Fiction or Fact

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Fiction or Fact
By Suzanne Knight

It had been too long, way too long and I was frustrated. All the masturbating, sitting on dildos and filthy cyber conversations weren't enough. I needed to be touched, I needed to be desired, I needed a man. Now it is not always easy for a transvestite to find a man and to be honest many of my encounters with men had not gone that well. All right, truth be told, the only satisfying relationships I had ever had were of the "slam bang, thank you ma-am err sir" variety. Tranny chasers are OK but my personal favorite is the straight acting bi-curious type that has an itch that needs to be scratched. Now on rare occasions I have picked up straight guys who either were too dense to read me or too horny to care. One of those encounters ended very badly so I stopped doing that even though it was by far the most exciting sex I have had.

Tonight caution would have to take a back seat to desire but I was wary enough to limit my hunting to a tranny bar.

I proceeded to strip off my clothes and soaked in the bath tub, I shaved my body to a nice silky smoothness. I attached my breast forms with adhesive and slipped into a lacy little bra that supported well but concealed very little. Then I slowly slipped on thigh high sheer black seamed stockings and pulled on a white silky low cut long sleeve top, and stepped into a black, a short leather skirt with a broad leather belt. I decided on a different look tonight. I chose a straight, shoulder length black wig with bangs. I applied extra thick black eye liner and a combination of shades of purple eyeshadow applied just the wrong side of too much. Then I out-lined my lips to give a full sensual look and applied a very red, extra glossy lipstick and matching long finger nails For the finishing touch I put on a pearl choker and matching drop pearl earrings, my cubic zirconium ring on my left hand and a gold signet ring on my right and a thick gold bracelet on my right wrist. I stepped into a pair of 3" patent leather black pumps. I glanced in the mirror and liked what I saw, I looked like a modern day Cleopatra.

I got to the tranny bar, and I noticed a tall good looking guy chatting up some of the clientele. He was about 6"2" tall, reddish blond hair, looked to be quite fit, probably in his mid thirties. I noticed he was checking me out, I smiled at him.

He came right over asked if he could buy me a drink.
I said " Of Course I'll have a glass of Merlot."
He ordered a beer for himself and said
"My name is Allen, I don't recall seeing you here before"
"I'm Christine and I don't come here very often." I replied in a husky but still feminine sounding voice.
He smiled and said
"Well I am lucky to be here tonight, you are really hot and I love that sexy voice"
I smiled a Mona Lisa smile and said
"Thank you, but it remains to be seen just how lucky you will be tonight"

Allen was saying all the right things and doing all the right things, but something still didn't add up.
Finally I said" let's dance,"
Now to his credit he held me close, caressed my butt, and breathed in my ear. But I knew he wasn't that into me, he was trying hard, but he wasn't hard.

We sat back down and I asked "That's as close as I have been to a man and not feel his hard dick pressing against me"
He looked confused
I said "Either have need of Viagra or you are trying to fulfill some weird fantasy."
He looked pensive and said
"Christine I have a problem, not the kind you referred to, but I do need help from a special girl"
I replied
"Allen, I only screw on the first date and this hasn't risen to that level if you catch my drift"
He smiled and said " I need a favor"
I was a bit irritated at this point and said
"The only favors I do for men involve one or both of us cumming, if that's not what you had in mind then screw!"
He looked serious and replied
"No that is not what I am here after, but let me try to explain"
There weren't any other decent looking men around so I said
"Be my guest"
Allen continued
"I am a reporter for the newspaper and a few months ago I wrote a series on the life of a transvestite named Samantha. It was highly acclaimed and I won several awards, but some have always doubted that Samantha was real"
I recalled the story and replied
"Oh! I read that series and to tell you the truth it didn't ring true to me. She was too into sex with strangers engaging in some very risky behavior."

Allen replied
"It didn't ring true because it wasn't, I made the whole thing up"
He exhaled and continued
"Now the publisher Derek Crane, wants proof, if I can't provide it I'll be exposed as a fraud. My plan is to find someone to be Samantha and recreate an episode from the series where she picks up a truck driver and has sex with him. You closely resemble the description of Samantha and are sexy enough to be able to pick up a straight guy and I'd be willing to bet you have. More importantly I am willing to pay for your help"

I was intrigued and still attracted to Allen even if the feeling wasn't mutual.

I replied
"Allen I don't take money for sex, I am not a whore, I do enjoy promiscuous sex with men, which makes me a slut, the difference may be lost on you but it is important to me"
Allen replied
"I am sorry Christine I didn't mean to imply anything"

I smiled seductively and said
"Despite the fact that this story exploited people like me, I might be willing to help you but I have two conditions"

Excitedly he said
"That's great! What are your conditions?

"Well the first is easy" I said
"Donate the money you were going to pay to the Gender Dysphoria Clinic and when you have done that show me the receipt"
He smiled and said
"that is easy, what's the second thing you want"
I laughed and said
"You Allen, I want your hot throbbing cock in my mouth and in my ass and I want it now"
He looked pale, and stammered something unintelligible
I looked straight into his eyes and said
"Deal or No Deal!"
He averted my gaze and whispered
We walked in silence to the somewhat sleazy motel two blocks from the bar. Allen paid for the room in cash, while I chatted with Stan the desk clerk, I have of course been here before.
We went into the room, I put my purse down on the table, took out a cigarette and my lighter. I handed the lighter to Allen and held the cigarette to my lips and said "please"
He look the lighter and gave me a light.
I took a deep drag and slowly exhaled it as I looked him over.
Finally I said
"Allen you look like you are going to your own execution, relax you might actually enjoy it"
He grimaced at the thought.
I continued
"OK let's see what you've got, take all and I mean all your clothes off"
I watched his every move as I undid my belt, let my skirt fall to the floor and I stepped out of it. He was stripped to the waist, he had a nice set of abs and a moderately hairy chest.
I took another drag and exhaled it through my nose and said
"Very nice Allen ! You must work out"
I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, starting with the top as he took off his shoes and socks.
I slipped off my blouse and stood in my bra, panties, thigh highs, heels, earrings and choker. He loosened his belt and stepped out of his pants leaving him only with his boxers on.
I stared at his boxers and said
"Take them off"
I took one last drag and did a french exhale as he slipped out of his briefs. His cock appeared to be average size but was certainly not aroused. I crushed out my cigarette in the ash tray and walked around behind him. In my heels I was the same height, I ran my hands down his back form his shoulder blades to his buttocks. I grabbed his cheeks with my hands and gave a good squeeze, they were nice and tight. Then I reached around and caressed his hairy chest while I nibbled on his earlobe. He was extremely tense, but the only part of his body the wasn't stiff was his cock.
I slipped around in front of him, got down on my knees and ran my hands up the inside of his thighs.Then I licked the inside of his thighs, high up near his scrotum. I noticed some movement in his cock. So I continued by slowly licking his balls, his cock got a little firmer. I took his balls in my mouth and sucked on his nuts, I think he liked it, at least I think his cock liked it. It was finally big enough to grab so I took hold of it with my left hand he winced. I love the look of my fingers with the painted nails wrapped around a swollen cock. I started by just licking the head a few times, then I took the head in between my upper and lower teeth, and pulled ever so slowly it through exerting just the slightest pressure. He let out a deep sigh. I looked up and said
"foreplay is over stud, time to get to work!"
with that I swallowed his manhood whole and started to suck the full length of his shaft. I repeated that six or seven times and then let it out for a moment. As I did a little strand of precum connected his cock to my lips. A flick of my tongue took care of that. He was hard as a rock and breathing heavy. I took his cock in my mouth and then grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and went at him furiously. His hips thrust his cock deep into my throat, and in return my head pulled back letting it run through my hard sucking mouth. Our rhythm was perfect and it took no time at all for him to cum in a torrent of hot salty spunk. I swallowed, licked my lips, got to my feet, patted him on the ass and said
"Way to go Stud!"

It was about a week later, we met in a hotel room. Allen had arranged for a vehicle. an Acura MDX SUV and had some of the newspaper's tech geeks conceal some cameras with microphones in it. The incident we were recreating had Samantha, pretending to be a business woman on her way home to her boring husband after a frustrating couple of days out of town.

I decided on a nice businesslike blue suit, but the skirt was a little shorter than office appropriate and the white silky blouse showed just a little too much cleavage from my very realistic looking breast forms. And these days not too many real business women wear 3" spike heels. On the other hand I had a chin length black wig, very conservative jewelry, a medium red lipstick and nails and very intellectual looking eye glasses.
I had put on my breast forms, done my make up, nails put on thigh highs and shoes but as yet had no panties on.

Allen arrived. Shamelessly I made no attempt at modesty. He had a small video recorder and said
"Let's get started"
I laughed and said
"Oh Allen you're all business, don't you want to have a little fun first?'
He practically barked
I lit a cigarette, took a deep drag and said
"OK let's go"
I picked up a copy of today's newspaper and held it in front of me covering my torso.
Allen counted
"3 2 1 Go"
I started in my husky sexiest Kathleen Turner voice

"Well hello Derek, I am Samantha, your friend Allen tells me that you doubt that I am real.
I assure you I am ever so real"
With that I dropped the newspaper to the floor. I look a long drag and exhaled it toward the camera. Then I said
"Well the tits aren't real unfortunately, but the my cock is" I reached down and gripped a hold of my semi erect cock and turned my hips slightly so I was standing in profile I went on
"I googled you Derek, you are a very handsome man. I love the name Derek, it brings to mind those giant oil drilling rigs with all those muscular, half naked men, skin glistening from sweat"
As I talked I stroked my penis, I was finding this very erotic and was getting hard fast I continued.
"Yes all those men trying to get the head of that huge drill into the hole, screwing and screwing deeper and deeper in search of fluids"
I was now fully erect. I took another long drag exhaled through my nose, started stroking very quickly and said
" I would love to have you drill in my hole Derek"
I turned and bent over showing my ass to the camera, while I worked my dick even harder. I turned back to face the camera and said
"What do you think Derek?, do you want a piece of that? I am certain you could make my ass pussy happy. But it's not just about making me happy I would love to take your cock into my mouth and suck you dry. Believe me it would be the best blow job you ever had" Just then I felt ready, I walked right up to the camera, put my dick a couple of inches from the lens, as it spasmed cum right on to the lens.
"Oops I am so sorry Derek, we will clean that up and move on the next part of this porno flick"
Then in my male voice I said
" Ciao Baby"

Allen looked a little flushed as he said
"I don't remember discussing any of that"
I laughed and said
"You only said to be sexy but convince him that I was indeed a male I think I did an excellent job"

I grabbed my latex vaginal appliance and held it up and said
"Allen, be a dear and help me get into this, please"
I carefully inserted my penis into the compartment held it place and said,
"Tie the strings for me "
He came around behind me and tied the waist, I thrust my ass back into his crotch, his dick was hard.
I purred
"Ooh are you sure, we have all kinds of time"
He pulled up hard on the crotch string and again barked

With that I slipped on my clothes and went out to the Acura. Allen made sure all the little cameras and microphones were working. He would be able to monitor what was going on from his car which, he promised would never be far away.

I opened the sunroof to give truckers a good view and started to drive on the highway, Allen followed me in his car. Had I done this kind of thing before? Yes in truth I had. Had I always been scared when I did? Absolutely.

As I drove I started a monologue
"My name is Samantha and I am a transvestite, I am about 5'11" with somewhat broad shoulders and narrow hips. My features aren't that feminine but with makeup I look okay. Don't you think? I do have small hands and feet, a nice ass and soft to the touch skin which certainly helps the overall effect. I do a good a half decent feminine voice. It is a little husky or smokey. Don't you think? I find the hornier I can get them before they get close, the easier it is to pass. I look sexy, I act sexy, I sound sexy, and I seem to have the right parts. Most important I am very willing. For that alone most men will overlook a few minor inconsistencies."

I had attracted the attention of a guy in a Covenant Transportation Truck. I said
"Well let's show a little thigh and see if this guy is interested"
I hiked up my skirt as I had slowly passed him and he gave two blasts of his air horn.
"I said well he is clearly looking, let's see how determined he is"
I sped up to see if he would give chase. He did and showed considerable skill weaving among slower moving vehicles to pull even with me. As he did I hiked up me skirt to show some pussy, rubbed it with my hand and licked my fingers, he went nuts blasting his horn. I said
'Well if that doesn't get him nothing will"
I blew him a kiss and sped up and cut in front of him. A Service Area was just ahead so I put on my blinker and he did the same.
"Got him" I said.
I saw that truck's blinker come on and I started feeling really sexy, not to mention horny.

I pulled into the parking lot a bit away from the other cars, he parked his truck some distance away in the truck lot. Allen pulled in and parked with the nearest group of cars. I got out of my car, and lit a cigarette. As he approached I noticed he was short, dark, and a little stocky. I sat back down in my car but with my legs swung around and feet on the ground. I crossed my legs and showed a lot of leg. As he walked closer he said
"Hey gorgeous, my name is Mario and I sure enjoyed the show you put on. Are you hungry? Can I buy you something to eat or drink?"
I took a long drag and slowly exhaled and said
"I'm not hungry for anything in there, motioning towards the food court, but I could go for a hot Italian sausage"
I glanced at his crotch and added
"Know where I can find one?
Now knowing Allen had my back gave me a confidence that I had never felt before. I could be bold Hell I was being absolutely brazen. Mario looked pleased, but then thinking there may be a catch asked
"Is this going to cost me?"
Now a genetic girl would probably be insulted, but I found being offered money for sex as the ultimate compliment, however I have never taken it for fear it was a sting. I stood up, I would be a good 3" taller than Marion my stocking feet and with the 3"heels I towered over him, I took a long drag and looked down at him blew the smoke in his face and said
"Listen asshole. I am not a whore or lot lizard or whatever you call them, I am a consenting adult who intends to use you to satisfy my sexual needs. Do you have a problem with that?"
Mario looked surprised, he smiled and said
"No! No problem at all"
I took a step back, took one last drag, exhaled, threw the cigarette down to the ground in front of Mario, as I stepped forward and crushed it on the soul of my shoe, I said
"OK Stud let's see that sausage."

I motioned to Mario to get into the back seat, I told him to rest his back against the door and put his legs across the seat. . Then I crawled into the back seat and unzipped his fly, and grabbed hold of his cock. Finally my luck was changing, it was huge, at least eight inches and really thick. I said "This is what I was looking for!" I undid his belt and pulled down his briefs freeing up his manhood, I looked up at him and said "You are a macho man aren't you?" He stammered out a
I imagine he wouldn't have answered yes to anything I asked him right then. I started by kissing his balls, then I licked them as he groaned, I moved to licking the head of his dick 360 degrees just like it was an ice cream cone. Then I grabbed it with both hands and slipped my lips over it and sucked it all the way into my mouth and then slowly let it out. I repeated that action five or six times each time he groaned louder and louder. There was no telling how fast he would cum so I figured I should get busy, I started bobbing my head up and down, he caught on and started thrusting his hips and pelvis wildly up and down until a huge load of hot salty cum burst It my mouth

We climbed into the backseat of my car, he sat on the seat I climbed in and straddled him on my knees so I could come down on him. I hiked up my skirt , by this time he had his cock out and was trying to get in inserted, I reached down and took it in my hand, I got it into my vaginal appliance and let my self down . Anyway back to Mario , I was swaying and going up and down on him, he seemed to be having a hell if a time in my latex vagina, while I did my best imitation of Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally" hoping he would have enough left for my ass. He thrust and winced and breathed heavily, I finally moved his hands to the cheeks of my ass and started rubbing his very hairy chest to give me a slight thrill, I moaned and groaned and licked my lips and at last he came. I rolled off him and he just sat there looking spent.

I usually prefer to be a bitch with men but I figured my best shot at any anal satisfaction would be to literally try to suck up to him.
"Oh Mario!" I gushed
"That was the best, it's never been like that for me before"
He grunted something like
"Thanks babe".
I reached over and gently rubbed his chest for a while, then I caressed the inside of his thigh while I told him how manly he was and how I get so turned on by hairy men. I moved by hand up to his cock but it was still soft, he took my hand off his penis and said
"I need to get back on the road, Babe it was great"

Mario walked back to his truck, satisfied, but none the wiser. I drove back to the motel and met Allen. He said
"Thank you, I really appreciate this, I am sure this will convince Derek"
I replied sweetly
" Allen if you sincerely want to show your appreciation how about a quickie in my ass?"
He just shook his head and said
I replied angrily
"I just saved your goddamn ass"
Allen turned red and said
"Well it was hardly a sacrifice; you certainly seemed to enjoy it! You are a pathetic fag!"
I was angered and hurt, but maintained my cool, and said
"Yes Allen a pathetic fag that made you come like a horny teenager, what does that say about you?"

About a week later I received an apologetic email from Allen. It said that Derek wanted to meet me in person
I replied that he could buy me a grande at Starbucks.
Allen replied that Derek wanted a private meeting
I laughed to myself and thought to myself
"Oh Allen this was never about you or the story"

I replied and suggested I meet Derek the following night at the same motel.
I googled Derek. He was 52 a Harvard Graduate. Divorced from his first wife and remarried to a younger trophy wife. If he wanted to see me in private, it could only be because I had something his trophy wife didn't.

I chose a beautiful black cocktail dress that was about two inches above my knee, and quite low cut but with flimsy, silky, transparent fabric that covered my arms, shoulders, and that part of my chest that the bodice of the dress didn't cover. I wore a shoulder length black wig. My eye makeup was on the heavy side and lips a dark red. My nails matched and I wore large, drop, ball-shaped earrings. My hose were very sheer black thigh highs and the shoes were black patent leather 4" stiletto heels.

I drove to the motel and knocked on the door of the room.
Derek opened the door and said
"Samantha, please come in"
Derek was very handsome
Now I could tell he was nervous, I smiled and walked over to the sofa and sat down in a very ladylike fashion. He offered me a drink and I declined.
I asked
"So Mr. Crane, what is it you want to know?"

He replied
"I just need to verify some details"
He sat next to me on the sofa and asked a few questions
I found him attractive, so much so that I was getting hard, and I could tell I was making this suave, self assured man nervous and uncomfortable
Finally I asked
"What are you really here for?"
He stammered
"Like I said I just need to verify some things"
I took his hand in mine and guided it up my skirt to my erect penis and said
"This is the only thing you need to verify, Derek"
He looked stunned. I suspect he hadn't touched another man's penis before.
I said
"Go ahead, you know you want to suck it, and I really want you to suck it"
With that I stood up and my dick was even with his face, he still was holding on to it.
I grabbed his head and brought it to a position where his lips were just a millimeter from my cock and said
"Kiss it"
Ever so slowly he did.
His lips stared to part, I thrust my hips forward causing my cock to enter his mouth,
His eyes grew wide, he seemed paralyzed, then all of a sudden he stared to suck and suck he did.

I came in his mouth, and he gagged and spit the cum all over my dress
I told him to go in and wash out his mouth. Then I went in to the bathroom ans slipped out of my dress and washed out the cum and hung it up to dry.

When I came out he apologized profusely saying he had no idea what had come over him and was sorry about the dress.
I could tell he was checking me out.
I laughed and said
"What came over you is you just realized you are Bi, it's great thing to be, you have more ways to enjoy sex and many more potential partners"
I continued
"And don't worry about the dress, it provided a good reason to take off my clothes in the presence of a very sexy man, something I have been wanting to do since you got here."
His body language changed immediately, his posture was more erect and his penis started to get more erect too.

I walked over I reached out and touched his face; then I slipped my hand around to the back of his neck and pulled his face toward mine. I kissed him passionately on the lips. He responded with equal intensity, his tongue darted between my lips and into my mouth.
I reached down and grabbed hold of his cock and pulled on it, it was nice and hard.
I knelt in front of him and looked up at him and said
"Now it's my turn"
I kissed the tip of his cock, then I kissed his balls, I rubbed my hands up and down his chest while I licked his the complete length of his shaft, then I grabbed is ass with both hands and swallowed his cock whole, he started thrusting powerfully into my mouth, over and over his manhood penetrated my lips, I could barely get my breath, Too soon he exploded, cum going all over my mouth and chin. He backed away. I cooed as I licked the cum off my lips, I took my finger and wiped some off my chin and then flicked out my tongue to lick his hot love juice off my finger. I stood up and said I'm going to freshen up. You just rest and regain your stamina.

I went into the bathroom to freshen
When I came out he was standing by the door.
I said
"Leaving so soon!"
He replied
"I don't understand what has happened, I am very confused"
I looked deep into his eyes and said
"You won't find the answers out there, only more questions"
He replied
"What do you suggest?"
I said
"Let's talk, but my dress is still drying so to make the conversation equal, strip down to you underwear and as you do strip away the person you thought you were"

He talked for a good half hour about his fantasies, marriages, hetero sex. I looked attentive and nodded at appropriate intervals.
Finally he paused and I said
"Did you enjoy sex with me?"
He replied
"Very much"
I said
"Well then the bottom line is, you don't have to give up anything you are or have, all you have done tonight is find something else that gives you pleasure, don't think too much, it doesn't help'
With that I stood up, took him by the hand and walked over to the bed. I said
"Lay down on the bed" Then I climbed on the bed with my knees at his head facing the opposite direction. I said
"Now I'll show you how to have twice as much fun, Do everything to me that I do to you"
I then started to lick his balls with my tongue, first little touches with the tip of my tongue and then bigger and bigger licks more like a dog would. Derek followed my lead and was enthusiastically licking my balls. I could feel myself getting hard and could see he was too.
"Now the cock!"
I said, forcefully and moved onto to licking the full length of his shaft ten times, them I started licking the head of his cock around and around like in was my favorite ice cream cone. Derek did like wise and now we were both as hard and erect as we could be. So I said,
"Now suck" and I swallowed the full length of his cock and started bobbing my head furiously up and down sliding his member between my lips over and over, Derek was not in my league as a cocksucker but he was more than adequate, and this one was much improved over the his first attempt. All too soon we both came in a incredible explosion of cum.

We laid there for a long time not saying anything. Finally I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came out he did the same.
Now I hadn't had a real live cock up my ass in weeks and I was determined that this night would come to a happy ending so to speak.
I got in the doggy position on the bed with my ass facing the bathroom door
When he came out I turned my head to glance over my shoulder and said
"Oh Derek, I need you to do one more thing for me"
With that I patted my ass cheek and said
"My ass pussy needs love too"
Derek didn't need to be coaxed.
He stood on the floor behind me, as I felt him enter me I thought to myself
" I have had him ejaculate twice already so hopefully that will cause him to be longer than usual this time." I am pretty sure he did take longer, but honestly I wasn't watching the clock. As he repeatedly pumped his swollen member into my ass pussy I was in utter ecstasy, moaning
"You're the best"
"That's it Stud" as my toes curled.

He fell asleep, I checked and my dress was dry so I put it back on and got ready to slip away. I went into the bathroom and fixed my face. When I came out Derek was awake. He said
"Going somewhere?'
I smiled and said
"All good things must come to an end, and your thing just came in my end, and it was very good indeed"
He laughed and said
"I want to see you again"
Now I liked Derek a lot, an as much as I wanted to say yes, I thought it too complicated a situation.
I replied
"Hey I had a really great time but"
He interrupted
"Samantha, I don't care about all the other men"
Then it hit home he thought I was Samantha the promiscuous TV slut from the story. Well I hadn't done anything to make him think otherwise. For some reason I wanted to tell him the truth, and I certainly didn't owe that prick Allen anything.
I sat down, lit a cigarette took a deep drag and exhaled it slowly and said
"Derek, I have some good news and some bad news for you. I am not Samantha the slut from Allen's story, my name is Christine, Allen and I met at a Tranny bar and he talked me into making the video that you saw. I not sure why I did it, I was bored and hadn't had a man for a long time and thought it would be exciting. I did the truck driver and Allen, one of my conditions was that Allen had to do me, the other was a donation to the Gender Dysphoia clinic, but in reality there are no other men in my life"
I took another drag and exhaled it through my nose.
Derek was silent for a while, and finally said
"So Christine, what's the bad news?"
I laughed and said
"Allen's a fraud"
He replied
"I suspected as much"
He continued,
"Now back to important things, will you see me again?"
I took another drag, exhaled slowly, looked into his eyes and said
"It would be my pleasure to see you again and again and again"