The Center: Meet The Enhancer-2

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The Center: Meet the Enchancer - 2

Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!
Synopsis: A Center Fan Fiction where a new student's dream comes true and the Center gains a most valuable ally.





I awaken to find myself in a lush, private bed in what looks to be a room right out of Space:1999 with all of the monitors displaying vital statistics on what I determine is me from the bags of saline entering into my body and the name on the bag, matching that on the monitors.

I start to move my head when I hear the most blessed voice, "Welcome back, Pumpkin. You look marvelous," chuckled Dad.

I started to giggle Giggle? Am I a girl, now? I started to giggle at his very bad imitation of Billy Crystal from his SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE stent.

"Thanks, Daddy, but why are you here?"

"They had to evacuate everybody. Luckily, we had no customers, except for them.

"Shelly OK?"

"Yes, she's is now home where she and Frank are packing up so that they can move to New York where he is now a district manager and Shelly enjoys being a corporate wife."

"What about the diner?"

"Oh, I've sold the old place and found an even better diner her in the Center," he smirked.

"So I get to see you, everyday. Right?"

Daddy sobered up, "Yes and no."


"Yes, you can see me everyday, but not as my daughter."


I saw Kris come in wearing her U.S. Army Dress uniform. She looked stunning in the above the knee shirt, taupe hose and flat heels. Dad gave a wolf whistle which made her blush.

"Uh, Dad. I think that she out ranks you."

"Greetings, Miss and Mister Day. I am Kristyn Keys, I am the Team Leader for all missions outside of the Center. So I do out rank you. Only Colonel Harris out ranks me."

"Sorry Ma'am. But you sure are pretty."

"Thank you, Mister Day. You have been allowed to stay at the Center with Sunny Day. But you will need to change your name."


"Sunny Day is already registered here. She can have no family here as that would not be fair to the other students."

"Then what of those of the Team that know the truth?"

"Those of us that know have had our memories altered. Only I and a select few know the truth."

"Then why not let me go outside?"

"Because when the Syndicate was to discover your unique immunity, they'd grab you so that they could dissect you to learn how to reproduce that ability for their troops."

"You mean that it's possible to make others immune to telepathic attacks by copying my skulls unique properties?"

"That and generate a shield to deflect energy based attacks."

I saw my dad contemplating what Kris had said, which brought up a question about the Center.

"Is the Center about to dissect my dad?"

"No, we will monitor him to see how his mental shielding works. But we will not hurt him in any way."

Then Dad came out of his funk as he accepted her promise, "OK. I know that I can't be related to Sunny, but may I keep my last name and adopt Renee as my first? It was my wife's name."

Kris touched her ear where I saw a small earphone, "That'll be OK. But you two are to NEVER acknowledge that you are family, except for in the privacy of your quarters."

"Are we bunking together?"

"No, Renee is bunked with the faculty staff and you are bunked by yourself for safety purposes."


"While we were evacuating the diner, you caused all of the hydrants near the diner to pop open and douse the diner's fire."

"I was out cold. How did I do anything?"

"You weren't completely out. You heard the fire engines and reacted to save the diner."

"But how?"

"You tapped into Samantha's telekinetic ability and popped open the water mains and flooded the fire out. Then you finally passed out from exhaustion."

"And because my mind was awake, there was no way to stop me?"

"Correct, your active mind is psi null to any mental based attacks. That's why the Team couldn't stop you."

"You mean that Kris can't zap me?"

"Not directly when you're awake, but she can control electrical and electronic devices that can affect you. Same with the others."

"OK. What about my daughter?"

"Yeah! I still haven't seen the new me."

"Did you think about what you wanted to look like?"

"Yeah! Like my mother! I've always thought that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but with Dad's red hair and green eyes."

Daddy began to laugh, "Shaun, you did it, perfectly!"

"You mean"

Kris pressed a switch and a panel retracted overhead to reveal a mirror. I saw a petite young red headed Asian girl with olive skin and Green eyes wearing a skin tone leotard.

"You're beautiful, Sunny," sighed Dad.

I felt my face as I tried to assimilate the fact that I was now not only a girl, but the girl that I wanted to be. It became too much for me, so I fainted as my mind accepted the reality of my change.



When I awoke, I saw a new girl sitting in the chair by my bed, "Good Morning. Feeling better today, Sunny?

"Yes. Who are you? And where's my dad?"

My name is Lili, I am a telepath. And your dad is currently busy taking over our mess hall."

"After he gets through, you'd best call it a diner," I laughed.

"No doubt. Are you ready to start?"

"Are you here to read my mind?"

"No, I'm here to keep you from having a mental breakdown from your transition."

"Oh? I've always wanted to be a girl. It's just that seeing the new me was a bit of a shock."

"So great a shock that your mind almost shut down. If not for Dani linking with you to keep you anchored to reality, you might very well have been lost in your own inner world."

I shuddered as her words brought back the all too enticing vision that had lured me away. But now I saw that was a trap of my own making.

"Will I ever retreat back into that inner realm?"

"Yes, but with training, instead of a trap, an inner sanctum where you can recover from and shield yourself from a mental attack."

"Am I like my dad, and have an invulnerability against mental attacks?"

"No, you are an enhancer."

"Enhancer? How do I do that?"

"You tap into whatever is available to do what you wish, or with training, amplify another's abilities."

"Is there any limit to my ability?"

"We don't know yet. All that we do know is that you have the potential to cause great harm or great help, depending on how you use your power."

"You make me sound almost God-like with my ability," I shuddered with fear.

She smiled at me, "Not quite that bad. More like Jade from D.C. Comics or Doctor Fate."

"So, basically, my only limit to my enhancing others or even events is my imagination?"

"Yes. That is why we have placed mental blocks in your mind to keep you from accessing your ability while sleeping and dreaming since under such circumstances, you can tap into a primal force that can be most difficult to control."

Like giving a nightmare substance so that it becomes reality?"


"OK, When do I start learning about my ability?"

"Now, as soon as you get dressed and follow me to the diner," she said as she passed me a bundle of clothing.

It was a skin tone sports bra and matching panty with a matching unitard and ballet slippers. AS I looked at the clothes, I found that I knew how to put everything on as well as how to take care of my new body's hygienic needs. AS I donned everything, I frowned at her because I knew that my mind had been violated.

"No, Sunny, Your mind has not been violated. While you were withdrawn, you were shown tapes on hygiene and on being a girl."

"How can I be sure?"

"Ask your father when we go to lunch."

"That made me feel better. Dad was immune to psionic attacks.



I saw an older man with a scar on his face that almost took out his eye wearing an Army uniform come into the room, "Greetings, Miss Day. I am Colonel Harris, in charge of the Center. I bid you welcome."

"Are you like Colonel Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

He grinned and pointed to his scar, "I am the equivalent of him, but I am not missing an eye like he is."

I saw Kris approach us and salute the Colonel, "Sir, I did not know that you were eating lunch."

He returned the salute, "Far be it for me to quell any rumors, but I do eat. I am here to meet the Center's new chef."

I got a bit bold when I saw that this soldier loved the student's but hid it under a gruff facade that everybody saw through.

"Sir, why meet the new chef?"

"We take care of our own and their families."

"How do you take care of the families?"

"We look after our own, Miss Day. You father's safety is my concern as he is the first civilian to have been recruited when his child joined."

I blushed, "Sorry to have caused such a bureaucratic nightmare for you."

He placed his hand on Dad's shoulder, "Sir, you don't know all of the rules and regulations that it takes to run this place. I do, unfortunately. I am bogged down in red tape. That is why I am letting my staff handle most things, believing that since they were not a part of the problem, that they will streamline the system."

"And giving me gray hairs in the process," sighed Kris.

"Yes, you and your support staff both here and at Beta and Gama sites. I know that you can streamline the system, eliminate the red tape that is keeping the Center from being as effective as it can be."

Dad smiled and handed Colonel Harris a card, "Sir, what you need is somebody who has done it before. I offer you my services."

"What do you know about corporate business or the military?"

"When Global Tronics filed for Chapter Eleven, I cut out all of the unneeded positions that was bogging down the finances. Once my system was put into place, the company started making a profit."

"If you can find positions for the unneeded personel, I will be surprised."

Dad chuckled, "A challenge? I love a challenge."

To Be Continued...