Operation Amity-1

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Operation Amity-1

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:In a small island town, friendly to the T.G. Community, a plan is set into motion to help the transgendered to switch genders if they wish. As part of the plan, their records are changed in the National Data Base and are given the choice to either go ahead with the transition and live with the new gender and identity, or wait. But there is a dark secret about the island to be uncovered.



"It is hard to believe what I've been through with my husband, but here I am, with my beloved husband beside me asleep after our passion has been sated. "


My name is Jesse (Jay) Lee Morgan; I am a natural redhead with green eyes. I love to play sports, but I was always on the small side. I look like Momma if she were a boy. But as much as I love her, I love Daddy, too.

My dad is Edward Lee Morgan, a gentle giant of a farmer who looked like Tom Selleck. He loved to hunt and fish and had wanted to be an attorney, but could never give up his first love, farming.

He took over a failed farm before I was borb and fell back in love with the land, Once that happened, Daddy would spend weekdays as an attorney and weekends as a farmer.

Momma is Jamie Anne Morgan, a natural redhead with an Irish temper to match. She learned all about being a farmer's wife from my grandparents They died before I was born, which is why we have a house up by Lake Amity, as well as the house I grew up in.

Daddy loved nature and tended to have cookouts out in the backyard. He loved to see if he could make the perfect steaks, but Momma was the real cook. Daddy knew how to grill most everything, but if it came to turning on an over, or selecting the proper pan, or following a recipe, Momma made the best cookies.

Daddy and Poppa Greene are best friends and were each other's Best Man at their weddings. Before I was born, my parents asked the Greenes if they'd accept the honor and responsibility of being my godparents. They accepted. Mom and Dad, in turn, became the godparents of Jack and Jennifer, their twins. Growing up with them, I felt that we were one big family, with two moms, and two dads.

Jamie Leandra 'Momma' Greene is his wife. She is a Native American with wavy black hair and amber eyes. She was often mistaken for an Oriental woman which her natural beauty and grace combined with her black belt in Judo and Karate made hard to deny. She much preferred to work with her hands, painting and pottery.

Leonard Winston 'Poppa' Greene was also a farmer, where Daddy raised produce and has orchards, Poppa Greene raised beef, sheep, goats and chickens. Early on, he found that his true love was cooking, so he turned over his farm to Daddy and opened up a family restaurant, Greene's Family Buffet.

We kids would often spend the night out in the old treehouse that our dads had built when they were younger into a fully functional playhouse for us. We would spend endless hours there on the weekends playing make believe.

Amy Leandra Greene looked like her dad and made a very cute girl. She loved to cheer, dance and gymnastics. She combined Judo and Karate to give her superb agility and grace. She also hid a secret that would change my life when it was discovered.


I remember one night when Daddy scooped me out of the pool after I had "cannonballed" everybody. He was laughing because he couldn't believe that a small fry like me could drench everybody.

"Jay Lee, you sure know how to cannonball, young man," he chuckled. "You're fearless, just like me, yet have your mother's grace and beauty. I know that he takes after Leslie in body, but he's all boy.

Then I hugged him, getting him even wetter, "Thanks, Daddy. It was fun."

"No doubt, you look a lot like your Mother when she was your age."

"I know, but I'm a boy, right?"

"No doubt about it," he said as he dried me off.

"Then why do I look like Momma and not you?"

He sighed, "I don't know, Son. All that I do know is that you are blessed to look like her and be a boy."

"I just wish that I was big like Ralph, I sighed.

"Has he been mean to you?"

"You have it all wrong, Daddy! He is my best friend. It's just that I can't really play football, or soccer without getting hurt."

He looked at me with his sad eyes, "Son, right now, you are on the small side. When puberty hits, you should start to take after me."

"What if I don't?"

"Then you can always be a Lucha Libre wrestler," he chuckled.

"Yeah! I can even use the Judo and Karate skills that Momma Greene teaches me," I laughed back.

We loved to watch wresting on TV and bought up the clothing merchandise that was promoted. It was fun to see a tiny guy whip around the ring as he defeated his opponent, or lost the match. We knew that a lt of it was staged, but we also knew that they got hurt.

"Daddy, I like to run and play a lot and dance. Is that alright?"

"Yes, Jesse. That's alright. When I was little, I liked to run and play and when I grew up, I became a farmer."

"Daddy, do I gotta be a farmer like you?"

"No, you can be who you want to be."


When I was ten, I made a discovery about myself that changed everything about who I was. Daddy was in his favorite lounger, Momma was at her sewing machine, making anew quilt when I came into the family room, "Momma, Daddy, You have always told me to come to you with anything, right?"

Daddy put down the book he'd been reading, Momma stopped sewing, "Yes, Sport, what's wrong?"

"Are you hurt?" asked Momma worriedly.

"No, Ma'am. I'm alright," I sighed. "It's just that I found out that I like to dress as a girl."

Daddy frowned, "How do you know, Son?"

"You're not mad, Daddy?"

"No, not mad. I need to know when you learned that you want to at least dress as a girl."

"Lee, why do you say that?" asked Momma.

"Jamie, our son just now said that he likes to dress as a girl. I know that it can very easily go beyond simply crossdressing into him wanting to become a girl, or just him being curious. We need to be ready to support our child in his or her decision."

"Daddy, you mean that I'm NOT in trouble?"

"Hardly, Champ! As you know, your Aunt Gloria was your Uncle Goren."

"Remember how scared she was that we'd reject her, and we welcomed her into our family?"

"Yes, Momma. She is why I know that I like to dress as a girl at time, that is," I sighed.

"Oh? What happened?"

"Daddy, you won't be mean to her will you?"

"Not if she or you haven't broken the rules, Son," he affirmed.

"Well, she showed me a picture of her and Momma when they were my age, and I saw how much that I looked like them. After she left, I got out the skirted leotard and tights that I wear for dance and looked in the mirror and saw a girl. Now I want to REALLY dress as a girl, instead of wearing my dance stuff."

They looked at each other, and then Momma spoke, "Jamie Lee, you may dress as a girl, in the house, only. Later on we may extend that privilege."

"But, while you are dressed as a girl, you will help your mother with her chores, while dressed as a boy, help me with mine and earn your allowance that way," declared Daddy.

"OK, I love you both!" I exclaimed as I hugged and kissed them.


It was later that week when the nightmare began. I was getting ready to enter Amity Island Junior High School. I began to receive mail that referred to me as a girl, and even my Social Security number and when my new Student I.D. for Amity Island Junior High School came in the mail, it listed me as a girl.

"Momma, why am I listed as a girl? I'm a boy."

"I don't know. Let me call Marge to find out."

Marge Whittaker is the Amity Island Board Of Education Records Officer. She is the one who keeps the student and faculty records straight.

"That's funny," Momma said as she hung up the phone, "According to the school records, you are a girl, Jay Lee."

"But how can that be?"

"I don't know. Unfortunately, all records are on computers ever since the Board transferred the records to the Cray that they installed."

"I'm heading down to Jay Lee's school to check into this," announced Daddy.


Back when my parents were students at Amity Island High School, ALL of the records were transcribed into the computer, with micro file backups still in use today. Currently, the records are stored in the C.D. library in Amity Island with only the current year's files on hand. It was done in order to save valuable space, now no actual paper records existed of anybody's school records.


Daddy went to Amity Island Middle School to meet with Principal Jeff Maxwell. Principal Jeff Maxwell had come to the Island from Brooklyn New York's school system last year to help upgrade the computer system and looked like the traditional computer geek with his balding head that made him look like a thin Danny Devito.

"Principal Maxwell, I am Edward Lee Morgan. I am here about my son, Jesse Lee Morgan.

"Do you have his Social Security Number?"

Daddy passed him my current Student I.D., "This should have all of the information that you'll need."

The principal spent a few minutes on the computer, then passed my I.D. back, "There is no official record of your child as a boy."

"Can the records could be amended?"

The principal proved to be a part of the nightmare by being a stubborn bureaucrat, relying upon the official records for his argument, "It says Jamie Lee, female, NOT Jamie Lee, male. And Jamie Lee MUST obey the dress code and wear the female school uniform of white blouse, blue or red sweater vest, blue or red tie, blue or red skirt with matching bloomers, red, white or blue tights or knee-hi socks with or without pantyhose, and penny loafers."

"But what about this I.D.?"

"That's easy enough to fake!"

Daddy got up out of his chair and leaned over him, "PRAY TEL ME WHY I WOULD EVER FAKE MY SON'S I.D,?" he said said in a low growl.

The principal smiled evilly, "The only reason that I agreed to see you was because your farm provides the school with fresh produce. Now please have your daughter ready come the new school year."



When he visited the Amity Island Board Of Education Annex At City Hall, Daddy had to admit defeat. He entered the stately copy of the President's Residence in the Nation's Capitol which was made of bricks of many colors and jokingly called The Nation's Brick House by our neighbors. Daddy went straight to Superintendent Jed Moore's office.

"Jed, there's a problem with my son, Jay Lee's official school records,"

"What can I do for a fellow frat brother, Lee?"

"My son Jamie Lee is for some reason getting mail as a girl, I want to see how he is listed in his school records."

"May I see his last report card?"

Daddy handed it over and Jed accessed my file, "According to the records, you have a daughter, NOT a son, and your daughter is a cheerleader, NOT on the football team and on the school's sports team when NOT cheering."

"DAMN! What about his records from Amity Island Elementary School?"

"According to them, Jaimie Lee became a cheerleader the summer before entering, other than that and no mention of him in any other sports teams, the records are alike."

"What about the yearbook? Can you have his yearbooks printed from the altered records?"

"No need, there's a package here for Jamie in the storage room. It's his yearbooks for every year. In fact, there are yearbooks for EVERY student going back to their first year in the school system, Lee."

"Thanks, Jed. I appreciate that. Can you change the records?"

"Not until Social Security lists him as a boy, sorry."

"I expected as much. Time to check with Social Security, now."

"Good luck, now that Jay Lee's records are wonky, I'll have ALL of the records checked for errors."

"Oh Jed?"

"Yes, Lee?"

"Principal Jeff Maxwell is not being very helpful, at all."

"What do you mean?"

"He basically ordered Jay Lee to attend school as a girl."

"That's strange. He is involved with some people from the Mainland, I'll look into it for you and the others affected by this glitch."

"Thanks Jed, when Amity Island voted to become Trans-gendered friendly, Jamie and I stayed because I knew that my farm would be needed. And now that I'm the Assistant Minister of Farming, I can help more of them than before," he grinned.

Daddy had been employing the Trans-gendered Community and had set up a clinic on the farm to help them deal with their special needs. The clinic included a Surgery and E.R. as well as counselors, physicians and a store for the special enhancements they needed.

"Lee, with your son now being affected, can you be impartial?"

No, but then again, helping him helps the others," he sighed.


When Daddy returned, he told us the bad news, "I did the best that I could, but for now, our son is officially our daughter," he admitted in defeat.

"Where did you go?"

"I went to the Board of Education as well as the school. The only way for Jay Lee to go to school as a boy is to go to the Social Security Administration and have the records changed."

Momma looked at me, "Lee, what about the uniform? We only have mine up in the attic, she wondered.

"No, Momma, I have them in my closet and Aunt Gloria's as well," I informed her.

Daddy looked at me hard, "Why did you go up there when you know not to, young man?"

I stood straight, as he wanted me to do when I needed to make a stand. He never had spanked me, only grounded, "Daddy, I felt that I was going to have to wear them since I was listed as a girl, and you know that you'd have me do it, anyway," I stated.

He grinned and hugged me, "You are right about me, SON. And good job of standing up and defending your actions."

"Well, what else do you expect from YOUR son?"

"Touché, Buddy, touché."

"Buddy, Daddy?" I giggled.

"OK, make that Princess," he chuckled.

"Thanks, Dad, but what about me going out in public as a girl? So far, I've only been a girl, at home."

Momma hugged us both, "Don't worry about that, I can help you with that. After all, I 'AM' a girl, you know," she giggled.

"OK, too bad Aunt Gloria can't help," I sighed.

"Me too, Princess, but she's happily married to your Uncle John on the Mainland, now."

"Thanks for calling me Princess, Daddy. Right now, the name seems right," I sighed.

"Well, if you're going to school as a girl, I can't call you Buddy, or Sport as I used too, he blushed.


After lunch, Daddy went to Amity Island Bank to check on my accounts. I had a checking/savings account where I kept my chore money from helping Momma and Daddy with their chores and hobbies, as well as my chore of mowing the lawn and my paper route, and the college fund that they put $100 a month in.

Daddy went to the manager, Bart Simmons, "Bart, We're BOTH members of the Elk Lodge, I need your help with a problem," he said, shaking Bart's hand.


"Jamie, Honey, I'm home," announced Daddy as he came into the kitchen.

Momma kissed him, "Well, what's the news, Lee?"

"So far, Jay Lee will be attending school as a girl until his records are fixed," he sighed.

"Drat! I don't mind dressing as a girl, here, but NOT in public," I pouted.

Daddy smiled at me, "Well, you have the pout down pat, Princess. I seriously doubt if your mother needs to coach you on being a girl while you two are out shopping for your new wardrobe," he sighed as he kissed my cheek.

"Wardrobe, Daddy?"

"Yes, wardrobe, Honey. I need to take you to Amity Mart to get you enough uniforms, AND expand your selection of Sunday dresses, lingerie, and play clothes," giggled Momma.

"But what about your old stuff and Aunt Gloria's?"

"Oh, you can have them all. While we're at the store, your Daddy will be getting down our old stuff for you, IF you left anything in the attic, that is," she grinned.

"Oh, I did, but only the furniture."

"Then since your room and the corner walk-in closet are next to each other, I'll closed it off from the hall way and open up its door into your room," announced Daddy.

"But what about all of the linen and towels in it?"

"I'll have to put them in the dumbwaiter, after I've disabled it and added the floors. It shouldn't take me and Spencer anymore time to do it than it will your shopping."

Momma hugged Daddy, "OK, Sweetie. Be sure to ask Doug whether or not his daughter Amy is effected while he's here."

"I was thinking about doing the exact same thing, myself."

"Daddy, I saw you bring in what looks to be copies of my old yearbooks."

"I did, Princess, why?"

"Why not look and see if Amy's records are changed by checking the yearbooks? We should only need to check one."

"Good idea."

When we check my yearbook pictures, I was a girl, and cheerleader, NOT as a quarterback for the Amity Anacondas, our football team, and Amy Spencer was listed as Andrew Spencer; the quarterback on the football team.

"Funny, I only have my football and softball uniforms, no cheerleader uniforms in my closet."

"Sorry, Jay Lee, but after your last softball game, I took it to the cleaners along with your football uniform," replied Momma.

"Uh oh, you think that I might get back cheerleader and girl's softball uniforms? Not that I mind, but with the girl's uniform copying those from 'A League Of Their Own', I hope that I have matching bloomers to go with the skirt and am allowed to wear hose with it," I smirked.

"You seem to be taking this very well, Jay Lee."

"It's like Daddy says to do when things look bad, look on the bright side."

"Yes, he does. You are doing us proud, be you our son, or daughter."

"Thanks, Momma."

"Now, let's go get your stuff from the cleaners.


We went to Aladdin’s Dry Cleaners to pick up our clothes. Momma had a gown; Daddy had a tux from the last opera they attended. We went into the converted Burger King and found out that the glitch had hit here, too.

"Hey, Jamie. You here for your stuff?"

"Yes, I am, Jennifer. But there's a question about Jay Lee's uniforms."

Jennifer Lang as a black woman whose grandparents were from Jamaica. Like her parents, she kept her Jamaican heritage in her clothing, but refused to sound like a Jamaican native. She was proud to be an Islander.

"What do you mean, is there a problem that I should know about?"

"It seems that Jay Lee has been listed as a girl in the records and now must dress as a girl. We are wondering if his uniforms are for a boy, or a girl."

"If it was anybody else, I'd say that you're mad as a hatter, but you and Lee are not known for such hi jinks," she affirmed as she brought our clothes around on the rack.

"Momma! There’s your gown with cheerleader and girl's softball uniforms between Daddy's tux," I exclaimed as they came around.


"Who works for you," asked Momma.

"The Turner twins, Chloe and Jodie. Why?"

"Because they help run the Island's computer network. If you check your records, you will find that Jay Lee NEVER brought you any football uniforms, only girls."

"You're right! But why?' she asked after checking the entry.

"Jenn, check on Amy Spencer's stuff, if she has anything here. I bet that she is now listed as Andrew Spencer, and he Amity Anaconda's quarterback"

She checked, then whistled, "Jamie, are you a witch?"

"No, when we checked out Jay Lee's yearbook picture, Amy replaced him and seemingly, he replaced her in the records."

"Now, who'd do a thing like that?"

"I don't know, it's as if all of the transgendered students are having their identity switched by some hidden people for some reason."

Jenn looked at me, "Do you like Amy?"

"Yes, if she were a boy, and me a girl, that'd be perfect for both of us," I sighed.

"Oh? Are you saying that you are a girl inside, and Amy a boy?"

"Well, I am a girl, inside, but Amy is a lesbian. But she also told me that she'd like to be a boy and wished that we could switch bodies," I blushed.

Jenn nodded her head, "Jaimie, sounds as if there's a well conceived plan to force the students to change their genders. But what if this desire for change is implanted?"

Momma looked aghast, "MY GOD! WHAT A HORRIBLE THOUGHT!" she whispered.

"Miss Jenny, you mean that my wanting to be a girl is not my doing?"


"But how?"

"There are subliminal tapes that can hypnotize you into doing most anything, but there MUST be willingness for the suggestion to take root."

"So, I had to at least be curious about being a girl?"

"Yes, or wonder what it would be like having a sister."

Momma hugged me close, "Oh Jay Lee. After you were born, I became barren from uterine cancer. The doctors had to remove my ability to carry a child. If not for that, you'd have a brother, or a sister," she wept as bitter tears coursed down her cheeks.

"Jamie, WHO told you about the cancer?"

"Doctor Ariel Sebastian, why?"

"That quack tells most of his patients on Amity Island that, NOT those on the Mainland."

"How do you know?"

"My cousin Maddy House is his secretary. She has the records in her home safe."

"OK, can you have her meet Lee at the house?"

"Sure can, but not until after the quack goes on vacation after he gives the students their annual physical for the new school year."

"Momma, that reminds me, mine is tomorrow. Should I dress as a girl?"

"Yes, no doubt his records show you as a girl," she fumed.

"But he knows that I am a boy."

"True, but more than likely, he knows why you are listed as a girl."


The next morning, I dressed as the girl that I wanted to be. After a very thorough bubble bath where I shaved my body from my eyebrows on down, I donned my skin tone bodysuit.

It is a contoured garment of artificial skin that once donned, gives me a girl's body. I can even have sex as a girl while wearing it, my male bits are 'tucked up' in me and Momma super glued them into a vagina so that I pee sitting down.

"Jay Lee. Since you're to wear the 'suit' for an extended period of time, I need to take your measurements now, and again after it has contoured your body into its final feminine shape," announced Momma.

"Will it hurt?"

"No, not according to the 'suits instruction manual."

"OK, but are there any warnings?"

"Yes, you will start your menses when you sleep, so wear a maxi pad and a tampon to catch the flow. And any vaginal intercourse during a menses will seal the 'suit' o your body because you will become a mother. Any other
time, you're safe."


She hugged me, "Jay Lee, this 'suit' will start flooding your body with estrogen and blocking your male steroids as it changes your chromosomes from boy to girl," she sighed.

"Momma, even though I wanna dress as a girl, I wanna stay a boy," I cried.

She sat me in her lap, where I saw just how much of a girl I was as I looked down at my vagina, "I know, Princess. But your father and I know that this is more than simply crossdressing for you."

"How do you know that? I never told anybody that! I told you and Daddy that I liked dressing as a girl"

"It was evident whenever Mark would visit and you were wearing a dress. You were comfortable as a girl and truly sulked when you had to become a boy again for school."

"Momma, do you and Daddy want me to be a boy, or a girl?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Because if I become a girl, Daddy can't pass on his name. Only a boy can continue the Family Name."

Momma smiled, "Jay Lee, THAT'S not a problem, at all."

"It isn't?"

"No, Sweetheart. YOU can keep your daddy’s family name, or choose any name that you wish."

"Oh, OK then. I want to keep Daddy's name, even 'IF' I marry some day."

"I am sure that your daddy will appreciate that, and this 'suit' makes it so that you can have babies as if you were born a girl."

"That's great! But where did this bodysuit come from?"

"Amity Island Medical Supplies, why?"

"Well, it seems VERY convenient that the same business that operates Amity Island's computers also sells this 'suit'. Is this the same one that I wore last Halloween when I was Supergirl?"

"No, I had to exchange it since it barely fit you last time."

"Was the last one like this one?"

"Come to think about it, no. the last one couldn't make you a girl."

"Momma, I think that something strange is going on here."

"I too, let's talk to Lee when he returns, Jay Lee. But you STILL need to get dressed."

"OK, Momma."


"Momma, Daddy just pulled into the driveway, and he looks mad, I guess that he's found out pretty much what we did."

"OK, go wash up for dinner, AFTER you give him a kiss and hug."

"Sure thing, but why, Momma? I NEVER did it before, even when I was in girl mode."

"Because, living as a girl until this is fixed, it's best to act like one. Besides, haven't you wanted to do just that for years, but was afraid too?"

"OK, Momma. I'll give him a MONSTER 'hello' greeting," I giggled.

As Daddy entered he called out, "Daddy's home!"

I caused him to stagger back a step as I tackled him with my kiss and hug, after he'd shut and bolted the door, "Welcome home, Daddy!"

"OOF! Jay Lee, you still know how to tackle, Princess," he chuckled.

"Of course, Daddy! I might be dressed as a girl, but I am STILL a boy," I giggled.

"I know," he sighed. "And I've done what I can to fix things for you."

"We know, and Momma and I have news that you won't like."

"You mean about you possibly being hypnotized into wanting to be a girl?"

"How do you know that?"

"I don't for sure, but when your mother was found to have cancer, we were all sent to counseling to help cope with it. And they used hypnosis on all of us to help us cope."

"Daddy, even though I might wanna be a girl because of it, I simply can't see myself as a boy!" I wept bitter tears as he held me.

"I know, Sport. And if I can, I'll have you deprogrammed."


"That's what they call the technique where the hypnosis is reversed,


At dinner that night, we told Daddy about the situation and our thoughts about a conspiracy. But when he heard us, he agreed and resigned himself to my fate.

"Jay Lee, I know that you want to be a farmer like me, and learn all of the domestic skills that your mother can teach you as well as be a Rainbow Scout. But before we can let that happen, I must know if you are ready to be a girl while we look into this conspiracy."

All of us wanted for me to get a degree in Agricultural Engineering to honor Daddy, that meant going to school, or home schooling. But neither Momma, nor Daddy was certified teachers, and ALL of the teachers were employed by Amity Island Board Of Education.


So, after dinner, Momma and I went down to the basement where we had our hot tub and sauna. Momma poured in bath oil, handed me a shower cap, and got out the shower head.

"Momma, what are you doing?"

"The bath oil will cause your hair to fall out, so wear that shower cap, or you'll need a wig. Your hair's long enough to be given a feminine styling."

"OK, what else will it do to me?"

"Make your skin soft, softening your calluses"

"EEWW! That sounds NASTY!"

"I know, Jay Lee. But it's what we women go through to be beautiful."

"But Momma, 'IF' I can go back to being a boy, can I?"

"Yes. Now you need to know that this oil will work through your bodysuit and make it so that you can keep it on for as long as you need."

"OK, Momma, I trust you, NOT the 'suit'. I wanna go back to being a boy, if I was supposed to be one."

I got into the tub, and the bodysuit used to my body, causing my body to absorb my boy bits and reshaping me so that I looked like I was twelve. I
grew 'A' cup breasts; my waist shrunk an inch while my hips grew an inch. But my greatest horror was seen when I got out of the tub.

"Momma, should my breasts be getting any bigger?"

"No, Why? Do they seem to be growing?"

"Yes, they do. And I feel out of sorts, too."


She pulled me out of the tub and rinsed me off, seeing my now pert breasts and burgeoning hips that made me look like her at twelve. She also saw blood in my vagina.


"WHAT!?" I exclaimed as I fainted.


When I woke up in my bedroom, I was wearing a red cotton panty and bra with matching hose and negligee, "Momma?"

"I'm here, Princes," she wept.

"Am I now a girl, like you?"

"Yes, you seem to be. But that blood in your vagina could be your body absorbing your male genitals."

"So, no matter what, I am a girl from now on," I sighed.

"Yes, but I'm taking you to see your cousin Gary on the Mainland. He a gynecologist, and will be able to tell exactly what you are."

"Where's Daddy?"

"Waiting to see if you're alright. You are now a girl, and his seeing you now is inappropriate."

"Because I am NOW a girl, physically," I sighed.

"Yes, unfortunately true."

"Then I need to wear something a lot less 'mature' since I'm still a kid."

"I agree, but I simply had to see if you actually did look like me when I was a teen, you do except that my eyes are gray, and your's are hazel."

"Momma, I almost wanna see if Daddy can tell us apart," I admitted.

Momma hugged me, "My child, believe me when I tell you that is a normal reaction of a daughter."


"Yes, every daughter looks for a boy like her father, and every son looks for a girl like his mother."


"Remember the phrase A son is a son till he takes a wife, but daughter is a daughter all her life?'"


"Tell me then."

"Acceding to that phrase, once a son marries, the father let's him go to form a family, but the father will always see his daughter as his Princess."

"That's right."

"But Momma, I don't know if I am a boy or a girl!" I exclaimed.

"That means that in your own way, you're trying to find who you are, but have you thought about your father?."


"Have you given any thought to how he sees you?"


"Well, he sees you as his daughter."

"Oh," I replied sheepishly.

Then Daddy knocked on the door, "May I come in?"

"Not yet, Dear, Jay lee is still in her nightie."

"OK, but please hurry up. I want to see my beautiful daughter."

"Just sit in your lounger, Lee. She'll be ready shortly."

"OK, Honey."

"Momma, how did I get to my room?"

"You'd fainted, but I was able to guide you here, and dress you, too."

"But why this?" I asked as I held out my hands.

"Well, I had to see for myself if you were when I was younger. And I wanted such sexy intimates when I was your age."

Then I held my breasts, "Bet'cha didn't have 'these' when you were my age, though," I giggled.

"JAY LEE! BEHAVE YOURSELF!" admonished Momma as she giggled with me.

"What do I wear over this?" I asked as I was looking at my red-hued legs.

Momma handed me a burgundy mid-thigh skirt and pink blouse, "Wear this, after makeup."

I sat down at the vanity and quickly applied my makeup. Momma had taught me all about makeup and jewelry when I was in the first grade because I wanted to wear it when I was a girl, now all of those skills were coming in handy.

After the makeup, I brushed out my auburn hair, which fell in luxurious waves onto my shoulders making me like Farah Fawcett Majors. Then I donned the blouse and skirt, stepped into my red sandals.

"Jay Lee, you look way better than I did when I was your age."

"Thanks, Momma. But why do I look like you did when you were twelve, not ten?"

"Both of your granny's were early bloomers. I guess that you inherited that from them."

"Oh, you sure that it's not 'them manipulating my body?"

"Jay lee, the bodysuit can not alter your body's shape THAT much without a doctor doing it."

"OK, time to show Daddy."

"Break a leg."

I opened the door and glided down the hall to the den where Daddy at in his lounger, watching a pro football game. I came up behind him and waited for a commercial, "Well, Daddy. Are YOU ready?"

He stared at me as I stood in front of him, "You’re as beautiful as your mother was when we first met."

"Thanks, Daddy."

He patted the arm of his lounger, the one that I sat on at times "Want to watch a movie with me? I have the latest 'Potter' film loaded."

"Sure thing, but we need our snacks and pop."

Momma came in, carrying a tray filled with our refreshments, "Here they are, you two. Do you think that I'd let y'all go without?"

After she placed the tray on the ottoman by Daddy's lounger, he kissed and hugged her, "Thanks, Jaimie. Jay Lee and I need this time together."

"I know, Lee. I've spent a lot of time with her, NOW it's your time."

I sat on Daddy's chair arm, my hued legs in his lap. I felt safe and secure there, knowing that Daddy was there to protect me. We watched the movie while Momma spent this time on her hobby of sewing. When the movie was over, Daddy carried me to bed and tucked me in. I slept like a baby in my skirt and blouse, and found that I like sleeping in pantyhose.


The next morning, I woke up and found that I was in bed, my sandals on the floor. I loved the feel of the sheets on my hosed legs and almost orgasmed from the sheer delight.

Scared about that reaction, I hurriedly got up and saw myself in my dresser mirror. I saw a vivacious young woman who looked as if she had spent the night out, partying. My clothes were wrinkled, hair a mess, and my legs glistened in their red hued glory of the pantyhose.

My bedroom door was ajar, so Daddy saw me staring at myself in wonder. He came to me and guided me to Momma, "Yes, Jay Lee. You are that beautiful. You are now a woman, NOT a child. Now you must listen to your mother," he said gently.

"But why? I am only ten years old."

"Because now you have the body of a young woman. As a young woman, you can get pregnant. Do you want to be a mother at such a young age?"

"No, Daddy. If I am to be your daughter, I want to be a virgin bride for you to give away."

Daddy hugged me, and I felt a strong desire for him to hold me and keep me safe as a daddy should for his daughter.

"Jay Lee?"

"Yes, Daddy?"

"Are you scared?"


"What about?"

"Being a girl, Daddy."

"Relax! we are here for you. We went through what you're going through."

"What was it like?"

"Confusing, but saving ourselves for each other until our wedding night was well worth it."

I kissed him, my desire abated by his words of wisdom, "Daddy, I hope that I can find the right one for me."

"You will, Princess, you will."

To Be Continued...

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Good work, Stanman!

You'll get the hang of this writing thing yet!

Not a hint of rumination, and what appear to be extraneous details, might just prove to be significant in future updates. Proofreading could have been a tad better, but you're getting it.

Keep it up.

You know, I can't imagine learning to write out in front of the whole internet like you have been. One of these days I'll get up the nerve to turn loose one of my stories, and I want you to be sure to comment on it, and tell me what I missed in my umpity revisions, 'cause I'm sure it'll be a ways from perfect.

- Janet L.