Alone 2: The Walk

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Alone 2: The Walk

Walking down those steps, of the little house that'd been my sanctuary, was one of the hardest things I'd ever done. It didn't help that I was naked as the day I was born either. The aliens didn’t wear clothes although Doc wondered if that would change when the weather got colder. Scouts had seen some wearing protective garments when it made sense to. They simply didn't seem to care to be clothed otherwise.

Part of my camouflage was the box in my arms. During my vigil, I'd seen them searching for portable home electronics, such as cell phones, music players and such. Finding enough to fill my box I was easy. The Berretta 92F hidden in the bottom was insurance because androgynous female drone or not, I wasn't nobody's fool.

Moving in that same smooth gait they had, I joined the line of alien scavengers. It was just that easy. All I had to do now was follow the leader. No one said anything, but they never did. They were just like robots, with the exception of the Princes and presumably the Queens although no one had ever seen one.

The rare Prince had been seen to talk and reportedly the drones had answered. Tall and unmistakably male, they were true invaders. There was nothing robotic about them, and the drones obeyed them without question.

Walking along, the hardest thing was remembering to keep in character. Humans whistled, hummed, and even sang as they walked, but not the aliens. Just the expressionless smooth faces looking straight ahead as they carried out the wishes of their masters.

It was about then that I really noticed the music. Okay, it wasn't really music, but a radio signal the aliens emitted. That was why my falling into that walk-in freezer had saved me. I'd already been changed into an alien, but Faraday cage like effect had saved me from being reprogrammed.

However, I still had the radio in my head which was why Doc and the others never trusted me. The thing is while I could pickup the signal I had no clue as to what it said. The music thing was my brain's why of trying to make sense of the noise.

That was when I saw that I was being crowded by my fellow looters. A bolt of fear shot though me like lightning. Had I been discovered?

Frantically moving my eyes about seeking information, it hit me that all of them were moving in step, but I wasn't. Taking a chance, I stopped for a moment and then restarted on what I hoped was the correct foot.

Lucky for me that seemed to work. They wandered back to what I saw was a loose formation. The music faded in volume but I could still hear it, and it even seemed to have a beat I use to keep in step with everyone else.

Up ahead, I saw a line of school buses that the aliens were heading towards. It seemed we were about to take a trip. I thought about trying to drop out, but decided against it remembering how they reacted to me being out of step. That was kinda like a herd closing in to mildly discipline or teach another member.

I really didn't want to leave my neighborhood, but what did I have to loose? If this was expedition was heading back to some kind of center, who knows, I might get a chance to make some kind of difference.

The music got louder as they clustered together to get on the bus. I might be alone in this crowd of strangers, but I was also armed. Fifteen rounds for the invaders with one left up the tube for me.

The End