in one of their performance transformations.”

“Transformation? Into what?” asked James.

“They are looking for a male that they’ll change, step by step, so that when they’re done you’ll look like a woman -- a very sexy woman.”

James stared back in shock.

“Of course you won’t be actually turned into a woman,” continued Mark. “They will do a full makeover on you, hair, nails, makeup, clothes, shoes -- the works -- and it will be done in a way to entertain the guests. Afterwards, you’ll be expected to mingle with the guests. When the event is over, they will change you back. Nothing they will do to you will be permanent. Think of this as a modeling job.”

“So what will they do?” he asked.

“Nothing major, your hair will be styled, so when they are done they will give you a male hair style. Your body hair will be removed, but it will grow back. As I said, nothing permanent. In exchange for your time, you will be paid five thousand dollars. Yes, I know that this won’t solve all your financial problems, but it will allow you to keep your head above water. And if you do a good job, I should be able to get you additional gigs,” explained Mark.

“Did you say five thousand dollars?” asked James skeptically. “American?”

Mark laughed heartily.

“Yes, I said five grand, American. It’s a lot of money, but you’ll earn it. I have seen their work, and they are very good. I think you’ll have a great time.”

“And all I’ll have to do is hang around afterwards? They’re not expecting me to do anything … um ... sexual or anything like that?” asked James.

Mark laughed again.

“Sorry, I’m not laughing at you. No, they don’t run a prostitution service. Their transformations are done for entertainment purposes. They usually run three or four at each event,” replied Mark.

“All men into women?” asked James.

Mark shook his head.

“No, you’ll be the only gender transformation for their upcoming party, the others are a bit more interesting,” replied Mark. “A woman will be changed so that she looks like she is part fox, and a man will be changed into a centaur. Again, it’s all for fun. The clientèle can later buy the services that you and the others have demonstrated.”

“When is it?” asked James.

“Friday evening,” replied Mark. “I know it’s short notice, but this could work in your favor, as I may be able to get you a higher fee.”

James rubbed his chin.

“How much higher?” asked James.

“One thousand minimum -- maybe more,” he replied.

James thought about the offer. It was a lot of money, and he definitely needed it. Yes, it was strange, but if all he had to do was be dressed up as a girl … that wasn’t so bad.

“Okay, I’m interested,” said James.

Mark smiled back.

“Excellent. I’ll call them right now and make the deal. Oh, do you mind if I take your photo first? I’ll also need your height, weight, waist size, etc.”

“No problem,” replied James.

“Great!” replied Mark as he stood up and shook James’s hand. “I know you won’t regret this. Now, let’s get to work.”


Chapter 2

“Good afternoon Melissa, I have great news, I found your new model,” exclaimed Mark.

He leaned back in his chair as he adjusted the phone against his left ear.

“Tell me about him,” ordered Melissa excitedly.

“I just sent you a photo of him, along with his measurements,” stated Mark.

“Okay, I got it. Yes, he’ll do quite nicely,” she replied. “And what about his background?”

“Everything checks out. He’s lived in the city for a year; he’s under-employed -- he works at fast food places. He’s deeply in debt, and very desperate. His car was just repossessed last week; his bank account is empty, and his credit cards are maxed out,” he stated as he read the file.

“Good! You sure know how to find them,” said Melissa.

“Well, in this economy, it’s not hard to find those who will do anything for money; the hard part is finding someone who fits your physical requirements,” explained Mark.

“I do appreciate your attention to detail,” said Melissa. “I will see you soon.”

“Thanks Melissa,” he replied.


Chapter 3

James was elated, when he was told that he would be paid seven thousand dollars for being dressed up as a woman.

He had quickly signed the contract that Mark prepared. Yes, it was true that he didn’t read all the fine print, but he wasn’t worried. He would soon have seven grand in his pocket, and that would go a long way in getting him out of debt.

On Friday evening, Mark picked him up and drove him to the location of the party.

“So, when will I get paid?” asked James anxiously.

“Per your contract, the money will be deposited in your checking account this evening,” replied Mark.

“Cool,” replied James.

“So, how do you feel about this evening?” asked Mark. “Are you nervous?”

James nodded.

“A little,” he replied. “I mean, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“You’ll do fine. Most of those who do this can’t wait to do it again,” replied Mark.

A short time later Mark pulled off the main road and after a short distance he stopped outside a large iron gate. He pressed a code into the security pad and the gate opened. He then drove up a long and winding driveway.

They drove for several minutes before reaching a large three story mansion. James looked around and could see several other building, including one that looked like a barn. There were dozens of very expensive cars parked near the front of the house.

“Impressive, isn’t it?” asked Mark as he parked the car.

“I’ve heard that there were some expensive homes out here, but I had no idea,” replied James.

Mark led James around back. They were greeted by a beautiful woman who was dressed all in black.

She was wearing a black leather corset dress and thigh-high high heel boots. Her black hair fell down her back in a long single braid.

“Mark, my dear, thank you for coming through for us, as always,” she exclaimed as she kissed him on the cheek.

“It’s always my pleasure. Melissa, this is James,” replied Mark.

The woman turned and nodded as she ran her eyes over the younger man.

“Pleased to meet you, James; you’re in for a real treat, tonight,” she replied.

James nodded, as he looked back at Melissa.

“Well, I’ll see you later James,” said Mark as he headed towards the front of the mansion.

“Please come in, and I’ll explain what will happen,” said Melissa as she headed into the house.

They entered what looked like a small living room. Melissa motioned for James to sit down on the couch.

“Can I get you something to drink?” she asked.

“Thank you,” he replied.

She poured him a glass of red wine.

“This comes from our own vineyard,” she replied. “I think you’ll find it very tasty.”

James took the glass from her.

“Aren’t you drinking anything?” he asked.

“No, I never drink before a performance but I found that a glass of wine makes my subjects more relaxed,” she replied. “I imagine that you’re a bit nervous.”

James took a sip of the wine, as he nodded.

“Well, no reason to worry,” she continued. “Okay, the way this will work is that I will lead you out to the crowd. There’s an elevated stage with a chair, and that’s where you’ll sit. After that all you have to do is follow my orders. I think you’ll find this a very enlightening experience.”

“So I’ll go out there dressed?” he asked.

Melissa nodded as she watched him take another sip of wine.

“Yes, removing your clothes is part of the performance. Just remember that this is just a performance, and nothing that I’m about to do to you is permanent, even if it seems like it is. I have a large crowd out there that wants to be entertained,” she continued. “Act submissive and obedient; remember we’re putting on a show.”

James took another sip of the wine. It was very soothing, as its warmth swept through his body.

“Now, there will be some minor physical changes associated with the performance. Nothing is permanent and you’ll be back to normal within a few days,” she explained. “I’m sure you expected something like this, considering the amount of money we have invested in you.”

“Um, what sort of changes?” he asked.

“Temporary fat redistribution; it will give the appearance of breast development -- among other things. Again don’t worry, as I guarantee that nothing I do to you tonight will be permanent,” she said. “In fact, our past models have told me that it was a very enjoyable experience.”

Melissa glanced at the clock on the wall.

“Okay, my dear, it’s show time,” she said as she took the glass from him. “Please follow me.”

James did as she ordered.

They walked down a long hallway and into a large room.

He glanced around at the large number of men and women surrounding the stage. They were all dressed in elegant evening wear: the men in tuxedos, and the women in designer gowns. It was obvious that they all were quite wealthy.

The room was huge and had elevated ceilings; the walls were covered with what looked like expensive art. In the center of the room was an elevated stage, which stood maybe four feet above the main floor. On the stage was a large wooden chair. Next to the chair was a large cabinet.

A woman, also dressed in a similar black outfit to Melissa's, stood next to the cabinet. James suspected that she must be Melissa’s assistant.

As Melissa led him up the steps, the crowd applauded.

“Thank you,” she replied. “I hope that you will enjoy this transformation performance.”

She then motioned for James to sit.

He sat down on the chair and looked out at the crowd.

“Now, you will not move unless I tell you to, do you understand?” she whispered. “Remember, these people are here for a performance. Play along and enjoy the experience.”

“I understand,” he replied.

Melissa turned back to the crowd.

“I think you’ll enjoy this,” she announced.

She then turned and stared at James.

“Now, please tell them your first name and gender,” ordered Melissa.

“My name is James and … well, obviously I am a man,” he replied.

There was some laughter from the crowd.

“Do you want to be a woman?” asked Melissa.

“No, I am happy as a man,” replied James.

“Do you like men sexually?” she continued.

“No, I only like women,” he replied immediately.

His reply was greeted with additional laughter.

Melissa turned to the crowd.

“Please remember these responses and how his voice sounds,” she said. “I think you’ll see a very big difference soon.”

James fidgeted nervously in his seat.

“Well, let’s get started and see what we have to work with. Sandra, please remove his clothes,” said Melissa.

Sandra first knelt down and removed James’s shoes and socks. Next the younger woman reached into one of the drawers of the cabinet and pulled out a large knife. She again knelt down in front of James and began to carefully cut off his jeans.

“Don’t fidget too much; I don’t want to cut you by accident,” whispered Sandra.

A look of panic appeared on James' face, but he did as she ordered. All he could do was watch, as Sandra began to slice off his clothes.

She slowly worked her way up his body until he was totally naked.

“I’m done,” stated Sandra as she scooped up the rags that had once been James’s clothes.

“Very good,” stated Melissa. “Now, let me see what we have.”

Melissa proceeded to walk slowly around James. As she did she ran her hands over his body.

“Sandra, please prepare the solution, strength four,” said Melissa.

James wondered what that meant. He did notice that he was feeling weak and found that moving was difficult. He suspected that there had been something in the wine.

“Now, for those of you new to one of my transformations, my assistant is preparing the feminizing solution. It will accomplish several things: First, it will remove what little body hair the subject has on his body. Next, it will begin to decrease his muscle mass and cause fat redistribution. This will cause him to grow small, but shapely breasts, thin waist, womanly hips and ass, petite arms and lovely feminine legs. It will also cause his cock and testicles to decrease in size. These changes will occur before your eyes over the next thirty minutes to an hour, although some changes will happen much faster.”

A panicked look appeared on James face. This was more than he had signed on for, and he tried to stand up. Melissa smiled at him and ordered him to stay in place. To his shock, he immediately obeyed.

“I forgot to mention that he has been given a drink that now makes him very docile and obedient. He will only move when I tell him to. I have found that this makes the transformation easier -for us anyway,” she said.

The crowd roared in laughter.

“Now, where was I? Oh! that’s right, the subject’s face will also be changed and become quite feminine,” she continued. “However, the effects of this dose are not permanent and will last for only two to three days. Afterwards, he’ll return to his old male form.”

The crowd murmured in excitement.

“Excuse me, Melissa, but what happens if you apply a second dose?” asked a woman in a red sequined gown.

“Good question,” replied Melissa. “A second dose, applied during the period of transformation, will increase the feminization. The breasts will become larger, as will his hips and rear. They will also last sixty to ninety days. A third dose will make the changes permanent.”

The crowd seemed excited by this disclosure.

“What other changes will happen with the first dose?” asked a blonde haired woman in a purple gown.

“The subject’s voice will become higher,” said Melissa. “You’ll be able to talk to the subject after the transformation and see how feminine his voice is.”

“Can the subject still get an erection?” asked a large bald headed man.

“Yes, and also be able to get an orgasm; many subjects state that sexual pleasure is enhanced and prefer it,” said Melissa.

“How small will he get?” asked the man.

“That depends, but most subjects are around an inch long when hard,” she replied. “This is one aspect that doesn’t change with additional treatments

“Excuse me, Melissa, but I am ready to apply the formula,” interrupted Sandra.”

“Very good; please do so, my dear,” said Melissa.

All James could do was watch, as Sandra began to spray his body. She started at his face and began to move down his body. As the mist hit his body, he felt a slight tingling.

“Is it painful?” asked the woman in the red dress.

“No, not at all. Over the years, my family has perfected the secret formula, so that it doesn’t hurt them,” replied Melissa.

“Does it also change the hair on his head?” asked the bald headed man.

“It doesn’t change the length, but it does make it fuller and gives it more body. You’ll notice this when I style his hair,” replied Melissa.

“Does the whole body need to be covered to cause the change?” asked a woman with short spiked black hair.

“No, that’s the beauty of the formula. But by spraying it all over, the process is sped up,” replied Melissa.

As if on cue, James gasped as he felt his cock begin to change. He was able to look down and watch as his six inch cock began to shrink before his eyes. At the same time he felt pressure in his nipples. He could see that they were beginning to grow larger. Additionally they were turning darker in color.

“Wow, it’s really happening,” said the blonde. “Look how tiny his cock is now!”

“It’s barely two inches long and still shrinking,” said another woman. “And it’s happening so quickly!”

“Cock? It’s like a clit now,” said a tall man with a thick bushy beard. “I’m more interested in his tits; they look as if they’ve grown a cup before our eyes.”

Melissa reached down and cupped them with her hands.

“Very nice, they’ll probably end up as B-cup. Not that big but perfectly formed. Notice how large her nipples are now; they’re also very sensitive,” said Melissa.

To prove her point, she ran her fingers over his nipples. James let out a gasp of pleasure which was noticed by the crowd.

“She does seem to enjoy it,” stated Melissa.

There was a murmur of laughter from the audience.

“Excuse me, but I noticed that you now refer to the subject as her,” said the blonde.

“It’s more appropriate don’t you think?” replied Melissa with a giggle. “She hardly looks like a guy.”

The crowd nodded and laughed in approval.

“So, what’s her name?” asked the blonde.

“I think Jasmine will suit her nicely,” replied Melissa.

James heard what she was saying, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his new breasts and tiny cock.

“James, look at me,” ordered Melissa.

He lifted his eyes.

“Your name is now Jasmine,” she said. “Nod, if you understand.”

Jasmine began to nod.

The crowd began to talk excitedly among themselves.

“You no longer have a cock…it is a clitty,” continued Melissa. “Don’t you agree, Jasmine? It’s way too small to be a cock; nod, if you agree.”

Jasmine nodded again.

“The reason I’m having HER nod is that her vocal cords are still changing, and I don’t want to hurt her,” explained Melissa. “I will start the next phase of her transformation, in twenty minutes. In the mean time, please watch and enjoy as her body continues to feminize.”


Chapter 4

“Well, what do you think?” asked Melissa.

The crowd made its approval known by clapping and cheering as they pointed at Jasmine’s transformed body.

All Jasmine could do was sit and watch, as her body changed. She tried to fight the mental orders implanted in her mind by Melissa, but they were too strong. The more she tried to fight it, the deeper her mental fog grew. All she could focus on was what Melissa was telling her. Within ten minutes she could barely remember her old male name.

Her body was now quite feminine. Her breasts were round and heavy on her chest. Her nipples were quite large and dark brown in color. They were also very hard and stood out full and erect.

Her clitty was very tiny. It was less than an inch, and her testicles were almost gone, having retreated into her body.

All she could do was hope that Melissa kept her word and released her from the changes she had inflicted on her.

“Okay, time to work on Jasmine’s hair. I think she’ll look good as a redhead, so the first thing we’ll do is dye her hair a nice dark red. I will also wax her eyebrows, so they are thin and highly arched. For a hair style, I will give her a head of nice tight small curls,” said Melissa.

“She’s going to look so hot,” said the blonde.

“I agree,” said Melissa. “At the same time, Sandra will get started on her nails. I want Jasmine to have nice long nails painted bright red with matching polish on her toenails.”

Over the next hour, Melissa and Sandra worked on Jasmine. While Jasmine couldn’t see what Melissa was doing to her hair, she could tell that it was going to be quite dramatic, judging by the reaction of the onlookers.

Jasmine could see what Sandra was doing. Soon she had long shapely nails on her each finger.

“We use a special acrylic formula that will last up to two months on the nails,” said Melissa. “Of course they can be removed by us, if we want to give her a different look.”

“She looks so feminine. I can barely believe it’s the same person that you started with,” said a tall man standing next to the blonde.

“Wait until I do her makeup and dress her,” said Melissa. “You’ll all want to have her.”

“This is so much more erotic than watching them turn that girl into part fox,” said the blonde.

“I agree,” said the tall man as he stared at Jasmine.

Melissa went to work on making up Jasmine.

“I’m going for a sexy, just this side of being a total slut look,” explained Melissa. “I want her eyes very dramatic and her lips red, wet, and thick.”

“Ready for a nice thick cock,” said the bald headed man.

The crowd laughed.

“That may be, but remember to look but not touch,” said Melissa.

Ten minutes later Melissa finished with the makeup.

“Now, it’s time to dress her. As I want you all to be able to examine her, I will keep it simple, but sexy,” said Melissa.

Sandra left the stage and returned a short time later carrying a pair of high heels and a small sequined dress.

It was a gold-sequined, sleeveless mini-dress. It was so short that it barely covered Jasmine’s ass. Additionally her breasts were almost ready to pop out of the top.

The shoes were black open-toed 6 inch pumps. Melissa knew these would force Jasmine to walk slowly and sexy, until she adjusted to them.

“Well, what do you all think?” asked Melissa.

“She’s stunning,” said that blonde. “I want her!”

“How does she sound?” asked the brunette.

Others also asked to hear Jasmine speak.

“Very well. Jasmine please tell my guests your name,” ordered Melissa.

Without hesitating, Jasmine smiled and looked at the crowd.

“Hello, my name is Jasmine,” she said in a soft seductive voice.

“Jasmine, you are now bisexual, you love both men and women,” stated Melissa.

Jasmine nodded.

“Tell the crowd how much you love sucking cock,” ordered Melissa.

Jasmine licked her lips.

“I love a big cock between my lips,” she replied seductively.

She then went on for several minutes describing how much she loved giving head.

“And Jasmine, do you also love eating pussy?”

Jasmine giggled.

“Of course!” she squealed.

“My god! I can’t believe this is the same person,” said the blonde.

“In many ways she’s not,” said Melissa. “Now, you know that for a price I do custom transformations. In addition to the physical changes, I can also do mental and personality modifications. The changes are so deeply ingrained that the person accepts them as their own. I can even program the person to speak in a different accent, but of course that takes more time ... and much more money.”

There was another roar of laughter.

“Amazing,” said the tall man.

“Um, Melissa, can we see a demonstration of her clitty?” asked the blonde.

Melissa nodded.

“That will happen later this evening. In the meantime, I would like her to mingle among you so you can see that her transformation is genuine. I do ask that you don’t try and use her sexually. You may touch her, but if anyone violates my rules … well you might become my next subject.”

The crowd began to laugh.

“Okay, Jasmine, please head down and join the party,” ordered Melissa.

A smile appeared on Jasmine’s face as she walked carefully down the steps.


Chapter 5

As Jasmine mingled with the crowd, outwardly she was social and friendly. On the inside, she was panicking. She was aware of how her new body moved, as she made her way around the room. The biggest change was the movement of her breasts. What made matters worse was that the rubbing of her nipples against the material of her dress was beginning to arouse her.

Melissa stood back and smiled, as she monitored her newest creation. Sandra was also pleased.

“How many clients do you think we’ll get out of this?” she asked.

“It’s hard to say,” replied Melissa. “But since Jasmine turned out so nice, after just one treatment, I suspect that we’ll get several contracts.”

“This will be much more profitable than the animal-human transformations,” said Sandra.

“I agree. Yes, turning a woman into part fox is very erotic and exciting; it’s also not practical for most people. Speaking of which, when is our sister going to bring in her latest creation?” asked Melissa.

“Do you want me to go check on Lisa?” asked Sandra.

Melissa shook her head and pointed to the far end of the hall.

“Here she comes,” said Melissa.

Lisa was dressed as were her sisters. She was leading a young woman by a leash.

The woman was naked, with the exception of the ornate collar that was locked around her neck.

Her name was Karen and she had also been recruited by Mark. Like Jasmine, she was confused and frightened by the physical changes that had been inflicted on her.

Her naked body was now covered by a soft fur. She was mostly red, with the exception of the white patch on her chest.

Physically, she was still human, but now her ears were now on the top of her head and were larger and pointed. Her nose was slightly elongated and darker in color. The biggest change was her large bushy tail.

The transformation had also given her an exaggerated feminine physique, with large breasts, hips and ass. Her waist was very thin -- that only added to her new appearance.

Just like Jasmine, Karen was now very obedient and submissive, and she did whatever she was told. The last part of her transformation was that her sexual drive was now highly elevated. She desperately needed sex and hoped that she would soon find relief.

“She is quite beautiful,” said Sandra.

“Yes, I must agree … but she has a very limited clientèle. It does show what we are capable of doing,” replied Melissa. “Just like the centaur, Thomas, we have out in the barn. It’s very erotic, but how many people could be trusted to own such a creature? But someone like Jasmine, who is very passable, has much more potential for profit. Oh, we can make money by prostituting out Thomas and Karen -- as we will later tonight -- but the real money is in creating sexual slaves.”

Sandra nodded. “I have to agree.”

“Excuse me, Melissa, I was wondering if you were going to demonstrate Jasmine’s sexual capabilities?” asked the blonde haired woman.

“Yes, we will be doing that shortly, and I think you’ll be very impressed,” said Melissa.


Chapter 6

Jasmine was brought back up on the stage and undressed by Sandra, as Melissa addressed the crowd.

“My friends, you will now see that Jasmine, even though her sexual organ is quite petite, is still very capable of being aroused and achieving orgasm,” said Melissa.

“Are you ready?” asked Sandra as she poured lubricant on Jasmine’s tiny clitty.

Melissa turned and nodded.

“Jasmine, I want you to start to pleasure yourself -play with your clitty and nipples,” said Sandra.

Jasmine just nodded and began to obey.

“The transformation makes the subject very easy to arouse; they are also capable of have many orgasms in one evening,” said Melissa as she began to sales speech. “Please enjoy the performance.”

Jasmine felt the eyes of the crowd upon her as she stroked and rubbed her feminized body. It only served to increase her sense of sexual arousal and pleasure.

The blonde woman slipped her arm around the tall man.

“Look at her clitty! It’s fully erect, yet it’s barely an inch long. That’s so hot!” she exclaimed.

“I agree,” he replied.

“We must get one!” she added. “She’s so sexy and feminine, and we won’t have to worry about her getting pregnant.”

He nodded. The man shared his wife’s sexual perversions and tastes. The idea of having an ultra-feminine, transformed slave was very appealing. A servant like Jasmine would be a fine addition to their home.

Jasmine was now too lost in her own sexual bliss to notice the crowd. She could feel an orgasm building, and the only thing on her mind was sexual release. She was frantically rubbing her clitty while at the same time addressing her erect nipples.

Jasmine soon reached the point of no return, and moments later she exploded into sexual bliss as she reached orgasm. She was shocked by the strength and longevity of the orgasm; it seemed to keep coming.

When she finished, she felt as if she would collapse on the stage, as she felt so exhausted. At the same time, she was spinning from the enhanced sexual high she was riding.

She was vaguely aware of the clapping and cheering from the audience. Not only did it not bother her, but it actually pleased her.

“Sandra, please help sweet Jasmine to the back and clean her up,” said Melissa. “Now, the night is just beginning. We will begin the bidding on who will get to use our lovely vixen Karen and our centaur Thomas. The bidding for Karen will start at ten thousand.”


Chapter 7

Sandra escorted Jasmine upstairs and into a large luxuriously furnished bedroom.

“How are you feeling?” asked Sandra.

“Fine,” replied Jasmine softly as she yawned. “Okay, I’m really tired.”

“You’ll start to feel more like yourself soon,” she said. “In a few days you’ll be back to your old self. Do you have any questions?”

“A few,” replied Jasmine as she looked around the room.

“Well, ask away,” said Sandra cheerfully.

“What happens next?” asked Jasmine.

“You’ll be our guest for the next couple of days, and then you’ll leave,” said Sandra. “It will give your body time to return to the way it looked before. We’ll also style your hair so you look like a guy.”

Jasmine sat down on the bed, it was very soft and inviting.

“So, those people down there, some of them will pay to do this -- to someone?” asked Jasmine.

“Hopefully,” replied Sandra. “It’s how we make our money.”

Jasmine yawned.

“You do look very tired. Why don’t you clean up and go to bed?” suggested Sandra.

Jasmine nodded.

“I am tired,” she said as she yawned again.

“It’s part of the process; you’ll feel better in the morning,” said Sandra. “Come with me, and I’ll show you the bathroom.”


Chapter 8

Sandra woke Jasmine the next morning.

“Good morning, sweetie; did you sleep well?” she asked.

Jasmine nodded, as she sat up in bed.

“Yes, thank you,” replied Jasmine as she stretched.

“Good. Normally we would let you sleep in longer, but your presence is required downstairs,” said Sandra. “I’m here to get you ready.”

“For what?” asked Jasmine as she threw back the covers.

To her surprise, her body was still very feminine.

Sandra grinned.

“You’ll see,” replied Sandra.

“Um, I thought you said that I would change back. I don’t look that different from when I went to bed, and my voice is still very feminine,” said Jasmine.

“You haven’t been given the antidote, silly,” replied Sandra with a laugh. “Now, no more questions; just do as I say.”



Chapter 9

Sandra led Jasmine downstairs to the main room of the mansion. She had reapplied Jasmine’s makeup and styled her hair. Jasmine was just dressed in a long silk robe.

Jasmine was still distracted by the way her body felt. Every part of her seemed to move differently. Her breasts bounced as she walked, and she was very aware of the sway of her hips.

Jasmine noticed that the room had been cleaned up from the previous night’s party. However, the stage, cabinet and chair were still there.

Melissa walked into the room and inspected Jasmine.

“Very nice! I think this is some of our best work,” she stated.

“I agree,” replied Sandra.

“Well, we might as well get started. Jasmine, please remove your robe and take a seat,” said Melissa.

Jasmine obeyed without hesitation, but as the robe fell to the floor, she felt a stroke of panic. The feeling of obedience had suddenly returned. She had only agreed to do one night’s work, and she wondered what was happening. Had she been betrayed?

Jasmine sat down in the chair and watched, as Sandra began to mix some liquids.

“Normally we don’t use the clauses in the contract,” said Melissa, “but the offer for you was too good to pass up.”

Jasmine felt her breathing get deeper, as her heart began to pound through her chest.

“The contract you signed had a clause that allows us to sell you, as long as we raise an amount twenty times over the amount you owe. I doubt you noticed this -- no one ever does. I’m not sure how legal the contract is anyway, but it won’t matter, as soon you will be completely and permanently transformed into a submissive sex slave,” said Melissa.

“You will be given the second dose of the transformation formula, which will make you even more feminine. Later this afternoon, we will apply the final dosage and give you the mental reprogramming,” added Sandra.

“Don’t worry, after we’re done, you won’t have a care in the world,” noted Melissa. “All you will care about is serving your owners.”

Jasmine tried to cry out, but no words left her mouth. The mental controls inflicted on her were too strong.

“Oh, we know all about you. All your family is on the other coast, and you have few friends out here. I doubt anyone will notice the fact that you’ve disappeared for a few days; by then, you’ll be in your new life,” said Melissa.

“And even if anyone does raise a fuss, no one knows you were here. Mark will destroy any records of you ever being in his office,” added Sandra.

“Your owners will be here shortly,” said Melissa. “Originally, I planned to use you, as I did those who we changed into human-animal hybrids, and auction you off for sex. It’s a very lucrative business. You see, my dear, none of this is personal …we’re strictly in this for the money. The girl who had been changed into a part-fox made quite a lot of money last night. We then changed her back. She has already agreed to be a regular at my parties.”

Jasmine stared weakly at Melissa.

“However, the amount of money that was paid for you was too much to turn down,” she continued. “I have taken the liberty to check them out, and I am convinced that they will take good care of you.”

The ringing of the door bell interrupted them. Sandra left the room and returned a few minutes later with the blonde woman and the tall man.

“Jasmine, these are your new owners, Lisa and Rod Hunter of Vancouver,” stated Melissa.

Sandra led the couple in and offered them seats in front of the stage.

“Thank you for your prompt payment. Our bank, in the Caymans, just confirmed your deposit,” said Sandra.

“It’s worth it,” replied Rod as he rubbed his beard.

“Have you told her what’s going to happen?” asked Lisa anxiously.

Melissa nodded.

“It doesn’t matter, there’s nothing she can do about it,” replied Melissa. “We will start the second treatment immediately, and then the third and final stage two hours later. It is during that step that we will program her to obey you to your desires.”

“Excellent,” stated Rod as he held Lisa’s hand.

Melissa turned and ordered Jasmine to stand.

Even though she was trying to resist, Jasmine immediately obeyed.

Sandra then began to spray the fluid over Jasmine’s body.

“The changes will happen almost immediately,” explained Melissa.

“We can’t wait,” said Lisa anxiously.

Jasmine felt an immediate swelling in her chest, as her breasts began to grow larger.

“How big will her breasts get?” asked Lisa.

“She was a 36-B before we started, I imagine she’ll be a full D cup after this stage,” said Melissa.

“Will she get larger in the third stage?” asked Rod.

“Slightly, but not much larger,” said Melissa.

“And her clitty?” asked Lisa.

“It will not change,” said Melissa.

“Excellent, it’s so adorable right now!” she squealed.

Jasmine’s figure became shapelier with each passing minute.

“With the exception of her clitty, she looks like a Playboy centerfold,” said Rod.

“I agree; she’s so beautiful and sexy,” added Lisa. “I can’t wait to play with her.”

“Now, before we start the third stage are there any piercings you want to add? The reason I’m asking is that they will heal immediately during the third stage,” said Sandra.

Lisa nodded.

“We want her clitty, navel, tongue and nipples pierced,” said Lisa.

“Anything else?” asked Melissa.

“We talked about a nose ring, but we decided that the collar will be sufficient,” said Rod.

“Very good,” said Melissa. “We will do the piercings right after this stage.”

“Lovely,” replied Lisa as she licked her lips.

“I will provide you with some contacts that will aid you in creating a ‘legal existence’ for your property,” said Melissa. “It’s all part of the deal.”

“Well, this is expensive, but it’s worth it,” said Rod.

“So, you said that she’ll appear to age slower?” asked Lisa.

“That’s right. While we can’t slow down the aging process, her outward appearance will age slower than her inner age,” said Sandra. “She’s currently twenty-two, and she won’t look that different when she’s fifty. No one wants an old sex-slave.”

“Well, she’s stunning right now,” said Rod as he looked at Jasmine.

Melissa nodded.

“I have to agree; she’s one of our better subjects,” she said.

“Her breasts are luscious,” said Lisa as she licked her lips.

“Now, when you condition her, she will do whatever we want sexually, right?” asked Rod.

“Yes, she will do whatever you demand -- no matter how depraved -- and she’ll love it,” said Sandra.

“So, she won’t be able to resist?” asked Lisa.

“Only if you ask her to; a little resistance can spice things up. By the time the third stage is complete, she won’t know the difference between the implanted thoughts and her original ones. She’ll think that she has always wanted to be a sex slave and that she loves having sex with both men and women,” said Melissa. “Our family has been doing this for … a very long time, and we’ve never had any complaints.”

“What else have you done to them?” asked Lisa.

“Oh, we’ve added accents to their voice -- French is very popular. Oh, we can even permanently change their skin color, but it takes an extra day,” said Sandra.

“That won’t be necessary,” replied Lisa as she licked her lips.

“Well, she looks stunning as she is,” said Rod. “Jasmine, you should be pleased that you look so gorgeous.”

Jasmine looked down at her body and she had to agree that her body was beautiful. Her breasts were firm, and round. Her nipples were large and erect. As she ran her eyes down her feminized body, she had to admit that she was gorgeous. The only sign of her past life was her small clitty.


Chapter 10

Several hours later Jasmine was back in the chair awaiting the last stage of her transformation. By now she had accepted her fate, as she awaited the final step. As she moved her tongue around in her mouth, she was aware of the stud. Melissa said that it would make oral sex more enjoyable.

Her eyes dropped down to see the small steel rings that were in each nipple. The pain had been incredible and even now they still throbbed. Hopefully Melissa was right about the third stage healing them immediately.

The jeweled ring in her navel didn’t hurt as much, and she had to admit that it looked pretty.

The last ring was the one that had been placed through the head of her clitty. As with her nipples, the pain had been intense, but it no longer hurt. In some ways, the ring made her clitty look even smaller.

“Okay, Jasmine, we’re about to start the third stage. Now as soon as you are sprayed down, I will give you orders. Don’t worry about trying to memorize them, they will implant in your mind and will seem as if they have always been there,” said Melissa. “I know you must hate us right now, but that too will pass. I wish I could say that I’m sorry about what we have done to you, but I can’t. The strong have always enslaved the weak. In your case, it will be a very nice enslavement. Your new owners will take very good care of you; you won’t have a worry in the world.”

Jasmine nodded.

“She looks stunning,” noted Lisa. “I can’t wait to see how she turns out.”

Melissa nodded and Sandra motioned for Jasmine to stand up.

“Okay, here we go,” said Sandra as she began to spray the formula over Jasmine’s body.

As she slowly coated Jasmine, Melissa turned and began to speak.

“Jasmine, you now belong to Lisa and Rod, you will do whatever they tell you. No matter what it is, no matter how depraved, your boundaries are those set by Lisa and Rod; they own you now, and you will only obey them,” said Melissa.

“So, she won’t obey you now?” asked Lisa.

“That’s correct. She’ll only comply with orders from you and Rod,” said Melissa.

“Look dear, she’s changing,” interrupted Rod.

Lisa grinned as she watched Jasmine undergo the last stage.

“Notice how much softer she is becoming. The last stage finalizes the feminization process so that she truly looks like a woman and not a male who has been changed. I know our secret formula is expensive, but we produce the most beautiful she-male slaves in the world.”

“And she’ll do and act as we say?” asked Rod.

“Exactly. She’ll take on any role and personality you desire, and it will appear real and natural to both of you … and to her,” said Melissa. “That’s why you’ll never have to worry about her trying to escape.”

Jasmine looked down at her soft girlish body. The only reminder of her original gender was her tiny pierced clitty.

“Jasmine, listen to me,” said Lisa.

Jasmine looked at her owner.

“I want you to think of yourself as a girl; will you do that for me?” asked Lisa.

Jasmine nodded.

“Very good,” said Lisa.

“The programming aspect of this stage will last for twenty-four hours, so if you desire to make additional permanent changes in your slave, I suggest you do it now,” said Melissa.

“We will; we have very delicious plans for our new toy,” said Lisa as she licked her lips.


Chapter 11

Melissa and Sandra watched, as they drove away.

“That was very lucrative,” said Sandra. “We made more from them than the last three parties combined.”

Melissa nodded as she closed the front door.

“I know,” she replied. “I hated to have to use up Jasmine, but it was too good to pass up.”

“Don’t worry; with the crappy economy, Mark will get us more -- after all he’s never failed us yet,” said Sandra.

Melissa nodded. “How true. Well, let’s have lunch; I feel like celebrating.”

As the two women walked towards the dinning room, they never gave Jasmine and her life as a slave another thought.


Chapter 12

Later that afternoon, Rod sat nervously in their hotel room, as he watched Lisa work.

Jasmine was naked and lying on the bed on her back. Lisa was wearing surgical gloves and was carefully rubbing Jasmine’s body with what looked like a cosmetic sponge.

Lisa then carefully squeezed the sponge into a small test tube.

“I think I got enough!” she exclaimed excitedly.

“You sure?” he asked anxiously.

Lisa nodded.

“I followed their directions to the letter, but now we need to test it; keep your fingers crossed,” she said.

Rod sat up, as she held the tube up to a candle flame. As she passed the tube in front of the flame the color changed from clear to a dark purple. As soon as the tube passed the glow of the candle, it was clear again.

“We did it! We stole their formula! We’re going to be stinking rich!” she exclaimed as she carefully placed the cap on the tube.

“Excellent,” he replied as he jumped out of his chair.

Lisa cautiously placed the tube in a foam filled box. She then closed the lid on the box and locked it. She then turned and looked at Jasmine.

“Please sit up my dear,” she ordered.

Jasmine obeyed.

“Jasmine, do you remember the orders I gave you?”

“Yes,” replied Jasmine softly.

“Very good, on the count of three you will obey them from this day on, for as long as you live …one … two … three,” ordered Lisa.

Jasmine blinked her eyes and smiled.

“How do you feel, little brother … I mean little sister?” asked Rod with a grin. “No offense.”

Jasmine let out a squeal of joy.

“None taken big brother!” she exclaimed as she enthusiastically hugged Rod.

“I take it you’re happy,” said Lisa with a laugh.

“Happy? Happy doesn’t begin to describe how wonderful I feel,” replied Jasmine. “I know I’m not a complete woman, but this is closer than I’ve ever been; it feels like I’ve been reborn!”

She then hugged Lisa.

“Still we’d better keep an eye on you for the next few days, just to make sure that none of that silly sex slave nonsense stay in your head,” said Lisa with disgust.

Jasmine nodded.

“So are you okay with the fact that you still have a rather tiny cock?” asked Rod.

“Actually, I am. Melissa was right about the orgasms; they are deliciously intense and enjoyable,” replied Jasmine.

“Well, if you decide that you want to get SRS, you’ll have more than enough money to do it,” interjected Lisa.

Jasmine nodded.

“What about the name? Do you like it? I mean I can’t call you Jimmy anymore,” asked Rod.

Jasmine stuck out her tongue.

“It’s awful!” she replied. “Hi, I’m Jasmine; I can barely say it without gagging!”

“So what do you have in mind?” asked Lisa who was barely containing her smile.

“Katelyn,” she replied immediately. “It’s always been my girl name, when I dressed up.”

Rod nodded. He had known about his younger brother’s cross-dressing since they had been kids. While he didn’t initially understand it, he could see how happy his sibling was when he was dressed as a girl. As he was the older brother Rod was very protective of Jimmy and vowed that no one would ever hurt him.

This became even more important when their parents were killed in an automobile accident. Jimmy was still in high school and Rod, being ten years older, became his legal guardian.

At the time, Rod was just starting his life as a corporate lawyer and he had just married Lisa. But there was no way he could turn his younger sibling over to the state. With Jimmy’s permission he told Lisa everything.

Thankfully Lisa was very open-minded, and she totally accepted that Jimmy was transgendered. In fact, it had been her idea to use Jimmy in the plan to steal the formula.

“I like it, little sister; it suits you,” he replied. “When we get home, we’ll get started on the appropriate paperwork.”

“Little sister, I like the sound of that too. So, big brother, how long will it take us to get home?” asked Katelyn, as she stood and admired her body in the mirror.

As she ran her hands over her large full breasts a very content smile appeared on her face.

“We should be back in Florida within a week. I want to take an indirect route, just in case we’re being followed. From what we know about the sisters, they probably have forgotten all about us, but I still want to play it safe,” he replied. “It will give you time to get used to your new body and allow us to change back.”

Lisa nodded.

“Although I sort of like being a blonde,” she said as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“No way! I married a brunette; and a rather stunning beautiful one at that,” commented Rod with a grin.

Lisa blew a kiss back at him.

“However, I will get finally rid of this stupid beard,” he continued.

“No arguments from me, I won’t miss that,” said Lisa as she gave Rod a kiss. “I have never understood why women like a man with fuzz on his face.”

“Personally, I can’t wait to get home to the beach,” said Katelyn as she continued to take in her new body. “I’m so looking forward to wearing a bikini.”

“When do you want to get rid of the piercings?” asked Lisa.

Katelyn ran her hands over them.

“You know, I sort of like them, I think I’ll keep them,” she said. “The nipple rings are rather cool, and I want to try out the tongue ring.”

Lisa looked over at Rod and held out her hand.

He rolled his eyes as he pulled out his wallet. He handed Lisa a hundred dollars.

“What was that?” asked Katelyn.

“I bet your big-brother that you’d keep the rings,” said Lisa.

Rod shrugged his shoulders.

Lisa then slipped her arm around Katelyn’s shoulders.

“I’m going to have so much fun teaching you to be a girl!” said Lisa. “I’m so happy you’re now my sister-in-law.”

Katelyn giggled.

“I feel the same way, and I can’t wait for the first lesson,” she replied.

Rod looked at his watch.

“I hate to break this up, but we better change and hit the road. We need to get far away from here as soon as possible,” he said.

“I agree,” said Lisa as she headed to the bathroom. “I’ll dye my hair now.”

Rod nodded.

Katelyn sat down on the bed, and Rod sat next to her.

“So, Katelyn, are you really happy now?” he asked.

She leaned over and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you big brother; you’ve given me the life that I’ve always wanted. I thought you were full of shit, when you first told me this plan,” she said. “It was worth the shitty life I had to put up with for the last year.”

“I’m glad that you are happy. Thank you for agreeing to do this; it was very brave. I would hate to think of what would have happened to us, if they suspected we were there to steal their formula,” he said.

“Is it really that valuable?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Once we deliver this formula to our employers, we’ll be rolling in money. They have been trying to get this for years,” he replied. “It’s definitely worth all the time we’ve put into this scam.”

“And you trust these people?” she asked.

Rod nodded.

“Well, as much as I trust anyone. Still, they’re old family friends of Lisa, so I doubt they’ll double-cross us. However, just to play it safe I was the one who wrote the contract; it will be my last act as a lawyer. I spent a lot of time making sure the fine print was correct -- Dad taught me well. I doubt they’ll try to swindle us, as they’ve failed so many times to get the formula,” he explained.

“And what will they do with it?” asked Katelyn.

“They want to help people like you. Of course they also plan on getting rich too, but it’s none of my concern,” he replied. “So, changing the subject, do you want to join us down in the Keys?”

“You’re really buying a B&B?” she asked.

“And a boat for fishing charters, just like we’ve always talked about,” he added.

Their father had been a top lawyer, but he always said how he planned to give it up and run a small resort in the Keys.

“Fulfilling Dad’s dream, sound like fun,” she replied. “I’m in.”

“Cool, that will make it even sweeter,” he replied as he rubbed his beard. “Well, I’m going to shave this off and change; we have a long drive ahead of us tonight. You’d better get dressed.”

Katelyn nodded as she once again ran her hands down her feminized body.

“I can’t wait to see the sunrise --my first as the person I was meant to be,” she said softly.


The End

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This one is different that any others. Wonder what they intend to do with the secret formulae. Is there a new force for good coming into existence?

Thank you, Julie for putting

Thank you, Julie for putting together another great story. It is always encouraging to hear of a transgendered person finding a way to be whole.


Very nice story. Didn't see the twist at the end coming; it was quite a surprise. Thanks to Julie for writing and posting this.


Great!!! Thanks to Julie for

Great!!! Thanks to Julie for writing and posting this. It is always encouraging to hear of a transgendered person finding a way to be whole.

i do like Julie,s

i do like Julie,s stories,they have a sting in the tail,for the ones doing it