Accidental Girl

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Accidental Girl

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When a young boy finds that he likes being a girl, his mother and friends help him to realize his dream and find that being a girl is what she was meant to be.

Synopsis:Sam is chased by a bullies, in escaping, an accident leaves him with a choice that gives him the life that e never thought possible.

Well, here I am valedictorian for my year at Easton High School and ready to wed my best friend Gabe. And to think that if not for that accident, this would never have happened.


It was my freshman year in Easton High School, and thanks to my heritage, I am naturally tanned, yet hairless except for my head. Like Daddy, I will never shave and have a head full of raven hued hair and hazel eyes. But unlike him, I take after Momma.

Daddy is a seven foot tall bull of a man with Arnold Schwarzenegger's physique with a raven haired Fabiano's face while Momma looks like a raven haired Hannah Montana. Me, I look like a raven haired Jerri Ryan. When Star Trek Voyager was airing, I was teased by my friends, unfortunately, a few jocks saw me as a girl.

It was just after Independence Day, and I was heading home after practice, heading to Coach Meadows Post Office surplus jeep. He'd agreed to give me a ride home since he's my next door neighbor. I was wearing my sweats as I had gym, last period and was caught the Aces, the school's meanest gang, "Hey there, Jerri, how about a kiss?"


"Let's see, then, FAG!"

Unwilling to be beaten to a bloody pulp, I jumped over the railing, hoping to land, safely, but I landed on the railing, crushing my gonads on impact. Lucky for me, Coach Meadows saw everything and called 911. The jocks were jailed for their crime, but I was paying for their assault with my future as a boy, gone. But little did I know, I was about to get a new lease on life.

I passed out from the pain as I lay there bleeding and aching for a moment, then woke, and managed to drag myself out to the sidewalk where Coach Meadows tended to me. He was very tender as he sprayed cooling foam on my groin that took away the pain.

"Sam, I've called the police on them. Their going to prison for this," he assured me.

"I don't feel good," I mumbled as I threw up. Luckily, my spew went over the side onto the grass.

"Easy there kid, you have injured your groin."

Then I passed out again, this time from the shock of the news.

Coach Meadows called Nurse Joy White and they loaded me into the school's minibus and rushed me to the E.R. at Overton Memorial Hospital where the attending staff tried in vain to save what was left of my manhood.

As they worked on me, I could tell by the comments that something drastic had to be done, but the medicine kept me from knowing what. All that I knew was that I was strangely numb in my groin, which was a relief until I briefly saw what looked to be a set of butchered male genitalia, and then I passed out.

When I woke up I was in my hospital room, my parents by my bedside. Unable to talk because of the tube down my throat, I could not tell them what had happened, yet by the look on their faces, I knew it was bad, very bad. Dad was trying to be stoic while mom was weeping. Later that afternoon, the doctor came in and removed the tube.

When I woke up, my parents were there, waiting for me, "SAMMY, YOU'RE AWAKE," whispered Momma as she hugged me.

"MOMMA, I'M SCARED," I declared as I wept.

She hugged me, "Sammy, it's OK for you to be scared, because I'm also scared." she wept.

Daddy placed his meaty hand on my shoulder, "My son, I don't know what to call you now, after hearing about your attack," he sighed.

I knew then that they knew something that I didn't as they were both silently crying, and then I also broke out in tears, What's wrong!"

"Sam, do you remember what happened?"

"Yes Dad, I was heading home when the Aces attacked me!"

"Son, Coach Meadows and Nurse Joy both administered first aid to you, you have damaged your groin," Momma sighed.


"Sam, as of right now, you have no genitalia," explained Dad.

"What does that mean?"

"I don't know."

Then an Asian woman wearing a blue blouse and a navy skirt with a knee hi hem and matching hose and heels came over, "Greetings, my name is Stephanie O’Hara, your attending physician," she smiled as she shook our hands.

Daddy looked at her with hope in his eyes, "How is Sam?"

She looked at a chart in her hand, "Unfortunately, Sam has had his genitals and penis crushed by the iron railing."

Momma frowned, what did you do to Sam?"

"I had to amputate both in order to stop his bleeding, sorry."

"I'M A EUNUCH!" I yelled.

"Yes, but there's more to it than that."

"Oh? You mean that you can sew it all back on?"

"Sorry, but your testicles and penis are too badly damaged, there’s no way for me to salvage your manhood."

Momma looked at me, then her, "What can you do?"

"I've been able to salvage the skin and re-attach it, covering the gash in your groin. Now, I can construct a small penis for urinating, or use all of the skin to give you another alternative to being sexless."

Momma cried silently s Daddy held her, "YOU'RE SAYING THAT YOU CAN MAKE ME A GIRL! I DON'T WANNA BE A GIRL!"

She sighed, "You might not have a choice in the matter,"


"According to your blood work, your body is being flooded with estrogen, and it’s feminizing you."

I fainted.


When I woke up, Momma was there, holding my hand, "Sam, your Daddy is with your brother Brian, and I have a secret to tell you that just might help you to choose, ready to hear it?"

"Yes, Momma."

"Did you know that I was raised as a boy?"


"Yes, really."

"But there's the clip of you giving birth to me and medical records! Why were you raised as a boy?"

"Outwardly, I looked like a boy, but my penis and testes were only for show. In fact, I was ten year old before I knew about that."

I looked at her, frowning. What happened, did you get hurt like I did?"

"No, it was my very first period," he blushed.

"WHAT HAPPENED?" I asked in an astonished whisper.

"I started to bleed through my penis."

"THAT musta been scary."

"It was. I was in the hospital for a week as I drained out, then the doctors tried to save it, but ultra sound showed that I was a girl, inside. So, since I'd dressed as a girl in plays, and wanted to be a girl, I was pleased, so was your dad," she smiled.

"Oh? You mean that you two grew up together?"

"Well, my family moved in next to his after that in order to keep me safe from bullies. We used to live in Georgia, not here in Alabama."

"Does Daddy know your secret?"

"Yes, he does. He and his family were vacationing, his parents and mine helping out with the local community theater, backstage while he and I were onstage."

"Is that why we never visit your relatives?"

"Yes, they can't accept me as a girl because of their religious beliefs."


"I know, Sam. But remember, life's unfair, and you've been given a choice that no boy wants to make. I was blessed to find your father who loves me and gave me you. And now I'm here to help you to make the choice that's best for you," she promised me.

"Momma, the doctor said that my body is being flooded with estrogen, does that mean that I'm like you?"

"Yes, but how much, I don't know. At least your brother Brian isn't here. He'd be here, protecting you," she sighed.

"I know, but he's busy with Marti, being a step daddy to her children. You'd never suspect that she was born a boy and fathered twins before she transitioned."

"True, and Brian never judged her. Like your dad, he accepts others. Why I'm so proud of him," she smiled.

Brian is four years older than me, and looked like a younger version of Daddy. He and I use to play in the tree house out back and dress up in costumes. That's where I first started dressing as a girl.

We had loads of costumes donated to the community theater and Daddy's thrift store, so Brian and I had lots to choose from. We'd BOTH take turns dressing as girls and even got girl's parts in plays, which was why I was dressed as I was when attacked.

"Momma, do you and Daddy want me to be a girl?"


"I know, Momma, but after I was born, you and Daddy tried, but couldn't due to complications from my birth," I confessed.

"Oh, Sammy! We've asked God to give us a daughter, but we'd NEVER ask you or Brian to become a girl. No, YOU choose what's right for you."

"Momma, I'm afraid of what the doctor will have to do to me!” I don't wanna look like a freak in a dress! I mean, you are a beautiful woman, but I'm not," I cried.

"It's true that there are men out there that dress as women, and don't look like a woman, but also true that some can pass as a woman. Remember Robin?"

"Oh yeah! He and his twin sister Leslie have that magic act where they're both female assistants to their older brother Murphy. You can't tell who's who when they're in costume," I giggled.

"What's so funny?"

"Robin is married and the father of twin boys and girls."

"Yes, he's a perfect example of a man passing as a woman, and then there are those comedies where guys dressed as girls and girls dressed as guys as well as those where a guy is transformed into a woman."

"I've watched them, Momma. Do they do justice to girls like you or Marti?"

"Well, the comedies tend to poke fun, but they are right about learning from the experience. You've dressed as a girl before. In fact, last summer, you were a girl for that play. You even stayed a girl at home. Don't you see that you CAN be a girl?"

"OK, Momma. I won't choose, just yet. But I do feel better about being a girl," I admitted.


"Because of what you told me, specially reminding me about myself."

Momma hugged me, "Glad I could help."

Brian had stopped dressing as a girl when puberty hit and he shot up to Daddy's height and started growing a beard, But I stayed at Momma's height and kept my trim physique which helped immensely with my favorite sports, swimming and tennis. I was one of the best in both in the school, so good that I was considering an athletic scholarship in one of them before the attack.


Daddy came in with Brian and Marti and took Momma to the cafeteria so that Bri and Marti could talk with me. He was wearing his favorite black 'Superman' shirt with black denim and boots. She was wearing a matching swimdress and nude hose.

"Well, lil' bro. Sounds as if you've got a big decision to make," he offered as he smiled at me.

"Yeah, I do. Is that why you and Marti are here?"

She sat on my bed, "Sammy, you and your family are the only ones who accepted me with open arms when my family tossed me out for fathering my children, then becoming a girl."

"Marti, even now, I can't tell that you were ever a guy. I hope that you can help me with my problem.

"Lil' Bro. We're BOTH here to help. Remember all of those pics that were taken of us doing the plays?"

"Yes. Why?"

He set down a laptop computer, "Because Marti has put them all onto compact disks and downloaded them onto this lappy. Let's take a look."

For over an hour, we watched a series of photos of Brian and me in costume from Halloween and the plays. Lee surprised me after the show, "Are you sure that those were picture of you two, Brian?"

He looked at her, puzzled, "Yes, why?"

"Well, neither of you looked like boys at all, she admitted with a giggle.

"Are you serious, Lee?"

"Yes, Sammy, or should I say Samantha?"

"Sammy, short for Samantha, for now, I guess," I sighed as I admitted to myself that she was right.

She hugged me, "Sammy, I know that those are pictures of you and Brian. I had to get you to see that if you didn't know that you were boys, you'd say that you were girls, she told me.

"Even those of me after puberty hit me?"

"Yes, even those. Even without breast forms, you look like a flat chested girl since you don't shave, hun."

"I know," I sighed. "I've not found a girlfriend yet. But there is a guy out there who fancies me as a girl."


"Gabe Foster"


He smiled, "Sammy, he was always sweet on you when you were in girl mode, and he told me that if you were a girl that he'd marry you."

"My best friend?"

"Yes, your best friend."

Gabe was a big blond guy who'd put most adults to shame with his athletic ability. He was the school's All Star Athlete, playing in every team sport and still on the ‘A+' Honor Roll with me.

We'd first met back in Easton Grammar School on the playground where Brian and I were playing softball where he was picked by Brian to be on the team. Gabe had just moved in next to us, so we'd befriended him by including him in our play time.

His Daddy was Abe Foster, a certified mechanic, married to Karen Foster, a gynecologist who joined the staff at Easton Community Hospital as the Head of Gynecology.

When he saw me dressed as a girl in the play, he thought that it was cool that I'd dress as a girl, but because Brian was older and bigger, thought that he'd make a better boy. We had fun in the plays, playing sports, but when Brian went through puberty, Gabe surprised us.

He asked me if I'd like to go figure skating as a girl with him. After our parents spoke to each other, and us, they agreed to it if I wanted to do it, I said I'd do it.

I wrote a red skate dress with white tights while he wore a matching sweat suit. We had fun and nobody saw me as a boy at all since the panty and tights kept me from showing. In fact, we were asked if we wanted to take lessons. We both declined, stating that we were just visiting our cousins.

From then on, we were inseparable, always somehow in the same classes all through school. He'd have been with me that day of the attack, but Gabe and his family were at a family reunion, right now.


Coach Meadows and Nurse Joy came into my room, "Oh, I guess that we can wait."

"No, please stay. I'm sure that Sammy wants to hear what you have to say, besides, Leslie and I need to be going."

After a few goodbye hugs, they left me with my new visitors, "Good news Sammy! The school will let you return as a girl, if you so choose," smiled Nurse Joy.

"That's great! But what about my place on the teams?"

Nurse Joy held my hand, "Sammy, if you choose to become a girl, the tennis, and swim teams are coed. So that's not a problem. And the girls on the volleyball, soccer and softball teams want you to join them."

"That's great! I guess that they've seen me as a girl, all this time."

"Yes, Coach Miller asked them and that's the reason they told her why they're choosing to accept you on their teams."

Coach Meadows, what about the guys that caused all of this? From what Nurse Joy says, I'm still on the team, but I need to know about them, please."

He looked at me and grinned, "The boys that attacked you were caught by the Police and sent away to Juvenile Hall since this violates their parole. Best of all, for you, they'll now be tried as adults since they're all seventeen and will be sent to the Black Stone Maximum Security Prison down south."

"Good! From what I hear, they'll become some guy's 'special friend' and learn all about pleasing them," I laughed.

"Yes, I've called in a few favors and by the time that you graduate, they'll be where you are."

"You mean???"

"That they will be ready to become girls. Because they are hiding their desire to be girls with their macho act."

"How do you know?"

Nurse Joy smiled at me, "Sammy, not only am I a nurse, I'm also a psychologist. I've been seeing them ever since they've been in school."

"Why didn't they seek help instead of becoming the school terrors?"

"Because their dads are homophobes!" announced Coach Meadows.

"I never knew that."

"Sam, the Aces were formed by Avery White, just after the Korean War after his tour of duty. He came back and met a Chinese girl who he really liked. But she turned out to be a pre-operative trans woman."

"What's that?"

"They are women who still have their male anatomy," answered Nurse Joy.

"WOW! Kind of opposite of me!"

"Yes. Well, anyway, when he found out, he almost killed her. But she recovered and became a loving mother to her adopted children."

"Was he ever punished?"

"No, because back then he was protected by the 'GOOD 'OL BOY' system which placed non-whites as second class people."

"Damn! No wonder the Aces are so vile."

"Sam, they're paying for their crime, but so are you. Because of the attack, you'll not be able to qualify for most sports, but you can for cheering, if you want."

"Thanks, Nurse Joy."

After they left, I took a nap.


When I woke up, Doctor Erin was there, "How do you feel?"

I stretched, "OK, I guess. I'm in no pain."

"That's good. Made a decision, yet?"

"No, but I've been thinking about it, you seem to believe that I should be a girl, why?"

"Because I used to be a boy," she sighed.


"Girly?" she finished for me, I nodded in agreement. "That's because my parents let me start early enough so that I went through a female puberty."

"Please go on."

She sat on my bed, showing feminine legs in tan hose under her denim Capri pants and matching blouse, "When I was five, I let them know how I wanted to be a girl. Daddy is a psychiatrist, so he and Momma were able to accept me as a girl."

"How did they do that?"

"They let me dress as a girl and sent me to a child psychologist who said that I should explore being a girl. I was very girly and took ballet and dance and was on the school’s dance team, too."

"But what about puberty?"

"Before puberty, I was put on blockers so that my body developed as a girl's, and I also wore a gaffe that gave me a girl's groin."

"Did you have a boyfriend?"

"Yes, my best friend and we got married after I transitioned," she giggled.

"Does he know?"

"Yes, he and his family knew from the start. That's how we have children."


"We took eggs from my mother, fertilized them with his seed and put them in me. I carried them, gave birth by caesarian, and breast fed them."

"So, I could be a mother?"

"Oh yes, easily."

"OK, but what about other women like us?"

"Well, there are some that don't look very much like a woman due to various factors that leave them looking too masculine unless they go through surgery to correct that. But there are also those who need little to no feminizing surgeries."

"I'd like to meet someone who went through what I'm going through, if I could."

Doctor Erin pressed the Nurse Call button and a girl about my age came in wearing a Red Cross uniform dress, white tights and shoes, "Hello, I'm Terri, Erin's assistant."

"Hi, what happened to you?"

"Like you, I had my groin damn near crushed, losing everything when a bullet hit me, there. I was shot by a burglar; luckily, my grandpa was able to rush me to the E.R. I had just graduated from the Police Academy at the time."

"But you don't look like a boy at all!"

"Thanks," she blushed. "If not for the doctor here, I'd be a sexless cop instead of a nurse married to a wonderful man."

"Why the change?"

"Well, I'd gone to nursing school and earned my diploma, then I decided to become a cop to honor my daddy who'd just died."

"I guess that your nursing skills would help you as a cop."

"Yes, that's what Instructor Kirk told me. He wanted for me to teach other cops how to recognize when somebody was sick to help the paramedics and tend to any wounded before they arrived. That's how I met Marty, my husband," she blushed.

"He knows about you," I stated.

"Yes, and we couldn't be happier. In fact, the entire precinct knows and call me their Guardian Angel."


I then chose to become a girl, like her. Terri's story made me realize that I had nothing to lose, everything to gain. I was young, relatively healthy, and my body would easily transition because I was often mistaken for a girl.

After signing the consent form, we had a small party where the old me was buried and the new me was born as I was handed my new State I.D., Student I.D., Social Security Card, and Birth Certificate along with my Girl's School uniforms.

I was in the hospital for a week as my body recovered from the surgery from which I learned that I had a partial vagina, at least I'd not need to dilate.

The hormones made my body change as my breast grew to a 'C' cup, my waist shrank as my hip swelled out until I could wear Momma’s clothes. I was instructed in of the elements of feminine hygiene and product usage finding that having to actually sit to pee being a mixed blessing until I learned how to aim.

Brian was there every day when he and his family returned and doted on me when he wasn't at practice and Coach Meadows and Nurse Joy told me that I was now a Cheerleader if I so chose, which I did.

Coach Kristi, the Girl's Head Coach brought me my Cheerleader uniforms and the Girl's Gym Kit which was either a red, or blue one-piece bodysuit and shorts with red or blue socks and tennis shoes.

Dad was over protective of me, actually carrying into the house and babying me that day until I went to sleep, safe in his arms. He had to go to work the next day, but he gave me a pendant shaped like an eagle, "Sammy, I have something for you to wear to help you to keep from having any nightmares about what happened."

I looked at it and felt a strange peace envelope me, "What is it?"

"It's the Thunderbird or Phoenix. According to the Medicine Man at the Trading Post, it works with the Dream catcher to keep nightmares away," he informed me as he pointed to the new Indian artifact placed on my bed's headboard.

It was woven of wicker, feathers and beads and I felt again the wonderful peace that I'd felt while asleep, "Thanks Daddy, I love it."

He kissed me and left, allowing me to get ready for the day. As I looked at my room, I knew that some changes were to be made. I had my new school uniforms, but I needed other clothes to replace my boy's clothing. I would keep the shirts and socks as I could still wear them, but everything else had to go.

Momma and I packed away my old stuff and stripped my bed. Then we took down my drapes and curtains and replaced them with some more feminine. With Brian and Gabe's help, we brought up the canopy accessory for my bed and put it up. My bedroom suit was Momma's before she married Daddy, when they married her parents gave it to her so that her Momma could have a sewing room.

With the white canopy over my bed, we pulled out the matching bed cover, sheets and pillowcases that matched the curtains and drapes. By that time, it was time to eat lunch, so we went to Don's Pizzeria for the buffet lunch.

It was there that I found out how good I looked as boys tried to chat me up in spite of me being with two guys. Brian thought that it was funny seeing his cute sister while Gabe was silently fuming until I finally told him to back off which surprised everybody.

Back home, I pulled him aside, "Gabe, we're best friends and I'll always love you. But you're acting as if you're my boyfriend, why?"

He looked done, guiltily, knowing that I'd caught him in the act, "Sam, ever since that day that I took you on a date, I fell in love with you. Not you as a boy, but you as a girl. You don't know how much I've been asking God to help me with my dilemma!"

I hugged him, "Gabe, why didn't you tell me?"

"I was afraid that you'd not want me as a boyfriend," he sighed.


He rubbed his cheek, "OW! That hurt!" he laughed, knowing that his fear was unjustified.

I kissed his cheek, "And for the record, don't blame yourself or God for what happened. He took a wrong and made it RIGHT."

"Thanks, I was blaming myself. But shouldn't we leave your door open?"

"We should, but I think that our parents are giving us a moment by ourselves," I agreed as I popped open my door to reveal them listening in.

"Hi," laughed Gabe as they blushed and stepped inside.

"Sammy, we have your new wardrobe to bring in," stammered Mrs. Foster.


"Princess, we replaced your jeans with the girl's equivalent in different colors and added skirts, skirts and shorts as well as girl's blouses and tops. We left things the other stuff for you to pick," announced Daddy."

"OK, but if I don't like it, we return it, OK?"

"OK," agreed Momma.

My room was the no longer the same with the changes made. My closet now held an array of shoes, school uniforms and a few dresses, waiting for my selection of Church dresses and gowns to fill it as well as my winter coats.

My dressers and chest of drawers were filled with my other clothing, my intimates and hosiery in my chest under my window with my vanity at the for of my bed.


I became a Cheerleader, played Volleyball, Soccer, Softball and Tennis and entered the school's beauty pageants as well as making the +A Honor Roll every year, earning me a full scholarship at Easton State College where I will earn my degree in psychiatry to help others like me while Gabe is there to earn his degree in teaching so that he can pass on his knowledge to kids as a coach. Best of all, Gabe and I are getting married next month.


Yes, what happened to me could have ended in a tragedy, but God mad it a Blessing.
The End

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Nice story but needs more than they lived happily ever after

Stan you write good stories but they are too short.
Chris in CA