The Center: Meet The Enhancer-3

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The Center: Meet the Enchancer - 3

Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!
Synopsis: A Center Fan Fiction where a new student's dream comes true and the Center gains a most valuable ally.



Daddy in record time had taken the list of Center Personnel and had divided them up into three distinct groups that answer the needs of any one Center with extra help when needed without calling upon outside help which he could tell from the demeanor of Colonel Harris was what he wanted, but couldn't see a way to accomplish. But that was in the future.

After I are lunch, I followed Dani into what looked like a gunnery range.

"Sunny, this is where you will discover your gifts limitations. Can you sense anybody other than me?"

"No, but I can sense the electrical power in the lights and monitors."

"Then try to hit the target."

I saw a bulls eye on a stand. I aimed my hand at it as if it was a gun and said, BANG!"

The target was hurdled off of the stand.

"Rest while we check on the target."

I took a sip of water as they retrieved the target.

"According to our scans, the target was hit with an electro-kinetic punch that magnetized the metal in it. Can you try a different attack, next time?"


For the rest of that day, we established that I could tap into most energy source and convert that energy into any form of energy that I chose and that even when I was in a cell that blocked any energy transmission, I could still tap into the Earth's gravity.



I was eating dinner after I had taken a long, soaking bubble bath to unkink my body. I could have let Dani do it with her healing ability, but I wanted to experience what I felt was the right of any woman who'd just been through the grinder.

As I was donning the gray spandex unitard in anticipation of the next day's events, Kris knocked on the door.

"Come in, Kris."

She entered with a surprised look on her face, "How did you know that it was me?"

I pointed to the monitor screen, "I saw you knocking Guess you didn't know about that."

She looked over at the screen and smiled, Glad to see that they have started to install the upgraded security protocols that I ordered," then she scowled. "But to NOT tell me about starting today will not please the Colonel."

"I take it that Colonel Harris doesn't take prisoners."

She sat next to me and touched her right ear, "Correct. He will see any breach of protocol as a serious offence."

"But how is this serious?"

"By not listing this on my computer, someone could very easily use it as their own spy system. We have a mole here who is sending out vital information to the syndicate"

"You may have a mole, but no information has been sent ever since Daddy has been helping with the personnel problem."

"What did he do?"

"He rerouted all transmissions through the master buffer after he found that there were other transmission feeds via unknown cell phones and landlines. He told Colonel Harris who implemented the actions less than an hour ago."

"DAMN! Somebody kept me from being notified!"

Then Kris saw Colonel Harris on the screen, "Kris, did you know that your cell phone is burnt out?"

Kris blushed, "I had a nightmare last night. I’m just now remembering it."

"Get to the Infirmary at once and let Dani check you out. Our mole may have left a few surprises."

"What about my testing?"

"Go with Kris. She and a few others are to help to see if you can enhance others instead of controlling their powers."



We rushed to the Infirmary, only to find it in chaos from what looked to be a retrieval team with casualties.

Dani approached us, "Don't worry, this is a combat drill for the Infirmary WE can't really plan them as any emergency is truly random."

Kris smiled at her, "Except that your drill was scheduled by me. Cancel the drill because we have a real emergency."

Dani paled, "What's the emergency?"

"I need for you, Tina, Liz, Lilli, Lara, and Rita to do an in depth scan of me and Sunny to see if there has been any tampering, then do a scan of all base personnel to see where the mole is."

"Follow me."

As we followed Dani, the chaos of the Infirmary became the organized chaos of the Infirmary operating under BATTLE ALERT conditions as the Infirmary was brought up to ALERT status. Each of the individual cells had a force field door and a laser emitter aimed at the door with additional lasers throughout the Infirmary as well as nozzles for emitting gases and chemicals if needed.

"Quite the set up, looks like a scene from Star Trek," I quipped.

Daddy comes from behind what looks to be an isolation ward made of some sort of polarized plastic, "Pretty much, Sunny. This equipment has been certified by the Government and was just recently sent here after Colonel Harris authorized the expansion of the Center into Beta and Gamma sites."

Colonel Harris appeared next to him, "If not for this gentleman and his extensive knowledge, the Center would still be lagging behind without this new equipment that is being installed throughout the Center. He uncovered an order and shipment of new equipment that was about to be shipped away without me knowing about it."

"Colonel, have we discovered who the mole is?" asked Kris.

"No, that is why we have set up this Infirmary outside of the Center's mainframe and limited access through the main portal. Any spy devices will be scrambled and only those who have been cleared are here."

"But Kris and I have yet to be cleared."

The Colonel smirked, "You two have been monitored ever since this infirmary has been set up, and Dani has cleared both of you. But there is still a deep scan needed to make certain that the mole hasn't implanted anything in your minds."



It didn't take long for Kris and I to be certified as clean of any outside influences, then we were both given a pasty on the base of the neck that was a microdot that would prevent us from being influenced without our permission.

The microdots were designed to amplify a person's natural mental shield by causing the skull to become impervious to mental and sensory attacks. The only drawback was that it only worked within the Center, so a more powerful version was incorporated into the field uniform.

Kris yelped as the pasty was applied to her, "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Dani smiled at her and dabbed the back of her neck, "We tried to place one of the new security microdots on you, but your electrical field shorted it out."

"So, that means that I'm still susceptible to mental probing?"

"Not quite, there is the security pasty imbedded in the ring," Dani offered as she passed over a class ring with a sapphire in it.

Kris accepted the ring which fit her ring finger, "Glad that you got my birthstone correct."

"What about those with telepathic, part of precognitive, healing, or empathic abilities?"

"Like you, they also need a ring to boost their mental disciplines against attacks. The rings also act as a silent radio and will become a part of the Away Team's uniforms." answered the Colonel.

"Then why subject Kris to a useless and painful procedure?"

The Colonel visibly blushed, "The microdot was the only way to certify that she was free from any influence by interacting with her natural electrical power to send an EMP through her body to burn out any dots from the Syndicate, Sunny."

"OK, What about me?"

Dani strode forward, "According to our scans, any dots were burnt out during your target practice."

Rita McFadden stepped up to the Colonel, "Sir, Security Officer Fine reports that the Base is secured against mental assault. All personnel have been scanned and none have been compromised."

"Thank you, Rita. You may return to your duties."

"Sir, are there any bodies in the morgue at this time?"

"Yes, Brian Rivera's. Why?"

"What was his ability?"

Kris spoke up with tears in her eyes, "Brian could take over your body while you were awake and use your power, he did that to me to make me electrocute him,"

She slumped to the ground and Dani rushed to her and held her while she broke down and cried.

"Sir, if he had that ability, could a microdot not bring him back to life as a zombie?>"




"Sunny, we will be fighting against automatons that will be using deadly force. We can't afford to take any chances," said a pale Kris.

I could tell that she hated having to destroy the bodies of the rogues and would have nightmares later from the battle. I couldn't let her or the others suffer such a fate.

"Kris, what about me? May I help?"

"Suit up in one of our generic battle suits."

I followed Kris to the Armory where I found me a suit of combat armor and donned it while Kris was adding gloves, a belt and a head set to hers," Ready?"

"Ready. I can sense those wearing the armor."

"That means that you have a telepathic component to your enhancing ability. If you had a mean streak, you could be a Dominator."

"Not my way of thinking. I'm too much like Dani for that."

"Well Lilli thinks that your power is the flip side of Domination. Both involve taking over others or events, but you don't invade the mind."

"What other powers could be the mirror image of another?"

"A pyrokinetic with cyrokinetic abilities. Such a person could affect the temperature, throw fire or ice," she said as she finished lacing up my boots. We strode out and met her Alpha Team: Heather, Lilli, Van Lai, Samantha, Max, and Luce.

"Bad news, Kris, they got Heather with a fire extinguisher," announced a scared Luce.

"Luce, as much as I know that you want to just make them vanish, we need to be able to examine the bodies once we defeat them."

Luce nodded, "OK, let's go."


To Be Continued...