My Parent's Gift To Me

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My Parent's Gift To Me

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing

Synopsis:When Robin finds the girl inside, it leads to a journey of discovery and acceptance as her parents seek to fulfill her desire for completion which ends in her joy when she finds herself complete.




I can't thank Momma enough for giving me the gift of womanhood, just as I can't thank Daddy enough for calling me Princess. You see, I was born a boy, NOT a girl, like my brother Brian.

My name is Robin Leslie Williams, and I am a girl inside. I did not know it until one Christmas when I was five. Aunt Charlotte had an Indian Maiden costume for a girl my size, and wanted me to wear it so that she could take my picture.



It was a brown, leather dress with a mid-thigh hem, and matching bloomers and moccasins. The belt was woven leather strips with a beautiful thunderbird buckle where the belts leather strips wove around the wings. The head band and wristlets were like the belt, but had tiger's eye gems for the buckle, and the head band had an eagle's feather over the right ear.



I wore tan pantyhose under the dress because it was a bit chilly, Luckily, I have raven black hair and hazel eyes from my Native American Grandparent Eric Spirit Wing, A Navajo Medicine Chief.


[*] [*] [*]

I then knew that I was a girl, inside, but how do I tell Momma and Daddy? Will they accept me as their daughter? Do they have two sons in Brian and me?



It was as I was looking at myself in the mirror that my questions were answered, "Robin, you like being a girl?" ['Lord, I've prayed for a daughter, is Robin to become the daughter that I've been praying for?']

I turned around, with a smile on my face," Oh yes, Momma! I wanna to be a girl! May I?"

Momma sat on my bed, and placed me in her lap, "Robin, I have been asking Jesus for a daughter. Now, I believe that YOU are that daughter."

"But what about Daddy? He’s so gung ho about me and Brian being athletes, like he was in school."

"Robin, I was a cheerleader, in at Banks Junior High School , and on the dance team at Banks High School . I TOO was an athlete. Do you ever hear your daddy put down a cheerleader or a dancer?"

"No, but he knows better."

"Why is that?"

"If he did, he'd be sleeping on the couch," I giggled.

"Come, Robin. Let's go and see your daddy."

"OK, Momma."

Momma led me to the study where Daddy was dressed as the Indian Chief in full regalia, matching Momma's Medicine Chief regalia.

He gathered me up in his lap, "Well, Robin, you look cute as the Indian Maiden

I blushed, "Thank, you, Daddy, I AM a girl, in my heart."

He looked at Momma, who smiled, and nodded her head, "Robin, you have just now, answered a prayer that we have been praying. If you want to be a girl, then you will be a girl."

"You want a daughter, too?"

"Yes, [sigh] I never said anything to your mother, but I've wanted a princess to spoil, for years."

"OK, but the only girl's clothes that I have is this costume," I sighed.

Momma giggled, "There, you are wrong, Robin."


"I have been buying mother-daughter outfits for years. You have a full wardrobe to get fitted to your body, young lady."



We went up to the attic where Momma had been placing my wardrobe of girl's clothing. The dresses had a mid-thigh hem with a matching bloomer, as well as the skirts, rompers, skorts, shorts, and capris. The blouses came with a matching bra and camisole.

The belts, matched the shoes, purses and bonnets as well as the gloves, anklets, and parasols. Oh, I had t-shirts, jeans, and swimsuits, too. Luckily, Momma got one piece swimsuits, and swimdresses, and a few tankinis.

It was as if she knew that I was to be her daughter, because there was also a selection of gaffes in my size. I could tell that the wardrobe needed little, if any alterations.

"Yes, Robin. I could tell that you had a girl's heart, just as your daddy, did. We knew that when you chose to be an Indian maiden for your Aunt, that the girl in you would come out."

I began to cry.

Daddy picked me up, "What's wrong, Princess?"

"[Sniff, sniff Nothing, Daddy. I am so happy knowing that you and Momma love me."



Brian accepted as his kid sister when he found out, turns out that he already knew that I was his sister & was waiting for me to tell him.

He was just coming in from football practice when he heard me crying, "Hey, bro, why the tears?"

Momma cleared her throat, "Brian, remember how much it is that I want a daughter?"

He looked at me and smiled, "And Robin is that daughter," he smirked.

Daddy chuckled, "I see that you like the idea."

"Well, yeah! I've always thought that Robin was my sister. Now I get to see her get all pretty for school."



That began my off and on time as a girl. I was too well known as a boy in school, and Daddy couldn't afford to move us far enough away so that I could safely become a girl.

So, instead, I went to Banks Elementary School wearing the boy's uniform of either red or blue trousers and optional blazer, black socks, penny loafers, and belt with a white dress shirt.

When I got home, I would put on my matching bra and panty with hose under my sweats or coverall, then, I'd do my homework and help Momma fix dinner while Brian stayed at school playing football, or whatever sport that was current.



Mom and Dad had gone away for the weekend, and I found myself in my room, wanting to dress up, but because of recent attacks on other girls like me, I had to stay as a boy after the Halloween party.

It started at that Halloween party; an older girl like me had worn her mother's cheerleader uniform. She looked exactly like a cheerleader, too. The only way that you knew that she was a girl like me was her name tag.

There was an Aryan Nation group that attended, wearing the traditional K.K.K. garb, except that each hood and robe was emblazoned with the Aryan Nation emblem.

When they saw the cheerleader, they pounced upon her and beat her up while yelling profanities at her. Because of her injuries, she had to transition into a girl.

The Aryan Nation group continued to be a threat to any which they considered a threat to America , and terrorized all minorities. It did not matter to them who they went after since they hated everybody, and there was no way to see who they were, either.

So, Mayor Margaret Goldberg and County Commissioner Able Martinez authorized the Neighborhood Watch Army. It was a volunteer network of ex-soldiers and cops teaching urban warfare skills to volunteers.

They 'bought' surplus equipment from the Post Office in the form of Postal Jeeps and 'acquired the much needed uniforms, body armor, and equipment from the evidence locker at police headquarters. The equipment was from closed cases so that their was little, if any need to worry about it being needed again.

Thanks to the N.W.A., the Aryan Nation's terrorizing of the neighborhood was curtailed, but because we never could find out who they were, we had to continue the 'watch'. But, at least we kept the crime rate down, here.



This also lead to a meeting of the various ethnic groups, fraternities, sororities, lodges, and the trans-gendered to discuss our differences. The meeting was held in the Galleria Amphitheater, led by County Commissioner Able Martinez.

He proved to be very wise, and kept the hotheads from disrupting the meeting and actually forging an alliance between traditional enemies, and the trans-gendered were finally seen as equals.

Now, a T-gendered can safely admit their orientation to their family and friends because with the 'watch' knowing their orientation, they are guarded.



It's just a few more weeks to go before I start college. Aunt Charlotte had gotten married a year ago and moved, with her husband to a house just up the block. She is a real beauty, dark hair, green eyes, and a trim, shapely figure, with a smile that charmed almost anyone she decided to use it on.

That's how she found her husband, Carl. He is a certified carpenter who owns his own truck. He will go and purchase a house that's abandoned or condemned and rebuild the property, increasing its resale value. Aunt Charlotte is a certified electrician, and Daddy is a certified plumber.

When they met at the site where a tornado had wrecked an apartment building, they decided to form a company, and pooled their resources to buy the property and rebuild the property. Uncle Carl, having the truck, and connections was able to avoid the pitfalls attributed to most new businesses.



Now that I was about to graduate from High school, I was gathering together my girl's wardrobe for college. I was wearing a white blouse under a blue rose dress with a knee hi hem.

Looking in the mirror it was obvious that I was just a boy in a dress, but I had my breasts, thanks to my breast forms, and a trim waist! My hair was still in a ponytail, so I let it out, and it flowed into a pageboy cut that I favored because of it I unisex.

I took the dress off, sat at my vanity, and did my makeup and put the dress on again. This time I decided it was the best that I could do and found the shoes to match the dress and stepped into them. That's how I was dressed, standing in front of the mirror when Aunt Charlotte walked in on me.

We looked at each other, shock on her face, "Not bad, Robin, but I think we can to better. Let me help you."

"OK, I've not had that much time to really be a girl and get all prettied up. Mostly, I've just wore the dresses around here, on the farm."

Aunt Charlotte smiled, "I know. Your daddy made sure that the field hands all would protect you when you are in 'girl mode'. Otherwise, they'd not be here."

"Aunt Charlotte, you and Unca Carl work with Daddy, Why didn’t either of you become farmers like Grandpa?"

"Robin, your Grandpa was a kind and gentle man. He knew that neither of us were farmers, but he knew that you and Brian were. So, he made us promise to keep the farm for you two, and for any of my children who might want to farm."

"I loved to go feed the chickens, and ducks. I didn't know that he saw me as a farmer's daughter," I giggled.

Aunt Charlotte smirked, "Oh, he pretty well knew when you came home wearing that 'Dorothy' costume for Halloween when you were a toddler, you hated having to take it off. That's when we knew that you were really a girl inside."

I looked at her in surprise, "I forgot about that! What happened?"

She sat on the bed and motioned for me to sit by her, "Grandpa had us all dress in 'Wizard of Oz' costumes for you. And when you finally went to sleep, Granny undressed you, but left your tights on and dressed you in your 'jammies. [Sigh] Unfortunately, she died later that week."

I looked back in my mind, and saw what happened as I sat next to her, "That's why I forgot about being Dorothy, [sniff, and sniff] and suppressed the girl in me. [sniff, sniff I believed that I killed Granny," I wept.

Aunt Charlotte wiped away my tears, "Grandpa NEVER blamed you, Robin, and Granny died of a heart attack, just as he did, a year later."

"Then, it's time for me to become the girl that I am inside, to honor them."

She smiled at me. "That's the spirit, now to see about your looks," she smirked.

"Hey now! I did the best that I could."

"With a little more effort we could turn you into a ravaging beauty. Want to try?"

I looked at the girl in the mirror that I was and nodded, "Why not? Don't all girls love to get a makeover?"



We went out to 'Betty's Style Shoppe', where Aunt Charlotte and Momma went to get their hair done. Betty Fontaine was a classmate of theirs, and like them, was a former cheerleader.

"Char, darling. Where have you been?"

"Busy, Betty. You know that I help build houses. Are you still after me to become a beautician?"

"Well, you lack only taking the exam, hun. I'll never understand why you like to get your hands dirty."

"Blame it on my daddy. He was a farmer and taught me and my brother how to repair everything. Can I help it if I love working outside?"

Betty sighed, "No, I guess not. But I thought tat with you being a cheerleader, that you weren't a tomboy."

"Tomboy who likes to flirt with boys, Betty. Besides, I actually like wearing hose," she giggled as she showed the band of her hose just above her jeans.

"Touché, Char."

"Betty, meet my niece, Robin. She is here for the works."

"But I thought that Robin was a boy."

I stepped forward, “I am a boy, physically, but a girl inside."

She hugged me, "Then welcome to the world's largest sorority, Robin. My best friend is like you."


"Yes, Gaby Hayes was Gabriel Hayes until the Aryan Nation goons attacked him at that Halloween party. Until then, Gabs was doing it for fun. She was a crossdresser. But those goons did not care. They simply attacked."

"Where is she now?"

Then I saw another blonde lady wearing the tan uniform dress and hose, except that she had gray eyes to Betty's blue, "I am right here, young Miss."

"Robin, Gaby moved away to transition safely. After she did, she found me at the Galleria State Beauty College and we opened this salon after graduating."

"And the Aryan Nation never knew?"

Gaby giggled, "They are not the brightest minds, Robin. They never did learn who I was. So, when I returned, I became my own cousin."



It took all day before they were through with me. I had my body waxed, nails done, and my hair as well. They even found me a bodysuit that I could wear instead of the 'forms and gaffe.

It was made of a sheer skin tone organic polymer that fused with my skin and kept me tucked away. I actually had a girl's groin and could have sex if I wanted. It would release when a solvent was administered while in warm water. Until then, I was for all practical purposes, a girl.

Gaby smiled as I came out of the dressing room, wearing her gift of a red sailor girl minidress,"That's much better! You look really nice, Robin!"

"Thanks, Gaby. I like this dress."

"You're very welcome, that's my old cheerleader uniform from my freshman year in college."

"Are you giving away all of them?"

She held out a key, "Yes, this key is to the locker where I am keeping my old cheer and dance stuff. I don't have a daughter to give them too, and my family has no nieces for me to give them to. So, let me give them to you."

"OK, but why me?"

"Because we are members of a special sisterhood that your Aunt, nor Betty area part of."

I hugged her. Thanks, Sister."



Aunt Charlotte took me home and returned to her home. My parents came home, and I graduated right on schedule, and looked forward to college.

"You'll need money for college, Robin. What are you going to do?"

"Well, I was thinking that I could either work on the farm, or with Daddy, why?"

"Because Doctor Clark needs a receptionist, and you'd fit right in since he does the surgery that you need."

Momma had been diligent about getting me to see the different doctors that I had to see to become a girl. I had already had my bits amputated when the blockers atrophied them, now that I was wearing the 'suit, I was ready for surgery.

"Sure, Momma, does he know about me?"

"Yes, he is the surgeon who actually does the S.R.S. for girls and boys like you."

"Boys like me?"

"Robin, surely you didn't think that there were no girls that were boys at heart."

I looked down, ashamedly, "No, Momma. I NEVER thought about that. I guess that I am the worst kind of bigot," I sighed.

Daddy hugged me, "Not at all, Princess. You are not a bigot for not thinking about others at all, just a bit preoccupied."

"Yeah, I guess that I am at that," I giggled.

"Just think, Robin, you'll be able to go in with me since I work there too."

"But Momma. Why do you work when Daddy makes plenty and the farm does so well?"

"Robin, while it is true that I don't need to work, I simply can't find enjoyment wasting my time doing nothing. So I do volunteer work at the clinic."

"So, you do it for free?"

"Yes, but you will be paid."

"How much?"

"One operation to turn you into a girl."

"OK. When do I start?"

"This coming Monday, so we got you your nurses whites, today," she smiled.

Daddy brought out a large box marked 'NURSES WHITES' from the hall closet, "Here they are, Princess. Why don't you try one on?"



Daddy hauled my treasure to my bedroom, and left me there. The dresses all had a mid-thigh hem and a matching bloomer, white pantyhose, and shoes along with a nurse’s cap and the pink volunteer’s apron and my name tag.

I donned my uniform, smiling as I thought about Momma wearing the same uniform. Doctor Clark was notorious for having his female employees in short skirts. But none of them complained because he treated them like they were his daughters.

His wife Joan and daughter Julie died in a car wreck, so because they wore minidresses, the nurses opted to wear them too. Doctor Clark soon adopted them, and was able to mourn their loss and recover.

I came to the living room where I saw Momma in her uniform, "Well, Robin. Think that you can stand to go to work with your Momma?" smirked Daddy.

"Sure thing, Daddy!"



I worked there all summer as a nurse, then, when it came time to enroll in college, I had my surgery and became a girl. I went onto college and earned my degree in Business Administration, and Business Management.

After I graduated, I took over the farm along with Brian who went to Auburn University to be a better farmer. He married another farmer's daughter, Amy Larson who had a brother Kyle, who I married.



As I said before, I can't thank Momma enough for giving me the gift of womanhood, just as I can't thank Daddy enough for calling me Princess. They both accepted me as their daughter and made it possible for me to become the woman that I am.


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My Parent's Gift to Me

Very Good. I was wondering what happened to you. I don't visit these sites much anymore, just stay of Fictioneer.

I want to congraulate you on your much improved writing ability. You are a very good writer.

I noticed the name of the high school. -smile-

Billie Sue

Difficult to get a message through. The code I am supposed to type is exactly as shown, but they say it is not. They can't read their own letters.