Oni the Lonely-2

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Chapter 2
I drank and bitched and listen to my angry tunes and tore the shit out of my place when 
I wasn’t sank into depression. Depression’s always been right there for me. The nightmares never help matters either. Not just one, no…I get to have a selection don’t I?
Today it was the day with the swords. Kaito sent them to kill me and they came and there was so much fighting, so much blood and people dying, over me. Innocents dying because they were just unlucky enough to have me come into their lives.
As much violence as I’ve seen…It’s eight year old me getting covered in bloody sprays that wakes me up.
Face on the floor staring at the debris and wrecked drywall.
And I’m at that point, it’s been a week.
Do I keep falling, am I tired of falling yet.?
Or do I pick myself up.
Two years, two years and I thought things were getting better. Fucked up, most people have no idea really. I don’t let them…. I’ve just been hurt…I’m damaged goods. I don’t think there was anyone meant to come along and deal with me and all of my bullshit. I though that’d be Lace. I guess I was really wrong there. It’s been a week and no one’s been over to see if I’m even alive.
Not surprising really. My family’s mostly away and I’ve never really been sociable and Lace was one of my teammates…they’ll all steer clear of me. 
It’s an hour I guess before It breaks and I pick myself off of my place in the corner on the floor.
Use the bathroom and make coffee. I use my powers for this. I’m a meta but a psi-meta and I know a lot of people get all hoity toity over powers and responsibility. It’s practice for me, and well screw them it’s coffee. Pyrokinectics as I fresh roast the beans then telekinetic to grind them and purified water by hydrokinetics then boil the grounds and pull out the grinds and sit on one of my archway windowsills and let the coffee chase away the lingering tiredness and hangover.
Music, I need music to clean. I can’t help it. I’m a music junky, even play a lot of stuff but I also really have never played for anyone really.
Classical is good for cleaning for me, It might just be me but there’s something clean in the music. 
Wow, there’s a lot of stuff to haul away. I tear out all the drywall in the place going back to the exposed brick that was here before I moved in.  I like the look of the brick even on the inside. Then the drop ceiling and then the hardwood flooring. No I didn’t wreck good hardwood but just that click flooring.
I’m not a handiwoman really, but I just have this need to sort of scrub my life clean of stuff, like washing out infection from a wound. 
I check my computer and answer a few PM’s and e-mails. I guess the few people I know are concerned. I drop my self from the team roster and put in for some personal time. By the time everything’s removed and dusted and everything I take a shower and head out.
I dumped and got rid of pretty much all my food in my house too. God dammit it’s like she infected every bit of my life! 
Denim sneakers and black fatigues, white t-shirt and a grey zip front hoody. I walk mostly, well it’s Ark City and to get where I want to go is over a hundred and eighty miles from my place, so I take two buses and a train to get to Tokyo town. Yeah, Ark City, no place like it.
This place is childhood déjà vu here for me. I pull out my shopping bag a spelled bag my Aunt Karly made for me and go shopping for the things I want back in my house. Tastes of home but also my favorite things. Lace was Golden Hills born and raised our ideas of food were pretty different.
I buy a lot of stuff to cook with, I can get the regular stuff in my neighbourhood. I actually have a good bunch of ethnic places near me that include fishmongers and butchers and bakeries. But if you want real Japanese condiments you come here. 
I take my time though watch the street performers and vendors and eating the occasional bit of street food.
There’s an undercurrent here though I’m sensing in some places especially where the places get more “street” something is or has been happening.
I might have to come back here…

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Interesting start

Interesting start Bailey, with small bite size chunks. I've always been interested in alternative takes on superheroes and look forward to seeing where you take this.


Oh, and I had a good chuckle at the Roy Orbison song parody in the title. :-)

She's Oriental so it kind of fits:)

She's kind of interesting being part of a heroic legacy, the family business and a hard background that'll come out later. I thought it'd be interesting to start at the break-up.