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By Ronnie

Jeff sat at his desk fidgeting and constantly looking at the clock, he was having a hard time paying attention to the teacher. It was Friday the last day of school before Spring Break and then ten days off. His parents had told him that they were going to go visit his sister at the University two hundred miles away and that he would be alone for the weekend. He had been looking forward to this day for a long time; he had carefully hidden his obsession for wearing his sister’s clothes for a very long time. This weekend was his opportunity to fully dress up as a girl and spend the whole weekend that way. He could not remember when it was that he first felt the need to wear girl’s clothes but he knew that he liked it.

For years he had carefully cultivated the skills needed to pass as a girl, he kept his hair long enough to be able to style it in a feminine manner yet still have it look normal for a boy. He had studied how his sister and Mom walked and talked and he would practice it when ever he was alone, he even practiced applying make-up until he thought it looked passable. He was always very careful not to expose his secret for fear of rejection and ridicule from his friends and family. Jeff was from a fairly wealthy family and his Dad had a lot of influential friends in politics and in business. They were members at the Country club and all his friends’ families were members as well.

Jeff knew a lot of people but only a few were who he called friends, Jason his best friend who lived across the street from him and his twin sister Susan. Then there was Amy, she was in his chemistry class and homeroom, and they had almost grown up together. She was the closest thing to a sister besides his sister Beth, she lived next door and they always hung out together. The four of them were almost inseparable; they were always doing things together. Jeff loved the fact that he was able to study Susan and Beth and learn from them how a teen girl acts. Jeff was getting pretty good at acting like a girl; he only wished that he would be able to do it in public.

Jeff had come up with a stupid excuse not to hang out with the gang so that he could spend the weekend alone dressed as a girl. Arriving at home his Dad had the SUV almost packed for their trip and his Mom was fussing over leaving him alone for the weekend. “Will you stop babying him Emma he is 17 and a senior in high school, he can handle himself for one weekend alone!” His Dad stated. Jeff’s Dad was a man’s man tall handsome, and a little rugged, he was a former N.F.L. player who had to retire due to injuries, he now ran a sports retail business that was very successful, he had several stores throughout the State. Emma his wife was the epitome of beauty and feminine grace, she was also tall for a woman standing at 5’10”. She had long blond hair and green eyes and an almost perfect figure. Jeff was in sharp contrast to his Dad.

Jeff only stood 5’7” and his features took after his Mom, he had very light brown hair almost blond and he weighed about 130lbs he and his sister were almost the same height and weight. That was a bonus for Jeff for he could “borrow” his sister’s clothes and not have to try to hide his own. “Mom I will be fine just go and enjoy your time with Beth.” He wanted them to leave as soon as possible. Jeff loved his patents and he knew they loved him as well put he was unsure if they would understand his need to dress and act like a girl. He wanted to keep it a secret a little longer, maybe until he started to shave and he would not be able to pass as a girl.

“Stanley did you pack your good suit?” “You know that we will be going out for dinner right?” “Yes dear I did, now lets get going I don’t want to hit the freeway to late at night.” She turned to Jeff and gave him a big hug and kiss, “Now behave and don’t throw any crazy parties OK dear!” she joked. “OK Mom I promise no wild parties.” Jeff responded pretending to be disappointed. Returning the kiss he went out to the SUV and gave his Dad a hug as well. As he watched the SUV pull out of the driveway and head down the street he waved one last time before it disappeared around the corner.

“Finally I’m alone” he thought and he raced into the house and up the stairs to his room, from under the bed he pulled out a trunk and removed the lock. Inside the trunk there was his prized possessions, he had bought a pair of realistic breast forms from the Internet and a gaff to be able to conceal his manhood. He pulled them out and placed them on his bed then he went into his sister’s room and picked out a matching bra and panty set and a green pull over dress. Returning to his room he placed them on his bed, then returned to Beth’s room, he was lucky that he had small feet for he was the same size as his sister. Picking out a pair of black pumps with a three-inch heel and a pair of black nylons he returned to his room. Laying everything on his bed he went into the bathroom and ran a bath putting in lots of bubble bath into the water.

Undressing he looked at himself in the mirror, he was not a big guy, his muscles were small and underdeveloped and he had very little body hair which would be all gone by the end of his bath. He definitely didn’t look like his Dad and felt a little ashamed that he didn’t, his Dad was so big and strong and always encouraged him to be more physical, to join in the sports at school. Jeff had tried out for the various sports and was only good at golf so he stuck with that sport, he figured that even girls played golf and they wore such cute outfits too. Jumping into the bath he let out a sigh as he relaxed in the hot water letting his pores open up and absorb the moisturizers in the water. He wanted his skin to be soft and as smooth as possible; taking his razor he removed all his hair with the exception of a little tuff between his legs. He learned from experience that when it grew back it was very itchy and embarrassing when he was caught scratching it by his Mom.

One hour later he was drying off and powdering his body, he had seen his sister do it several times after her baths so he knew it was proper. Returning to his room he put on the gaff and tucked away his manhood, it was uncomfortable for a few seconds but he soon got used to it. Stepping into the panties and pulling them up his smooth legs gave him a chill up the spine; he loved the felling of wearing panties. Putting on the bra like he had been doing it all his life, he placed the breast forms into the cups and adjusted them for comfort.

Walking over to the mirror he saw the girl emerging and he smiled with joy at seeing her. He slid the nylons up his smooth legs feeling it encase him and hug him, his manhood stirred a little but because of the gaff it could not get out. Pulling the dress over his head he let it fall over his body and settle on him, it was a perfect fit and it hugged his body with all its femininity. Looking in the mirror to see if it was on straight he saw the girl he wanted to be, she was pretty with a slight curvy body. He turned and put on the heels, he had been practicing wearing heels for a very long time and now he walked in them like a model, steady and confident in them. He sashayed out of his room and into Beth’s room sitting down at her vanity he pulled out her make-up and started to put on his face.

He had spent several months practicing putting on make-up and reading books on how to apply make-up, watching videos and how to clips on U-Tube. He was very good at it and he was proud that he was so good; he was even better at it than his sister. Once his make-up was done he started in on his hair styling it in a very feminine style, one hour later he was done with make-up and hair. Looking at himself in the mirror he could not see Jeff anymore, only Jasmine that is what he called himself when he was all dressed up. He smiled at the pretty girl in the mirror and she smiled back, he loved the way she looked and silently wished that she could stay forever. Sitting down at his desk she began to paint her nails in a matching green she would have liked to do her toenails as well but it would have been a waste because the pumps were a closed toe.

It had been two hours since her parents had left and she was feeling a little hungry so she descended the stairs and went into the kitchen to see what Mom had left for her to eat. She found a note on the fridge telling her that there was some salad and soup for her to eat. She loved salads and soup was easy to reheat and eat without messing up her lipstick, she smiled and thanked Mom. Putting on Mom’s kitchen apron she put the soup in a pot to reheat and prepared the salad while she waited, once the soup was hot enough she transferred it to a bowl to eat. Sitting at the table like a proper young lady she ate her soup and salad and then cleaned up all the dishes and hung up the apron. Mom had insisted that everyone who cooked in her kitchen would have to wear an apron while doing it so it became second nature to put on the apron.

Jeff had rented several “Chick Flicks” for her so she went into the family room to watch them, she put in the first one and got comfy ready to watch it. About half way through the first movie she heard the kitchen door unlock and open. She froze with fear, “Oh my God, something must have happened and Mom and Dad came back home!” she was trapped, there was no way she could escape there was only one-way out and that was through the kitchen. Jeff was in a panic, he would be caught dressed as a girl and his parents would hate him maybe even throw him out of the house. He wished he could just melt into the floor and disappear. “Jeff! Jeff! Are you here?” it was Beth’s voice; she must have come home with them, now he was really dead!

“Jeff are you here?” she said as she entered the family room looking over at the pretty girl standing there shaking. Beth saw a very pretty girl looking very familiar then it hit her, it was her brother Jeff! “Oh my God, You look fantastic!” she exclaimed and came over and gave him a hug. “I always knew you were wearing my clothes but I could never catch you at it!” she excitedly said. “You look amazing, even better than me!” “So what do I call you?” shyly Jeff whispered “Jasmine” and was on the verge of crying. Mom poked her head into the family room and saw the two girls standing there hugging. Beth looked up “Mom I would like you to meet your secret daughter Jasmine.” She said. His Mom stood there for a few seconds soaking in what she was seeing. Jasmine was a very pretty girl she thought, she looks so much like me when I was her age. “Jasmine dear come help Beth and your father bring in her suitcases.” Jeff knew this was not a request but an order.

He took a deep breath and with Beth holding his hand he left the family room and went out to the SUV to grab the luggage, his Dad looked up and froze for a few seconds just like his Mom did. He could not believe what he was seeing his son wearing a dress and make-up, but looking so good doing it. He looked just like his Mom only younger he thought she was so pretty. “Its OK girls I can handle it, why don’t you girls go help your mother prepare some food I am famished.” His Dad said so calmly, not even a quiver in his voice. Jeff was now scared stiff and was not sure what was going to happen to him, everyone seemed so calm like it was no big deal to see him dress like a girl.

They returned to the house and told their mom what dad had requested, Mom sat back in the kitchen chair looking at the two girls. They were so pretty the both of them, she tried to see the boy in Jasmine but was unable to find him. She was so much a girl, she had watched from the window as they went out to the SUV, Jasmine walked just like Beth in high heels and she moved with a feminine grace that no boy should have or could have.

“OK girls, it’s your turn to prepare the food for your father, lets see if you have learned anything.” Her Mom said with a smile. Instinctively Jeff reached for the apron and put it on handing a second one to Beth. She looked at her and she smiled, “OK sis, what would you like to make for Daddy?” Jeff was at a loss for words and just shrugged his shoulders. “I know we will make him some pizza!” she said excitedly.

The girls were soon preparing the pizza as Mom sat and watched them work, she was amazed that Jasmine could walk and maneuver so easily in her heels; she seemed so feminine and graceful just like Beth. If fact she moved just like Beth, the two were like twins Jasmine mimicked every move that Beth did. She must have been studying her every move for a long time to be so natural at it. Her Dad entered the house and sat at the table with Mom and watched his daughters preparing the food. He too noticed how natural Jasmine moved as a girl and tried to find his son in the pretty girl but failed. Half an hour later the pizza was in the oven and the girls sat down at the table to wait for it to cook. “Aren’t we forgetting something girls? Their Dad said looking right at Jeff. “Where is my Hug and Kiss?” Beth jumped up and gave him a kiss, Jeff blushed and slowly rose to give him a Hug and Kiss. “I still love you Jeff/Jasmine!” He said as he hugged him. Jeff nearly broke into tears but Mom stopped him. “Now ladies you need to set the table before you are done.” She said

Beth grabbed Jasmine’s hand and pulled her away from Daddy and had her get the cutlery while she got the plates. The table was set in to time flat and Beth asked Daddy if we could open a bottle of wine to go with the pizza. “Of course you can, I think we all could use some wine tonight, why don’t you take you sister to the cellar and find an appropriate wine for the pizza.” He said. With that the two girls exited the kitchen and went down to the cellar. “Beth, why is everyone acting like nothing is strange? Like I always dress like this? Jeff pointed to himself. She looked lovingly at him and had him sit down, she noticed how he smoothed the dress beneath him before he sat and how he kept his knees pressed together placing his hands on his lap.

“Well sis, we have known for a very long time that you were wearing my clothes, you have been very good at hiding it but we knew.” “Little things gave you away, missing make-up, underwear moved shoes moved. I would plant certain thing it places to see if they were moved, and see that they were.” Jeff sat there realizing that all his careful hiding was useless that all his family knew that he was dressing as a girl. “Why did you not confront me? Why did you and Mom and Dad let me continue to dress?” “Jasmine we love you and we wanted you to open up to us we did not want to hurt you by forcing you to come out to us.” “We sort of tricked you into thinking that we were going to be away this weekend hoping that you would dress and we would catch you forcing you to reveal yourself to us. We were tired of waiting for you to come to us.”

“So you don’t think I am a freak or sick because I want to be a girl?” he asked. Beth was not aware that he wanted to be a girl; she thought it was just a dressing up thing. “You really feel that you want to be a girl? All the time 24/7?” she questioned. “Yes I do, I have felt that way forever, I don’t know why but I wish I was a girl.” Jeff started to cry he had never told anyone how he truly felt. Beth gave him a hug and dried his tears with her hanky and smiled at him, he definitely looked like a girl and she would love to have a little sister to go shopping with. “Let’s tell Mom and Dad how you feel and see what can be done OK?” she said with a smile. Jeff looked up at his sister and knew that she truly cared for him and that she would help him achieve his dream of being a girl.

Jeff’s parents were silently talking while their children were away, “Jasmine is very pretty dear, and she moves just like Beth.” Emma said to her husband. “I know love, I think Jeff is gone and Jasmine is going to stay if we give her a chance.” Stanley said with a little sadness in his voice. “I love my son dearly but if he wants to be a girl I will love her just as much.” He stated “Why don’t we let him decide who he wants to be, we have the money to help either way and you have all the connections to make it easy for him if he does want to stay as a girl.” Emma softly said. Smiling she thought how nice it would be to have another girl around the house to talk to and to shop with. Stanley was deep in thought trying to figure out why his son wanted to dress like a girl, he had to admit that he was very pretty and he did like the idea of having another daughter to spoil.

The timer went off on the oven telling all that the pizza was done; Mom was about to get it out of the oven when Jasmine and Beth returned from the cellar. “I’ll get it Mom just sit and relax.” Jasmine said, Beth handed the wine bottle to her Dad and asked him if he could open it. Jasmine put on the oven mitts and took out the pizza, the whole kitchen smelled like pizza and it made everyone’s mouth water with anticipation. The pizza was cut and everyone got a slice to eat, the pizza was delicious and their Dad made sure that the girls knew it by finishing off the last piece. Sitting back sipping his wine he looked at his daughters, they were so much alike; both were very pretty and had light brown hair. They both sat like perfect young ladies and even giggled the same to his jokes; he could not believe that one girl was his son. As hard as he tried he could not see a boy only two girl and he started to believe that they were two girls. “Jasmine dear, how long are you planning on being with us?” he finally asked secretly wishing she would stay forever. Jasmine looked at her Father and then to her Mother, swallowing hard she thought about how she would answer that question. “Daddy, Mommy… If it’s OK, I would like to stay…Ohm…forever if you will let me.” Jasmine was preparing for the worst, would they understand or would they hate her?

Her Dad looked right at her and with a big smile he opened up his arms for a hug. “Yes my dear you can stay as long as you want, I love you no mater how you look or dress.” Jasmine could not hold it in any longer and burst into tears of joy, she was accepted as a girl, her family still loved her no mater what. Beth and Mom joined in the hug and the crying, even their Dad was not immune to a little tears and he too was crying. Once everyone had a good cry they all relaxed and sat back down. “Now we have a lot to do if you are going to stay a girl.” Her Dad said, his mind already thinking about what he needed to do. “First thing we need to do is set up an appointment with Dr. Jensen so he can start to help you as well.” Dad spoke. “Really dear, the first thing we need to do is take the girl shopping, she has no clothes of her own. She is going to need everything!” Her Mom said with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. Her Dad rolled his eyes realizing that it would cost him a lot of money to have another daughter but then smiled and nodded his head in agreement.

Jasmine looked shocked, she was not prepared to be seen out in public so soon, and Beth saw the fear and held her sisters’ hand telling her it would be OK. “Mom and I will help you look perfect you’ll see, not that you need any help.” Mom agreed with Beth and they started to plan the shopping trip to the Mall. Jasmine relaxed and joined in with them telling them what she would like to do and get. Mom insisted that she get her ears pierced and her hair styled more appropriately for a young lady. It was nearing nine when Mom called her salon to make the appointment for the next day. “Thank you Janet.” Mom said as she hung up the phone, “OK girls I have set up appointments for all of us for tomorrow at nine sharp, then after we will hit the Mall and shop till we drop!” she laughed. Dad got up and excused himself to his den to make several calls. “Ladies good evening and don’t forget to give your Father a kiss before you go to bed OK?” “OK Daddy” Jasmine said with a lilt in her voice, she had never been this happy before. He noticed how happy she was compared to how depressing Jeff had been.

Mom suggested that Jasmine call her friends and invite them over and introduce them to her, Beth agreed. “I’ll be here for you sis, you need to do this now before they find out the wrong way.” Jasmine agreed and pulled out her cell phone to make the calls, she just told them to come over that she had something very important to tell them. Five minutes later the doorbell rang, Jasmine started to shake and asked Beth to get the door. She waited in the family room for her friends to come in. Amy was first through the door and looked around the room for Jeff. “Beth said that Jeff was here but I don’t see him, hi who are you?” Jasmine stood their not sure if Amy was joking or if she really didn’t recognize who she was. Their eyes met and a light went off in Amy’s head, “Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “You are…I never…wow you are so pretty! She ran to Jasmine and gave her a hug; just then Susan and Jason walked in though the door and saw the two girls hugging. “OK Jeff what was so important that I had to leave my X Box?” Jason said, just then the two girls stopped hugging and faced him. Susan knew right away and smiled and started to giggle, Jason was still clueless. He finally made eye contact with Jasmine and he froze starring at her. He didn’t say a word, his mouth dropped open, and he could not believe that this beautiful girl was his buddy Jeff.

Jason had always suspected that Jeff was “different” and knew that he liked to wear his sister’s clothes; hell he himself tried on Susan’s clothes once. This girl was breath taking; she was too pretty to be Jeff. “Wow, I knew you would be pretty.” Said Susan to break the tension, she and Amy hugged Jasmine again and giggled, Jason sat down still unable to take his eyes off of his buddy. Jasmine came over and sat beside Jason and looked at him, “Are you OK man?” she asked him. He was still staring at her. “I think I am in love.” Was all he said. Jasmine blushed and shyly looked away, the other girls were now giggling at what Jason had said. “Seriously dude, are you OK?” Jasmine asked again, this time Jason looked away looking a little shy. “Does this mean you are coming out?” Jason questioned. Jasmine just nodded and then smiled, Jason smiled back and gave her a hug as well. Mom and Beth were both standing at the door watching it all and they both teared up watching.

The girls were invited to go shopping with them tomorrow and they all accepted eagerly, Jasmine filled them all in to what she wanted to do and how she was here to stay.
Jason was a little sad to hear that his buddy Jeff was gone but was glad that this beautiful girl was replacing him. He could not understand the feelings he was feeling towards Jasmine, he knew she was a guy but he was still aroused by her. She was so pretty so feminine; he was caught in her spell he truly felt like he was in love with her. All he could think about was how he wanted to kiss her, hold her, dance with her make love to her. He shook his head trying to get rid of those thoughts but to no avail, he could not get Jasmine out of his head, she was his dream girl. “May I come along as well?” he asked the girls looking right at Jasmine. She smiled and nodded her head, “Of course you can, a girl can always use a strong man to carry her bags.” She joked. Jason blushed and everyone laughed.

Jasmine was glad that her friends accepted her; she was so afraid that she would be left alone with no friends. She also was glad that Jason was included as well, she liked him a little more that just as a friend. For a long time now she had been looking at him in a different way, she was starting to fantasize about being with him, kissing him. When he said that he was in love her heart skipped a beat, could it really be true that he was in love with me? She wanted to know but was afraid it was said as a joke and she didn’t want to be broken hearted so soon. The girls and Jason all agreed to meet at the Mall at 1pm, Jason joked that he would make sure to bring his muscles. Jasmine actually blushed when he said that.

Jason was the total opposite to Jeff, he was tall about 6’, muscular and handsome, very good at all sports and the star quarterback for the senior varsity team. A hunk that could get any girl he wanted yet did not date saying that he had not found the right one to ask out. His sister was the night to his day she was shorter standing 5’6” but had a body that was nearly perfect; she was the head cheerleader and was so full of energy that everyone around her felt energized just by standing next to her. Amy was like Jasmine average height but with long blond hair and blue eyes, she was more reserved and artsy and enjoyed studying with Jeff. The gang was made up of opposites but it seamed to work they all loved each other and would look out for one another. Jasmine was glad for that, for she would need all the help she could get.

The gang called it a night at 12am and said goodbye till tomorrow, Jasmine was tired physically and emotionally and climbed the stairs to her room to get ready for bed. She was sad that the day was over and that she would have to remove the vision of the girl she was to go to sleep. Lying on her bed was a pink nightgown that had white ruffles around the neck and the bottom as well as a clean pair of matching panties. She turned to see Mom standing behind her smiling, “Honey I thought you might want to sleep more comfortably tonight.” She said. “Thank you Mom.” She responded. “I also took the liberty of picking you out some clothes for you to wear tomorrow.” Jasmine was shocked, she had totally forgotten about tomorrow and what she would be wearing. She looked over to her closet and saw the clothes hanging there on the door. There was a light blue blouse with a dark blue skirt hanging there, as well a clean bra and panty set in powder blue with while trim. Placed on her dresser were a new pair of white nylons still in the package and a tube of surgical glue for her breast forms.

Jasmine looked at her Mom with surprise in her eyes, “You want me to glue on my breasts?” she hesitantly asked, “You know that I won’t be able to remove them for several months if I do?” “Honey the choice is yours but I know that you want to be a girl full time so now is your chance.” Mom said. “Can I do it tonight?” Jasmine asked not even trying to hide her excitement, Mom nodded and she received a hug from Jasmine.
Jasmine quickly removed her make-up what was left of it and moisturized her face so it would not be tight from the cleaning. Returning to her room she removed her clothes hanging up the dress and placing the shoes by the closet, once she was down to her panties and bra she removed the bra and placed the breast on the dresser. Mom had her lie down on her bed and using her own nipple as a guide she glued the breasts to her chest and held them there till the glue dried.

“OK sweetheart stand up and see how it feels to have breasts.” Mom said. Jasmine slowly rose still unsure if the glue had done its job, she was greeted with a new sensation of the weight of her breasts. She could feel the pull on her skin but it was not uncomfortable, she looked in the mirror and marveled at how they changed her look. The breast forms matched her skin tone and the seams were nearly invisible, she no longer looked like a boy, she had breasts! She was still wearing the gaff and her crotch looked just like a girls, she was a girl from head to toe! Tears of joy formed in her eyes, as she looked herself over. Her Mom saw that she was happy and she too started to tear up. Jasmine had been awakened and there was no way that she would ever go back to sleep, she was here to stay! Jasmine hugged her Mom and thanked her again and again.

“OK dear now it’s time you got to bed we are going to have a busy day tomorrow and you are going to need you beauty sleep.” Jasmine smiled and put on the pink panties and then the nightgown. “Mom, when did you get the clothes, I have never see them in Beth’s closet?” Mom smiled, “These clothes were bought for you dear, I have had them hidden for just such an occasion, now sleep my daughter.” Jasmine hugged her Mom again and was tucked into bed by her and given a kiss on the forehead.

Jasmine drifted off to sleep reveling in the feel of the nightgown so soft next to her skin. She dreamt that she was out on a date with Jason and they had parked the car on the hill overlooking the city, Jason leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips. She opened her mouth to receive the kiss and his tongue into her mouth allowing his tongue to explore her mouth. His had slid down to her breast and he touched it through her blouse, her nipple reacted and it hardened poking out through the material. Jason slowly worked his hand under the blouse and around her bra to feel the warmth of her breast in his hand. He rolled her nipple between his fingers causing her to moan with pleasure and encouraging him to continue. Her hand fell to his lap and slowly outlined his erect penis through his jeans feeling it grow under the material. She wanted to feel more and found the zipper and lowered it working her hand into his pants; she was so close to her prize. He shifted in his seat allowing her had to fit better in his pants and letting it slip threw the opening in his boxers. She was now grasping his manhood and could feel it throbbing in her hand; it was so big she thought as her hand circled it barely able to touch her fingers to her thumb. Slowly she stroked it sliding her hand up and down the shaft, she wanted it, and she wanted to taste it to feel it with her tongue.

“Wake up sleepy head!” Beth said from the edge of her bed. “No!” Jasmine whined, “You stopped my dream.” “Now I will never know what it tastes like.” Jasmine blushed seconds after realizing what she had said and shut right up not saying anything else. Beth looked at her quizzically and asked her what she had been dreaming about. “I can’t, if I tell you it won’t come true.” She said trying to avoid telling her. “OK sis have it your way but it’s time to get up, so jump in the shower but don’t wash your hair. They will do that at the salon, you are going to love it. Half hour later Jasmine was showered powdered and getting dressed. It was a new experience having the weight of the breast on her chest but she loved it. It did feel better once she had on her bra and she saw that it showed some cleavage with the bra on.

All dressed she put her hair up in a ponytail and did her make-up but just the bare minimal, she was told she would be getting a make-over at the salon. Looking in the mirror she saw the girl from yesterday and smiled for she loved the way she looked. Joining the rest of the family in the kitchen she helped make breakfast but only after greeting Daddy with a kiss and a hug, he insisted on it. Daddy went off to work and told the ladies to have a good time and that he was looking forward to seeing Jasmine after her transformation was done.

The ladies all jumped into Moms car and headed to the salon for their appointments, Jasmine was getting excited for she had always wanted to have this done. Arriving at the salon the ladies were told to go to the change rooms and remove their clothes and put on the gowns hanging there. Jasmine was a little scared of being so naked under the gown but Mom and Beth seemed to be OK so she relaxed and went with the flow. First thing that happened was she was taken to a chair in front of a sink and told to sit to have her hair washed and conditioned. She loved the feeling of having her hair washed and she relaxed even more feeling all the stress in her body leave. Next she was placed in another chair and the stylists started to comb out her hair and put on a paste then wrap it in tin foil.

She did not know that her Mom had asked the stylist to turn her into a blond with even blonder high lights. While she waited for her hair to dry a manicurist worked on her nails making them stick out half inch from the end of her fingers and painting them bright red. Her hands suddenly looked even more feminine and she started to carry her hands in a feminine manner. With the coloring done her hair was washed again and then permed and styled it would never look masculine again. Jasmine was not allowed to see what she looked like and was told to just trust the stylist and her Mom. She was anxious to see what she looked like but waited patiently till they were done.

With her hair and nails done she was passed on to the make-up artist to finish the work. Her eyebrows were shaped with a laser hair remover so she would never need worry about them again. Her make-up was applied and she was told what colors were being used and how but not allowed to see until they were done. The final step was for the beautician to pierce her ears three times two in the lobes and one high on the ear, the third piercing hurt a little but not unbearable. Now she was done and she was allowed to see what she looked like. Removing to towel from the mirror she saw herself for the first time, her mouth fell open. Starring back was a gorgeous blond goddess; her hair shore in the light and the many shades of blonde accented her soft rosy skin and brought out her green eyes dramatically. Jasmine could not look away she looked better that she could have ever imagined, she brought up her hand to her face and saw the red nails making her hand look ultra feminine.

Jasmine was stunned with ecstasy for she looked fabulous, she didn’t even recognize herself so she knew nobody else would. “Don’t you dare start crying and ruin your make-up!” warned Mom with a smile. She leaned forward and looked into the mirror beside her daughter and was a little shocked to see a younger version of herself beside her. Jasmine looked just like her but younger and she knew she was meant to be a girl; Jasmine smiled noticing the resemblance and gave her Mom a kiss on the cheek. Beth came into the room looking almost identical to Jasmine and they all laughed. Time had flown and it was nearly noon when they were all finished. “Let’s go meet your friends and shop up a storm!” Beth said, we all agreed and off to the Mall we went.

Arriving at the Mall we headed to our rendezvous point, which was in front of the lingerie shop in the Mall. Victoria’s Secret was the best place in the Mall thought Jasmine everything it made just for women and now she was one of them. Her heart raced thinking about wearing corsets and garters and baby-dolls, there was so much she wanted to have and wear she didn’t know where to start. When the gang showed up the girls all gushed over Jasmine’s new look and Jason stood there speechless, if he was in love before now he was well over the edge. Jasmine came up to him and asked, “Do you approve of my new look?” He could not look away his eyes were locked on hers and without thinking he leaned forward and gave her a kiss right on the lips. As surprised as she was she did not pull away and they kissed for several seconds before separating. “Well I think he approves of the new you dear!” Mom said and then laughed with the others joining in.

Jason and Jasmine were still locked in their stare and he took her hand and asked her out on a date on Saturday, she nearly jumped into his arms and answered maybe a little too eagerly “Yes, I would love to.” The other girls were giggling by her response; it was just like any other girl who was infatuated with a boy. Turning still holding hands Jasmine asked her Mom if it was OK for them to go out Saturday. Mom faked thinking about it and then smiling said it was OK, Jasmine jumped up and down showing her excitement, it was a totally feminine reaction.

Jasmine tried to drag Jason into the lingerie shop but he blushed and refused to enter such a feminine store. “If it’s OK I will wait out here for you OK?” Smiling Jasmine said it was OK and with a little kiss she went into the store with the other girls. Jason sat on the bench watching her looking at all the panties and bras and he shifted on the bench trying to hide his hard-on. She had really turned him on and he could not look away from her, every once in a while she would look out to him sitting there and smile her sexy smile at him.

Jasmine was in heaven touching, feeling all the sexy panties and bras and thinking which ones to buy. Mom picked out several bras in different styles and colors and placed them on the counter returning later with an arm full of panties nightgowns and nylons. Jasmine with the help of the other girls picked out several baby-dolls in black, red, pink and white. She was also told to buy two sets of garters and several thong panties by her sister. “You are going to love the feel of the thong panties sis; they make you feel so sexy and feminine.” Beth said. Jasmine could not pass anything up that would make her feel feminine so she bought six pairs of thong panties along with all the other stuff Mom had picked out. She had enough lingerie to last her for two months before she would have to wash, even though Mom insisted they do laundry every week.

The girls exited the store giggling and talking about how good the clothes would look. Jasmine approached Jason and excitedly wanted to show him all the sexy underwear she had bought, he blushed when she showed him a thong and she giggled at that. “Maybe you should wait and show him later, one piece at a time sis.” Beth said understanding Jason’s shyness to seeing all her lingerie. Jasmine suddenly realized what she was doing and blushed as well, Jason was a guy and he was not interested in the clothes unless he was removing it from her body. Jasmine did ask Jason to carry the bag for her, which he did proudly.

The next stop was a dress shop where Jasmine tried on almost every dress in her size and modeled most for the others. She paid close attention to Jason’s reactions to the dresses and bought only the ones that got his interest, surprisingly he had good taste and all the dresses were in fashion and sexy on Jasmine. Mom also liked the selection and agreed to buy them all. Jasmine now owned ten dresses five skirts and ten blouses to mix and match with skirts or jeans. The jean store was next on the list and when done Jasmine had ten pairs of sexy low rider jeans that hugged her ass and made her legs look super sexy. Jason was now being weighed down with shopping bags but he did not complain, he knew everything in those bags were for the girl he loved.

Mom suggested that Jason take the bags out to the car and put them in the trunk and then return for we weren’t done shopping. If its one thing Mom was good at, it was shopping and she was teaching her daughters how to be masters at it. Jason took the keys from Mom and took off to the car. While he was gone several girls from school came upon the shopping group and recognizing Susan and Amy came over to talk. None of the girls recognized Jeff and treated him just like any other girl, it wasn’t until one asked where Jason and Jeff were that they were told and introduced to Jasmine.

Jasmine was scared as to how they were going to react to her but she was surprised when one of the girls said “It’s about time; we were all wondering when you were going to come out. We all knew you were different, and are happy that you are not just gay.” “It’s more fun now that we have a new girl to teach the secrets of flirting and teasing too.” “No need to worry about that she has already caught her man and I think he is just as happy as her,” Amy said with a wink. That got the girls all wondering who as Jason returned just at that moment and they saw how Jasmine lit up when she saw him. “Oh my God, you are such a lucky girl!” they exclaimed, every girl in school has been trying to date Jason. Jason was clueless as to what was going on so he stood beside Jasmine and held her hand and whispered, “What is happening?” Jasmine turned to him and with a kiss told him “They just found out that you are my guy.”

Jason’s eyes lit up when he heard her say he was her guy, and he squeezed her hand tight and smiled a broad smile. They all talked for a bit and promised to get together when they got back to school. They all gave Jasmine a hug and told her she was lucky to have Jason as a boyfriend. Jasmine was starting to accept the fact that maybe she had not been so good at hiding her true self for everyone seemed to suspect or “Know” her secret.
She was happy that she had a supportive family and friends, especially Jason! They had been friends for so long that it would feel strange to not have him around. She realized that she had been in love with him for a very long time and that their friendship was masking her love. Strangely she knew he felt the same way and was thankful for that. She held his arm and rested her head on his shoulder as they watched the other girls leave.

The shopping expedition continued, this time it was off to the shoe stores were Jasmine tried on shoes with all different height of heels. Jason liked her in the higher heels because it made her legs look fabulous but for practical reasons she settled on buying heels in the three-inch range. One hour later and a dozen shoes later Jasmine was all set for footwear. She had flats in black, brown, white and pink, along with heels in black, brown, white, red, and silver. Runners in white with pink trim and pink with powder blue trim, she also picked up a new pair of gulf shoes in the most feminine style they had.
They all needed a rest and a snack so with bags in tow they went to the food court to grab a snack.

Hanging out in the food court was half the football teams sitting around watching the girls go by, Jasmines heart started to pound. If those guys recognized her as the former Jeff she was dead meat, she froze in her tracks to scared to move forward. “Honey if you make a scene they will definitely recognize you, relax and just be yourself we are here to protect you.” Her Mom stated. Realizing that she was right she moved with the rest of the girls and tried not to notice them sitting there. Jason had a harder time trying to avoid his fellow teammates and was spotted immediately. All the guys ran up to him to see why he was with all the pretty girls, they knew Susan and Amy and even knew Beth and her Mom but the new girl was a mystery to them. She was the prettiest of them all and they all looked at her like wolves on the hunt. Jason saw that and was trying to think about what to say when Beth spoke up, “Saw you guy’s haven’t met my sister yet have you?”

The guys all nodded and waited to be introduced, Jasmine was scared what did Beth have in mind, she knew they knew him as Jeff. “Boy’s this is my sister Jasmine, she has been gone for a while but now she is here to stay.” She said with a wink to Jasmine. “Hey Jason were is your friend Jeff, he is always with you?” Steve the linebacker asked. Jasmine was shitting bricks, how is Jason going to answer that question. “Well Jeff is gone, replaced by Jasmine.” He said. Jasmine’s eyes nearly jumped out of her head, what had he done? I’m dead now for sure she thought. The guys all looked at her and smiled, “Good swap, she’s a lot prettier then he was.” Steve said still not connecting the dots; he was big and strong but not too bright. In fact the entire team made no connection between Jeff and Jasmine. They all thought he just stopped hanging out with Jeff to be with Jasmine, Jasmine was relieved by that and relaxed and held onto Jason’s hand.

Jasmine wanted the entire team to know that she was Jason’s girl so that she would not be hassled back in school. The guy’s talked for a while inviting Jason and Jasmine to a house party on Friday which Jason politely turned down. He knew those parties were bad news and that the cops were always there trying to control it. When the guy’s left Jasmine let out a sigh of relief and sat down exhausted, so much stress so little time. “So are they going to wonder where Jeff went? Especially when they don’t see him at school any more?” Jasmine was a little worried. “Nah, their not that bright, even if they did no one would care.” Jason said. Jason suddenly realized what he said and apologized to Jasmine.
“No you are right, as Jeff I was forgettable, no one seemed to care, my only real friends are you guy’s here.” She said a little sadness in her voice.

“Don’t worry Jas; I’m positive you will have tons of friends when you go back to school after spring break.” Amy said. “All the girls are in your corner and I know they won’t tell anyone of your secret unless you want it to be told.” “I don’t want to lie to anyone I am not ashamed of my transition and with all you guy’s helping me I will be strong.” Jasmine’s Mom gave her a hug and then all the girls joined in. “OK ladies and gentleman, shall we get something to eat to recharge our shopping batteries?” Mom asked. Jason offered to get what ever they wanted and Jasmine with a twinkle in her eye whispered, “I want you!” in his ear making him blush. All the girls giggled at that and Jasmine’s Mom just shook her head smiling.

They all ended up getting some New York fries and ate them while talking about where they were heading to next. Even Jason was getting into the spirit of shopping and was making suggestions. Their next stop was the jewelry shop were Jasmine picked out several earrings that she wanted as well as a pretty watch with a silver band on it. Her Mom bought her several necklaces and bracelets with matching rings; Jason even bought her a ring as a gift of their friendship. “Next it will be an engagement ring from him,” Susan whispered to Amy just loud enough for Jasmine to hear. Jasmine turned to her friends and stuck out her tongue at them whispering back “You’re just jealous.” and then giggled. The girls were all giggling and Jason shook his head, “Girls!” he said with a smile. Jasmine wore the ring with pride; she wanted the whole world to know that he was her man.

“Well ladies we are at our last stop for this trip.” Mom said standing in front of the make-up store. “Time to load up on our war paint” she said with a giggle and they all went into the store. Jasmine took Jason by the hand and with his help she picked out all the colors he said would look good on her. Jason blushed when she showed him a bright red lipstick and said it would match a pair of her panties. Jasmine had become a natural tease and she loved making Jason blush knowing that eventually she would be able to act on her teasing. Jason could not believe how much of a girl his bubby had become; she was sweet and feminine in all her movements. The way she walked drove him crazy as he watched her hips sway from side to side, the way she held her hands and talked with them so expressive and feminine. He just wanted to grab her and kiss her, to taste her lipstick to smell her scent, she was causing him to get hard, and he knew that when he got home he would have to relive himself thinking of her.

They had spent the whole afternoon in the Mall shopping but they had bought everything a young girl will need to start. Future trips will fill in the missing parts i.e. bathing suits and a belly button piercing. Arriving at home everyone helped Jasmine bring all the stuff into her room. She froze in the doorway to her room realizing that it had been changed; all the furniture was now fitting for a girl. She had a large vanity with a lightened mirror on it for doing her make-up, two large upright dressers and a bed with a canopy on it. Hanging on her closet door was a new three-way mirror that every girl should have. She laid her stuff on the bed and went to her closet and opened it. It was completely empty! All the boy cloth’s that were there were all gone. “Surprise honey!” her Dad said from behind her. Jasmine spun on her heels and gave him a big hug holding him for several minutes. “Thank you Daddy, I love you!” she said as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“It’s the least I could do for my baby girl.” He said causing her to squeeze him even tighter with her hug. Jasmine finally let go when her arms got tired and reached into her purse to get a tissue to dry her eyes. “Honey, I’ve also made the appointment with Dr. Jensen for tomorrow at three so you will have plenty of time to get settled into your new room.” “Thank you Daddy.” She said and sat on her bed and looked around the room.
“Wow you sure do have a pretty room.” Jason said as he entered it with his arms full of bags. He had been in Jeff’s room thousands of times but this room was not his, it belonged to Jasmine no question about it. He actually felt shy to be in her room like he was being a bad boy and he blushed again. Jasmine smiled and whispered to him that maybe one day he could try out her bed with her. That nearly made his head explode from the blushing and he promised her that he would get even some day. Jasmine smiled, “I’m looking forward to that.” She said with a wink. Jason had to leave before he lost control and ravished her right then. “More stuff…I will get.” He turned and left the room.

Jasmine was smiling when Beth and the other girls came in with their hands full and marveled at her new decor for her room. Amy saw the smile and asked her what she did to poor Jason now, Jasmine had to tell the girls what had happened. “You are going to get yourself raped by that poor boy.” Beth said. “You can’t rape the willing.” Susan said and they all laughed. “You have my brother wrapped around your little finger don’t you?” Susan said. “That boy is head over heals in love with you!” Amy said. “And I think you are just as much in love with him as he is with you.” Beth added. Jasmine blushed for she knew she was in love with Jason.

“Girls, I called your Mom’s and asked them if you could stay for dinner and they said it was OK. Could you help me get it ready, you too Beth, let Jasmine get her room organized.” Mom said. As the girls were leaving Jasmine’s room Jason returned with the last armful of bags. “That’s the last of it.” He said seeing Jasmine sitting on her bed looking so pretty. “Come sit Jason, we need to talk.” Jason looked nervous and Jasmine calmed him down. “Don’t worry sweetheart it’s OK,” she said not sure if calling him sweetheart was proper, maybe it was to soon? He smiled at that and sat looking into her eyes. “Jasmine, I love you!” he blurted out. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone else, from the first time I saw you I knew you were my true love.” “Doesn’t it bother you that I am your friend Jeff?” He looked at her funny, “Jeff is gone, you are a girl…my girl I don’t care what you were before all I know is I love the girl who is sitting with me right now!” Jasmine threw her arms around him and hugged him, “I love you too Jason, I think I’ve loved you all my life!” she said as she looked up to him.

Their lips met and in a long passionate kiss they shared their love for each other, their tongues darting back and forth into each other’s mouth. The passion was rising in both of them and they had to brake off the kiss before things got out of hand. Both out of breath they sat there holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. “Kid’s if you’re done talking you need to wash up for dinner.” Dad said from the doorway causing both of them to blush. He entered the room and told them he was happy for the both of them but he was a protective Father and that Jason would have to follow his rules if he wanted to date Jasmine. Both agreed and got up to wash and have dinner.

The evening was nice and the meal was delicious, the girls all went back up to Jasmine’s room while the men sat and talked about sports. Jason was no longer allowed to be in Jasmine’s room as per her Father’s rules, if he wanted to see her they would have to be in the family room or kitchen. It didn’t take long for the girls to put everything away and they were soon back in the family room. Jasmine finally got to see one of the movies she had rented and it was fantastic, not the movie so much as that she was able to hold hands with Jason as they watched to movie. She could now relate openly with the girls in the movie and cry without ridicule. Jason was so sweet handing her a tissue when she started crying during the movie, in fact all the girls were crying and he was busy handing out tissues. The evening ended with the girls saying good night and Jason giving Jasmine a good night kiss that left them both wanting more.

Jasmine rose the next morning relaxed and totally in love, the first thing she wanted to do was call Jason just to hear his voice. Mother Nature had other plans and she ran to the bathroom to relieve the pressure in her bladder. Returning to her room she was going to call Jason and had the phone in her hand when it rang, looking at the caller ID her heart started to soar it was Jason! “Hello” “Good morning my love, I just wanted to call and hear your voice.” He said. “Wow, I wanted to do the same when I got up!” Jasmine excitedly said, “We even think alike, we were meant to be together.” He said. They talked for nearly one hour before making plans to go for a walk later after breakfast.
Jasmine hung up the phone and fell to her bed holding the phone to her breast she was on cloud nine. Beth came into her room to see her daydreaming on her bed and knew the look on her face; she had had the same look when she fell in love with her first boyfriend.

“Earth to Jasmine, come in Jasmine!” Beth said jokingly “Why are you in such a good mood?” like she didn’t know! Jasmine looked at her and stuck out her tongue at her and threw her pillow at her sister. Beth returned the pillow and then jumped on the bed and started to tickle Jasmine; both girls were giggling and having fun. It had been a long time since anyone had seen Jasmine happy and smiling, as Jeff she was moody sullen and depressing. Their Mom walked by the room and saw the two girls playing around on the bed and smiled, they were so much alike Jasmine and Beth. She entered the room to find out why they were having so much fun giggling and tickling each other. “Jasmine is in love Mom!” Beth blurted out between giggles. Jasmine blushed down to her toes and hit her sister with the pillow. “So what is wrong with being in love?” Jasmine stated, “Nothing is wrong dear, if I had a handsome man like Jason I would be in love as well.” Mom surprised both girls and they sat there stunned for a few seconds before giggling again. “Mom!” Beth exclaimed and they all started to giggle.

Their Dad hearing all the commotion came into the room as well to see what it was all about and was greeted by both girls hugging him. That made him feel so special, he loved getting hugs from his daughter and now that he had two girls he could get twice as many hugs. “Daddy, Jasmine is…Ouch!” Beth was pinched in the bum by Jasmine. “Daddy doesn’t need to know.” Jasmine said, “He will find out soon enough.” She continued. Beth smiled and nodded in agreement. He was now curious as to what his girl’s were up to and looked to his wife for some answers; she smiled and gave him a wink. He left the room shaking his head and saying something about not understanding girls.

Jasmine hurried her shower and dressed as fast as she could putting on a mini skirt and a T-top with thin straps over her shoulders. Her bra straps were clearly visible and she made sure she was wearing one of her new sexy bras. Slipping on a pair of wedge heeled sandals she did her make-up and went down for breakfast. Mom saw her first and smiled seeing how she was dressed. “Are you planning to wear that to see the Doctor?” Mom asked. Jasmine thought for a few seconds and said no that she would change into something more lady like. “This outfit is for Jason.” She said with a smile. Her mom smiled and gave her a wink, “Just be careful young lady, playing with fire could get you burned.” Jasmine coyly smiled thinking about the “Fire” Mom was talking about. “I hope so Mom!” she said and sat down to eat.

The rest of the family sat for breakfast and their day was discussed, Jasmine was going to see Jason for a few hours in the morning before she had to see the Doctor. Beth and Mom were going to go shopping and Dad was going to work until he had to take Jasmine to the Doctors. “Jasmine dear don’t make any plans for the afternoon, we don’t know how long it is going to take with Dr. Jensen, OK?” her Dad asked. “No problem Daddy, I knew it would take some time that is why Jason and I are seeing each other now in the morning.” Her Dad looked at her and saw the familiar look of a girl in love; he had seen it on Emma when they were dating and on Beth. He knew that she and Jason were more that just “friends” and he started to feel protective over his little girl. “Jasmine just you and Jason behave OK? I don’t want to see my little girl get hurt!” he stated. Jasmine jumped up and gave her father a hug and promised to be a good girl with a giggle, her father nearly choked on his coffee when she said that. All the girls giggled and he gave them all a stern look then started to laugh. “Just go easy on him; I don’t want you to get a bad reputation around the neighborhood.” He said. Jasmine smiled and nodded OK.

Jasmine ran up to her room after the dishes were done and called Jason to meet her at the park then refreshed her make-up adding a bright red lipstick that had a high gloss. Jason would not miss seeing her lips and would want to kiss her the whole time they were together and she just might let him she thought. Adding some perfume she grabbed her sweater and kissing her parents on the way out she headed to the park. Jason sat on the swing waiting for his dream girl to show up, he was thinking back over the last two days and how his life had suddenly changed. His best friend, a guy was now his dream girl and he didn’t care, in fact he was glad. She already knew him; there was no need to try to impress her yet he still needed to for some strange reason. He needed to prove to her that he was the guy for her; he knew he was in love with her not just because she was gorgeous but also because she was a beautiful person. She was sweet and caring, innocent and vulnerable and he had a need to protect her and provide for her.

Jasmine caught herself skipping down the street to the park to meet Jason; she had never skipped before but now felt so happy that she had to. She didn’t care who saw her she knew she looked like a girl and nobody would guess or suspect anything other that what they saw. She was happy that her parents now knew her dreams and were willing to help her achieve them, and that her friends knew and still wanted to be friends. Then there was Jason he was so…so…perfect! He knew her and her secret and still loved her; he was so handsome so strong so much a man. Her heart skipped a beat thinking about him and she got butterflies in her belly when she thought about kissing him. She wanted her dream to come true, to be able to taste his manhood to feel it inside of her. She was so deep in her dream world she didn’t see the car racing down the side street so when she stepped off the sidewalk to cross the street she was in direct path of the car.

The driver of the car slammed on his brakes and swerved trying to avoid hitting her, the car slid sideways and came to a stop just inches away from her. Jasmine stood there in shock for a second before fainting; when she came to Jason and the driver of the car were both looking at her. Jason smiled when her eyes opened and the driver of the car let out a sigh. “You scared the shit out of me young lady, you need to be more careful next time.” He said. “I am sorry Sir; I was thinking about…I am sorry!” Jasmine said, he smiled and helped Jason lift her to her feet. Jason thanked him for his understanding and for not hitting her. He drove off with a smile to the both of them.

“Oh Jason I was so scared, when I saw the car I froze I could not move!” Jasmine said starting to cry. Jason held her close to him comforting her, “You are OK honey, I will not let anything happen to you, you are my girl and I will not loose you!” Jasmine held on to him even tighter, she felt safe in his arms, she never wanted to let go. Jason suggested they walk back to her house and relax at home where it was safer, she smiled and agreed.
She held on to his arm all the way home and even as they entered the house, Jason sat her down on the couch and said that he needed to find her father. Minutes later her Dad was sitting besides her holding her hand comforting her. “So you had quite the scare honey?” he said. Jasmine just nodded trying not to cry, “I thought I was going to die! Just when my life was getting good!” she whimpered. Her Dad gave her a hug and told her to relax and take a nap.

Jasmine didn’t want Jason to leave so she suggested she relax outside on the deck; there was a swing out there where she and Jason could sit together on. Her Dad agreed so the teens went out to the deck, they settled together on the swing and Jasmine curled up to Jason and closed her eyes. The soft swinging motion relaxed her and soon she was sleeping on his shoulder like an angel. Her Dad came out to see how she was doing and saw the two of them sleeping together on the swing. She looked so peaceful; he dreaded the thought that he almost lost his little girl so soon after finally meeting her. He loved her, she was his daughter, even if she was not born a girl she was very much a girl, he had known it for a very long time. He tried to ignore it even tried to change her to be more like him but nothing worked, she was meant to be a girl. He looked at his watch and decided to wake them her appointment was nearing and he figured she would want to freshen up before going.

With a gentle touch to her cheek he woke her up; she opened her eyes and smiled seeing her Dad standing there. “Is it time Daddy?” He nodded and then left them alone. Jasmine looked over to Jason seeing that he too was waking up and she gave him a kiss to help him wake up. She also gently rubbed his manhood through his jeans feeling it twitch under her fingers. Jason eyes shot open right away and looked at her smiling evilly at him; he let her continue to rub him until he could take it no longer and stopped her hand.
“And how am I supposed to get even with you for that?” he said with a grin. Jasmine smiled and with a kiss, “You will think of something, I know you will!” she got up stretching feeling the breasts pull on her chest. “I love that feeling!” she thought looking at her watch she excused herself to go change for the Doctors appointment.

Jason walked into the kitchen and saw her Dad sitting at the table and joined him there.
“You really love her don’t you?” he asked Jason. “Yes I do, she is the prettiest girl I have ever seen.” Jason responded proudly. “She is my soul mate and I want to marry her one day!” Stan was a little shocked at this statement, “Are you asking me if I will allow you to marry my daughter?” Jason shyly looked to the floor, “Mr. Simms I know I will have to wait till she is a complete girl but yes, will you let me marry your daughter?” Jason was now looking directly into his eyes. “Well I think the decision should be left to be made by the girl you intend to wed!” He said smiling, “What ever she decides I will be happy with her choice.” He said with a wink. Jason was now smiling from ear to ear for he knew that Jasmine would say yes!

Jasmine looked through he closet for the right outfit, it had to scream girl but not girly. She wanted to look pretty and feminine not like a little girl. She reached for the white sun dress she had just bought and thought this would be perfect, it was sexy and feminine with just a touch of girly in it. She would have to change her lingerie first if she wanted to wear it. A strapless bra was required so she settled for the bustier; it would hold her breasts up and gave her a smaller waist as well. She decided on a pair of French cut panties and four-inch sandals. She redid her make-up making it look more mature and sophisticated, and styled her hair in a side sweep pulling it all over to one side. Looking in the mirror she saw a sexy chic young lady and smiled to herself feeling her confidence grow.

Returning to the kitchen she sashayed into the room making her dress swish from side to side with every step. She loved the feeling of the material flowing around her legs and the feeling of the skirt against her skin. Jason saw her enter to room and he instantly was excited finding it hard to hide his excitement. Stan noticed this and remembered when he used to see Emma before a date how excited he got. Stan stood up for his daughter and complimented her on her choice of dress, Jason nodded in agreement to star struck to talk. Jasmine thanked them and gave a kiss to Jason telling him she would call him later when she was back at home.

The Doctors office was just the way she remembered it, it had been several years since she had seen him. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Doctors it’s just that she was never sick, why see the Doctor to tell you what you already know. Stan signed in with the receptionist and they both sat down, there were two other patients waiting so they knew the Doctor was running behind. Jasmine picked up a woman’s magazine and started to look through it paying no attention to the others in the room. An older lady sitting across from Jasmine kept looking at her and staring; Jasmine could feel her eyes on herself and started to feel uncomfortable. Jasmine looked up to see who the lady was, their eyes met and the old woman smiled. “Sorry for staring but you just look so familiar, do I know you?” the old lady asked.

Jasmine looked closely at the old woman and realized she was one of her teachers from grade school. She was old Mrs. Higgins her grade six Social Studies teacher, how could she recognize her she never knew Jasmine? Jasmine politely shook her head telling her that she didn’t know her but the old lady insisted she knew her. They sat in silence for a few minutes when suddenly the woman spoke up, “I do know you!” she said as she got up and sat beside Jasmine. “You are or should I say were Jeff Simms, I see you finally listened to your true feeling and became what you should have been all along!” Jasmine was shocked, how could she have known? The look on her face said it all, even her Dad was shocked. “Relax young lady; I will not reveal you to the world!” Mrs. Higgins said.

“How did you know?” asked Jasmine, Mrs. Higgins smiled, “Honey I have known you were a girl from the first time I saw you so many years ago.” She said. “I remember you always played with the girls, you would have such a good time too. It was like you were one of them and they all accepted you as one of them.” “When did you finally come out and start living as a girl?” she asked. Jasmine blushed and told her the story of how she was caught and all that had followed since. Mrs. Higgins was surprised that it had only been a few days, “You are definitely a natural girl if you look this good only after a few days, and you say you do your own make-up?” “I am so proud of you, it is a big step but I think it is the best thing you could do.” She said smiling. Her name was called and she left wishing Jasmine luck.

“Wow, it seems that you were only fooling yourself when you thought nobody knew.” her Dad said. Jasmine sat there quietly thinking about what Mrs. Higgins had said, she thought back to her childhood and realized that she had always been feminine and girly. She was the only one who tried to deny it for so long, “What a fool I have been, I could have come out years ago and I would probably be a real girl by now!” she thought. Still thinking she reasoned that maybe if she had come out earlier she would not have Jason and that would be a total loss. “I’m glad I waited, I have Jason now and I will not loose him.”

“Mr. Simms, the doctor will see you now.” The receptionist called out breaking Jasmine’s thinking. They got up and entered the Drs. examining room; he motioned for them to have a seat. “Good to see you again Stan, I thought we were going to be examining your son not your daughter.” He said quizzically. Stan smiled proudly, “Well Phil, as I told you on the phone I now have two daughters, this pretty young lady here is my former son now my daughter Jasmine.” Dr. Jensen sat there with his mouth open; he could not believe that the girl sitting across from him was really a boy. It took him a few minutes of looking at the girl to find the boy that was supposed to be there. He had birthed all of Stan’s children he should be able to know the difference between a boy and a girl but for the life of him all he saw was a girl.

“Welcome Jasmine, now I plan on seeing you a lot more that when you were Jeff, you will need a lot of more attention if you truly want to stay a girl!” Dr. Jensen stated. Jasmine knew what was all involved she had looked it up on the Internet and was prepared to spend the next few years in and out of the Doctors office. She nodded her agreement. Dr. Jensen asked for Stan to leave the room so he could examine her in private. “Now dear there is a gown behind the curtain, if you could please remove your clothes and put on the gown I will start the examination.” He said. Jasmine went behind the curtain to find a pink gown hanging there and she smiled, she removed all her clothes even the gaff, she was totally nude under the gown.

Returning to the Doctor she hopped up on the table while trying to keep the gown from opening in the back. Dr. Jensen smiled at her and started to examine her, he commented on the breast forms and said they looked perfect on her. Jasmine blushed when he said that, he drew some blood and checked all her vitals. “From what I can see you are a healthy young lady, except for a minor genital malformation.” He said winking at her.
Jasmine smiled back knowing what he meant; she asked him if there was anything he could do to lessen the view of this genital malformation outside of surgery. “Well there is a procedure I could do to conceal it without major surgery, you would be uncomfortable for a few hours but once it healed it would look just like a girl’s external genitelia.” He said. Jasmine’s eyes shone with excitement and she begged him to do it, he said he would only if her Dad agreed. He left the room to go talk to her father.

Re-entering the room he was smiling telling Jasmine that he got her Dad’s approval. Jasmine was prepared for the minor surgery and she was laid out on the table with her legs in the stirrups. Dr. Jensen took a long needle and syringe and filled it with a liquid telling her it was to freeze the area. Jasmine felt a sharp poke and then nothing, the stuff worked very fast. Dr. Jensen worked expertly hiding her penis and testicals and creating a very real looking vagina, she even had several inches of penetration between the lips. Dr. Jensen did his best work and before he was done he injected a hormone pellet into her groin which would slowly release female hormones into her system. It was a new experimental pellet that if worked properly the testicals would actually convert into ovaries and start producing their own estrogen. Her hidden penis would be absorbed into her body creating a real vagina and an opening would start to develop allowing full penetration in about six Months time. He explained all of this to Jasmine who was getting more and more excited with every word she heard.

Stan had agreed to the procedure and to the experimental pellet as well, he would do anything for his child, if this worked Jasmine would be just like any other girl. She would experience having periods and the joy of becoming a mother some day. Stan knew in his heart that is what Jasmine longed for, to be just like other girls, good or bad she wanted it. Phil had explained all the hazards of trying the pellet, but they were minimal, the worst that would happen is that it did not create a vaginal canal and that Jasmine would still need surgery.

Dr. Jensen finished up and told Jasmine she could get dresses again, Jasmine returned to where her clothes were. She was excited that she would finally be a real girl, not just a sex change but a real girl! She put her bustier back on and then the panties without the gaff, it was a new experience to pull up her panties and have nothing there getting in the way. She felt the panties touch her crotch and a shiver went up her spine as she knew she would be feeling that every day now for the rest of her life. She felt so feminine so complete, she knew she was meant to be a girl and now she was! Leaving the examination room she gave Dr. Jensen a hug and thanked him for all he had done. “My pleasure honey, now I will see you in two weeks to see how the changes are going OK?” he said. Jasmine nodded with a smile, she could already feel the hormones working on her body. It was more a case of wishful thinking but the hormones would work fast and in two weeks time she would not need the breast forms any longer.

Jasmine joined her father in Dr. Jensen’s office to get all the final details as to what to expect and what to look out for. Dr. Jensen commented that if Jasmine was to get sexually excited she would feel some minor discomfort the first time but that the pain would go away fairly quickly. What he didn’t tell her is that the pellet would notice the rise in endorphins and release more hormones speeding up the transformation, in theory if she were to achieve an orgasm the changes would only take two months to complete. He knew from her father that she had a boyfriend and he wanted her to be pleasantly surprised with the speed of the changes. Her father knew of the potential speeding of the transformation and suspected that Jasmine would be complete in the two months.

Jasmine could not stop talking on the ride home she was so excited about the changes in her body, she would need new clothes, new lingerie new jewelry, her Dad just sat there driving listening to his daughter talk. He too was happy that she was now going to be a real girl, he knew that all her life she felt trapped with whom she had been but now she was free, Jasmine had awakened! She gave her Dad a hug and a kiss when he finished parking the car and she ran into the house to call Jason.

Rushing up to her room to get her phone she nearly fell over the bouquet of roses sitting on the floor in her room. She took the card and read it, “To my one true Love, I will always be here for you and wait for you all eternity if I have to. Love Jason” she burst into tears of joy as she re-read the card again. Picking up the bouquet she placed it on her dresser and smelt the roses, she loved the smell of roses it always smelled so feminine. She grabbed her phone and dialed Jason’s number, the phone rang only once and Jason picked it up. Before he could say anything she blurted out, “I love you, thank you for the roses!” Jason felt proud of himself he pleased his girl, he would always try to please her, he loved he so much it hurt.

Jasmine told him about her Doctors visit omitting the part of him hiding her “difference” she wanted to surprise him on their date on Saturday. She planned on finding out how he tasted just like in her dream. They talked for a while until she heard her Mom and sister come home; she said good-by to Jason and promised him she would be ready for their date tomorrow. Skipping down the stairs she felt the breeze rush under her dress and tickle her bare thighs, she loved that feeling! “Hi sis!” she said entering the living room where she and her Mom had just laid down their bags from shopping. Beth looked at her and knew something was different, Jasmine still looked beautiful as usual but something was different.

Jasmine sat down on the couch and gracefully crossed her legs above the knee and motioned for Beth to sit beside her. Beth complied looking at her sister funny, “Are you OK?” she asked. Jasmine beaming from ear to ear told her all about her visit to the doctor and about the pellet and surgery to conceal her “difference”. Beth could not believe it and insisted that she show her, Jasmine grabbed her hand and lead her up to her room. Once inside she closed the door and lifted up her dress showing her sister her panties, they were smooth between her legs just showing a hint of the slit hiding beneath. “Not good enough, you need to remove the panties!” stated Beth; she was having a hard time believing it was possible. Jasmine smiled and removed the dress before pulling down her panties, standing there naked from the waist down Beth saw that she was all girl! Jasmine had a real pussy! She even had a slit between two puffy lips. Her pussy had just a little tuff of hair at its base making it look very sexy.

Beth gently reached out and touched her sister’s pussy, felling the lips as her finger parted them. Jasmine shook a little as Beth touched her she was the first person besides the Dr. who had touched her. Beth was impresses and wanted to see more, so Jasmine lied down on her bed and spread her legs showing her sister the whole thing. Dr. Jensen had done a fantastic job, it looked real there was even a slight opening between her legs. Jasmine explained that in time the opening would grow allowing her to be penetrated just like any other girl. “I’ll even have periods just like you and Mom!” Jasmine exclaimed excitedly. Beth looked at her like she was crazy, “You really want to have periods?” Beth asked. Jasmine proudly said “Yes” she said it would prove she was a real girl and that one day she would be able to get pregnant.

Beth smiled and told Jasmine to get dressed again, that she would be back shortly. Jasmine decided not to put the dress back on but put on a pair of thong panties and a pair of tight shorts and a halter top. Beth returned to her room holding something behind her back, “Close your eyes.” She said. Jasmine did as she was told; she was also told to hold out her hands. Standing there with her eyes closed and her hands out in front of her Beth placed a box in her hands. “OK open your eyes!” Beth said. Jasmine looked down to her hands to find a box with a picture of a realistic dildo on it; she looked over to her sister. “Open it; see what it feels like to have a penis in your hands.” Beth said giggling; Jasmine blushed and was almost too shy to open the box. Taking it out of the box she held the dildo in her hand felling the size of it, the rigidity of it. Jasmine smiled realizing what this was for and suddenly wanted to try it out, “But I am not ready yet for this, my opening is not deep enough for anything.” Jasmine said sadly.

“Silly girl, there are other uses for a dildo you know!” Beth said, “Do you want to be the only senior girl in school who does not know how to give a blow job?” Jasmine blushed again but knew her sister was right, if she wanted to please Jason she would need to learn how to give a blow job. Beth sat on the bed and showed her what to do and made her practice it for a while. Jasmine was a natural; on her first try she deep throated the whole dildo without gagging. Beth was amazed and jealous; it had taken her six tries before she was able to do that. Beth was proud of her sister and knew she would please Jason in every way.

“Dinner time girl’s” they heard their Mom call and Jasmine placed the dildo in her night table drawer and they both ran down to the kitchen to eat. When Stan saw what Jasmine was wearing he nearly choked on his beer, he had never seen her dress so skimpy, and Jasmine giggled and gave him a kiss. “Young lady I hope you are not planning to leave this house looking like that?” he stated. Jasmine fanned being upset, “But Daddy Beth dresses like this all the time and she goes out.” She said it with a pout and a giggle. Stan tried to hold back his laughter and continue to act serious but failed and the whole family started to laugh. It felt so good to see the whole family laughing thought Emma; it has been a long time since that has happened. Until Jasmine came into our lives we were always so serious worried about Jeff, what a relief it was to see every one happy. She would miss Jeff a little but she loved Jasmine, she was such a lovely girl full of life and joy such a contrast to Jeff.

Jasmine helped her Mom clean up after dinner doing the dishes and talking about fashion and the need to shop for new clothes. Emma was proud of her daughters, they were lovely young ladies, and she was looking forward to the July Ball where she would be able to show off her daughters. Jasmine talked about her date with Jason, she was so excited to be going out with him. Emma knew from Stan about the Pellets effects and agreed with him that Jasmine would be complete in two months if not sooner. Jasmine would talk, not about anything in particular, she would just talk. Emma saw that she was acting just like Beth when she was Jasmine’s age, being a teenage girl with her hormones racing was a new experience for Jasmine and Emma was not going to prevent her from experiencing all of it. Jasmine finally told her parents she was going to go to bed and she gave them a good night kiss and went up to her room.

Jasmine did her night time routine of removing her make-up and moisturizing brushing her hair and her teeth and weighing herself. She had already lost five pounds since she started dressing as a girl full time and was now down to 140lbs. If I could loose just ten more pounds I would be the same weight as Beth she thought. Returning to her room she took off her cloths and looked at herself in the mirror, there was no question she looked like a girl now! She had breasts and a pussy, no boy had that! She got excited and hugged herself loving what she looked like it was a start, in time her curves would develop and she would only become more feminine and sexy. She was feeling sexy so she put on a red baby-doll nighty that came with a matching thong panty. Beth was right, they do make me feel feminine she thought as she adjusted the panties over her new pussy.

Climbing into bed she opened her night stand drawer and pulled out the dildo. Feeling it in her hand gave her a warm feeling in her tummy that spread to her nipples and to her pussy. She felt a sharp pain for just a second in her pussy and then it was gone, remembering what the Dr. had said she was not worried. She began sucking on the dildo fantasizing that it was Jason’s cock; she pushed it down her throat as far as she could get it and then sucked it as she pulled it back out. She was feeling hot, her nipples tingled and again she got a short sharp pain in her pussy this time a tingling feeling stayed behind. It was not uncomfortable, instead it felt good, and she continued to suck on the dildo dropping one hand down to her pussy. She started to rub her pussy splitting the lips and running her fingers between them, it felt so good. She found where the little opening was and started to push it in with her fingers, the skin gave a little and allowed her finger to enter in about two inches. It was so sensitive; it felt so good, the fire that was burning in her tummy spread though out her body. Her pussy felt so hot so good so wet! She took the dildo and rubbed her pussy with it sliding it between her lips. She could feel her pussy open and allow the dildo to slide between the lips, she tried to put the dildo into her opening but it would not go, it hurt yet it felt so good! She was reaching an orgasm and she continued to rub her pussy with the dildo, she let out a soft moan as she reached her full orgasm and could feel the liquid squirt out of her. She placed her hand over her pussy feeling all the liquid coming out, she brought her hand up to see what it looked like thinking that it probably was cum from her hidden penis. What she saw was not cum but real vaginal fluid, it was clear and didn’t smell like cum, she had never seen what vaginal fluid looks like but she did know what cum looked like and this was definitely not cum.

Jasmine woke the next morning and just laid in her bed feeling different, she could not put her finger on what was different it just was. She finally got up threw on her robe and went to the bathroom, sitting down to relieve herself it hit her. I didn’t have the pressure of a morning hard-on! She thought. She felt content and more relaxed without the hard-on; she had always hated having to look at it every morning. Satisfied with her conclusions she returned to her room and got undressed, looking at herself in the mirror she thought she looked different more curvy. Her hips looked bigger or was it her waist was smaller? She didn’t care she looked more like a girl and that was all that mattered. Putting on a fresh pair of panties and bra she slid on a T-shirt dress and a pair of flat sandals. Jasmine put her hair up in a ponytail and headed down for breakfast, she didn’t want to put any make-up on yet she wanted to wait to get ready for her date.

Stan was in the kitchen with Emma talking about what they had heard the night before, apparently Jasmine was not as quiet as she thought she was. “It’s OK Stan all young girl’s explore their bodies sooner or later, it’s only natural! How old were you when you first played with yourself?” Emma asked. She was defending Jasmine’s self discovery from the night before. “It’s different for boys!” Stan tried to say, realizing that just last week Jasmine was a boy. “Well she could do it a little quieter!” he complained, it was not the fact that she was pleasuring herself that bothered him it was the thought that some day a guy would be doing it for her. He felt protective over his daughter and didn’t want her to get hurt. Just then Jasmine walked into the room and they changed the topic quickly. Beth following right behind, she gave Jasmine a pinch on the bum, “Nice ass sis!” she said causing Jasmine to blush. “So did you enjoy “chuck” last night?” Beth whispered to her, “I could hear you from my room, I’m sure Mom and Dad did as well.”

Jasmine blushed even more and was shy to look anyone in their eyes; Mom came over to her and told her it was OK. “Don’t be ashamed Honey, it’s natural for a girl to discover herself, you just happen to be a moaner.” The last part came out with a giggle. Jasmine started to giggle as well and Beth revealed that she was a screamer, their Dad was now red with embarrassment, he was not used to hearing “girl” talk. All the women giggled at his expense and told him he better get used to it for now he was out numbered. Stan faked a pout and Jasmine came over and sat on his lap telling him she was still on his side even if she was a girl now. He hugged her, he loved his little girl.

After breakfast Jasmine and Beth went up to jasmines room to pick out the perfect outfit for her date. Beth was jealous of her for she would not be able to see her boyfriend until she got back to school. “Were you telling the truth when you said you were a screamer?” Jasmine asked. Beth nodded and told her the story of her first time with a boy. Jasmine could not wait until she was able to be with Jason in that way. The girl’s searched through the closet looking for that perfect outfit but could not find it. Beth suggested they head over to the Mall to look for a dress that would work. Jasmine agreed and called her friends to join them in their quest. Amy was all for it and Susan agreed to meet them there in one hour, Jasmine needed to put some make-up on if she was going to go out of the house. She quickly did her make-up just putting on the bare minimum but even with that she looked hot, her face had taken on a new feminine look. Her skin was soft and smooth, her cheek bones were more defined and her eyes looked bigger. All the angular shapes that were once there were now replaced with soft curves; her nose was now cute with a slight up turn that would only work on a girls face.

The changes in Jasmines body were dramatic yet subtle, she had been dressing like a girl now for a week and the curves she was developing just seemed natural. The changes to her internally were more dramatic, her testicals were now gone, replaced with infantile ovaries not yet ready to produce their own hormones. She was also developing a uterus and a womb which in time would be fully developed as well. Jasmine could feel the changes happening to her body but they were not uncomfortable, it felt more like a rumbling stomach when you are hungry. The girls told their patents they were going to the Mall to look for a dress and asked to borrow Daddies credit card. Stan looked at his daughters knowing it was going to cost him but he loved spoiling them and he gave them his card.

At the Mall the three girls started to hit all the dress shops looking for that perfect dress, Jasmine tried on dress after dress with no luck. She was loosing hope of ever finding that perfect dress, Susan finally showed up and was briefed on their quest. Susan suggested they leave the Mall and go to a small shop near there, it specialized in special occasion dresses and she was sure Jasmine would find it there. They all agreed and off to the shop they went. The shop was located in a small strip Mall just south of the big Mall, it didn’t look like much and Jasmine was loosing faith. When they walked in Jasmines eyes lit up, the shop was filled with gorgeous dresses in every color under the sun, in every type of material imaginable. She went over to the first rack and started to look through it; an older lady came out of the back and asked the girls if she could help them.

Beth told the lady that it was Jasmines first date and she needed a perfect dress for the occasion. The lady smiled and looked at Jasmine, seeing that she was a lovely young girl with perfect skin and beautiful long hair. “I have just the dress, wait here it’s in the back.” She said and disappeared behind a curtain. A few seconds later she emerged carrying a beautiful emerald green dress that was perfect. It was a off the shoulder style that had a tight fitting bodice which would show off her curves, the dress would hug her hips and then flared out slightly down to the knees. There was a slit up the side of the dress that would open up when she walked exposing her leg with every step.

Jasmine had to try it on, her heart was racing with excitement over this dress, she needed it, she wanted it. Politely she took the dress from the lady with shaking hands and headed over to the change room. Once inside she removed her clothes and was preparing to put it on when the lady entered the change room. Jasmine shyly covered herself as the lady smiled, “Sorry dear but I figured you should have the right lingerie to wear if you want to try it on properly.” She said. Laying down some lingerie on the bench, “May I assist you in changing?” she asked. Jasmine getting over her shyness said yes and relaxed. “You are such a lovely young lady.” She said as she helped Jasmine step out of her panties. Handing Jasmine a pair of emerald green panties she slid them up her legs and positioned them on her hips, she noticed that her hips seemed even bigger that when she woke up. Jasmine turned to look in the mirror and she saw her new curves very sexy and feminine she had “child bearing” hips full and feminine. Her mouth dropped open seeing how shapely she suddenly was; looking up to her breasts she could see that the breast forms were looking bigger like her own breasts were pushing them out further.

“Honey I don’t think you need to wear those fake breasts any more.” The lady said. Jasmine looked at her in shock, “How did you know?” she asked. “My dear I have been doing this job for nearly my entire life I have seen almost everything, breast forms I can spot a mile away.” She said proudly. Jasmine blushed, “I’m sorry, I’ve been talking to you and I don’t even know your name, I’m Jasmine.” She said politely. The lady smiled, “Pleased to meet you Jasmine I’m Mrs. Jensen but you can call me Carla.” Jasmine’s mouth dropped open, “Are you Dr. Jensen’s wife by chance?” she asked. Carla nodded with a smile, “So you are the young lady my husband told me so much about. Please have no fear I will not tell anyone.” Jasmine smiled and nodded, “It’s OK if you do I am not ashamed for who I am.” “One day I will be a real girl and nobody will be able to take that away from me.”

Carla told Jasmine she knew all about the Pellet and what it was designed to do, she also let her in on the secret of the Pellet to Jasmines delight. “I can speed up the process if I have an orgasm?” she questioned and Carla nodded. “My niece was just like you and she received the Pellet six weeks ago, she is now a fully functional girl even having her first period last week!” Carla stated. “If you have several orgasms in a row the changes speed up greatly, I can tell by your curves you have already had your first orgasm.” Jasmine blushed and told her how she reached her first orgasm, and what she was planning on doing to her boyfriend tonight. “My god you really want to change fast don’t you girl?” Carla stated. “Well then let’s get this dress fitted OK.”

Jasmine put on the matching green corset and Carla tightened it up reducing her waist down to a fit 24”. Jasmine was happy with her look and let Carla help her slide the black stockings up her legs and fasten them to the garter straps hanging from the corset. Slipping the dress over her head she felt the soft material envelop her body sending goose bumps up and down her spine. After straightening out the dress Jasmine slid on a pair of four-inch emerald green pumps and stepped out of the change room to show the others.
Beth’s mouth dropped open with awe, Jasmine was gorgeous! Amy started to giggle uncontrollably and gave Jasmine a hug she was so excited for her. Susan stood there speechless just staring at her. Jasmine looked at her and smiled, “So do you think Jason will like it?” she asked. Susan nodded yes, “Not only is he going to love it but I think he is going to have an orgasm just looking at you!” Susan said. “Now that is the response you want from a man!” Carla said with a giggle. All the girls started laughing.

Jasmine took off the dress and the lingerie and Carla wrapped them all up, Jasmine went to pay but Carla refused to take any money from her. “Let this be a gift from me to you; just promise me you will bring your boyfriend around so that I may meet the luck young man.” Jasmine gave her a hug and promised that she would. Now that she had the dress she needed jewelry so back to the Mall they went. Jasmine found the perfect crystal jewelry for the dress and bought the whole set. There were earrings in a chandelier style, a necklace with a pendant on it and a tennis bracelet, all in a shinny black with a hint of emerald green in them. Beth suggested Jasmine get her nails done in the same color as her dress and all the girls agreed she should. Half hour later Jasmine was looking at her hands with the emerald tips on them; she was getting excited about seeing Jason’s reaction.

Arriving back at home she had to show her Mom the dress and the lingerie as well as the jewelry, Emma was proud of her daughter’s shopping skills. “She is definitely thinking like a girl.” She thought. Jasmine wanted to show them to her Daddy as well but he was not home having to leave to deal with some issues that had come up. Jasmine went to her room and hung up the dress she still had several hours before she had to be ready. She called Jason to tell him the good news, Jason answered the phone on the first ring his heart racing when he saw her name come up on the call display. I really need to get a picture of her for my phone he thought.

“Hi baby, how was your shopping?” he asked, Jasmine loved it when he called her baby that meant he wanted her. “My shopping was fantastic, I found the perfect dress but you will have to wait to see it I’m not even going to talk about it.” This was nearly impossible for her for she was so excited about it. Somehow she managed not to tell him despite him asking several times, she did tell him about the lingerie which made him blush, she could almost fell it through the phone. They talked for one hour before Jasmine told him she needed to go to get ready; this was strange to Jason for they still had four hours before he was going to pick her up. Jason said good-by and suddenly felt lonely the minute he hung up the phone. He missed her already; this was going to be the longest four hours of his life.

He put the phone down and looked over his choice of clothes; he decided to wear his good suit, if Jasmine’s dress was as fancy as Susan said it was he would need to look good for her. Under normal circumstances he would have just worn a good pair of slacks and a sweater but for some reason that was not good enough for Jasmine. He needed to impress her; he wanted her to want him just by looking at him so a suit it had to be. He wanted to look like James Bond all cool and manly, he didn’t own a tux but his black suit would work nicely. He picked out a new white shirt and an emerald tie that he had never worn. He didn’t know the color of her dress but felt he should wear the green tie; it was new and looked good on him.

Jasmine prepared a bubble bath with scented candles as lighting for her relaxing bath, on a whim she also brought “chuck” with her, if what Carla said was true she would try for another orgasm before she went on her date. Jasmine had organized everything for her date, she had picked out the make-up she would wear and laid out all the lingerie on her bed the dress hung on the door to her closet. Jasmine grabbed her portable stereo and her favorite romantic CD and went into the bathroom. She placed “chuck” on the edge of the tub and turned on the music. Pulling out the solvent she removed the breast forms and placed them on the counter. She rubbed her nipples feeling that they were swollen and puffy, not truly realizing that they were growing very quickly, her breasts were about an A cup right now. Stepping into the tub she let out a sigh as the hot water enveloped her body.

She lay there relaxing for a few minutes feeling the warmth on her breasts it had been a week since they had seen the daylight, she started to gently rub her nipples feeling them react to her touch. They felt good and a warm tingling feeling spread from her nipples down to her pussy. “Wow that felt good!” she thought and continued to play with her nipples. They grew in size as they tightened and she rolled the nipples between her fingers a soft moan escaped her lips. The warm feeling was now back in her tummy and slowly spreading to the rest of her body; again she felt the sharp quick pain in her pussy leaving just as fast as it came. She now started to squeeze her breasts massaging them, it felt so good and she moaned again just a little louder. The warm feeling in her tummy grew in intensity and it moved to her pussy and breasts, she dropped her right hand down to her pussy and started to rub it. A shock of electricity ran through her body as her fingers touched her clit, this was new she thought I didn’t have a clit this morning! Again she touched her clit sending another wave of electricity through her body.

Jasmine was starting to moan louder nearing the level of the music but she didn’t care, she felt so good. Her fingers slid down past her clit splitting her lips and finding her opening, gently she pushed her fingers in. This time they went in further without force, she buried her fingers into her hole up to the knuckles. “My god it feels so good!” she moaned. Her other hand was still massaging her breasts causing her nipples to stay erect, she pulled her fingers out of her opening and grabbed “Chuck”. Submerging “Chuck” she guided him to her pussy rubbing him across her clit she nearly jumped out of the tub, “Oh God!” she exclaimed. She then guided him to her opening and pushed him in slowly, she could feel her pussy open up to take him in as he slowly went deeper into her. Six inches into her he stopped and would not go any further, she tried to force him in but it hurt and she had to pull him out. She pushed him in again this time a little faster, she could feel him in her rubbing the inside of her opening sending sparks of electricity up to her breasts.

Jasmine continued to push and pull “Chuck” in and out of her pussy faster and faster, with each push she could fell herself get closer and closer to an orgasm. She arced her back raising her pussy out of the water as she pushed ‘Chuck” deeper into her pussy. She was now wrapped up it her building orgasm that she had not realized that she was nearly burring “Chuck” into her pussy. The pellet was going into overdrive changing her body even faster than what Dr. Jensen thought was possible. Jasmine’s breasts grew quickly; they were now nearly a B cup and were heading to a C cup like a rocket. Jasmine could feel her pussy grip “Chuck” as she worked him in and out as her orgasm builds till finally her body and mind went over the edge and she released a massive orgasm. This orgasm was like nothing else in the world; her body shook as wave after wave rushed through her. She could feel her pussy contract around “Chuck” trying to milk it for liquids it did not have. She let out a loud moan as the final and most intense wave hit her she thrashed in the tub as her body went into seizures of pure ecstasy, her pussy gushed out fluids as it fully formed creating her labia and vaginal canal.

Jasmine laid in the tub totally spent and now totally female, she could feel that the changes were complete and finished, she felt her breasts cupping them in her hands she reasoned that they were about a C cup, the same as if she still had the forms on. Reaching between her legs she felt her pussy, it was complete her fingers traced out the labia and gently touched her clit which made her shiver. She smiled; “I’m a real girl now!” she whispered to herself and started to giggle uncontrollably. “Jasmine are you almost done, I need to get ready too you know!” Beth said through the door. Jasmine quickly got out of the tub and let Beth in. Beth could see that Jasmine was smiling from ear to ear, why was she so happy? Beth looked at her sister and saw how sexy and feminine her body was as she stood there naked. She had changed some more, looking closer she saw that her breasts looked bigger and reasoned that the breast forms were being pushed out by her own growth, until she glanced over to the counter and saw the forms sitting there.

“Jasmine your breasts!” Beth exclaimed, Jasmine smiled “There all me now, I am all girl now!” Beth’s mouth dropped as Jasmine showed her, her new clit and labia. “I think I even have real ovaries Beth, I can feel them working!” she said excitedly. Beth hugged her sister and congratulated her on becoming a girl finally. “So does this change your plans for your date with Jason?” Beth asked. “No I still want to do what I originally planned on doing; now that I am complete I want to save my virginity till Prom night.”
Beth smiled for she too waited for Prom night to loose her virginity. Jasmine wrapped a towel around her body and returned to her room holding the breast forms in her hands.
She placed the forms into their box and closed it just as her Mom came into her room.

“Are you OK honey, you are not wearing the breast forms? Mom asked looking concerned. Jasmine smiled and lowered her towel revealing her own beautiful firm breasts to her Mom. “I won’t need them any longer Mom I have my own.” She said proudly. Emma had to sit on the bed; she was amazed that the Pellet could work so quickly, she asked Jasmine to show her the rest of her body which Jasmine did proudly.
“I’m a real girl now Mommy!” Jasmine said as her Mom got up and hugged her complete daughter for the first time. With the help of her Mom and Beth got ready for her date, she wanted to look prefect for Jason. Jasmine did her own make-up doing her eyes in a smoky green shade that brought out her natural eye color. Beth and her Mom worked on her hair curling it so that she had ringlets of curls cascading down her back. Putting on the panties and the corset she had her Mom tighten it so that her now 24” waist was down to a 22”. Jasmine had a gorgeous figure, 36C 24 36 normally but now with a 22” waist she looked awesome, like a Barbie doll! Emma could not believe how much or how fast Jasmine had changed, it was just two week ago that she was a boy! Now she was a gorgeous complete girl preparing to go on her first date with a boy!

Jasmine was ready fifteen minutes early so she waited in her room thinking about what she wanted to do to and with Jason. She could feel her pussy tingle with excitement and could also feel the slight dampness it was causing in her panties. She didn’t want to ruin her panties so she borrowed a few panty liners from her sister to trap the moisture. Jason showed up right at eight and was let in by Stan, he had returned just in time to see his little girl off on her first date. Stan had not seen Jasmine since she got ready so he was just as awe struck as Jason when they saw her coming down the stairs. First thing Jason saw were Jasmine’s legs looking fabulous in her black stockings and high heels. As she descended the stairs the rest of her came into view, Jason nearly came in his pants she was gorgeous! The dress was perfect on her; the color accented her skin tone and gave her a feminine glow that Jason found irresistible. Jasmine’s face was flawless, her lips shone in the light showing their feminine beauty and fullness, he just wanted to grab her and kiss her, ravage her!

Jasmine nervously descended the stairs trying not to fall; her knees were shaking from excitement and fear, would Jason like what he saw? When Jasmine saw the look on Jason’s face she knew she was perfect, he could not look away, glancing down to his crotch she saw that he had a hard-on. Jasmine smiled knowing that Jason approved of how she looked, and was looking forward to thanking him in a very personal way. Stan was also at a loss for words, he could see that Jasmine’s breasts were real not the breast forms; he knew in his heart that Jasmine was now all girl! Viewing his gorgeous daughter he suddenly felt proud of her beauty and also protective over her. He didn’t want anyone hurting his little girl. Stan knew Jason was madly in love with her and was confident that he would never do anything to hurt her, so with his blessing he saw them out for their date.

Jason proudly escorted Jasmine out to his Fathers car and opened the door for her; Jasmine entered the car with expert feminine poise that just drove Jason wild with desire.
Jason ran over to the driver’s door and jumped in, he didn’t want to waste any time he could have with Jasmine. Jason’s Dad had lent him his Cadillac for the night so they could ride in comfort, Jason’s car was a little Honda Civic that needed lots of work but it ran good enough for him. Jasmine loved riding in the Cadillac, it was big and luxurious and she felt pampered in it. Jason drove to the theater for they had tickets to see the philharmonic play a night of Mozart, both Jason and Jasmine loved classical music even though only Jasmine could play the piano. Jason remembered watching his best friend play the piano and making fun of him that he was so girly at the piano, now he was a girl and he would never make fun of her again for being girly.

The theater was a high society function and even though their families were wealthy they didn’t run in the same circles as the rest of the rich people. Jason took Jasmine by the arm and escorted her to their booth seats; they would be able to watch and heard with perfect quality. Jason had spent a lot of time and money to arrange for the seats he wanted thins evening to be perfect. The Orchestra started to play the intro and everyone took their seats to watch them play. The music was phenomenal and Jasmine thoroughly enjoyed herself, she held Jason’s hand throughout the whole first set never letting go. When intermission came an attendant showed up and served them some refreshments and appetizers, they were both to young to drink so sodas were offered. During the second half Jasmine laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes she wanted to enjoy this moment forever, she was content. At the end of the recital the orchestra was given a standing ovation and they played two encores for the audience, Jasmine thought it was a perfect night so far.

Afterwards Jason drove over to the Country Club for dinner and dancing, the Country Club had the best and fanciest restaurant in town. The Maitre Di took their names and smiled, Jason had reserved a private booth were they could be alone. They were escorted to their booth, which was more like a little room just for them. The booth had a large table in it all decorated nicely with fine linen and fancy china. There was a candelabrum in the centre of the table with eight candles lit. Jasmine loved the romantic theme and gave Jason a kiss for all his efforts. Jason pulled out the chair for her and as she sat he presented her with a red rose, Jasmine nearly started to cry, this date was perfect, Jason was perfect! They ate and talked for hours taking their time enjoying the night, they might have been friends all their lives but things were different now; Jasmine was so full of life and joy. Jason finally asked her to dance and she jumped at the chance she wanted so much to be close to him.

Jason lead her to the dance floor and just as they got there the music changed to a slow song, Jason took her hand and with his other arm he wrapped it around her tiny waist, Jasmine allowed him to lead as she eagerly followed him across the dance floor. Jasmine had never danced as a girl before but she took to it like a fish to water. Jason had no problems leading her and she even laid her head on his chest as they danced. Three slow songs played in a row and they danced them all, Jasmine was in a dream like state raptured in the moment and letting her emotions guide her movements. As the final slow song came to an end Jasmine looked up into Jason’s eyes and was met with a kiss, her mouth opened to receive his tongue and she totally submitted to his desire as he kissed her with passion. They walked back to their booth arm in arm totally oblivious to those around them, they were in love.

Jasmine suggested they go for a walk around the Country Club before they returned for desert. Jason agreed and informed the waiter that they would be back later for desert and to have the booth ready for them. Jasmine took Jason’s hand and lead him outside to the walking path; she had been planning this for a long time. Leading him to a secluded area where they would not be disturbed she started to kiss him on the neck. Jasmine knew this drove Jason crazy with desire and as she kissed him she let her hand drop down and she started to rub Jason’s crotch. Jason reacted, his hard-on grew and it was now uncomfortable in his pants, Jasmine looked at him and licked her lips in a playful and seductive way before dropping to her knees. Jason was in shock but didn’t try to stop her; he wanted this just as much as she did. Jasmine unzipped his pants and reached in feeling his cock in her hand, she fished it out of his boxers. As his dick sprang out she could see that it was almost as big as “Chuck” and she was happy, she opened her mouth and guided him in slowly. She wanted to savor every inch of his cock; she closed her mouth around it and slowly pulled it out of her mouth only to push it back in a little further each time. She loved the taste of his cock and the smell of his manhood was getting her wet, she so much wanted to feel him in her but she made a promise to herself to wait and she would. Jasmine continued to suck on his cock slurping ever so often as her saliva built up in her mouth, Jason was moaning with pleasure with every slurp.

Jasmine wanted to taste his cum and she sped up her stroking with her mouth deep thoating with every push, Jason began moaning more and she could feel his dick twitch in her mouth, He was close she knew it and she sped up even more sucking with all her heart. She felt his cock get harder and Jason reached down and held her head, she could taste the salty precum and she desired more. Suddenly his dick stiffened up and she could feel the cum blasting out of it hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed all of it as she milked his dick for every ounce of his seed, the taste was heaven to her, and she loved it!
She continued to suck him until he went soft in her mouth; she made sure to clean him up with her mouth savoring all that he could offer. Standing up she reached into her purse and with a hanky she cleaned up her mouth and re-did her lipstick. “Now that is what I call desert.” She said with a smile and a wink, Jason started to laugh and gave her a deep kiss forcing her to have to re-do her lipstick once again.

Both contented they returned to the restaurant for desert and more dancing, Jason told her that next time it was his turn to pleasure her, she smiled knowing that he would be in for a surprise. The booth had been redecorated and she now saw that all her friends were there waiting for them to return. “Surprise” they yelled and all the girls came over and gave her a hug. “We just wanted to welcome you to the group and to the school.” Amy said. Susan and all the cheerleaders were there to welcome her into the world of “womanhood” Beth had informed them all about her total transformation. All the guy’s were congratulating Jason for such a fine catch and asking if she had other sisters they could date. In total there must have been thirty people there to welcome Jasmine into the group and school, all of them knew that she was Jeff but no one cared. Jasmine was overwhelmed with emotion and she started to cry for joy. The girl’s pulled her into the ladies room so she could fix up her make-up.

Amy was curious to see Jasmines new sex, so were several other girls so Jasmine lifted up her dress and lowered her panties and showed them all that she truly was a girl. “Wow, your pussy looks better than mine!” exclaimed Tracy one of the cheerleaders. “Are you still a virgin?” one of the other girls asked and Jasmine nodded. They all giggled. “Sister you are going to love having sex, there is nothing like having a big hard dick filling your pussy!” Tracy said, “Take it from me size does mater.” All the girls giggled. Jasmine loved being one of the girls and enjoyed all the girl talk, she found out that girls talk about sex more than the guys did. The evening went wonderfully and soon it was time for Jason to take her home. He escorted her to the car and they headed home, Jason parked the car several blocks from her home and they started making out. Jasmine loved it she allowed Jason to feel her breasts; he touched her nipple sending a shock through her body and into her pussy. It felt so much better than when she touched herself. She submitted to his touching and soon she felt his hand on her thigh working up her leg towards her pussy.

At first she was going to stop him but her desires won out as she let him continue feeling her leg. Jason slowly inched his hand closer and closer to her pussy, expecting her to stop him but she didn’t. His fingers reached the edge of her panties and he started to tremble, he had never been this close to girl’s panties, especially while they were still on the girl. Jasmine shifted in the seat to allow Jason better access to her pussy, she wanted him to feel her to know she was real. Jason moved his fingers over her panties tracing out her pussy; he could feel her labia under the material he pressed his fingers down feeling the labia part allowing his fingers to enter a little. Jasmine moaned as he felt her up enjoying the sensations that his fingers were producing. Jason reached up and under her panties making flesh on flesh contact with her pussy; he could feel the wetness under his fingers and his dick getting hard.

As Jason was fingering Jasmines pussy she reached over and unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. She started to stroke him up and down causing his dick to get even harder. Jason’s fingers found her opening and sank into it; he wiggled his fingers and could feel them go in even deeper into her pussy. Jason’s eyes grew big when he realized Jasmine was all girl! He looked at her as she smiled and continued to stroke him with her sexy feminine hand. Jason smiled back and licked his lips just like she had done earlier in the night; Jasmine’s eyes grew as she realized what he was going to do.

Spreading her legs open he lifted her dress to expose her crotch and her wet panties, he pulled her panties off placing them on the seat beside him. Dropping his head down he smelt her aroma and salivated at the sight of her pussy, gently he took his tongue and touched her labia. Jasmine twitched with anticipation for what was coming next, as his tongue slip across her labia up to her clit. She moaned as his tongue licked her clit then she gasped as he started to suck on her clit driving her to an orgasm. Her body shock as she orgasmed but Jason didn’t stop there; he continued to lick her pussy causing her to build up to another orgasm. Jason was unstoppable as her continued to pleasure her causing her orgasm to build and recede several times before he plunged his tongue deep into her hole. She screamed as her orgasm bust forth and she came, wave after wave of orgasms hit her as she bucked. The whole time Jason was still licking her slurping up all of her juices consuming it all. Totally spent and contented her body went limp from the massive orgasms she had had, Jason rose up after cleaning her up with his tongue and with a napkin he cleaned off his mouth. “Now that’s what I call desert!” he said with a smile.

Jasmine was too exhausted to disagree and just smiled; she leaned over to him and told him she loved him. He returned the words and they kissed for several minutes. Once they both had enough energy Jasmine re-did her lipstick and Jason drove her home. He promised he would be over the next day and got out to open the door for her. As she got out he handed her her panties with a smile and promised he would be getting “desert” more often later. Jasmine blushed and stuffed the panties into he purse before entering the house.

It was almost one in the morning when Jasmine tip toed into the house, she didn’t know why she felt guilty but she giggled to herself as she crossed the floor heading to the stairs.
“Did you have a good time honey?” Stan spoke causing her to scream out of fright. “Daddy you scared me! Why are you sitting here in the dark?” Jasmine was gripping her chest when he turned on the light. He was smiling at his daughter; he knew what she was planning on doing for Beth accidently spilt the beans. He wanted to torture her in fun for a little while, watch her squirm trying to explain what she had done that night. “Well young lady did you have fun?” Stan asked again. “Yes Daddy, I did, Jason was such a gentleman.” She went on to tell him all about her evening leaving out of course the blowjobs. Stan continued to push for more details watching her squirm as she tried to avoid the topic. Finally he told her that he knew letting her off the hook with a smile he hugger her. “So honey, did you have a good time?” he said again. This time Jasmine blushed and told him everything not holding anything back. She had always had a good relationship with her Dad and was always honest with him, why should she change now that she was a girl?

Stan looked happy that his girl was able to stay in control and not loose her virginity on her first date. He told her he was proud of her and as for the reason why. Jasmine admitted to him that it was hard for she truly loved Jason and wanted him bad. She also revealed to him what her plans were for Grad night; he smiled remembering her mother on Grad night. He figured it was a family tradition to loose their virginity on Gran night.
He bade her good night with a kiss on the forehead and headed up to his wife feeling horny and wanting to get his “desert” as well. Jasmine skipped up the stairs feeling great, she was a girl in love and could not wait for tomorrow to see Jason again.

Waking up late Sunday morning Jasmine felt refreshed and full of energy, she had not felt this good in years, was it because she was a girl or because she was in love? She got up and called Jason, he sleepily answered the phone, “Hello.” He said, Jasmine full of energy smiled at his voice and responded “Wake up, my love; I want to spend time with you today.” Jason was wide awake; he too wanted to be with her, he dreamt that he was making love to her all night and he wanted more! They made arrangements to meet at the park and Jasmine promised to be more careful this time while crossing the street. She hung up the phone and went into the bathroom to shower and get ready.

Stan and Emma were at the table talking about how fast the changes had happened with Jasmine and decided that she should see Dr. Jensen sooner than two weeks. Stan called Phil Jensen at home and told him of the rapid changes; he agreed to see her first thing Monday morning. Jasmine would have to miss the first day back to school after spring break. When Jasmine entered the kitchen for breakfast her parents informed her of her appointment with the Dr. Jasmine was a little upset that she would have to miss school but understood the seasons for it. It would also give the school time to change all her school records to show her new name and gender.

Stan had spent the previous week organizing all the needed paper work to have the changes done legally; he wanted his little girl to be recognized as a real girl. With his connections from work and the Country Club he had no problem in getting it done, Jasmine was now legally a girl right down to her Birth Certificate. Jasmine would have all the same advantages and disadvantages as any other girl her age.

Jasmine met with Jason at the park and they kissed and held hands sharing their dreams and fears with each other. They had become even closer friends now, “friends with benefits” Jason joked, and Jasmine just giggled and gave him a kiss. She told him that she would be missing the first day back to school and the reason for it. He agreed with her parents that it was a good idea to make sure everything was as it was supposed to be. He told her he would pick up any home work that she would need to complete and that he would tell her friends why she was not there. All her friends were looking forward to seeing her in school. Jasmine thanked him for all that he had done for her and told him again that she loved him.

Back at home Beth was packing to go back to school; she had had a wonderful time during spring break getting to know her new sister. She was looking forward to coming back for Jasmine’s Graduation ceremonies; she was planning on taking lots of pictures.
Jasmine entered her sister’s room and sat on the bed and watched as her sister packed, she was going to miss her; she had helped her become the girl that she was. “I’m going to miss you sis.” Jasmine told Beth. Beth gave her a hug, “You’ll do fine without me sis, and you have lots of good friends who will help you.” “I know sis but you are still my best friend.” Jasmine said with tears in her eyes. Beth gave her another hug and then both girls started packing talking and giggling as they worked.

Stan loaded the SUV with Beth’s bags, turning down the help from the girls, he was the man around this place and he was not going to let his daughters lift heavy suitcases. He felt proud of his girls they were both very pretty and smart, in time he would ask them to join him in his company and help him run it. He knew that Jasmine would probably marry Jason and Jason would be a great asset to his company. “I may have lost a son but I will gain a wonderful son in law in Jason.” He said to himself. Emma was packing a lunch for their trip back to the University with Beth and Jasmine lent her a hand in packing it. Jasmine wanted to come along as well so it was going to be a full car on the trip there.

Monday morning came too early for Jasmine and she groaned as her mother woke her up, the only time Dr. Jensen had available was at eight so she had to be up at six if she was going to be ready on time. After her shower she picked out a light sundress that would be easy to remove at the Dr. Office, she wanted to wear her thong panties but decided to go a little more conservative and wore the bikini ones instead. After doing her make-up she put her hair up in a ponytail slipped on her four-inch sandals and headed down for breakfast. Her parents were already there drinking their morning coffee and she helped herself to a cup, she normally drank tea but today she wanted coffee. Leaving the house Jason was waiting for her to wish her luck with a kiss before he went off to school.

Arriving at the Dr. Office Jasmine and her parents were greeted by Dr. Jensen and ushered into the examination room. “So your parents tell me that you are completely changed into a girl.” Dr. Jensen stated. Jasmine blushed a little and nodded her head and let out a little giggle. “If you would like young lady could you go change into the gown, I’ll be back in a minute.” With that Dr. Jensen took her parents into his office to talk. Jasmine removed her clothes and put on the gown, she knew what was going to happen, Beth had told her all about the “Examination” she would have to do once a year for the rest of her life now. Jasmine touched her pussy with her fingers and felt a chill run through her, her pussy was very sensitive, so were her nipples. The slightest touch would cause her nipples to stand out; it was a little embarrassing if it happened in public.

Dr. Jensen returned with her Mom at his insistence he wanted Jasmine to be comfortable with what he was going to do. “Ok young lady up on the table lets see what we have.” He said calmly. Jasmine got up on the table and as instructed by her Mom placed her legs in the stirrups. She felt exposed and scared a little, she held onto her Mother’s hand while the Dr. took a look. Phil was amazed at how fast the Pellet worked, it was not supposed to work that fast. All the previous test subjects took a month or longer to completely change, he looked and saw that she truly was a real girl, Jasmine had all the right equipment, her labia was perfectly formed as was her clitoris. He checked inside and found that she was intact, her hymen was still there, and she was still a virgin. He took a pap smear to test, which hurt Jasmine the most as she squeezed her Mom’s hand when it was being done. “Welcome to womanhood dear!” her Mom said with a smile. Jasmine smiled back, she was willing to undergo this treatment yearly if it meant she was a real girl.

Dr Jensen finished up and told Jasmine she could get dressed. “When you are dressed meet us over in my office dear.” He said with a smile. Jasmine changed as fast as she could she was curious as to what he had found. She knocked and entered the office and took a seat between her parents. Phil looked at her and then at the results of her blood test that were done earlier and smiled. “Well I think I know why your transformation was so quick.” He said. “Last night I reviewed your test results and found that you were lacking the high levels of testosterone that a normal boy your age has.” Stan looked at Emma and then back to the Doctor. “What does that mean?” he asked. “From what I have gathered Jeff was not a normal boy after all, in fact he may have been what some call inter sexed.”
“What that means is that he was born with both genders in him although the male was more dominant at birth so he looked just like any other boy. As he grew the female gender was becoming more dominant thus making him look more feminine that other boys.” Phil said. “So you are saying that my child would have become a girl eventually without the help of the pellet?” Emma asked. “No, she would have just looked more like a girl but she would not have had breasts or a vagina. What the pellet did was complete what Mother Nature started.” “I strongly believe that if we had done nothing Jeff would have gone into a depression and maybe even tried to kill himself.”

Jasmine sat there listening to what the Doctor was saying, he was right, she was starting to feel depressed as of late, if it wasn’t for her parents tricking her into dressing that week-end she probably would have tried to kill herself eventually. Jasmine reached out and held her parents hands, they looked at her and she started to cry. “Thank you so much for saving me, I would have done just like Dr. Jensen said if you had not saved me.” She said between sniffles. Stan and Emma hugged their daughter, they loved her so much, and they would have done everything possible to keep her safe. Phil smiled, he loved helping people solve their problems, some he could and some all he could do was try, this was definitely a solved problem. “All I can say now is that Jasmine is 100% girl who is on her way to become a woman.” He said proudly. Looking right at Jasmine he told her to be ready for her first menstrual cycle for he saw that she was nearing ovulation. “It should happen within the next week or two, so don’t be afraid, it just means you are becoming a woman.” He reassured her.

Jasmine sat proudly with the knowledge that she was 100% girl and that she was going to have a period! Without fear or shyness she asked the Doctor for some birth control pills so she would not get pregnant. Her Father started to cough uncontrollably and her Mom started to giggle. Dr. Jensen was at a loss for words and looked to her parents for guidance. Stan recovered quickly and told Phil to do as she asked, “I’m too young to be a grandfather!” he stated. They all laughed as Phil wrote out the prescription for the pill. “Now young lady you must take one a day every day never missing a day understand?” Jasmine smiled, “Yes Sir!” she said with a salute and a giggle. Phil smiled. “Now on another note.” He said looking at Jasmine, “Carla wants me to remind you to bring your boyfriend by so she can meet him OK!” Jasmine smiled and nodded blushing a little.

The Doctor’s visit and check up lasted all morning so as they left they decided to go for lunch at the Country Club. The lunch buffet had the best salads in town as well as the best prime rib, Jasmine could remember back when her Dad and Jeff would come on the week-ends and just pig out on prime rib. Her memories as Jeff were becoming like memories of a brother she had lost, there were moments however brief that she wished she was still Jeff. She missed the joking with her Dad, she knew he loved her but now it was different she was a girl and girl’s didn’t act like boys. She loved being a girl with all the clothes and make-up, not having to hide her emotions was fantastic and having Jason as her boyfriend was the icing on the cake. Thinking about how it all turned out she was glad that she was now a girl, if she had to do it all over again she would not change a thing.

After lunch Jasmine and her Mom went shopping picking up her pills and all the things a girl needs for her “visitor” every month. They even went to the salon and got a pedicure just for fun, Jasmine had a wonderful time with her Mom and they grew even closer. Jasmine asked her Mom if she could get a tattoo to celebrate her transformation, her Mom thought about it and then agreed on the condition it was not too big. Jasmine already knew what she wanted; it was a picture of a butterfly sitting on a jasmine flower. She wanted it to be tattooed on her lower back just above her ass, Emma thought it would look sexy on her so they went down to the tattoo parlor and after checking it out for sanitary standards Jasmine had the tattoo done.

It took the artist one hour to complete it with all the colors on the butterfly; he asked if he could take a picture of it for his collection for it looked beautiful. Jasmine agreed and the photo was taken, because the artist liked the tattoo so much he only charged her half price on the condition he could reproduce it on someone else, Jasmine agreed. Emma was impressed with the artistry of the tattooist that she asked if he did other work besides tattoos. He said he did and showed her several prints of his oil paintings; Emma loved his art and made him an offer to buy the originals from him. He was pleased to sell them to her and they made arrangements for the sale. Emma was going to display the art in her home as well as tell all her friends at the Country Club about this wonderful artist. He had no idea just how famous he was going to become both for his oil paintings and his body art.

Jasmine was going to keep the tattoo a secret until Prom night, she already had an idea for her dress and she told her Mom about it. “I want to have a dress that is open in the back so that it will show off my tattoo.” She said, Emma thought that it may be a little to low to have a dress that reveling for Prom but she would let Jasmine decide. Jasmine was happy, all her dreams were coming true, the only two left were for her to make love to Jason and one day be a bride in white! At the time she totally overlooked the new and soon overwhelming desire to be a mother herself. To be pregnant with a life growing in her would soon become an obsession that she would have to fight to keep under control.

Jasmine called Jason as soon as she got home, she missed him and wanted to hear his voice, she was not disappointed when she heard his voice. They talked for several hours, about school and how everyone was looking forward to seeing her tomorrow and about what the Dr. had found. “I am officially 100% girl!” Jasmine said proudly. “I knew that a long time ago.” Jason said. “Ever since the first time I saw you standing in the family room I knew you were a girl, my heart would not lie to me.” Jasmine blushed. She so wanted to kiss him right then, he was so sweet! Jasmine was called to dinner so she said by and that she would see him tomorrow.

After dinner Jasmine called her sister to tell her the good news as well she told her about her tattoo, Beth thought it was a wonderful idea and told her she should wear a low reveling dress to Prom. After talking to her sister she called Amy and Susan and they had a three way chat for a few hours. Emma looked into Jasmines room to see if she was OK and marveled at how easy it was for her to become a girl. She tried to remember her as Jeff but failed, Jeff was gone, never to return, Jasmine was a girly girl and she loved it that way. Everything that Jasmine did was unmistakably feminine, she didn’t have to try being girly it just came naturally. Jasmine was lying on her bed wearing a pink baby-doll with matching thong panties looking totally feminine and comfortable. Nobody would have imagined looking at this sexy young woman that she used to be a lonely depressed boy.

Jasmine went to sleep shortly after she finished talking to her girlfriends and dreamed about Jason, making love and the Prom. Waking the following morning refreshed and eager to go, she showered and shaved her legs wanting to make sure they were as smooth as possible. She was going to wear her sexy black mini skirt that showed off her legs and her three-inch pink heels, she wanted to wear four-inch but knew her feet would be sore my the end of the day. She matched up the mini with a pink bustier top that showed off her breasts surprisingly she didn’t look slutty! She was happy with the look and did her make-up to show off her eyes and lips. Curling her hair to give it volume she clipped her bangs off to the side with a pink butterfly clip. The total look made her look innocent yet sexy; she knew Jason would love it.

Stan took one look at his daughter and nearly had a heart attach, she was beautiful but he thought just a little too sexy for school. He voiced his opinion but was shot down by Emma and Jasmine. “She looks beautiful Stan and you know it. Let her dress the way she wants to.” Emma said. Jasmine smiled and gave her a hug; she also hugged her Daddy telling him that he worries too much. Stan could not believe that this beautiful young woman used to be his son, she was so different from him, so much alive so full of energy. If given a choice he would have chosen Jasmine over Jeff every time, she was infectious with her enthusiasm and will to live.

Jasmine stepped out of the house and took a deep breath feeling her breasts rise and fall; she loved the feeling of having breasts. Jason exited his house and he ran across the street to be with her, they walked to school together. They had made this journey together for eleven years yet now it was different; Jasmine was with Jason not Jeff! Jasmine was a vision of feminine beauty she was graceful in her walk swaying her hips in a seductive manor. If you were to ask her to walk differently she would not be able to, she was naturally sexy with her walk and Jason loved it that way. Jason was walking tall and proud holding the hand of his dream girl, he had waited his whole life to find her and he was not going to let her go for anything.

Amy joined them in their walk to school and as they neared the school more and more people seemed to join them, they all wanted to see who this Jasmine girl was. They had all heard how she used to be a guy named Jeff but no one could recall what he looked like. When they saw Jasmine nobody could believe that such a beautiful girl was ever a guy, even the narrow minded bigots conceded that Jasmine was a beautiful girl and didn’t bother her. Jasmine entered the school and headed to the office area, she wanted to make sure that all her paper work was corrected and up to date.

The school secretary seeing her jumped up to greet her like she was a celebrity, “I finally get to meet you Jasmine, welcome to our school.” She said like Jasmine was a new student. Jasmine looked at her a little funny thinking that she didn’t know who she used to be. “Uhm… Mrs. Phelps I am not a new student here, I…” Jasmine was cut off by Mrs. Phelps waving her hands. “Jasmine honey you are a new student here in a way and that is how we are going to deal with it.” She smiled. “We all know about your transformation and are thrilled for you, but you are a new girl to this school so I will have to go over the rules and dress code for a girl.” She said looking Jasmine over. Jasmine kind of wished she had listened to her Dad and worn something else.

Mrs. Phelps asked her to have a seat and Jasmine politely sat tucking her skirt under her legs like she had been doing it all her life. “Well young lady, I know you already know most of the school policies except for the ones pertaining to dress for girls. The way you are dressed is just barely acceptable, sexy as it is the school feels that you or any girl for that matter does not dress anymore provocative than what you are wearing understand?” Jasmine let out a sigh and nodded in agreement. “We have a hard enough time keeping the boys focused on their school work without young ladies like you driving them crazy.” She stated with a giggle and a smile. “You are certainly a beautiful young lady, which reminds me that you will need to change one of your classes, I don’t think you still want to be in Automotive Repair any longer do you?

Jasmine thought about being in the class still but knew she would end up causing some boy to hurt themselves looking at her instead of their work. “What other choices do I have this close to the end of school, and will I be able to pass and Graduate?” Jasmine asked. Mrs. Phelps smiled and placed the offer on the table, “If you choose we will place you in the Beauty Culture program, which will teach you all about being beautiful. All your marks will be transferred over as is and you will be allowed to graduate as normal.” She looked at her computer screen. “I see you are an A student in all your classes so nothing will change, I think you will enjoy Beauty Culture just from looking at you, you will do exceptionally well.” Jasmine already knew all about the class, Amy was in it and she had been telling Jeff all about it. That was part of the reason why Jasmine knew how to do her own make-up.

Jasmine agreed and the changes were made, Jason was going to need to find another shop partner now. Leaving the office Jason and Amy were waiting for her to hear the news. Amy was happy that she was going to be joining her and Jason was sad for he was looking forward to seeing her all dirty with motor grease. Jasmine promised Jason that she would help him work on his car if he still wanted to see her dirty. She joked that she would wear her sexiest short shorts and that she would show off her ass for him. Jason was getting excited thinking about it and his hard-on was becoming visible, Jasmine hugged him feeling his hard-on pressing up against her tummy and wishing she could relieve him on it. Whispering into his ear, “You should go have a cold shower honey” she gave him a kiss before turning and skipping off to her locker giggling.

Jason watched her skipping away seeing her skirt flip up as she skipped almost revealing her panties but not quite. Jason was really hot for her now and he quickly went into the boy’s room, found and empty stall and masturbated until he came, cleaning himself up he reported to class just in time. Jasmine seemed to enjoy school a lot more now that she was free to be feminine, she didn’t care how girly she acted. She found herself flirting with Jason keeping him just on the verge of frustration for most of the morning. At lunch she did find a secluded area of the school in which she could get her “desert” and relieve Jason of his blue balls which she had caused. The rest of the afternoon she spent with a smile on her face.

The next few weeks flew by, Jasmine enjoyed school and Jason and her marks improved to the point were she was placed on the honor role. Jason was proud of her achievement and rewarded her by getting his “desert” on several occasions. Soon it was time to start looking for a dress for the Prom. All the girl’s were getting excited about finding that perfect dress. Jasmine had visited Carla with Jason several times and she had told her about what kind of dress she was looking for. Carla had assured Jasmine that she would have the perfect dress just for her, and that she should come by two weeks before the Prom to try it on. Jasmine wanted the dress to be in a royal purple if possible for it would make her tattoo stand out beautifully. Jasmine went with Amy and Susan every week-end dress hunting and always ended up buying something feminine and sexy. Her wardrobe was now out growing her closet and asked her Dad for him to buy her another closet for her room.

Jason was totally fascinated with Jasmine, she was so feminine so exquisitely girly so perfect! He could not stop admiring her, she moved with such grace her hips would sway in a way that would get him excited just thinking about it. The way her breasts moved perfectly bouncing with every step she took the way her bra cradled them making him wish his hands were her bra. He wanted her terribly, he only dreamt of her and how they would make love, he was loosing himself to her; he would do anything for her.

He had Prom night all planned out; he would be wearing a new tux that he had bought. He had rented a limo that would pick them up two hours prior to the Prom and they would drive around town, and then show up at the Prom. They would be announced as they entered and escorted to their table, after the dinner they would then dance the night away. After the Prom the same limo would then drive them to the Carlton Hotel were he had reserved a room for the entire week-end. Both Jasmine and he would make love all week-end long loosing their virginity to each other. He could not wait and neither could Jasmine, it was all she could talk about with him.

As the Prom drew closer everyone in the senior class was getting excited, most of the girls had found their dresses and were now hunting for accessories, and Jasmine was anxious about her dress but had faith in Carla that she would have it in time. Two weeks before Prom Jasmine with Amy and Susan went back to Carla’s shop; Jasmine was not able to sleep the night before dreaming about her perfect dress. Carla greeted them with a big smile and a hug, she had taken a liking to Jasmine, there was just something special about her and it wasn’t because she used to be a boy. Jasmine seemed to bring out the best in people even if they were in a bad mood just her being around them cheered them up.

Carla had Jasmine wait in the change room for her; she had set out her lingerie for her so she could start to change. Jasmine saw that there was only a pair of silk thong panties in black and a pair of sheer black stay up stockings laid out for her. Jasmine smiled and began to change into them; it didn’t take her long to be out of her clothes and into the panties and stockings. Carla knocked on the door and came in holding her dress; it was still covered in a garment bag. Carla looked at Jasmine and saw how sexy and feminine she was, her breasts so firm and full her torso tapered to a sexy waist and then flared out to beautiful full hips ending in almost perfect feminine legs.

Carla hung the dress and removed it from the bag; Jasmine saw the beautiful royal purple and shivers went up her spine. The dress was made out of the softest silk she has ever felt and as she lowered the dress over her body her nipples hardened as they made contact with the material. The dress fit her perfectly, it should Carla spent every day since they first talked about the dress making it for her. Jasmine had no idea that her dress was a one of a kind made just for her. She looked at herself in the mirror and instantly fell in love with the dress; it was just what she dreamt about. She turned in the mirror and saw that the back of the dress was open to the waist sitting low enough to reveal her tattoo but not so low to expose her panties.

The front of the dress was such that it hung from her breasts showing them off without really reveling anything; the body of the dress showed off her small waist and hugged her hips defining her hour glass figure. There was a slit up the left leg nearly to her waist which would reveal her leg with every step she took. Jasmine was shaking with excitement as she saw how she looked in the dress, with her hair done and make-up she would look killer! “The best thing about this dress honey is it meets all the regulations of the school dress code.” Carla stated proudly. “I checked into the rules and made the dress according to those rules. I have a copy of them for you to present if you have any problems.” At that moment Jasmine realized that the dress was made by Carla just for her. Tears welled up in Jasmine’s eyes and she hugged Carla and thanked her for all her hard work.

“Thank you so much, I love the dress, how can I ever thank you enough or repay you for the dress.” Jasmine said wiping tears from her eyes. “Just seeing you in the dress and knowing that you will have a Grad you will never forget is enough.” Carla said as she too was getting emotional. Jasmine exited the dressing room to show the other girl’s and was surprised to see her parents and Beth waiting there. Her Mom gushed with praise as to how she looked while her Father stood there speechless. Beth began taking pictures and seemed to take hundred of them from every angle. Jasmine was looking at her Father who was just looking at her, “Daddy is everything OK?” she asked. Stan was mesmerized by the vision of his daughter, she was beautiful like a goddess, and he had not seen a woman as beautiful as her since her mother. “You look fantastic honey, once you are all dressed up there will never be another woman as beautiful as you.” He said proudly.

Jasmine gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek for his compliments, and turned to see the other girls. They were all speechless just staring at her with their mouth’s wide open; Jasmine knew they loved the dress as well. Amy started crying and Jasmine asked her what was wrong. “I am so proud of my best friend, it is impossible to believe she used to be a boy!” “You look so fabulous I am Jealous of you, there is no doubt that you will be the Prom Queen!” she said wiping her tears. Jasmine gave her a hug and Susan joined in, Beth just continued to take pictures. Beth wanted to have lots of pictures to remember her sisters Prom.

The girls all decided that the day of the Prom they would all go to the salon and have the works done so that they would look perfect for their men. Jasmine changed out of her dress and carefully placed it back into the bag. Jasmine insisted of paying twice as much as Carla was asking, her price for the dress was way to low. “All the work you put into the dress and all you want is $300.00! I would not feel good about it.” Jasmine said as she gave Carla the money. “Honey it was my pleasure to make it for you, I don’t have any daughter’s so I enjoyed seeing you happy.” Emma insisted that Carla take the money and took her off to the side to discuss with her about a dress for the Summer Ball. Carla was going to be busy making a special dress for Jasmine for the Ball.

Stan got nominated to carry her dress and to be the chauffer for the day as the girls hit the Mall looking for the perfect accessories for their dresses. Emma was so excited to help her daughter find the accessories, she remembered back to when she helped Beth but this time it felt different, more exciting. She watched Jasmine as she went from store to store looking for earrings, necklaces, shoes, she tried to remember Jeff but he was a fading memory. Emma was proud of her daughter she had become a beautiful young woman making friends with everyone she met. Jason was a lucky young man; she knew what Jasmine was planning for Prom night and knew that she was going to please her man in every way.

By the end of the day Jasmine and the other girl’s had found all that they were looking for and were ecstatic and could not wait for Prom. Jasmine went up to her room to find a new closet in her room, her Dad had it delivered and set up while she was out. She smiled and opened it to find it full of close that she had not bought, turning she saw her parents looking at her smiling. “I couldn’t just leave an empty closet in your room now could I?” her Dad said. “I helped pick out the clothes with Mom’s help so everything will fit you and you will like all the styles.” Beth said. Jasmine was overwhelmed with emotion and she ran to them and gave them all hugs crying for joy. “You all have made me feel so special and accepted as a girl, there is no way that I will ever be able to repay you for your love and support!” she said crying. Stan picked up his youngest daughter and sat on the bed putting her on his knee. “Honey we love you and your love in return is all that we want. I know how terrible you felt as a boy but it is all gone now you are a girl now, enjoy yourself. Experience everything that being a girl offers.” Stan said hugging his little girl.

Jasmine had a wonderful time that night spending time with her family playing games laughing and just being together. She loved her family and knew that they loved her no mater what. By midnight Stan and Emma wanted to go to bed, they wanted to have some intimate time and left the girls to clean up before bed. Beth and Jasmine cleaned up and got ready for bed, Jasmine went into Beth’s room to talk a little before they slept. Beth saw that Jasmine was wearing a black teddy to bed, and she saw that Jasmine had a perfect feminine figure making the teddy look fantastic on her. Beth didn’t want to be out done by her sister so she put on a very sexy nighty herself, both girls looked hot in their sleepwear. Jasmine sat on the bed watching her sister finish her night time routine asking to her about University and her boyfriend. Beth enjoyed talking with Jasmine she was so much fun to be with, she was having trouble remembering what Jeff was like. Beth finally gave up knowing that Jeff would never be back Jasmine was here to stay and she liked that.

Jasmine fell asleep around two in the morning and dreamt about Jason and Prom night, for the last two weeks that was all she dreamt about. Waking the next morning she called Jason even before she left the bed. She needed to hear his voice it had been 24 hours since she last saw him and she missed him dearly. Jason quickly picked up his phone; he too missed her and was waiting for her call. Once again they made plans to get together and go see a movie that afternoon, Jasmine was even going to let Jason choose the movie.
Jason thought that this was some kind of test for him to pass, was she going to be happy with his choice or was she expecting him to pick a “chick flick” to please her. Thinking about it he decided to pick a movie that he thought they both would like, Jasmine may be a girl now but she still liked action movies.

Jasmine knew that Jason would pick an action movie over a “chick flick” and was glad for that, she didn’t want to control his life she loved him the way he was. She decided to wear her tight jeans that showed off her ass beautifully. She was careful not to expose her tattoo; she wanted that to be a surprise for the Prom so she wore a sexy top that was long enough to cover it. She was also thinking about getting her navel pierced, it would look so sexy she thought. “I need to ask Mom and Dad first before I do it.” She said to herself as she looked herself over in the mirror. She styled her hair with a straightening iron so it hung strait down to her shoulders. Her hair had grown quickly and it was now past her shoulders ending half way down her back. Putting on light make-up she looked sexy yet innocent but she accented her lips making them shine with her red lipstick. Slipping on her four-inch heels she went down to meet Jason at the door.

Jason was always amazed by Jasmine, just when he thought she could not get more beautiful she did. He could not stop looking at her, she looked so hot and sexy he was glad that the movie theater would be dark because he was not able to control his hard-on.
Jasmine greeted him with a kiss that left him blushing and wiping off her lipstick from his lips. Stan instructed Jason to have his little girl home before midnight and gave him a wink. Jason took Jasmine by her hand and they walked to his car, they did not have the luxury of his dad’s car tonight. Jasmine liked his car sure it was old and needed work but it suited Jason, she felt comfortable in it with him. Jason closed the door behind her and then ran around and jumped in.

As Jason drove away Jasmine put her hand on his crotch and gave him a little squeeze causing his dick to grow even more. Jasmine giggled as she continued to feel him up while he drove, he was starting to have trouble driving and as they neared the movie theater he pulled over into an alley way. “There is no way that I am going to go into the theater sporting a hard-on!” Jason stated. Jasmine smiled, “I was hoping you would say that.” She said and licked her lips. Jasmine unbuckled his pants and unzipped them reaching in and pulling out his growing dick. Jasmine loved the look of his dick, it was so big and thick, and she undid her seat belt and leaned down wrapping her lips around his dick.

Jason let out a moan as she sucked on his dick, she was so good at it, and she knew just how to please him. Jasmine deep throated his dick feeling his pubic hairs on her nose before pulling back only to repeat it several more times. Jasmine felt his dick twitch in her mouth and knew he was getting close to releasing his load. She sped up her sucking feeling his dick stiffen and she prepared to receive her “desert”. Jason shot his load deep into her throat feeling the massive release of his orgasm. Jasmine was anticipating his load and she swallowed every ounce not spilling a drop, she loved the taste of his sperm it was salty yet sweet at the same time. She cleaned him up and then licking her lips she pulled out her mirror and redid her lipstick like nothing ever happened. Jason sat there smiling; he could not believe how lucky a guy he was for having a girl who loved to give blow jobs.

Jasmine finished re-doing her lipstick and looked at him and smiled, “Well, now you are able to go see the movie.” She said coyly. Jason smiled and shook his head, “I knew there was a reason why I love you.” He said laughing. Jasmine started to laugh as well and Jason turned on the car and drove into the theater parking lot. Her proudly escorted her into the theater and bought the tickets to see the movie. He still had not told her which movie it was; he wanted it to be a surprise for her. He bought popcorn and a huge drink for the both of them and then they went to get their seats. The movie was called “The Notebook” it was a romantic comedy and Jasmine loved it, she cried during the movie and even noticed Jason wiping away a tear. She held on to him as the movie went on and by the end of the movie she was bawling her eyes out. Jason was also crying not afraid to show his emotions and between the two of them they used up all of Jasmines tissues.

Jasmine was more in love with Jason after the movie; he had shown her his softer side and was not ashamed of it. She held onto him never wanting to let him go, she wanted to be just like the couple in the movie, to grow old together and die together. Jason liked the movie as well, he first intended to just please Jasmine with a “chick flick” but this movie turned out to be more than that. He realized that he could like romantic movies and not be ashamed to show his emotions, that Jasmine loved him even more because of them. They walked back to his car arm in arm and decided to go to the Malt Shop for a treat; it had been years since they had been there. Jason remembered the last time they were there, Jasmine was still Jeff and they were on a double date with the Shelly twins.

Jason remembered that Trina Shelly was Jeff’s date and he was with Tracy, the funny thing was Jeff and Trina acted more like girlfriends the whole night. They were talking about fashion and movies and about who were the hottest actors. Jason looked over at Jasmine and tried to see Jeff in her but could not find him; Jeff was long gone totally replaced with a gorgeous blond. “What are you thinking about?” Jasmine asked. Jason told her and she blushed when she remembered that night so long ago, Trina and she were girlfriends now as well as Tracy. Jasmine looked at Jason lovingly “Lets make some new memories of our date here.” And she kissed him with intense passion that made him get an erection again. Jason blushed when she saw the effect of her kiss on him and then started coughing when she raised her eyebrow and said “desert?” Jason finished his Sunday in no time flat and they headed out to the car for round two.

Like promised Jason had Jasmine home my midnight and as he said goodnight on the porch he reached down and rubbed her pussy though her jeans. “Next time it’s my turn for “desert” he said. Jasmine instantly reacted to his touch as her nipples grew tight and tingled with desire, her pussy also tingled and she could feel the moistness start to wet her panties. Jason left her panting begging for him to continue but with a coy smile he said, “To be continued” and turned and walked back to his car. Jason was enjoying this, Jasmine had left him hot and horny too many times to count it was only fair. Jasmine smiled knowing that he had gotten even with her finally and that she would have to rely on “chuck” tonight.

Monday came and Jasmine was up and out of bed in a flash, it was the last week of classes. She had taken most of her exams already, she just had the Beauty Culture exam to pass and she would be all done. Jasmine dressed in a sexy sundress wearing a bustier bra under it to push up her breasts and a pair of thong panties. She put on her favorite high heeled sandals and did her hair and make-up and headed down for breakfast. Beth was there helping their Mom cook and she jumped in to help as well. Stan entered the kitchen and saw all the women working in the kitchen; they looked so cute all wearing pretty aprons. “Now that is a sight, three of the most beautiful women cooking in my kitchen and me without my camera.” He said smiling. The girls greeted him with hugs and kisses and he went up to Emma and gave her a kiss.

“Breakfast was delicious as usual ladies” Stan said. The women all thanked him and started to clean up. Jason knocked on the back door and Beth let him in, Jasmine jumped up and gave him a kiss. Jason was there to pick her up for school; they had decided to take his car today for they needed to get home right after school to plan the after Grad party. Grad was on Thursday and the Prom was on Friday, all the seniors had decided to rent a hall and have a party there to celebrate the end of exams and school. It was going to be an early party for they all needed to be rested for the Prom, so this party was going to be over by ten. There was not going to be any alcohol there as they were all too young to drink, one of the students father was a Policeman and he was going to chaperone the party. Stan agreed with the idea as long as it was supervised and kept under control.

“Amy what is this test going to be on?” Jasmine asked she was lost as to how they were going to test them in Beauty Culture. Amy smiled and told her not to worry that it was going to be easy for her. Ms. Kelly (as she wanted all the students to call her) entered the room and all the girls took their seats waiting in anticipation for the final exam. Ms. Kelly looked around the room and found Jasmine “Jasmine honey could you please come forward.” She asked. Jasmine rose from her seat smoothed out her dress from any non existing wrinkles and walked up to the front. Jasmine was nervous and she stood there silently waiting with her hands clasped together in front of her.

“Well done honey!” Ms. Kelly said. Jasmine was confused. She continued “Ladies please take a look at this young lovely lady standing before you. Look at her posture and demeanor. She is the essence of feminine beauty and charm.” Jasmine looked at Ms Kelly shocked. “What was she talking about?” she thought. Ms Kelly continued to explain. “Ladies, did you noticed how Jasmine walked up here, how she moved so freely so feminine, the way her hips swayed with every step?” “That is how a woman of class moves, Jasmine has not had the years of practice that all of you have had. Yet she has learned to be a woman, to have class, to act and react like a woman should. All of you should be proud of your work with her.” The whole class bust into giggles and smiles, they had just realized that Jasmine was their final exam and that they had all passed.

Jasmine was still lost and she asked “Did I miss something?” Ms Kelly smiled at hearing her sexy feminine voice. “No honey let me explain. You were the classes’ final exam, if you could move and act like a proper young lady, become a woman with their help all of you would pass. I think you and they did a fantastic job.” “Jasmine you are a beautiful young lady with poise and class that no doubt drives the boys crazy. You have come from being a boy to transform into a gorgeous woman be proud of who you are and what you are for you are a woman!” Jasmine blushed at her comments. The rest of the time till class was over was spent doing make-over’s and manicures on each other. Jasmine left the class looking even more beautiful than she could remember and loving every moment of it, she was a woman and proud of it.

Jason nearly blew his load when he saw her at lunch, she looked even better if that was possible. Jasmine had become a very popular girl in school; she was not a snob and accepted anyone as her friend, she had single handedly broken down the walls that separated the different groups. It was strange to see the Cheerleaders talking to and laughing with the Goth girls, the changes even spread to the guys and the Jocks were not bulling the Nerds as much. It seemed like Jasmine had shown everyone that just because you are different does not make you alien or diseased. It didn’t hurt that Jasmine was so gorgeous either; everyone just seemed to listen to her. She had a way of talking to people that made them comfortable and open to her logic. Jason was proud to call her his girlfriend and if he had his way one day she would be his wife.

Jasmine saw Jason from across the cafeteria and sexily sashayed over to him, every guy in the room looked upon her with desire and jealousy of Jason and every girl wished they could look and move as graceful as her. Jasmine gave Jason a big kiss showing everyone there that he was her man and that she was taken. “You do you do it?” Jason asked. Jasmine looked at him quizzically. “The way you move and the way you always seem to look better every time I see you!” Jasmine smiled and shrugged her shoulders, “I’m just being myself, who I finally love seeing in the mirror.” She said. “Jason I know you may not understand but when I was Jeff I hated what I was, it was getting to the point that I was becoming depressed. If it wasn’t for my family I would probably have killed myself.” Jasmine explained. Jason gave her a hug, “Remind me to thank your family, for they saved you and introduced me to my one and only true love!”

Jasmine hugged him back not releasing for a long time, she was happy that she had him. She loved him and hoped that one day he would ask her to marry him. She knew there was no other guy for her he was her soul mate, they had gone through so much together and were very close best of friends and soon to be lovers. They changed the topic and discussed what they were going to do for the after Grad party. Amy and Susan joined them and they all threw around different ideas, there was not much time to organize so it had to be simple. They decided to go with the same theme that was going to be at the Prom which was “Embracing the changes of the future” Jasmine smiled for she knew first hand about changes and acceptance of it.

They presented the idea to the Grad Committee which loved it and set the ball rolling in getting the decorations ready for the hall. Feeling happy about their decision they all enjoyed the rest of their lunch and returned to their final classes of the day. Now that Jason and Jasmine didn’t have to rush home after school they decided to go for a little drive and spend some time together. Jasmine called home and let her parents know what they were doing. Emma smiled when she approved of their plan knowing that they were going to explore their attraction for each other, she also knew of Jasmines plan for Prom night and had no fear for her daughter. Stan put up a mock resistance to them being alone together and warned Jason to be a gentleman with his little girl.

The afternoon was magical for the two young lovers as they gave and received their “desert” they both agreed to wait until Prom night but it was getting harder to keep that promise. They finally decided that they had to stop or they would end up going all the way in Jason’s car. Jasmine wanted it to be special, romantic on a bed not in the back seat of a Honda! Jason also wanted it to be special so he cooled himself off and they did end up driving around looking at houses in the “rich” part of town. Jason pulled up to her house and kissed her goodnight and promised to see her tomorrow, when she got out he pulled a U-turn and parked in front of his house. Jasmine watched him laughing at his actions for it was funny and cute that he would do that. She entered her house smiling and content, her life was so much better now then what it was as a boy.

Beth was in the family room watching a movie and Jasmine joined her watching the movie. “So when is the wedding?” Beth teased. Jasmine smiled and stuck her tongue out at her, “I promise, you will be my maid of honor when the time comes OK sis?” Beth smiled as she pictured her sister in a wedding dress. The girls watched the movie and cried at the ending it was a beautiful movie, they decided it was time for bed and went up to their rooms to go to bed.

The rest of the week went by as a blur until it was Grad day, Thursday. Jasmine was getting so excited and nervous, she had been chosen as her class valedictorian and she was to say a few words at the Graduation Ceremony. She dressed and did her make up in a daze going on auto pilot. Beth was impressed that she looked so good, “I wish I could look that good when I’m zoned out.” She said to Jasmine who was not listening to her. Beth finally got her attention by saying something about Jason. “What was that about Jason?” she said finally paying attention. Beth laughed “Sure you don’t hear anything I say until I mention Jason then you are all ears!” Jasmine blushed “I’m sorry sis it’s just that I have to speak to the class and I don’t know what to say.” She said. Beth reassured her that she would know when the time came.

Amy and Susan came over and the girls all finished getting their gowns on together helping each other out. Jason was already at the school helping to get the auditorium set up for the Ceremony, he would be ready with plenty of time to spare. At one people started to show up and take their seats and all the seniors were gathering behind the curtain on the stage. They would be called alphabetically as they came out from behind the curtain they would receive their diploma and then take their seat in the auditorium. The valedictorian would be the last one called and she would say her little speech and then take her seat as the Principal congratulated them all on their achievements. Special awards would then be presented along with any scholarships that were granted.

Jasmine stood nervously as the names were being called out, it was strange not to hear her name called out after Jason’s they had always been one right after the other. Finally the Principal introduced the valedictorian was and the place roared with claps and whistles. It took several minutes for the crowd to calm down. Jasmine was amazed at the reception she received, as she walked across the stage several people were taking pictures of her and she knew her Daddy was one of them! She looked out over the crowd and saw all the Grads sitting there in front, she knew all of them some very well and others she had just gotten to know since her change.

“Thank you for the wonderful introduction it was much unexpected and thank you for voting for me as your valedictorian. I strongly believe there are other seniors who are more deserving of this honor than I and I wish that they could be here with me sharing in this award. With that said I want to talk about our theme for this Graduating class, what does it mean to “Embrace the changes of the future”? As you all know I have gone through my own changes this year and with all your help I have embraced those changes and have grown as a person and as a friend with many of you. We do not need to be afraid of change or ashamed of it, we need to stand strong and believe in ourselves and our families. Together as a family, a class, a community we can work at making any change good, if we support and try to understand each other we will succeed. As a community we are made up of all types of people who will be constantly changing, we get older, we change jobs, careers, and we are constantly changing and evolving. We need to embrace those changes and help those who for whatever reason can’t accept the changes; we need to overcome our differences if we want to survive into the future.”

There was a silence in the auditorium for a few seconds after she was done and then the clapping started, it got louder and louder. Jasmine looked out over the crowd and saw that they were all standing applauding her speech, tears came to her eyes as she saw her Dad wiping away tears from his own eyes. The standing ovation lasted for ten minutes and as Jasmine took her seat Jason gave her a hug and a kiss and held her hand proudly. Finally things got quiet and the Principal was able to continue with the Ceremony. “Ladies and Gentlemen that was Jasmine Cooper our wonderful and might I say beautiful valedictorian.” He went on to congratulate all the seniors and hand out several awards, some were funny and others were total surprises. Jasmine received an award for most popular girl as well as the award for most improved; the last award received a lot of laughs.

Jason was awarded a scholarship in football to any University he wanted, Susan received one for Cheerleading (who knew there was one) the biggest surprise was presented to Jasmine for she received a scholarship in Human Sociology and several Grants for being the valedictorian. When Jasmine went up to receive them the place broke out in claps again and cheers. Jasmine went up to the mike “Thank you again for the reception; this has all been such a wonderful surprise for me.” She took a breath and continued “I would like to offer the Grants that I received to the students who for what ever reason can’t afford to go to school. I would feel honored if they could have them on my behalf.” Jasmine looked towards the Principal who was beaming with pride at her generous offer. He nodded his approval and said that it would be arranged for them to receive the Grants. Jasmine once again received a standing ovation for her generosity.

The Ceremony finally drew to an end and all the Grads got together for a group photo, Jasmine was made to stand front and center with Jason right beside her. All the Grads were smiling their biggest smiles they could ever have and Jasmine’s was the biggest of them all. After the group photos were done everyone seemed to want to have one with Jasmine, after all she was the most popular girl. Jasmine was finally able to get away after several hours of picture taking with everyone and joined up with Jason and the rest of the gang. “I am worn out!” Jasmine stated as she sat beside Jason and took his hand. Jason gave her a hug “You were fabulous today, I could not have been more proud of my girl!” he said giving her a kiss. Jasmine just melted into his embrace and closed her eyes felling safe and content.

Jasmine arrived at home and realized she only had an hour to be ready for the after Grad party and ran up to her room to change for the party. She had already picked out what she was going to wear so it was simple and quick to get ready. The dress she was going to wear hung on her closet door along with the lingerie for it. The dress was a burgundy strapless sheath dress that showed off her figure perfectly, it had a slit up the right leg that allowed her to walk with ease. She put up her hair with Beth’s help into a sexy up do with just a few strands falling down framing her face. Next came the corset bustier which Beth helped tighten so that her waist was down to a 22” it was tight but comfortable, attached to the corset were garters which she attached her black stockings too. Lastly she put on her panties which were black silk in a high cut French style that looked so sexy on her. Finally she pulled the dress up and Beth zipped her into it, she looked gorgeous, her hourglass figure was accentuated in the dress. Sitting down Beth finished up doing her make-up for her and she was ready, just a little behind schedule.

Jason patiently waited for her in the living room with her Dad talking about which school he was going to go to. Jason was going to wait and decide at a later date once all the excitement had died down. He also wanted to know which school Jasmine was going to go to. Just then Jasmine came into the room and both men were speechless, Jason was continually amazed and Stan was shocked at the vision of his daughter looking so grown up and beautiful. He insisted on taking pictures, lots of pictures, by the time they left for the party they were a half hour late. Pulling up to the Hall they were shocked to find that there was a valet service for them, they asked and it turns out it was offered by the off duty Police. Their cars were in good hands and it was fun to have the Police park their car.

Entering the Hall they received cheers and applause from all who were there, the guys all came up and congratulated them on their scholarships and the girls all commented on Jasmines beautiful dress. They were pulled apart as the girls surrounded Jasmine and the guys were all around Jason, they were slowly separated by the crowd quite purposely by the group for they had a surprise for the both of them. The party started with the DJ saying that there was a special announcement first by the Principal and then by the Grad committee chairperson. Everyone quieted down and looked towards the stage as the principal came out; he was wearing a very nice suit and looked handsome for an older man. “Ladies and Gentlemen it is with great pleasure and pride on my part to announce this years Prom Queen and King, now I know it is a day early for we normally do it at Prom but this year is a special year.” He looked around the Hall. Finding his targets he smiled and clapped his hands. The lights went out and everyone was standing in the dark, it was so dramatic. People started to whistle and cheer, and then two spot lights turned on and started to sweep across the crowd finally stopping on Jasmine on one side of the Hall and Jason who was on the other.

“Ladies and Gentlemen will you please congratulate this years King and Queen!” he said and cheers and applause erupted as Jasmine and Jason both realized they were the chosen couple. Jasmine was shocked and she put her hands over her mouth and started to cry for joy. One on the girls handed her a tissue as she was escorted to the center of the room, Jason was also escorted to the center and the two met there. The spot lights followed them and then the music started, it was their favorite slow song and they started to dance. Jasmine rested her head on his shoulder and let him guide her around the dance floor, they were a beautiful duo. They moved in unison like they were one, everyone was hypnotized by the precision in their moves. When the song was over everything was silent for several seconds and Jasmine raised her head from Jason’s shoulder to see what was wrong.

The hall erupted in applause and cheers it seemed that they liked their dance, the DJ started to play club dance music and soon everyone was on the dance floor moving to the music. Through out the night people were coming up and congratulating them on their win. All the girls were asking about Jasmine’s dress but she would not tell, saying that they would have to wait and see it tomorrow. The night was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the dancing and refreshments that were provided. As agreed the dance ended at ten, there were only a few complaints but they all knew they would be able to do it again at the Prom the next night.

Jason drove Jasmine home and gave her a kiss goodnight, a simple kiss no groping no stopping for “desert”. Jasmine felt cheated and wanted more but Jason told her that she would have to wait for tomorrow, then he would leave her totally satisfied and spoiled never wanting to settle for anything less from then on. Jasmine sighed and gave him one more kiss just to tie her over till tomorrow. She entered her house to find everyone was still up waiting for her to come home.

Beth was very proud of her sister and was excited for her and showed her all the photos she took of the Ceremony. Stan and Emma could not have been happier; their daughter was almost a celebrity! She was the most popular girl in school, and the smartest, they were proud that she had earned her Scholarship and that she had donated the Grants to the poorer students. Stan had a new surprise for her, “Jasmine honey, since you have worked so hard at school and at redefining who you are I have a gift for you.” He handed her a small box that was gift wrapped. Jasmine was excited, “Was it a diamond necklace, or earrings?” she thought. Receiving the box from her Daddy, she opened it to find a set of car keys in it.

Jasmines eyes grew to huge saucers as she looked at her Dad and then her Mom, “Is this for real?” she asked. They both nodded and Jasmine jumped up and gave them both a hug and kiss. “Let’s go see you new car sis!” Beth said and grabbed her by the hand pulling her out to the garage. In the garage there was a new Mini Cooper parked there right beside her Mom’s Lexus. Jasmine ran out and touched the car opening the door and getting in. “I love it Daddy, thank you so much!” she gushed. The car was perfect for a young girl, it was so cute, and it was even in her favorite color. “Jason is going to flip when he sees it!” she said with a giggle. She got out of the car and gently closed the door. “I would love to go for a drive right now but I need to get some rest for tomorrow.” She said with a sigh. Everyone agreed that it would be best but that she could take it to the salon tomorrow and show it off.

Jasmine thought that she would not be able to sleep due to her excitement but she was out the minute her head hit the pillow. She dreamt of her car the Prom and of course Jason. All her dreams had Jason in them, ever since the first night after he saw her fully dresses as a girl. Jasmine had the alarm set for eight; she didn’t need to get up early to do her make-up so she could sleep in a little. Beth was up before her and she had to wait to have a shower, Beth stepped out of the shower not concerned that Jasmine was in the room. Jasmine saw her naked and for a brief nanosecond averted her eyes from her naked sister. Beth was not concerned, they were both girls after all, and she had all the same parts as her sister. Jasmine looked at Beth’s body and compared hers to her sisters, she saw that her breasts were larger but not by much. Beth did have a smaller waist and more narrow hips though. Jasmine smiled knowing that she was just as much a girl as her sister; she even had all the right internal baby making organs as her sister.

Their salon appointment was for eleven so Jasmine had a light breakfast and put on a pair of jeans and a blouse that would be easy to get off after her make over was done. She was planning on getting the “works” done and didn’t want to ruin it by having to remove a sweater over her head. She went into the garage and opened the overhead door, as the light flooded the garage she could see her car all shiny and new. Climbing in she started it up and listened to it purr as it idled, shifting it into gear she was happy that Daddy had gotten her a standard instead of an automatic. The car slowly rolled out of the garage and into the full light of the day, she buzzed down the window as she pulled out of the driveway and pulled up to Jason’s house.

Jason was waiting there with Susan and saw her pull up, he ran over to her smiling, “Do you like your new car?” he asked. Jasmine knew that smile and asked him if he knew about the car earlier. He blushed and confessed that her Dad had asked him about what kind of car she would like. Jasmine smiled and had him lean into the car so she could give him a kiss. “I will see you later sweetheart.” She said as Susan and Amy climbed into the car. Jason wished he could come with them but this was a “girls only” event.

“OK ladies are we ready to get pampered and spoiled?” Jasmine said with a giggle. The girls all agreed and off they went to the salon. Jasmine parked the car and they walked into the salon ready for their special day. The receptionist greeted them and escorted them to the change rooms so that they could get ready. The day started with a sauna and then a hot towel wrap which softened the skin then a complete Brazilian waxing. Jasmine regretted getting the waxing as soon as it started and swore she would get even with Beth for suggesting it. After the waxing she was placed in a mud bath which felt great, then a massaging shower to clean her off followed by a relaxing massage by a very handsome masseuse. Jasmine could feel her muscles relax and turn to rubber, it felt so good.

The girls were treated to a healthy lunch and some herb tea before the second half of their day began. Jasmine had her hair done and it was colored a lighter blond and styled still long but neater and a sexier style. Her nails were done both on her hands and on her feet in a metallic purple which would look fantastic with her dress. Her brows were shaped with a laser hair remover so she never needed to worry about them again. Looking in the mirror she saw that her brows were now two sexy high arches that opened up her eyes and made them look even bigger. She loved the look and knew that Jason would like it as well. The final step was doing her make-up and the woman who did it was a pro! She showed Jasmine how to do it step by step so that she would be able to redo it if she had to. Jasmine learned a lot from her and she even asked questions to learn more, the woman was more that happy to show her and tell her how to do the make-up.

By the time the girls were done they all looked like super models ready for a photo shoot. Jasmine went to pay the bill and was told it had already been paid for. She asked by whom and was told it was by the Grad committee, they always paid for the Prom Queens pre-Prom make-over. Usually it was paid after the Prom but this year it was done before. “I think it is money well spent, you look fabulous!” the stylist said. Susan and Amy agreed with her that she looked gorgeous. Jasmine offered to pay for part of Susan’s and Amy’s make over but was turned down telling her to use the money on something that she really wanted. Jasmine was happy to have such good friends and vowed to repay them in some way.

Jason was starting to get ready, he had showered and shaved his beard so that his face was smooth, and he looked in the mirror and saw that he still had a shadow where his beard was. He would always have that shadow for he was a man, thinking about it he tried to remember what Jeff looked like but could not remember his face. Every time he closed his eyes to picture it he saw Jasmine smiling at him, he could not remember Jeff! All he saw was Jasmine and he was happy with that, she was the girl of his dreams and he hoped that he would always see her face when he closed his eyes.

Jasmine arrived home at five and Jason was to pick her up at seven so she had two hours to get her dress on, no problem! She relaxed for a bit reading a fashion magazine making sure not to mess up her hair or make-up. At six she started to get ready, she pulled out a travel bag and placed in it the clothes she would need for the next two days. She had special lingerie set aside for the next two days, Jason was going to be seeing her in just the lingerie and she wanted to look perfect. Once all the clothes were packed she undressed carefully standing naked in front of the mirror. She loved the way she looked, her hair styled perfectly, make-up done expertly and her body was fabulous. She felt her breasts, feeling her soft skin and the fullness of her breasts. Her nipples reacted to the touch and they tightened up and stood out half an inch from her breasts. She felt the familiar tingle between her legs and knew she was getting horny just by her own touch.

Running her hands down her body she traced the inward curve of her waist and then back out to the flare of her hips. She had the figure of a woman and was proud and happy for it. She felt how smooth her legs were and saw the thin strip of hair just above her pussy it was almost the same color of her hair. She wondered how it could have gotten so light in color but then realized that the stylist must have colored it when they were doing the waxing. She gently ran her fingers over her pussy feeling the slit in the middle and slowly pushed her finger in feeling her lips part. A shiver ran up her spine as the tingling in her pussy began to throb with desire. She quickly pulled her hand away for she did not have time for personal pleasure, now she needed to get ready. Jasmine pulled out the panties that she was going to wear and looked at them.

The panties were made of fine lace silk and felt so soft in her hand, she ran her fingers over the crotch knowing that it was going to be covering and cradling her pussy all night long. She slid the panties up her legs feeling them rise all the way up to her waist, positioning them she could feel the lace lying on her pussy and it sent a tingle up to her breasts. The back of the thong rested gently between her cheeks and disappeared between her legs. The top of the thong rested two inches below her tattoo so it would not be seen with the dress on. Slowly she rolled the stockings up her legs and positioned the tops of them on her creamy thighs; the stay up stockings didn’t require a garter belt so her dress would lie smoothly against her body.

Not needing a bra she pulled the dress up and positioned the shoulder straps on her shoulders. The dress fit just as perfect as it did the first time she put it on. Looking in the mirror she turned and saw that her tattoo was in full view and stood out beautifully as it was surrounded by purple silk. Jasmine was happy; she looked gorgeous totally befitting a Prom Queen, she slipped on her five-inch spiked heels and the look was complete. She now stood almost as tall as Jason she giggled; she was totally comfortable in the high heels for she had been practicing walking and dancing in them.

Jasmine was standing looking at herself when Beth and Emma walked in, both the women were speechless, Jasmine smiled and did a little spin to show them the whole dress and look. Beth loved the tattoo and the way the dress showed it off, Emma was stunned, she could not believe that this beautiful young woman was once her son! She gave her a hug and told her she looked beautiful and that Jason was in for a night he would never forget. Jasmine blushed and giggled.

Stan was in the living room waiting for his daughter to come down, he had not seen the dress nor even known what the style or color was, he seemed just as nervous as he imagined Jason was feeling. The door bell rang and Stan opened the door and let Jason in. Stan was impressed with the way he was dressed, Jason had gone all out and was wearing his new tux, his tie and cumber bun was in the exact same color as Jasmines dress. Carla had made them for him and told him that he needed to wear them. Jason knew from the color that Jasmine’s dress was going to be in that color but that was it. The men talked for a bit about Universities and his options when Emma announced the entrance of Jasmine.

Jason stood there nervous as hell, he was so excited that he was shaking; he knew she would look good but just how good he didn’t know. Jasmine slowly entered the room and looked at the men standing there, one was her Father who had his mouth wide open in awe and the other was her love, the man she was going to give herself to. Jason was motionless frozen by her sheer beauty, he didn’t want to blink afraid that it was a mirage and that she would be gone if he blinked. Jasmine was gorgeous, she was perfect, and Jason thought that he was going to pass out. This could not really be happening, he must be dreaming because only in his dreams has Jasmine looked that perfect.

Jasmine walked up to Jason and took his hand, she knew that he was pleased with the way she looked and she gave him a light kiss to break the spell he was under. “Oh my God, you look fantastic, you look beautiful, you look like an angel!” Jason was stuttering he was so mesmerized by her beauty. Stan stood there staring not believing that this beautiful woman was his child, his daughter, his former son! Stan soon broke free of the spell she had cast with her beauty and he started to take pictures of her and of Jason. He went crazy with the pictures, he must have taken one hundred by the time Jason escorted her to the waiting limo. The limo driver opened the door for them and they climbed into the limo and then they were gone.

Stan wiped a tear from his eye, he knew that tonight his little girl was going to become a woman and things would never be the same again. Emma took him by the arm and wrapped it around herself as she watched the limo pull away. She had watched her child go from a depressed boy to a beautiful girl and now she was sending her off to become a woman. She felt pride in herself knowing that Jasmine was truly happy as a girl and soon to be a woman. Looking up at her husband she squeezed him and winked at him, all this thinking about how Jasmine was going to become a woman had made her horny. The wink was not lost on Stan and they turned to head into the house and up to their room. Beth shook her head and smiled and went into the family room to watch movies.

The Prom dinner and dance was being held at the Country Club for it has the largest Ball room in town as well as the nicest. The Country Club held it every year and had for the last fifty years, it was a tradition. The limo circled the city allowing Jason and Jasmine to see the whole city, it may not have been a large city but it was big enough for them. The city was growing and soon it would be just as big as Chicago or Detroit, they hoped that it would not attract the criminals as well but they knew it would. For now though the city was perfect and they enjoyed riding around snuggling in the limo.

Amazing enough Jason had not noticed Jasmine’s tattoo until she entered the limo and bent over to get in. Jason nearly came in his pants when he saw it, he loved it on her it suited her, the butterfly was definitely Jasmine. He pictured himself making love to her from behind and seeing the butterfly flap its wings ever time he pushed his dick into her pussy. He was getting hard thinking about it and it was not missed by Jasmine as she reached over and started to stroke him through the pants. Jason squirmed in the seat as his dick grew in his pants; Jasmine undid the zipper and reached in to feel his dick in her hand. The warm flesh throbbed in her hand and her pussy tingled with desire for it to penetrate her she gently squeezed his cock and felt it twitch and grow in her hand.

Jasmine looked at his and licked her lips signaling him that she wanted him now! Jason looked back at her and leaned forward to raise the partition between the driver and the back. The driver smiled knowing what was about to happen, he had been doing this job long enough to know. Jasmine could not wait and she drew her mouth around his cock even before the partition was all the way up. She felt his cock in her mouth and let out a sigh of delight she had wanted it for so long, she pushed it deep into her throat until her nose was being tickled by his pubic hair. Jason was always amazed at how easy she made it look to deep throat him; he was not a small guy he was proud of his eight inches of length and two inches of girth. He was more than a mouthful for most girls except for Jasmine! She moaned as she sucked him off, she loved the feeling of a cock in her mouth and she loved the taste of it as well.

Jason bucked as she brought hit to climax and as he shot his cum deep into her throat she moaned with pleasure as she milked him for every drop that he had. Jasmine swallowed every drop not letting any spill out she prided herself in her ability to swallow it all. She was a woman who loved cock and knew that she would just love having it pushed into her pussy but just not yet. She cleaned up Jason with her mouth and let his limp dick slide out of her mouth reluctantly as she took out a tissue from her purse to clean up her make-up and redo her lipstick. She smiled at him and gave him a light kiss on the lips. “Now I’m ready to go to the Prom.” She said. Jason nodded in agreement and buzzed the partition down to tell the driver he could go to the Country club. The driver smiled a knowing smile to Jason, “Yes sir!” he said.

As the limo pulled up to the Grand Ball room entrance a valet attendant opened up the door to the limo and Jason then Jasmine exited the limo. Photographers here there to get pictures for the city and school papers, as Jasmine came into view all the photographers started to take pictures. Jasmine felt like a star on the red carpet and she posed for several pictures with and without Jason. Jason was so proud to be seen and photographed with Jasmine, she was his girl and now everyone in town would know it! They moved into the Ball room just as another limo pulled up with some other Grads in it.

The dinning Hall was set up beautifully and so classy, Jasmine had been her before for special parties but it was never as nice as it was tonight. All the tables were decorated with white linen and real china and crystal glasses, all top quality. The tables were set up so that three couples would sit at one table, all the tables were numbered and each couple was assigned a number. Jason looked at his ticket and saw that it had the number four on it; he escorted Jasmine over to table four and pulled out the chair for Jasmine. Jasmine smiled and smoothed her dress under her legs before sitting. Before Jason took his seat he asked if she wanted something to drink, Jasmine jokingly asked for a Vodka Martini. Jason in his best Sean Connery voice responded “Shaken not stirred” and they both laughed.

While he was gone the other two couples showed up and to her surprise and glee the other couples were Susan and Amy with their dates. The men went to get them drinks as the girls talked and giggled, Jasmine told them about the limo ride and both Susan and Amy blushed admitting that they too did the same with their dates. All the girls had made a packed that they would wait for Prom night to loose their virginity and they were getting excited about the end of the evening and the pleasure they were going to give their men. The guys returned with the drinks and to Jasmine’s surprise Jason had a martini glass for her. She took a sip and started to laugh for it was just cold Sprite in the glass, Jason got a kiss for his imagination and a promise for a lot more later.

All the Grads showed up and the dinner started at nine, they had a full five course meal starting with corn chowder then a spring mix salad with a tasty vinaigrette dressing. Jasmine was almost full by the end of her salad and was wondering if she would be able to eat the main course. The third course was an appetizer of escargot in garlic butter that Jasmine had to admit was very tasty, by now she was full. She was expecting the main course to come out right away but there was almost a half hour wait before it was ready to be served, by then she was getting her appetite back. The main course was Quail basted in a white wine marinade accompanied with pearl potatoes and streamed asparagus. The combination of foods was pleasing to the palette and Jasmine surprised herself by eating all of it. She didn’t feel that she had over eaten and felt comfortable; when the desert tray came around she had the choice of Cheesecake with fresh strawberries, Chocolate Torte, or Cream Brule.

As Jasmine was finishing her Cream Brule coffee or tea was being offered and she chose the tea for she preferred tea over coffee. By the end of the dinner everyone was getting restless to head into the Ball room and dance the food off. The announcement was made that the Ball room was now open for dancing and that the Prom King and Queen had the honor of having the first dance alone before anyone else. Jason got up and offered his hand to Jasmine who took it as she rose and they walked arm in arm towards the Ball room. Everyone was whispering about Jasmines fabulous dress and about her tattoo, from what Jasmine could hear all the comments were good and she smiled.

Moving to the center of the dance floor the band started to play the traditional waltz Jason took Jasmine by the hand and started to guide her around the dance floor. They had both taken dance in school and due to the lack of girls in the class Jeff had learned how to be the girl partner to Jason. Ironic how things worked out thought Jasmine as she let Jason lead her just like when they were back in dance class. Jason smiled at her as he watched her gracefully move to his slightest lead, it was like she knew just what he was going to do. He knew they were meant to be together, their friendship was not by accident everything was meant to be. The song ended and they received cheers and applause from everyone, then the band started to play Latin music a Salsa and Jason started to move again. He loved Latin music and was a fantastic dancer; Jasmine was a natural with the way she moved her hips to the beat that Jason was having trouble concentrating on his dancing.

The dancing went on all night and by the time the last few couples were leaving it was nearly two in the morning. Jason and Jasmine were the last to leave the dance floor, they loved dancing together, and it was like foreplay for what was to come. As the band played the last song Jason took Jasmine by the hand and escorted her out to the waiting limo. The minute they were in the limo they were all over each other kissing groping nearly stripping in the limo. They cooled it long enough to open a bottle of Champaign and toast the end of their high school days and the beginning of their adult lives.

The limo pulled up to the hotel entrance and the door man opened the limo door to let the love birds out. Jason told the door man which room they were in and for him to have the bags sent up to the room. Jason took her up to the room and with the magnetic key card he opened the door and let her enter first. She was in awe for the room was full of roses and rose petals on the bed, she loved it. Turning to face Jason she was met with a kiss that nearly knocked her off of her feet, Jason picked her up and carried her to the bed as they were still kissing. Jasmine pulled his jacket off and was trying to unbutton his shirt as he was pealing her dress off of her shoulders.

They continued to kiss while removing each others clothes, when Jason was down to his underwear he broke the kiss and looked at Jasmine. She was lying there in her panties and stockings panting wanting more begging for more. She looked beautiful, her breasts full and firm with her nipples erect begging to be caressed and suckled, her hip full and shapely laying flat on the bed beckoning him to spread them open and revel her prized possession. Jasmine’s eyes pleaded with him to continue that she was ready to experience full love, to feel him in her to make her a woman! Jason dropped to his knees as he removed his underwear and reached up and pulled her panties off. Jasmine raised her hips up to allow him greater ease in removing her panties and to bring her pussy closer to his wanting mouth.

Jason met her pussy with his tongue and licked her clitoris as his fingers found her opening and worked them into her. She squirmed as his fingers entered her for the first time, it was a whole new feeling, she had fingered herself several times but it never felt this good! Jason continued to lick her clit driving her crazy with desire, she wanted more, no, she needed more! Jasmine arched her hips even further; raising her entire lower body off the bed she wanted further penetration. “Jason make love to me, fuck me my love!” she whispered. Jason stealthily slipped on a condom and positioned himself between her hips and slowly slid his dick into her pussy. Jasmine’s eyes grew in size as she felt his 8 inch dick enter her filling her pussy with its girth. Slowly he pushed it in further then pulled back ever so gentle, Jasmine had other plans and as he slowly pushed it in again she rose up to meet him driving his dick deep into her pussy. She let out a scream of sheer pain and pleasure as her hymen broke and she teared up filled with incredible joy.

A smile came across her face as he pushed his dick even further into her, she could feel him deep in her body and she loved it. They found a rhythm and they fucked like only the young could, bringing them to the brink of orgasm several times before they finally went over the edge. Jasmine felt her orgasm build and build as his dick slid in and out of her pussy until finally it overtook her driving her to pure ecstasy as her orgasm released. Her pussy gripped his dick milking it for every drop that it could release; Jason came at the same time feeling his dick explode as her pussy gripped him refusing to release. He could not believe how much he could cum, it just would not end, he was afraid that the condom was going to burst! Jasmine screamed with pure orgasmic joy as she came and the waves of orgasms she felt were none like she had ever experienced before, she lost count of how many orgasms she had.

Jason totally spent fell to the bed beside her and smiled, he had never been that contented in his entire life. He looked over at Jasmine and saw that she was looking at him as well; they smiled and started to kiss. To Jason’s surprise he found that he was starting to get hard again so soon after such an orgasm was amazing. Jasmine reached down and felt his dick hardening and smiled, she pulled off the used condom and went down on him tasting his cum on his dick. She sucked him clean as his dick hardened in her mouth, she could feel it grow in her mouth and she deep throated him feeling it push deeper into her throat. When she started to taste his pre cum she pulled him out of her mouth and straddled him guiding his dick into her pussy and sitting down on it.

Jasmine felt his dick slide deep into her until it was buried deep in her pussy, she loved it and she started to move up and down feeling his dick slide in and out. Jason was amazed at how good Jasmine was and he grew ever bigger in her pussy, he could feel her pelvic bone meet his every time she lowered herself onto him. Jasmine rode Jason for several minutes driving her to the edge before pulling back, she was truly enjoying her femininity as she allowed his dick to fill her completely, and she reveled in her womanhood. Jason finally could not hold it any longer and shot his load deep into her pussy, Jasmine felt it rush into her and it drove her over the edge as she orgasmed again and again. She was in heaven and didn’t want it to stop; she wanted to have it last forever! Jasmine rolled off of Jason and let out a sigh on contentment, she was happy, she was now a woman, and she had blossomed!

Jason surprised himself and Jasmine by being able to make love four more times that night before they finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. They slept arm in arm holding each other content in their love. Jason woke first and looked over to his girl and smiled, she was sleeping with a smile on her face like she was completely content. He caressed her face feeling how soft it was compared to his bearded face; he continued to touch her as he moved his hand down to her soft yet firm breasts. Her nipples reacted and tightened and became erect to his touch, Jasmine moaned with pleasure and he continued to tweak her nipples. He moved his head down and took one of her nipples in his mouth feeling it with his tongue; he moved his tongue around it as it grew in his mouth until he started to suck on it.

Jasmine woke to the wonderful sensation of her nipple being sucked and she was instantly horny. She could feel her pussy getting moist and she reached down and started to finger herself, soon her hand was replaced by Jason’s and he tweaked her clit sending waves of pleasure up her spine and into her breasts. Jason was sucking her breast and fingering her pussy driving her to an orgasm; Jasmine reached out and took hold of his growing cock massaging it to full staff. Jasmine felt Jason reach over and lift her to her knees while he positioned himself behind her, she was so horny she wanted him in her again! Jason spread her legs and looked down to see her pussy open wantonly waiting for him to insert his cock into it. She was not disappointed as she felt his dick slid into her and fill her pussy with its size, Jason’s cock continued to grow in her pussy and she wiggled her hips feeling it totally fill her.

Jasmine felt him slide out and then slam back in driving his dick deep into her vagina, she squealed as her vagina was stretched to its max! She loved it and begged for him not to stop, to continue, to make her feel like a woman! Jason was pleased that she wanted more and continued to plow his dick deep into her, she gasped every time he rammed it in deeper and deeper. Jasmine was nearing orgasm and she moaned with pleasure with each of his charges sending her closer to her orgasm. Jason was nearing an orgasm as well and he sped up his charges as his dick throbbed with its pending release. With a final massive thrust he shot his load deep into Jasmine’s vagina causing her to scream and orgasm. She bucked as the orgasm took hold of her and him as they both finished in unison, Jasmine’s orgasms were incredible and she loved them, she loved being a woman! As Jason pulled out Jasmine could feel the cum running out of her pussy and she reached down and felt the wet sticky mess of their combined cum. She smiled and saw that Jason was spent lying on the bed and decided that now was a good time for a shower.

Standing in the shower Jasmine felt finally complete her whole life she felt that something was missing, now she knew she was meant to be a woman. She smiled to herself remembering the feeling of the first time Jason stuck his dick in her pussy and she reached down and felt her pussy, she was sore but contented. Jason jumped into the shower with her a few minutes later and they started to kiss feeling the warm water cascading down their bodies. Jason traced her figure with his hands feeling her breasts then her narrow ribcage down to her tiny waist. He reached her full hips and ran his hands over her bum feeling her ass full firm and so feminine, he squeezed her ass cheeks as he pulled her up to his lips kissing her with love and passion. Jasmine could feel his growing dick pressing against her belly and she smiled as she dropped to her knees.

Their shower lasted for nearly one hour as they experienced sex in every position possible in a shower. Sore and tired they decided to call it quits for now and go get some food before they wasted away. It was Jason’s first time seeing Jasmine get ready and he marveled at the way she was able to put on her bra so easily, like she had been doing it all her life. Jason blushed when Jasmine showed him her sexy thong panties and pulled them up her legs watching them cradle her pussy in their sheer femininity. Jason was starting to get hard again and Jasmine giggled at his predicament but was not mean and she soon had him relieved. Rising up she smiled as she wiped her mouth, “God I just love your cock.” She said.

Jason managed to keep his cool while she finished dressing and soon they were on their way down to the restaurant, they ran into Amy and her boyfriend who were just leaving their room as well. The girls looked at each other and with a knowing smile giggled and gave each other a hug. “Welcome to womanhood girlfriend!” Amy whispered to Jasmine who smiled and sighed. They decided to get a table together so the girls could talk about their night, the guys just looked at each other and high fived; there was no need for words. In the restaurant they saw several other couples from the Prom and they all looked like they all had done the same thing last night. The girls all looked like they had a contented glazed look on their faces while the guys were all sitting around with their chests puffed out proudly.

Jasmine was one of the girls with the contented glazed look and she didn’t care if everyone knew what she had done. She was happy for she was a woman now through and through! The week-end was just beginning and by the Sunday night when Jason took her home she would be able to say she was a woman more that once!