A Flat Iron

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My story begins on spring day just after my 30th birthday. I learned when I was still a teenager that I was transvestite and had long since come to except it. I also new that I never intended to leave home cross-dressed. I was way too much of a coward to go out in public, not that I couldn't pass for a woman. I had always watched my weight and kept my hair long. I couldn't get into wigs, I wanted to be more real, My legs were ok and I kept my body hair shaved. I even used moisturizer on my face and body lotion to look a little softer. I thinned my brows a little and used a little peroxide to lighten them so I could redo them with a eyebrow pencil. Nothing to give me away though, no one knew about my girlie secret.

    I had been watching a commercial on TV that gave me an Idea. At first it was just a thought, then after a week or so I decided I had to do it. I went to the store and bought a flat iron. The infomercial showed several times how a woman with curls could have straight hair. It came to me then that I now could enjoy having curls and when I was done I could use the flat iron and no one would know. I ordered curlers over the internet and knew how to set my hair but It would be a lot more feminine if I had a perm. The only problem remaining was how was I going to get a permanent, I knew it would be very risky to try it myself at home, the timing was critical. I wasn't confident enough to pull it off. I had all the clothes any girl would dream of.

    I struggled with it that spring day. I finally decided that I would contact a salon. My thinking was that it would be a one time thing and sure the hair stylist would know but it was worth it and I would never see her again. I would have hours of pleasure with my new curls. Nervously I picked up the phone and called the salon. The receptionist answered. I asked to speak to a Stylist. She had me on hold for a little bit then a woman answered "Can I help you" I swallowed "I would like to set an appointment for a perm" she asked "Is this for your wife or daughter?" "Well, actually its for me" the phone went silent. I almost peed myself. Finally she said "We usually don't do woman's hair styles for men" "We have a very upscale clientele here" I was silent then I said "Is there anybody you can refer me to?" She hesitated then said "Well we do have one Hair Stylist who might help you, but........"

    You probably won't like her. I said "Why not?" I will be honest with you she is a feminist. She never does unisex styles and one of her rules is that she will only work on men if they are dressed the same as any other woman. You have to wear a dress or skirt or she won't help you. She says if you want a woman's hair style then you have to be appropriately dressed. It's just as well because when she's done, you would look silly without a dress or skirt. "I will have to think about it." "Let me call you back in just a minute" then she said to set an appointment we will need a credit card and if you cancel the appointment she will still charge you for her time. "I understand". I hung up.

    I was torn, my fear of leaving home dressed up was griping me. My desire to get my hair done was also very strong. I struggled several minutes knowing once I set it up I couldn't back out. I simply couldn't afford to loose that kind of money. I again said to myself I will never see this hair stylist again. A quick trip to the car, from the car to front door of the Salon. Don't speak to anyone. It'll be worth it. I sweated a minute. Slowly I picked up the phone and called back. I set the appointment for the next day at the earliest time available and gave my credit card. Please call me Lorri. She made a note on the appointment book. I almost couldn't sleep that night but finally did.

    Two hours before the appointment I began to prepare. I started with some bath oils that smelled delicious and feminine. I washed my hair with a fragrance shampoo. I slipped into a pair of panties and set down to do my hair and make-up. I decided to leave my hair down and just brush it. I took special care with my make-up making sure not to overdue it. I decided if I was going to be in a dress for hours I had better put a feminine napkin in my panties. Next I painted my nails with a color to match my dress. The dress I decided on would be plain so as not to draw too much attention. I had one that had a high collar and long sleeves. This would cover my Adams apple. First, I put on some sheer hose and a corset. The corset had some hard cups to give the illusion I had breasts. Next came the three inch heals which matched my dress, I slipped into my dress and zipped feeling a tingling thrill but this time it was different and I knew it.

    It wasn't play pretend this time. I couldn't just get off and then undress. I was about to find out what life as a woman was like. I was fixing to make a sex object out of myself. Walk by other men. Be the weaker sex. At home I wasn't really changing my sex. It was all make believe. When I went out that door, I was changing my sex for real in everyone's eyes. Even the women at the salon were going to treat me like a woman. The stylist wasn't playing around either she had made that clear. I took a hard look in the full length mirror. Am I woman enough to walk out the door? Or will I be a coward?, being a woman takes strength. Being willing to be soft and feminine takes strength. Did I have what it took?. All the bases were covered. I could see no tale tale hints of masculinity. It was time to go. I grabbed a purse, that had never been used. I opened the blinds and looked out in fear.

    The Car was close by. I waited looking to see if anyone was leaving or coming from the parking lot. I swallowed and opened the door. The fear griped me, I started to almost feel like blacking out but I manged to start through the door. As soon as I locked the door, taking short steps like any woman, I moved towards my car with a little swish in my hips. As I got near, John, a neighbor, pulled up and quickly got out. I was scared but determined to make it to the car. He passed by without a word. He didn't recognize me. I started to calm down a little. I waited for him to go inside before I got in my car thinking my car would clue him. I thought to myself, I made it. I felt as if I had finished a marathon and was victorious. I felt safe in my car as I pulled away. Why have I been such a coward all this time, I thought.

    Moments later I pulled into the Salon parking lot. I felt even better. This isn't so bad, I thought. I could see the door. I knew I would feel safe inside, surrounded my women. I got out and locked my car making sure I had my purse. As I turned, two men passed by and took a real good look. I griped myself and pretended not to see them. As I walked slowly by one whistled. I was thrilled but confused. I remembered, now I am the one hunted. Not the hunter. I was the sex object now. I reminded myself this was suppose to happen, relax. I stepped inside the Salon and felt relieved. My voice couldn't be disguised, it was a touch butch but I knew I had heard real women who sounded the same. I told the receptionist I was Lorri and was here for my 2pm appointment. She said "have a seat, miss. the stylist will be wright with you." I said "thanks." I felt feminine, accepted, and moved to set down. I squatted pulling my dress under, turning my legs to the side.

    A woman smiled at me and said, "I love that dress" "May I ask, where did you get it?" I knew this was normal girl talk and really enjoyed the chance to tell her. "I ordered it from Sears Catalog." I replied, "Are you here for a hair appointment?" "yes, I am." I touched my hair and said softly "I am getting a perm today." She smiled and said "Oh, you will look lovely in curls." I fought back a hard on, that's the last thing I needed. "Thanks." "Where's the ladies room?" I said and the receptionist pointed. Like any woman, I headed to the ladies room feeling strange as if I belonged. I sit on the commode. I knew if I didn't climax sooner or later I would end up with a boner. It didn't take but a moment to climax, I was sexually aroused by my own femininity. Then, I was again reminded of the reality of being a woman. Life goes on after sex in a dress and high heals. I checked my make-up and returned to the waiting area.

    A very pretty woman appeared, "Is Lorri here?" I stood up and responded "I am Lorri" she said "Nice to meet you" "follow me back" I took small steps but quicker to keep pace with her arriving at her cubical. She grinned a little but I was prepared for it. There was no getting around it, she knew I was not physically a woman. She broke the ice "Don't worry, I like to feminize men and women." "I am impressed, you are very feminine" "Thanks" She took over "I am going to rock your world, Lorri." She took a close look while I set in her chair. "I know you want a perm, I will need to cut your hair keeping the length to do that. We need to lighten your hair just a touch. Without thinking about it clearly I said "ok, make me beautiful". Later I realized there were three things I missed. First, a touch was going to be a change in Color. Second, later when I took the curl out at home it was still going to be a feminine cut. Thirdly, I didn't tell her not to do bangs. She showed no mercy. The grin I saw earlier was not what I thought it was.

    During the whole process, while cutting my hair she stood directly in front of me blocking the mirror. When I could see again, I had bangs!! I was in shock but at the same time thrilled. I was feeling warm and tingly. Being treated like a woman was wonderful. The next thing I knew she had pierced my right ear. I didn't have time to stop her, I had been siting waiting for her to return in between phone calls and had my eyes shut when I felt a surprise pinch. She quickly pierced the other ear inserting a set of gold earrings. Once one was done, even though I knew I didn't want it, I felt it was pointless to stop her. Soon she had gave me the perm but also had changed the color of my hair. I didn't know it yet but I was a brunette. After setting under the dryer like all the other women I was brought back excited to see the results when she took the curlers out. I flashed back to her words In shock as I saw long soft layered brunette curls fall to my shoulders beside my cute bangs. My eyes were as big as softballs as she ran her hands through and proclaimed me a beautiful woman.

    The original young lady I spoke with was wright, I now needed a dress. I couldn't pass for a Man anymore!! I looked disbelieving into the mirror and said "Oh my God, what have you done?" "I can't go to work like this." she said with a giggle "Why not?" "You make a beautiful woman." "You told me to make you beautiful" "Isn't this what you wanted?" "Yes, but..." I was speechless. She said "Yes but what?" "Don't tell me your one those little closet queens." "I thought you wanted to be a real woman." "You're certainly not a man" "Look at yourself" "No man would show up here in a dress to get his hair curled and colored but a woman would." "Men don't wear earrings in both ears." She knew what I really wanted, I couldn't argue with her. I was still trying to pretend knowing when I stepped out into the real world there was no pretending. I surrendered "I do love it, it's wonderful." She insisted on arching my eyebrows and I watched her do it without a whimper.

    She feminized me, but I asked for it. I thanked her claiming my femininity clutching my purse as I left for home. I had a lot of thinking to do. Suddenly, I herd a tire blow on the car. I could hear myself saying no!, no!, no!, as I pulled off the road. Now I was a helpless woman on the side of the road in a dress. I got out not thinking and went around the car wiggling my hips as I went. I looked helplessly at the flat. I couldn't change the tire in a dress. Normally this would be a breeze. I had a spare. Then I realized I had just paraded myself in front of a highway full of Men and to top it off, bent over to look at the tire.

    It was only a couple of moments later when a pick up truck pulled up behind me. I was in shock as I watched a six foot tall Cowboy start towards me. I felt like bait on a fishing pole that had just been cast into a pool of sharks. I had to fool him or else. It wouldn't be hard now that I was a cute brunette with earrings. He looked at me like I was a lollipop. I melted. Like any woman, I played it up, and he was more than happy to change my flat. He got a little close while I was thanking him. The next thing I new he had his hands around my waist. He pulled me against his body. I felt his cock get hard. Then before I could wiggle loose his lips were pressed to mine.

    I couldn't believe it. How did I let him do that? I was confused and ready to bolt. He was too strong and I was too weak. I couldn't run in my heals anyway. I pictured myself breaking a heal and tumbling down the embankment. Again I felt like a helpless woman. He let me go. He said "You're a doll" "Why don't we go and have a few drinks, You can follow me in you're car, darling." Strangely that sounded like a good idea. I needed a drink badly not to mention a toilet. Why not, Hell. I couldn't fight it anymore. I was too tired to make excuses. We parked and he held the door for me. The bar was moderately full but we headed to a table. He bought a couple of drinks and I moved to the ladies room. After catching my new feminine look in the mirror I moved to the toilet. I climaxed quickly, and took care of my growing bulge. I found him waiting with a big smile. He bought me wine. I almost said something but then thought I was lucky I didn't get a Shirley Temple or a Sex on the Beach.

    A few glasses of wine later I was feeling very relaxed. I forgot about my dress and hair and found myself shattering away at him. Next thing I knew he had me in his arms on the dance floor in a slow dance. What little bit of manhood I had left was quickly flying out the door. I don't remember much after that. I woke up in a motel room near the bar. He had split before I woke up. He left a note saying he had a wonderful night. I was confused. How could he have been satisfied, I didn't have a vagina. Then I felt a little sore in the ass and remembered the napkin I wisely had put in my panties. He must have thought I was on a period. I realized I had just made out with a man not to mention kissing all night long and dancing with him. He would have been able to penetrate without too much trouble because I often used a dildo to give the illusion in the mirror I was a woman. I never intended to have a real man penetrate me or did I. I found the remains of a hotel douche in the small bathroom. Waves of shills rolled over me knowing I surrendered to him. I freshened up my make up and changed my napkin. I found my car and drove home with my head spinning. I must have really been cute with my dress up, on my knees, my ass stuck up in the air waiting to be taken. The old napkin was soaked with my cum so I must of enjoyed it too!! Men really are animals!!

    I felt satisfied but confused as I unlocked my door not caring anymore whether anyone say me. I went to my bedroom, thinking I needed a good bath to think this through. Then I saw my feminine reflection. I was reminded of my new bangs and brunette curls. My arched eye brows and earrings. The hair stylist words rang in my ears. "Isn't this what you wanted?" Men don't show up in dresses to get permed and colored but Women do. I searched for my masculine self to revive him but he was gone. My female self was all that remained. As I soaked in my bath oil I knew I would soon be calling a doctor. I knew it was time to start a period of change and transition. I couldn't fight it anymore I had to tell my manager at work and hope for the best. I had to tell my parents and friends. I would need every bit of my new found feminine strength. I lay back in the tub dreaming of the day I would have breasts and a vagina. I knew that it was my inner confidence that had been missing. That was the real difference between me and any other woman. Yesterday's journey had given me that strength.

Hope you enjoyed.

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How odd...

This is a bit of a bizarre tale, with many contrasts.

He buys a hair straightener then decides to get a perm (which surely, by definition, wouldn't be removed by such a device).

His insecurity and nervousness is exploited by the stylist in the salon, his drink at the bar is spiked with rohypnol and is effectively raped - yet he doesn't seem to mind and the experience has increased his confidence?!

Interesting story, but personally not my "cup of tea".


This space available for rent.


This space available for rent.


Ben you must be having a bad day, I admit I am just a beginner I have little or no experience. The flat iron will take out the curl temporarily. The character's first outing allows her to discover she is comfortable being seen by others in woman's clothing. She overcomes her original feelings of nervousness and fear and discovers she is attractive to men which builds her confidence. She wasn't raped, she surrendered. I have been carrying stories of this type in my head for many years but have never posted any before. They are mostly fantasy. If it seems stupid that's ok, I know you can find something good to read. I intend to get better at it so please bear with me.

Love ya!!
Steve B

Steve B