Angel's Story. A Home That Love Built Story by Stanman

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The Home That Love Built-Angel's Story

By Stanman63
Thanks To Catherine Linda Michel for allowing me to post!

Synopsis:Where do you go when your family disowns you for being who you are? You go to The Home That Love Built and find Sanctuary.
Disclaimer: This is fiction. All the characters and events portrayed here are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely accidental and unintentional. I as the author reserves all rights. This is part of Cathy’s The Home That Love Built universe. Thanks for letting me play here for a while. Plus a big thanks because she proofed it too! Thanks Cathy! Any remaining errors, or mistakes are mine! Enjoy!

Here I am, standing at the open gate which leads into a big parking lot. I can see several vehicles parked near the main entrance. The big, rainbow colored sign on the post by the road bids me welcome.

I hope it's true. I head for the front doors and notice that, as I get there, I am being scanned by a camera. The doors open, and I find myself in a softly lit entry area. A voice comes over a speaker in the ceiling.

"Please, make yourself at home, Angel. I am Cathy, and will be with you shortly," came a sweet voice over the intercom.

"May I clean up? I feel grungy."

"Angel, you are in your new home. Give me just a moment, and I'll show you to your new room, where you can freshen up and unpack.

I took her up on her offer and had a hot shower, then I donned my other bra and panty and my sweat suit, hoping to be able to buy myself a new wardrobe, soon.

Then I heard a knock, opened the door and saw a matronly woman in a red sweat suit, "I am Cathy. May I enter?"

"Please do," I offered as I curtsied.

She glided in and sat in the recliner, "Please, make us some tea while I tell you about my home."


"This used to be a hotel, but I've had it renovated into spacious apartments for those who live here. A sanctuary from the world for the Transgendered."

"You're Transgendered?"

"Yes, and proud of it, too."

"But where did you get the money?"

"I won the lottery. And now I am able to help others like me and you."

"I've read stories on the internet by you and others. But I never thought that it would happen," I sighed.

"What are your plans?" Cathy asked.

"I hope to become a psychiatrist, but I have no money."

"Do you need a wardrobe?"

"Yes, I have only one other change of clothing."

"Then come with me, and I will provide you with one."

"OK, but how do you know about my name?"

"When you called my number, my Caller I.D. showed your name."


Cathy took me out to the mall where I gained a wardrobe of mix and match clothing, lingerie, hosiery, jewelry, and shoes. She also took me to a salon where we were pampered and given the works. I felt as if I had gained a friend, and whenever I asked her why she was doing this, all that she would do is smile.

But when we got home, she asked, "Please, tell me about yourself."

"When I was born, the surgeon accidently amputated my testes, turning me into a girl," I sighed.

She hugged me, "So, your being here was because of that," she stated.

"Yes, my dad was furious and won a settlement against the surgeon and hospital. But I've never seen a dime of it."


"He drank it all away as he tried to get Momma pregnant again, but she never did. And he broke her will with his abuse."

"And the police never intervened?"

"No, he paid them off."

"What about you?"

"I grew up as a girl, wearing dresses and hose everyday because my dad saw me as a sissy. But in truth, I loved it and became a cheerleader, too."

"But that changed."

"Unknown to me was the fact that the Skulls had been watching us and had chosen that moment to attack.

"Look at what we have here! The Queen Slut from school!" announced Skull Greg.

"Oh Yeah! The virgin slut who never had a man, they say. But I wonder if she puts out?" asked Skull Peter

"Let's find out," ordered Skull Leader Jason.

Then I was assaulted, raped by all three, beaten to a pulp and left bleeding and alone on the sidewalk. When they saw my crotch, they laughed and held me face down.

"Look Jase, a shemale! No wonder she's a virgin!"

"Yes, Peter. I can see that. Now we can make her a woman!"

"Boss, who gets her first?"

"I do, Greg, then you two can have her."

Then I was assaulted, raped by all three, beaten to a pulp and left bleeding and alone on the sidewalk. When they saw my crotch, they laughed and held me face down. The pain of the assault was too great too bear, so I passed out as I felt one of them enter me again. After an hour or so I managed to get upright and walked home, only to meet my father. He took one look at me, and laughed, my wails of rape ignored by him,

"Well, Angel, you want to be a woman? Well those men simply used you as a woman like you should be used!"

This was my living nightmare! I hobbled to my room and called the police,

"911, what is the emergency?"

"I am Angel Grace Self. I have been raped by the Skulls"

I gave them my address and hung up my cell phone. When they came to the door, my father stormed at them for bothering them, but because of the bloody stains on the porch, he had to let them in.

"Angel, I am Morwen St.Clair, a rape counsellor. With me is John Prentiss with a rape response kit. May we tend to your wounds?"


They tended to my battered body and escorted me to my room where they helped me to pack away my clothes that I was going to leave behind, but now that I was attacked, I wanted to get away from this accursed place.

My dad was all too happy to see me go, not caring that now he had nobody to care for his empire. Now as I look at the estate, the only thing left to me, I have o pity for that man. He has destroyed what love I ever had for him.

"What about college?" Cathy asked.

I have no funds for anything. I used my last dollar getting here."

She hugged me, "What about your mother?"

"She died just before I graduated, a broken woman."

"Angel, you are welcome here. I will make sure that you get your degree."

Cathy did that and so much more for me, she became my adopted mother. I graduated as a psychiatrist, and am now on staff here at The Home That Love Built. I have seen many a lost soul become whole under our tender care and become a phoenix arising from the ashes of their past. Will you be the next one?

The Home That Love Built Welcomes You

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The Home That Love Built Welcomes You

Thanks for the oppurtunity to help create a part of your universe, Cathy.


May Your Light Forever Shine


May Your Light Forever Shine