My Valentine's Dream Come True

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My Valentine's Dream Come True

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When a young boy finds that he is a girl, his parents lovingly encourage their child's journey into womanhood. She grows up as a girl in a boy's body and has a best friend who accepts her for who she truly is. As they go through school, each one proves to be each others best friend that ends in the culmination of a Dream come true.


Here I am about to be married to my best friend in the entire world, and best of all, he knows my secret. My name is Bernice Drew Morris, but I was born Bernard Andrew Morris 21 years ago. Yes, I am transgendered, and am now complete.

My parents grew up without any brothers or sisters and before I was born, their parents died from old age, being octogenarians. They had been barren until their late forties when they were blessed with their children and made sure that my parents grew into great adults.

When my daddy; Marcus Anthony Morris met my mother; Angela Grace Whitmore, it was love at first sight. They were in the first grade in Jefferson Elementary School; Daddy was a football player, Momma a cheerleader. Daddy was taught to be a gentleman, and when the other boys began to pick on the girls, Daddy stood up to them.

That began their friendship that became true love. Daddy was the All Star Athlete for Jefferson Elementary, Middle and High Schools and Momma was the head cheerleader for Jefferson Elementary and Lead Dancer for the Jefferson Jettettes of the Middle and High Schools and won every beauty pageant that she entered.

But for all of their popularity, they were down to earth and avoided the limelight by being volunteers in the Jefferson City Humane Society and being Scouts. They both loved animals and nature thanks to their parent’s homes being at the end of Division Avenue that divided Jefferson City's factories from the residential district.

Out beyond the city proper, Division Avenue wound its way by the farms until it reached Jefferson Lake and Jefferson Woods both of which were protected from development by the Federal Government.

Their homes were bought before the edict went into effect, forcing the Government to erect a fence to separate their property from Federal Land with a gate between them that led to a public pool and dock opened the year round for campers, but only from May until September for boating.

This curious arrangement gave them the unique opportunity to sell souvenirs to the public from trailers and snack shack trailers to feed the public. This arrangement kept them and the city flush with money.

My grandparents were all veterans from the Korean War and as such, won several awards for bravery and exemption from Federal State and Local Taxes. By sharing the profits from their trailers, my grandparents had kept Jefferson City from the financial woes that hurt the nation.

But when they died, their children, my parents turned the houses into dorm rooms for college students, one for boys, one for girls while my parents moved into the ranch house across from the Pingers.

Charles Everett Pinger owned Pinger's Auto Repair and Sales. He was a certified mechanic, like his father and they loved to buy old junkers and rebuild them, selling them for a profit. When Rudolph West of Rudolph's Auto Sales retired, he sold his business to the Pingers who opened a Detail Shop.

After moving across from them, we met his wife, Chelsea Anne and his son, Arrett Connor. Our families hit it off immediately and became the best of friends. Daddy and Everett became 'weekend warriors' as they coached the boy's teams in every sport sponsored by the Jefferson City Boys Club while Momma and Chelsea coached us girls in the teams sponsored by the Girl's Club.


* * *

Well, when I met Connor, I saw a sweet boy who although he loved to play football, also liked the 'girly' things that I did. It was up in my room when I found this out. We were moving in when the Pingers came up and greeted us.

"Hello, I am Charles Everett Pinger, welcome to the neighborhood," announced Chuck as he held out his hand.

"I am Marcus Anthony Morris, and we just moved out of those mansions," Daddy chuckled.

"Excuse me, I am Chelsea Anne Pinger, his wife. Why move, Miss??"

"Angela Grace Morris, we moved because they belonged to our parents. THAT is way to much room, so we are renting them out as student dorms for the college."

"Hi, I'm Arrett Connor. Who are you?"

"Bernard Andrew Morris, call me Bernie," I curtsied.

"If you're a boy, why are you wearing a dress and tights?"

I was wearing a red jumper and bloomer over a white blouse with white tights and penny loafers. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

"Because I AM a girl, it's just that I look like a boy."

"Connor, what does 'The Good Book' say about girls like Bernie?"

He turned to his mother, "That Bernie is God's Child, like me. If she believes that she is a girl, as her friend, I am to accept her as a girl."

"Do you, son?"

"Yes, Daddy. I like her."

He hugged his son, "Good! THAT is what every Child of God should believe."

"I can see that you three are confused, since you seem to be finished moving in, please come over for lunch, and we will explain," offered Angela as she spread out her arms.

Momma stepped forward, "True, the house is fully furnished and our clothes are put away. And the kitchen is fully stocked. But meeting our neighbors is paramount. Right Honey?"

"Right you are, Chelsea. Besides, I'd like to meet neighbors who accept our daughter."

"Then follow us, Morrie. And be blessed, “encouraged Chuck.

We were graciously guided around their property where we found that their back yard held a tennis court where they played outdoor sports, and an enclosed veranda and grill for barbecue. What really pleased me was the bike path that ran behind the yard. I biked all through the Park before we moved.

"I hope you guys like grilled chops and corn on the cob," offered Anne.

"Momma Anne, we LOVE to grill," I exclaimed as I hugged her.

She knelt down and hugged me, "Sweet child, please be careful. Our daughter Marianne died last year," she sighed.


"She was like you, Bernie. There were people who killed her for being different," sobbed Chuck as he hugged me.

Daddy and Momma hugged them as Connor hugged me, "I saw it on T.V. A bunch of religious zealots tortured and molested her before the S.W.A.T. team rescued her, but she was D.O.A. at the scene," Momma cried.

"Thank you, Angie. Our Princess was so brutally attacked that we decided on a closed casket," offered Chelsea.

"Is that why you like me?" I asked.

"Yes, and why we moved here."


"We heard a rumor about you through our friends and hoped that they were true. Now that we know that it is, we are here for you," offered Chuck.

"AMEN!" affirmed Anne.

"But what about your son, Connor?"

"Marcus Anthony Morris, our home is a fortress, and so is yours. I used my connections to have state of the art security installed in both homes. And Annie is a black belt in karate."

"Well, I am a black belt in judo," offered Momma.

"And I won a wrestling scholarship," added Daddy.

"And I have a black belt that I'm wearing, does that count?" laughed Chuck.

Thanks to their friendship, I learned how to defend myself with martial arts and wrestling with Connor. We also learned how to use the many different weapons with skill. Although we never did go to any competitions, we knew that we could win, which was enough.


* * *

But our parents never did encourage any silly ideas about gender superiority in the teams. In fact, they also coached intergender teams at the Jefferson City Community Center on Saturday mornings. This attitude spilled over into the city as stalwart macho attitudes were replaced with modern attitudes of gender equality.

Connor and I were just as often on rival teams as we were on the same team whenever we played with our parents on Sunday afternoons. We'd play any game and get dirty and sweaty from our fun, and not really worry about the score. We learned about truly enjoying the game that way.


* * *

Mayor Dorothy 'Dotty' Brown was a confirmed equal rights activist who appointed a true rainbow of diverse individuals throughout her administration. We even had transgendered teachers.

Shelly Shalimar was a male to female woman who was lucky enough to start her hormone therapy before puberty. Unfortunately, she was outed and her family was forced to move here where her dad, Seymour Shalimar became a Police Officer, her mother, Annette a teacher.

Now retired, her parents help coach the children in the Community Center, proud of their daughter and her marriage to Gary Oldstien who gave them the grandchildren they wanted.


* * *

Boys can be very pretty girls. I have proven it by being born a boy who is now a very pretty girl. Best of all, I am dating my best friend, and he loves me for who I am. Going through puberty was a mixed blessing for me as when I was ten, I lost my boy bits due to a well placed kick during a soccer game.

Now, I am not complaining that much, I was due to have them removed later that summer, but that kick HURT! Worst of all, it was from Dwight Hall, the jerk who was always mean to us girls. He aimed at my crotch and got me good. Because of it, he was banned from playing at the Center.

Back then, my face was breaking out with acne, so I began using Momma's lotions to clear it up. What I didn't know was that the lotion was loaded with estrogen and not only got rid of the acne, but also kick started my puberty into high gear.

Within two months, I was wearing a trainer bra, my hips had widened, and my hair became full of bounce. I looked like one of those WWE Divas, minus the chest, and was proud of my enhancements, too.

When I came to the pool, wearing my swimdress, I caught Connor's eye, "IS THAT YOU?"

"Yes, it's me, Bernie. You like what you see?"

"I do!"

That was the beginning of my blossoming into a woman. I wore a thick panty and pad over my hose to hide my boy bit from the world, and thanks to careful planning, never was outed.


* * *

For the Valentine's Dance, Connor was my date, " Bern, I know that you're the Spring Dance Queen, who is you're escort?"

Now, at twenty-one, Connor is six foot, eleven inches tall, strong as an ox, quick as a cat. He is Jefferson College's All Star Athlete to my Queen of the Belles. I am petite, only five foot tall, and Lead Dancer for the Jettettes.

"You want me to be your date, and escort me? You know that everybody knows about my accident."

"Yes, and most guys are intimidated by the fact. Me, I'm crazy in love with you. I have been ever since we met as kids. Who else will ask?"

I sighed, "You're right, Connor. If I leave it to chance, my escort will be alumni who might want to 'explore' me. But I trust you, my friend."

Yes, he was crazy for me and I loved him, but neither of us could get beyond our friendship. We were scared to explore our sexual relation because we did not want to spoil our innocence. But leave it to our mothers to cure us of our reluctance.

Just then, they walked by and heard me say it. Both of their heads turned to look at us when I said that. "Bernice is this about the Valentines Dance"

"Yes, Momma Pinger."

"Then leave your getting ready to us, right Angela?"

"Right you are, Annie."

"What are you two about to do?"

"Don't worry, son. We're getting her gown ready, and her," promised Momma Pinger.

They went up to the attic for a while, returning with grins on their faces. I knew that they'd gotten me something special for the Dance. Both were expert seamstresses and had made my other gowns, the only question was what the material would be made of.

In the morning, after dad had gone to work, they took me to the beauty parlor where my poor body was put through the rigors of being beautified. Not only was I given a manicure and pedicure, I was also given a beauty wrap and facial, and my hair was washed and coiffed into Princess Leia braids.

Back home, there was my gown and accessories, "Put these on," she said as she handed me the sheer to waist pantyhose.

"What? no panty?"

"Your gown has sewn in panty for protection."

Once I had them on, she smiled, "Stand up, Bernice."

I stood up, my pert breasts standing at attention as I saw my figure in the mirror, "Momma, I look like you," I whispered in awe.

She passed me a strapless bra, matching my skin tone, "Yes, now when you have your surgery, you will be ready for Connor. We've avoided the SRS until now because we did not want you two to lose your innocence too soon."

I put on the bra, and now I looked like a living mannequin with my nipples hidden and my bits covered by my hose, "But Momma, Connor and I HAVE had sex."


"Yes, both anal and oral."

"For how long?"

"Ever since high school, when he got his Mustang."

She sighed, "Guess that we can't fault you two for doing what we did at your age," she smirked.


Momma Pinger stepped in then, "Yes, Allison. We did what you two have done, plus vaginal. THAT'S why we married so early."

"Oh. So, you were both pregnant?"

"Yes," they chorused.

"Well, even if I had a vagina now, THAT couldn't happen to me," I giggled.

"Maybe, Princess, but you never can tell," smiled Momma.

Momma Pinger passed me a skin tone waist nipper, "Wearing this will make your waist a bit smaller for the gown." The waist nipper pulled my waist down from 24 to 22 inches.

"You look fine, Allison. When I was younger, I wore it until I blossomed at fifteen. Until then, I had no shape, giggled Momma Pinger.

I stepped into gown and after it was zipped up, I saw why it had an attached panty. The sheer black gown's knee hi hem had two thighs hi slits at the sides, showing my panty, and the spaghetti straps made the strapless bra a must.

Connor and I enjoyed our Valentine's Dance, and he proposed to me then. I accepted. After the dance, I had my surgery and we were married the next Valentine's Day.

Yes, from a young boy to a married woman, my dream became reality. Will yours?

* * *