The Center: Meet The Enhancer-1

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The Center: Meet the Enchancer -1

Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!
Synopsis: A Center Fan Fiction where a new student's dream comes true and the Center gains a most valuable ally.





Well, here I am, a member of an elite organization that polices the world against bad guys and I am even the chick that I want to be thanks to the Center and it's help.

My name was Shaun Alexander Day Junior, now I am Sunny Day, a perky girl who can enhance others. But I digress. THAT doesn't happen until AFTER I transform.



Daddy and I have been living in an apartment over the cafe that he owns ever since Mom died giving birth to me. They were both Marine Reservist, having finished their tour of duty over in Germany.

They'd married after their tour and took over Delta's Diner so that she could retire to Florida. They used their Veteran's Benefits to modernize the diner and studio apartment, leaving plenty of room for expansion as the family grew, but Mom died soon after I was born, leaving Daddy devastated.

If not for Miss Delta staying to help, I doubt that Daddy and I would've survived, but she called upon her old customers to help and she stayed up in the apartment, babysitting me along with the children of the staff.

After a year, Daddy was ready to take over, so he and the staff had a farewell party for Miss Delta who finally went to Florida to be with her children, leaving me and the other children to be raised by Momma Gail.

Momma Gail was a retired school teacher who loved children and taught us The Three 'R's' and then some by the time that I was twelve, I had graduated from high school and was attending college via the Internet.

I still attended the local school with the other kids, but it was really for the extracurricular activities such as sports and plays. Me, I was into sports and was on every team sport we had, but all of that changed for me during my freshman year in high school.



It was lunch time and I was tending to the cash register, spelling Dad so that he could eat lunch early. Most of the staff had retired, leaving their children to take their place, which Dad didn't mind as he could always call on them if need be.

I was wearing the red denim jeans and white dress shirt while Shelly wore the cute red waitress uniforms like Mary Jane did in the Spiderman movie.
I really liked her and even thought about dating her, but she'd married Frank and had a baby girl named Summer.

Shelly had graduated from the high school that I was attending and was our Head Waitress, until she earned her degree and became an attorney like Frank. But before they'd married, Shelly and I had sex before she'd met him.
So Shelly and I remained best friends after she married.



It was getting near to closing time, our regulars had all paid and left when a black S.U.V. pulls up outside and an array of chicks get out and come in, much to my pleasure.

Coming in was a group of four chicks in revealing outfits that had me drooling. They were wearing what looked to be form-fitting unitards with ballet slippers and some were carrying a satchel with SANDY'S DANCE STUDIO stenciled on it.

Shelly as Head Waitress this shift wore tan hose instead of white and wore a skort version so as not to flash her red bloomers if she ever bent over, "Greetings. Welcome to Shaun's Diner. Does everybody want booths, tables or both?"

"One booth in the back as we need privacy," said the raven haired chick with cute chick by her side.

"Sure, May I get you your drinks? We have both Coke and Pepsi products as well as a selection of coffees and teas."

As a group, they ordered diet cola and the 'surf and turf' special, which meant that as cashier, it was my duty to help her by pouring the sodas as she brought out the salads.

"I'm taking a break. Can you take over?"

I knew that Shelly needed to talk to Frank since we would be closing later than expected, "Go ahead. I can handle things."

When I brought over the drinks, the raven haired beauty startled me, "You have a nice place here. Your mother must be proud to see you working with your dad."

"What do you mean? Mom died when I was a baby!"

She sighed, "I grew up without a mom, too."

A petite chick sitting next to her piped up, "That's OK. You have me, Mom," she sighed as she hugged her 'mom'.

"Liz, I know I do. But you've just let him in on our secret."

"SECRET! WHAT SECRET?" asked Shelly from behind the counter.

Raven Hair sighed, "My name is Kris, the one who spoke up is Liz. And Danni is the other member of our group."

"OK, Just what is your group and why are you here?"

"We are from the Center, an agency dedicated to the preservation of Life."

"OK, tell me about this center."

"The Center is an agency made up of people with special gifts. We are sanctioned by Homeland Security to ensure the preservation of the nation."

"OK, why are you here, then"

Kris sighed, then explained, "Years ago, there was an internal terrorist attack at a genetics lab near a bottled water facility. The attack contaminated the local water supply from which the bottled water plant got its water, but the plant was ignorant of the contaminants. Those bottles got shipped around the U.S. and any women who were pregnant at the time wound up contaminating themselves."

"You mean to say that my mom died from some juiced up water?"

"Yes, because the water affected you, just has it did us."


"All women pregnant who drank the water died soon after giving birth, and the children affected by the water manifest a psychic power just before they change."


"Yes, all of the children are intersexed, and change their gender and possibly their race as well, depending on their heritage."

"You mean to tell me that I'm about to become a girl?"


Could this be true? As much as I love Shelly, I still want to be a girl, have ever since I was a baby. Did they know my secret shame?"

Danni smiled at me, "It is no shame that you are a girl in a boy's body. Soon, your dream will be reality."


"I am an empath."

"An empath, like Gem from that Star Trek episode The Empath, or Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation?"

She smiled, "Yes, like Troi, not Gem. Liz is more like her."


"I am a healer."

"What about Kris?"

"I am am an electrokinetic."


Remember Electro from Marvel comics and Static Shock from D.C. comics?"

"Yes. Why?"

"So, I'm like them, but a woman."


She snapped her fingers and an arc of electricity leapt from one hand to the other, "Really," she giggled.

Then I looked at the clock, "What about my dad? He's either up in the apartment or back in the kitchen getting ready to shut down for the night."

"He and your waitress are both safe in the apartment watching a movie as you clean up."

"OK, What's to happen to me?"

"They will believe that you cleaned up, then went for your regular jog around East Lake Park only to be accosted by criminals who kill you.."

"Why must they think that I'm dead?"

"Ii is for their protection against the Syndicate and its machinations."


"Yes, we've had run ins with them before. And they even attempted to overthrow the Government. It is only recently that we've known the name of our adversary."

"And they are like you guys, children of wacky water?"

Kris nodded, "We believe so. We do know that they have soldiers with powers like ours, but without the moral compass that we have."

"From what you are saying, they don't give you a choice in whether or not you join."

"Correct. They use any means necessary to get you to join including hypnosis and abuse," Kris said in disgust.

"Sounds as if they've hurt one of you," I said as I placed my hand on hers as I sat down.

"*Kerry had been abused by males on the Syndicate team she was a part of. It was due to Luce sending her into one of our security cells that she is free from their control," announced Dani as tears flowed from her eyes.

"MY god! What is her power and why couldn't she free herself?"

"She is a hydrokinetic with the ability to control water. And they had a sadistic bastard who warped her mind so that he and others could..."

I wiped away her tears, "No need to say anything else. I get the picture. Were they punished?"

"They were both killed by Kerry in a battle after Luce freed her and a zap from me released her from their control."

"If y'all hadn't of, I know that I would if I ever find them!"

"Calm yourself. Any stress can cause you to change."

"So, you can link with my minds and zap us if I don't cooperate?" .

The raven haired beauty answered, "We are not like that. we will not as you say 'zap' you. what we will do is adjust your memories after we leave if you choose not to go with us."

"What about our customers?"

"We have other agents around who have created an illusion that your diner is closed due to a plumbing problem that will be corrected when we leave and you will be reimbursed for any lost revenue."

Dad came through the kitchen carrying a double barreled shotgun, "From what I'm hearing, my child is in danger from some sort of Mafia. How will you protect us?"

"Dad, where's Shelly?"

"She's home with her husband Frank."

A dark haired girl whose hair seemed to dance around came out from the diner's kitchen, "Sorry, Kris. But he is too strong willed to hypnotize without causing permanent harm>"

Kris sighed, "That's alright, Lucy. You did what you could."

"Dad, please sit down and take it easy and let me handle things since it centers on me."

"OK, Shaun. But I'm keeping BETTY loaded and ready for action," he agreed as he sat down.

"Betsy?" giggled Liz.

"Yes, Betsy. My father's shotgun that he used to defend his farm until the damned Feds took the land to make a stupid dam." he hufffed.

"So, what is your power, Ma'am?"

"Luce is a probability generator with prehensile hair," offered Dani.

"Like the Scarlet Witch and Medusa from Marvel comics?"

Luce smiled, "Exactly like that. But my hair isn't quite as active as Medusa's."

"Are you People a bunch of superheroes?" asked Dad as he scratched his head.

"No, not superheroes. Rather we are a part of Homeland Security and members of the U.S. Army." offered Kris.

Dad saluted her, "Ma'am. I am an Marine Reservist. How may I serve?"

Kris returned the salute, "Sir, Your being here has compromised the situation."

"In what way?"

"You were to have gone off with Shelly. But you resisted the psychic compulsion. You must have been given special training to resist that we are not privy to."

Dad tapped his skull, and a metallic knock resounded, "Purple Heart from having my skull fractured during a Black Ops mission."

Liz looks relieved, "No wonder I can't get a reading on you and Dani can't sense your emotions. You have the perfect defense against mental attacks."

"Is what I am hearing correct about Shaun?"

"What all did you here?"

"About this Syndicate, the Center and the jazzed up water. Will Shaun become a girl?"

"Yes, by this time tomorrow, Shaun will be a girl."

Daddy hugged me, "Shaun, this is an answer to your prayer to become a girl. You've already blessed me with a son through Shelly."


"Yes, you're Rachel's father."


"Danny is impotent. So Shelly chose you to father a child for them.

"Why wasn't I told before now?"

"We knew that you'd want to do the honorable thing. But Danny loves Shelly and Rachel and it'd devastate him if he knew the truth."


"Yes," said Dad as he held me as I trembled with rage, then I suddenly relaxed.

He started to ball up his fists, and then relaxed.

"Is somebody doing something to me?"

I heard a voice as another girl came into the diner, "Yes, I am. But only to keep you from getting upset so that you won't manifest early," she sighed.

"And if not?"

"I might have to erase a few memories and adjust others."


"Yes, it is possible to implant false memories as well as take away a memory. But to do that to you could warp your mind beyond repair since your dad will know the truth and is psy-null to mental powers."

"So, what are you doing now?" I asked, seeing that she was looking blank at the moment.

"I am reading your friend Shelly to see if the Syndicate is after her and Frank."

"They'd go after them?"

"Yes, there are those who want to capture them for their purposes."

"And what about YOU?"

"WE of the Center are here to help you, not hurt you or your family and friends."

"OK, then, tell me who you are and your power."

"I am Lili, and I am a telepath."

"Can you tell me what my power might be and what I'll look like?"

"Unfortunately, you have yet to manifest your power, and what you look like depends upon your family history."

"That means that I could come out looking like just about any girl," I sighed.

"Do you have a preference?"

"Well, I'd love to take after my mom. She was a Native American, but with Dad's flaming red hair and green eyes."

"It is possible that you can actually have the body that you want."


"Basically, picture it in your mind. But do yourself a favor and don't concentrate on any one body part, or you just might overdo it," she giggled.


"Yes, one of our recent new members wanted big breasts, now she must wear a special bra and bodysuit to carry around the extra weight."

"Why not give her breast reduction surgery?"

"Her body would then do what it could to replace the missing tissue."

"What if a healer was to tell her body to make the adjustments?"

She sighed, "That would take a level of linking that would endanger both parties and quite possibly leave both as freaks with burnt out minds."

Somehow, I knew that I was on the right track. The healer just needed extra oomph to accomplish the task, but how to achieve that still eluded me until the visitors went into action as a flaming red fire truck crashed into the diner.


Then I got mad and held up both hands, "GET OUT AND STAY OUT!"

I saw lightning flow from Kris as it arced up into the lights to gain more power until it had built up enough to slam the intruders with enough of a physical blow that they went into shock as the power field shoved them out and melted enough masonry to seal the breech.


"You just manifested your power, Kid," announced Kris.

The room began to spin, "Daddy! HELP!" I yelled as I passed out.



To Be Continued...

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Nice start

and with the promise of lots more action to come, This is yet another fine addition to to The Center collection of stories, Hopefully dad (or is it daddy now!)will be able to stay with his new daughter....Surely leaving him where he is would be too much of a risk....