Prom Queen

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Prom Queen
By Stanman63
Edited By NoraAdriennne

Synopsis: When Mom and Dad found out that I wanted to be a girl, they found out about where the new business Build Your Own Body was sponsoring a beauty contest for all transgendered girls who wanted to be girls called Prom Queen. My parents had me to enter it to get the body that I wanted, little knowing that in doing so, that I would achieve so much more.



My name is Michael Lynn Jefferson, but now I am Michele Lynn Jefferson. I have always thought that I was a girl, even before I could talk. Momma would at times either let my cousin Becky stay over, or I'd go and see her.

Aunt Clara or Momma would get the idea of dressing us up as twin girls for fun at Meadowbrook United Methodist Church and to go and see Santa Claus.

Whenever I was dressed like Becky, I felt more alive than whenever I dressed as myself. As I got older, I'd throw a temper tantrum if they tried to turn me back into a boy, so I got to stay a girl until Becky left.

As we grew older, Becky and I wore unisex clothing so that I could still dress as a girl without wearing any skirts, but I did wear simple cotton panties and anklets.

When puberty hit, I found out that I'd been taking blockers that let me go through a girl's puberty. I might have kept my dangly bits, but they were there only for show.

I graduated from Meadowbrook High School as the valedictorian and won enough scholarships under the moniker of M. L. Jefferson so that I could transition away from home because I did not believe that my parents could condone my transition. Was I ever wrong!


I was packing for college when Momma came in with a tray filled with snacks and to bottles of ice cold cola. She set it on my dresser and looked at me, "It seems such a shame for you to spend so much money on your transition when there is a much better way," she said in an off handed way that she does whenever she has discovered a secret.

I shot up and began to imitate a fish out of water, "Momma? How do you know?" I asked in wonder and sat back down in despair.

She sat on my bed with me, bringing the tray and put it on my nightstand, "We've known for year about you wanting to be a girl, but wanted you to come to us."

"I would have, but I thought that you two would tell me to stop and be a boy," I sniffed.

She held me as I wept tears of release. 'All of this time, I thought that Momma and Daddy as well as Auntie Clara were totally against me being a girl what with them trying to dress me as a boy. But now to find out different has opened up a whole new world to me.'

"Feeling better?" she asked, looking into my eyes.

"Yeah, does this mean that you and Daddy will fund my transition?" I sniffed.

"Why should we when you can actually WIN a chance to become a woman?"'She is ready for our surprise.'

"WHAT?" I asked, incredulously.

"You can sing and dance. We've seen how good you are when you were one of the extras when your school put on the play Wizard Of Oz," she said as she remembered my time on the stage.'She was so good then that we knew that she'd be ready for what we've planned for her.'

"Yeah! And I still have my costumes as well as copies of the girl's uniforms, cheerleader's dance team, and majorettes," I declared as I showed her my cache of girl's clothing.

"Even from grammar school, I see," she chuckled as she pointed to a blazer.

"Have you worn them as a young adult?"

"Yep! A flat chested adult, though."

"A rather tiny adult."

"Well, I did stop growing when I was ten. Lucky for me, I grew rather fast."

"True, and you've been a soloist in the Meadowbrook United Methodist Church Choir."

"Yes, but what does THAT have to do with anything?"

"There is a Beauty contest being put on called Miss Twin Lakes."

"What's so special about it?"

"Miss Twin Lakes is a beauty pageant where men dress as women."


"It is for those men with a feminine side, but has become a means for a man to become a woman, if he so chooses."

"And the locals actually support this?"

"Yes, Twin Lakes has been supporting the pageant ever since it started back in World War Two."

"Well, that's all fine and dandy, But right now, I'd make a very poor excuse of a woman, unless I was to go as a preteen," I sighed. 'I do have a way, but I want to see what Momma has in mind.'

The next thing that I knew was that Momma passed me a skin tone leotard, "Actually Lynn, the pageant supplies you with the enhancements so that you can get used to them."

What's this?" I asked as I held it up.

"It’s a bodysuit that will let you actually live as a girl. Once you have situated your gonads and penis up and away, there will be no telltale bulge."

"I know how, Momma!" I cried. 'Bet she and Daddy NEVER thought about me taking care of things.'


I held up a skin tone panty with a realistic vagina in front, "I've always worn a panty brief that took care of things for me."

"You have more than one?' she asked with Spockian eyebrow as she inspected it.

"Yes. I have another so that I can have a fresh one, every day."

"How do you clean them?"

"A good soaking in Woolite, then drip dry."

"Ever have an accident?"

"Momma, they are made to allow me to be a woman while wearing them," I smirked.

You ever try it out to see if it works like the real thing?" Momma asked with a twinkle in her eye. 'Back when I was her age, I'd already had sex. HER age? Guess that I see my child as my daughter, now.'


"I had to ask since this is all new to me. As a teen, you might explore your options," she admitted with a sigh.

"Momma, remember back when you, Daddy and I had the SEX TALK?"

"Yes. Why?"

"I signed the SEX TALK PLEDGE and promised no sex before I became an adult. Do you actually believe that I've broken the SEX TALK PLEDGE?"

"Well, you COULD do it with your panty, or the suit and still honor your pledge."

"Yes, but break it in SPIRIT. Momma, the most that I have ever done was cuddling with a guy while at the movie."


"It was in a group so that the guys couldn't pull anything."

"Were you ever tempted?"

"Yes, but the refusal made me a stronger person."

"What about breasts?"

I pulled out a skintone sports bra with 'B' cup sized breasts, "I use these or their doppelganger."

She looked at me in wonder, "how long have you been going out as a girl, and where did you get your equipment?"

"I got them off of the internet, Why?"

"Wondering how long you've been going out as a girl."

"Momma, as a girl, I have been out on a few dates and have a boyfriend, too."

"BOYFRIEND?" she exclaimed as she stood up.

"Yes, Frank Jessup knows about me," I replied as I guided her back down.

"He knows that you are a boy?"

"No, Momma. I’m a girl with a plumbing problem."


"Follow me to my computer and read the articles that I've selected."

"It sounds as if you've been ready for this for awhile."

"I have, Momma, ever since high school."

"Have you set a date?"

Not yet. We want to wait until after my surgery."

She looked away from me and began to cry. I knew that she'd always wanted to have a daughter to spoil on her wedding day, just as Daddy had the pleasure of seeing my brother Dave wed Mable, now Momma would have her dream come true.

"Lynn, have you chosen who will plan the wedding?"

"Yes, you."

She smiled, "Come! You need to let your dad see the new you."



After a very thorough bubble bath where I used a depilatory to remove my body hair except for my groin, and eyes where I applied a gel to keep them safe and a shower cap for my hair, I rinsed off and donned a fluffy bathrobe while Momma took care of my hair and makeup.

Under her ministrations my rather dull, mousey brown hair acquired a curly bounce and red highlights that she sported and she applied semi-permanent makeup that looked natural, but actually hid the few blemishes that I had.

I donned Momma's bodysuit which truly gave me a woman's body with its "B" cups. Best of all, this suit's enhancements did not need a bra as they were naturally firm and did not jiggle as those of mine do.

Then I put on my Peavy pantyhose and tan panty and sports bra, followed by a matching tan tank top and running shorts that barely covered my panty. Next, I put on matching knee socks and canvas boat shoes, followed by costume jewelry that made me look like a cheerleader.

I went to Daddy who was in his recliner, watching one of his teams, but when he saw me, he let out a mournful groan and shut off the TV, It is true then. You want to be my daughter."

"Yes, Daddy! I've always been your little girl. You have Rodney as your son. Let me be who I am," I cried.

"Come to Daddy, Princess."

Daddy and Rod spent the weekend of the prom getting my room ready for my debut as a girl by adding a canopy to my bed and having Red's wife June replace my boy's wardrobe with a girl's wardrobe and turning the hallway closet by my room into an extension to my closet to give me a tidy bathroom.



Momma, me, and my fiancée Frank Jessup went to the Miss Twin Lakes Pageant where I got plenty of instructions in how to be a contestant as well as: intimate apparel, hosiery, and clothing for a week.

I had fun trying on the clothes and hearing a few boys whistle at me, but it was Frank who made my day. He helped out behind the scenes, doing those things that make the whole thing work. He had experience from helping to put on plays and the school's pageants.

When it came to the talent portion, I chose to sing GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN wearing a bright red sundress with a blue skirt, white panty. I found that was becoming MY SONG.

I began to see myself as a woman, married to my best friend, Frank. During the two months of the competition where we learned the choreography and perfected our part of the talent show, we bonded as a couple. Our wedding was planned for after the contest.



I became Miss Twin Lakes and spent my year of going to military bases with the USO after the bodysuit gave me a girl's body. Now, we are heading to college to start on our new life together thanks to Momma helping me to become a Prom Queen.



The End