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What if you were the last human on Earth?

Standing back from the window, so I wouldn't be seen, I stared outside using my binoculars. Studying how the aliens moved and their facial expressions, I practiced in the mirror. It had to be absolutely perfect so I would fit in.

Food was running low, and making midnight supply runs was proving more and more difficult. I was running out of options, and had no choice, but to make a brazen public appearance to get what I want. In theory, if I kept my mouth shut I should pass.

Turning to the mirror, I'd paid that price. While the rest of the world was being re-made, I'd mostly escaped, mostly. My body was completely hairless, and was androgynous as a 10 year old boy. At least I still had eyes, ears, a nose and mouth. Sighing, I didn't want to admit even that had been taken away from me. It was debatable that I was lucky or not in stumbling into that walk-in freezer.

From the few other survivors, I'd learned that it'd served as a faraday cage protecting me from the final part of the change. In fact, I was the very rare partial transformee. I looked just like one of the invaders, but I still had my own thoughts.

Not that any of the others trusted me, but at least I found out something about what happened. Well, what Doc thought had went down. Von Neumann probes were robotic machines sent to another star system programmed to find a friendly planet and prepare it for later arriving colonists. He thought these went a step further and changed us into bodies for these aliens to later inhabit.

All I knew was that everyone I knew was gone. My family, friends, neighbors, and even my own body, everyone was all gone. As far as we could tell, about 90% had been changed like me into some kind of female drone sorta like some hive insects. The other 10% were more sexually mature looking queens and princes. What we did know for dead certain was that those who got the full treatment were no longer human. They spoke a different language and behaved completely in ways no human would.

However most of those behaved like robots, but that didn’t keep them from reacting to an unmodified human. They immediately attacked us like madden dogs. Who needed ray guns when you out numbered your enemy thousands to one?

Later we saw the real aliens, or anyways a Prince that had been possessed as Doc called it. No one could mistake one for a drone. They moved with an arrogance that said it all. They were the conquerors, and Earth was theirs.

Slowly even our cities were changing being rebuilt into something different, inhuman. The weird angles and curves of those buildings were never designed by an earthly architect. Sure Doc and the rest tried to find out more, but each time anyone went out fewer and fewer returned.

Now it was just me, all alone.

Hell, I even thought about ending it all. What did I have to live for? I wasn't a man any more or even human, just a sexless female drone. But I couldn't do it. The will to live was still part of me. That gave me hope that something human lived within me.

If this was some SF novel, I would be infiltrating the alien ship, but I wasn't like that. I was only a normal guy not a computer programmer, solider or super spy. Hell, they didn't even have a ship that I knew of. Just everyone started changing without any kind of warning.

It hadn't escaped me that tonight was Halloween, but please excuse me if I'm not in the mood. The holiday just isn't the same with real monsters having taken over the world.

I ate and drank my fill of water, and then waited. After nature called, I would take my chances. Hell, I even bathed to wash away all the scents I could.

Finally, it was time.

I wasn't feeling fear, but a strange numbness.

Opening the door, I stepped outside.
The End?