Operation Amity-2

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Operation Amity-2

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:In a small town, friendly to the T.G. Community, a plan is set into motion to help the transgendered to switch genders if they wish. As part of the plan, their records are changed in the National Data Base and are given the choice to either go ahead with the transition and live with the new gender and identity, or wait. But there is a dark secret about the island to be uncovered.


We went into my parent’s bedroom where Momma was wearing a pink shorts outfit and white hose with pink sneakers, "Jay Lee, are you ready for our talk?"

"About sex?"

"Yes, dear."

"OK, but I am a mess, I pouted.

Daddy chuckled, "You tell her Princess. While you two are busy, I'll head into the office."

"What about Jay Lee's mystery?"

"I have to go, in order to set things into motion. I am wary of letting too many know about my concerns, so I'll have to make it look like a regular investigation."

Momma and I hugged Daddy, "Careful there, Love."

"Break a leg, Daddy."


* * *

After Daddy left, I sat down at my vanity to apply makeup. The makeup was easy, as if I'd been doing it for years when in reality, Momma had been doing my makeup. When I was through, I had looked like I wasn't wearing any except for lipstick and a hint of eye shadow. Then Momma let out a sigh, "What's wrong, Momma?"

"Just watching my new daughter grow up so fast. I used to do your make up, but now you do it like a pro."

"Well, I had a great teacher. And if I am programmed to be a girl, I might just have all of the skills downloaded."

"Lord, I pray not!"

"You think that if they did, I could be made to be some sort of weapon like those sleepers sent over here to hurt people?"

"Yes, but since you don't look like you're a Mid Easterner, probably not."

"Then what would they download?"

"Hopefully only what you need to know as a girl, but be wary, you just might find yourself doing something that you'd rather not do."

"I'll do my best, but if I get the hots for a guy, please pull me back so that I stay a virgin."

"I promise."

"Good, but what about us going out today?"

"Well, you've already got your makeup on, now to get you dressed."

Momma got me out a pink 'HELLO KITTY' top and dark pink skort, beige pantyhose, and pink bobby socks and sneakers. The skort was very short, making me look as if I was wearing hot pants, or a panty.

"Momma, isn't the skort a bit short?" I asked after I'd donned it.

"Jay Lee, you are a preteen girl, and that IS the fashion for girl's your age and up."

Then I posed seductively, "OK, Momma, but if I get asked by Bob Arnold to be one of his Hooter Girl's don't get mad at him," I snickered.

"OK," she giggled back.

Leaving the house, we met Amy, now Andrew wearing his red 'SHAZAM!' t-shirt and jeans, "Hey there, I see that you got hit, too, Jay Lee."

"Yep. At least I can keep my name. What's your boy name, Andrew?"

"Yeah," he sheepishly replied. But I'll be Anje to my friends, though," he blushed.


He looked over to his mother, Monica Stevens, "Yes, Anje, my Granpa was called Anje" she explained.

"Yeah, that way, my name can be like yours, Jay Lee, either male, or female."

"Anje, my husband's and my name are like Jay Lee's, too," Momma grinned.

"Jamie, you know that Anje was never taught to use an adult's first name," admonished Monica.

"True, Monica, but shouldn't Anje know that?"

"OK, you're right. I just don't want my new son to unlearn his manners. That's all," she sighed.

"Momma, even though I am now a boy, I want to be a girl. But I must admit that Jay Lee makes a cute girl," he blushed.

I hugged him and he touched my butt, "HEY! NO TOUCHING!" I laughed.

"Sorry, Jay, but it seemed like the thing to do."

"Well, OK. But no more! I never did it to you when you were a girl!"

"Come along, Romeo. Time to get you to practice," announced Monica as she carted Anje away.


* * *

As we got into Momma's black Thunderbird, she passed me a pink purse she had kept hidden "Take this, Jay Lee. It has a small makeup kit and other essentials that you need as a girl, including your old student I.D. so that we can get a new one for you"

"OK, but I'm scared, all the same. How do I act so as not to show my fear? What if I am one of only a few affected?"

"This can be fun if you let it be, I know that you're not looking forward to being out in public as a girl, but since you don't have a choice, don't fight it. Just relax and go with the flow as you let it happen."

"OK, Momma, but I can only imagine what everyone will say when they see me like this. I mean, some of my friends think that I'm a tomboy."

"Well, in a way, they were right. But I believe that we will see changes in most, if not all of the students,"

"Except for the non-T.G. students, I bet,"

"Good point."

Momma pulled into 'Betty's Style Shoppe' where Momma went to get her hair done, "Jay Lee, I know that this is your first time to get your hair done as a girl, but Betty is a long time friend of mine. She will make you feel like a Princess."

"I like her, Momma. Whenever she came over to play cards with you and Daddy, she'd spend time playing with me until the game started, then I'd go play games on my Nintendo," I gushed.

I walked in behind Momma who was greeted warmly, "Come in, Jamie And who is this lovely lady with you?"

"This is my new daughter, Jay Lee. She needs everything, Betty,” sighed Momma.

"I thought that Jay Lee was a boy."

"He was my son until some stupid computer glitch changed his gender to female in the records. Now, according to the school, he must attend as a girl."

"HMN. I've heard about that over the radio. It looks as if most of the football teams are affected. Only the non-T.G. students weren't affected."

"That's what I thought, Ma'am."

Betty smiled at me, "Jamie, boy or girl, your child is very smart."

"Thanks, Ma'am."

"Jay Lee, just call me Betty, please. You are so sweet to show me such respect."

"Yes Ma'am, Betty," I grinned.

"Smarty! Well, what do you need girl?"

"Betty, she needs the works, and also a selection of uniforms for school," replied Momma.

"OK, we have the: cheerleader, color guard, dance team, majorettes, girl's sports teams and Drum Majorette uniforms, what all do you need?"

"Momma, I'd like the whole enchilada, please, for all three schools."

"Why dear?"

"Well, I wasn't a cheerleader in Amity Island Elementary, but it looks like I am, in Amity Island Junior High School, and possibly Amity Island High School. I'd like to wear the band and Cheer uniforms to school, just for kicks."

"OK, I can allow that. What hair style do you want?"

I looked at Betty, "I'd prefer a pageboy."

"Why a page boy?" asked Momma.

"It's unisex, that way if I can become a boy again, my hair won't be a problem."

"I quite agree with you, Jay Lee. Besides, with your figure, you'll make a cute girl or handsome young man," offered Betty.

I sat down in the barber's chair and Betty went to work on my hair. I spent all day there as Betty and her employees treated my body to the many pleasures of the salon. My hair and makeup were done, including my nails, as well as an all over body massage that removed all of the dead layers of skin, oils and dirt, leaving behind fresh, new skin.

After my session in the steam room and cool down in the lounge, Betty approached me with a huge grin on her face as she plunked a parcel on my lap, "Here you go, Jay Lee, here are your lingerie and hose. Put these on, then you can try on the clothes for you to wear home."

"But what about what I wore?"

"You are a 33/25/33 with a 'B' cup but growing into a 'C' with a pushup bra. But ever since your treatment, you might have changed a bit."

I donned the suntan sheer to waist pantyhose and was still a petite, but the one-piece lingerie proved that I was the same size as before. What I really liked about my lingerie was its red color and skirt that just covered my panty.

"OK, Betty, don't I look sexy?"

"Indeed you do. NEVER, let a man see you in that, or you might get into trouble," she giggled.

"Then why do I get this?"

"Honey, EVERY woman deserves at least one piece of killer lingerie, just as she deserves her own L.B.D."


"Little Black Dress."

"Oh, but I am still a kid."

She hugged me, ""I know, but like your mother, I want you to experience everything that a woman does while we are here to keep you safe."

"But you can't really do that, Betty, not when it involves me dating," I giggled.

She playfully cuffed me, "Smarty! By the time you are dating, it'll be the guys who need protecting. But I thought that you didn't want to date guys."

"Well, not now! But by the time that I am old enough, I'll be wanting to. Right now, I just wanna be a kid."

Momma came in then, "Glad to here it, Luv. Now it's time to try out your uniforms."

I looked at the selection "According to Daddy, my choices were limited to a skirt."

"As a girl, you can wear capris, dresses, pants, skirts, or a skort with matching bloomer. They can be solid, or plaid. The blazer, sweater vest, and blouse, tie, socks and/or tights like everything else. But pantyhose may be skin tone as well," offered Momma.

"I am glad of that, but aren't they a bit form fitting?"

"Yes, but that's the uniform style. If I'd not specified bloomers, the hems would be down to the knees. As they are now, they're cheerleader length, except for the capris."

"I guess that some dirty old men want us girls to be what Daddy calls 'eye candy'. But why?"

"I don't know, but even my old uniforms are a bit short, but not like yours. What about you, Betty?"

"Same here, Jamie."


* * *

I left wearing a red blazer, knee hi socks, blue sweater vest, tie pleated skirt and bloomer and white blouse with taupe hose and penny loafers. We'd decided to have my uniforms delivered because Momma's car couldn't hold them all.

As we were getting into the car, we saw a new girl arrive, "Jay Lee, do you recognize her?"

It took me a moment, but I knew who he was, "That's Harry Reynolds! He's in the band at school. I never knew that he wanted to be a girl!"

"Let's find out then."

As the now feminine Harry and his mother, Carrie approached, "Jamie, is that Jay Lee?"

"Yes, it is, Carrie. I assume that young lady with you is Harry dressed as Harriett."

Harriett was wearing a tight black top, skort, fishnets and boots, making her look like a hooker.

"Yes, this is Harriett. [sigh] Unfortunately, this is the only girly outfit that she has."

"Mom, I wouldn't even have this if I hadn't kept my Halloween costume."

"I know, Harri, but I still think that it makes you look too damned sexy."

"I can't help it if I am smaller than you. You played basketball for the school."

"I'm not mad at you, child. It's this stupid mistake, and the fact that you take after your father."

"Harriett, are you a cheerleader now, or on the dance team?"

"Neither, I'm a majorette and on the basketball team."

"Cool, I'm a cheerleader and softball player."

"Oh, you get your uniforms from here?"

"Yep, and every other girls team uniform for every school."


"That way, I can see just how far I can test the limits. After all, they are all school uniforms," I giggled.

"Jamie, you actually went along with that?" laughed Carrie.

"Yes, I agree with Jamie, so does Betty."

"Oh, she'll agree with anything that increases her sales," Carrie smirked.

"True, but she doesn't like what's going on, even if it means increased sales for her."

Then Harri hugged me, "Thanks for being before me, Jay Lee. Now I know that I can do it, too."

"My pleasure."


* * *

Momma called Daddy on her cell phone as we sat in the car; [Lee, Jay Lee and I are through for the day, how about you?]

[Me too. My caseload can be handled by my staff."

[Any news on Jay Lee's problem?]

{Yes, meet me at Charlie's Steakhouse for dinner.]

[Best be ready, Mister Moneybags.]


[Yes, oh. Jay Lee and I only had a honey bun for lunch at Betty's]

[WHAT! Why didn't she feed you two?]

[We BOTH had the works done, Buster.]

[Then it'd better be worth EVERY penny.]

We got out of the car and headed into the restaurant. Charlie's Steakhouse is built like a giant barn with extensions going off the sides. The silo is where he has is office and apartment. He keeps the kitchen and supplies upstairs where his employees have their changing rooms and lounge. The waitresses all wear a denim skirt, shorts, or skorts and western blouse with cowboy boots. Some of them like the shorter hems. The busboys wear red and white pin stripe dress shirts with a western string tie, red suspenders and black pants and shoes while the manager wears a red blazer over their uniform.

As we approached, I couldn't help but appreciate Momma's skirt suit. It was red with a pink blouse, bloomer, cream hose and black flats. She never did wear heels.

"Jamie, Jay Lee, wait for us!" yelled Granny.

She was wearing her traditional blouse and ankle length skirt while Grandpa wore his overall and plaid shirt. They raised turkeys and seldom dressed up, except for church.

"Hey, Momma! Why are you two here away from your birds?"

"Jamie Anne Nichols, I got me a hankering' fer a steak! And you know that Chuck's steaks are the best. Now, why don't you and Jay lee join us and tell me why my grandson is now my granddaughter."

"Grandpa, this ain't my idea. There's some foul up with the school computer that lists me as a girl."

"So, why dress as a girl?"

School rule."

"Well, darn them yokels! I knew that they'd screw up using that computer!"

"Now, Frank. You know that Jay Lee likes to be a girl at times. Do you want to see our grandchild cry?" asked Granny.

No, Lydia. [sigh] I want for Jay Lee to be happy. But I don't understand his dressing as a girl."

I hugged him, "Grandpa, it's more than dressing, now."

"You mean to tell me that I finally have a granddaughter?"

"Yes, I've found that I am a girl at heart. If I am not being tricked, that is," I sighed.

"What do you mean, Child?"

"Momma, when we were treated for my cancer, we think that they made Jay Lee's curiosity about wearing dresses into his wanting to be a girl," Momma informed Granny.

"But why?"

"We don't know, but there is something wrong with the computers that list the T.G. students as the opposite sex, seemingly."

Grandpa sighed, "I'm sorry, I voted against it, but didn't carry out my threat to move away. If'n I had, none o this would’ve happened."

Granny kissed Grandpa, "Now Franklin, you stayed because our daughter had fallen in love with Lee. And our sons had already gotten married and moved to the Mainland, you couldn't break her heart since Lee had just moved here."

"You're right, but I so hate having some crum bum hurt our daughter."

We went in and found that Daddy had reserved the 'Ponderosa' dining room for us, "When I saw that y'all'd met up outside, I knew that it'd be a big party," he smirked.

"Yep! Just like a Tom fool attorney to hide sumthin'. Ain't it, Jay Lee" Asked Grandpa in humor.

"I don't know about that, Grandpa. You're talking about Daddy," I giggled.

"Dang it, Yer right! Muh eyes must need glasses," he cackled with glee, having poked fun at Daddy who was smiling, knowing that Grandpa loved him.

Marge, the waitress came and took our dinner order. We all had a steak with mashed potatoes and gravy with camp fire beans [a bean soup with onions and spices as well as bits of fat trimmed off of the meat] with apple pie for desert. We had sassafras tea to drink, too.

"The salad bar comes free with your order," she informed us.

"Marge, did they have a salad bar out West during the Cowboy days?"

"Gramps, they did in the finer diners in California where you could have a salad," Marge smirked.

"Easy there, Romeo! You're married to me!" announced Granny as she playfully cuffed him.

"Dang it, you're no fun," cackled Grandpa.

Marge went away, shaking her head.

"Lee, any information on Jay Lee?"

"Afraid not, Jamie," Daddy sighed.

"Daddy, you mean that I'm stuck as a girl?"

"Yes, and I can't seem to get anywhere near solving this dilemma. Not even my using my authority helped."

"Is Attorney General Scott in on it?"

"I don't know, Poppa Frank. He is vacationing in Europe."

"Then, what did you accomplish?"

"Momma Lydia, I got my team of detectives and investigators looking into everything to do with the problem, and the results are frightening to comprehend."

"Son, why do you say that?" asked a suddenly serious Grandpa.

"Poppa Frank, this looks like a conspiracy to change every transgendered student here on the Island, no matter their wishes."

"You mean that a gay or lesbian student will be forced to change?"

"Yes, or leave the Island. Unfortunately, most don't have that option."

"Well, Frank and I can help them get away with their families since our farm is on Island Cove," offered Granny.

"And our houseboat can easily get them to the Mainland. Heck, we could even take their cars on the cargo barge by driving them into the holds," agreed Grandpa.

"We need to organize everything before we can even think about that. How many others will want to join?" asked Momma.

"Before you two get into anything, you MUST think bout Jay Lee, first. If they get wind of your activities, she'll pay, not you," admonished granny.

"You're right, Lydia. Lee and I can ask others who can help out, away from any prying eyes."

"But what about now? Can't they spy on us?"

Daddy chuckled, "No, Jay Lee. THIS room is kept safe by my people. In fact, they swept the block just before we got here."

We completed dinner and went our separate ways with a most definite somber outlook on events. My grandparents were both anxious to form a group to help those that wanted to get away. Theirs was only one of twenty farms on the coast. Most were fish farms where they kept lobster, crabs and fish in fenced in pools. But next to them were other farms.

Nearly all of the farms were run by Grandpa's friends and like him, disliked technology. He could easily organize them into helping out, but what about their children? Many of them were involved with the school, or government. Would they turn against their friends or family?

Daddy had his problems being the Assistant District Attorney, Which of his detectives, paralegals, and investigators he could trust, let alone the secretaries and others in City Hall.

Momma was worried about the other businesses affected by the 'glitch'. So far, all of them that we'd visited were against it in principal, at least. But we've only visited those who Momma knows, could others actually WANT it? Only time will tell about things.


* * *

Momma and I got home and put away my new wardrobe and stored away my boy clothes. My bedroom is pretty androgynous with its pale, brown paneling, matching carpet and ceiling tiles as well as the furniture.

The dressers, wardrobe, bed, nightstands and desk-chair set were hand built of maple with pine trim. Grandpa had made it for me when I was born with durability and versatility in mind. My old baby crib was now my bed.

The wood had been cured, then each piece given a pale varnish. After assembly, each piece was given a white varnish with a light brown trim varnish to match the room, but now I needed a vanity and matching stool.

After the marathon task of getting my clothes put away, we sat on the hope chest under the window with a cup of juice to refresh ourselves. We were just relaxing as my stereo played gospel music from W.C.A.I.

"Jay Lee?"

Yes, Momma?"

You need a vanity and a stool."

"I know, and makeup and jewelry, too."

"Well, luckily, you and I can use the same makeup colors, and since I keep myself well stocked, you have all of the makeup that you'll need."

"OK, but what about my vanity?"

"You're vain enough, already," giggled Momma.

I picked up a nearby stuffed 'Godzilla' and bopped her, "Me, vain?" I asked, giggling.

Momma got my stuffed 'Rodan' and bopped me back, "Yes, you."

After our pillow fight ended by mutual consent, we sprawled on the floor, exhausted, but strangely refreshed. It was as if by bopping each other, we'd freed ourselves of pent up frustration. Best of all, my 'stuffies' had survived.

Granny had made me stuffed versions of my favorite monsters from us watching the 'Monster Movie Marathon' at the Amity Island Cinema. Each Saturday morning, they'd show the classics of each franchise monster and have C.D.'s, and tapes for sale of that monster's adventures. But when several monsters were in a movie, each monster's debut film was sold as well.

Daddy bought the entire collection because he too was a monster buff. His hobby was to collect the toy monsters and aliens. He had built a scale model city and island for them to stomp on. Heck, he'd even built his own scale model spaceships from the movies.

But Granny was the one who made them real for me. She would take old burlap bags and line them with long john fabric on the inside, denim on the outside and stuff it with the bits and pieces from her sewing, knitting and crocheting. I kept most of them up in the attic on shelves and rotated them every Saturday.

"Well, Kiddo. Did you enjoy our scuffle?"

"I did, Momma, but I STILL need my vanity and stool."

"Have you checked in the garage apartment's utility shed?"

"No, why?"

Well, your bedroom matches that of the garage apartment's guest bedroom. There should be a vanity and stool in storage, or in the room."

"There is one in the guest bedroom. I saw it last time that Granny and Grandpa spent Christmas with us."


"Yes, Ma'am. Granny and I used it to store away all of the gifts that they'd brought."

"Did you do any peeking?"

"No, not that I didn't try," I blushed.

"She caught you, didn't she?" giggled Momma.

"Yes, caught me trying to get the keys. But she only looked at me until I gave her back the keys. She NEVER did spank me about it."

"That's my mother for you, she won't spank unless you actually do something worth spanking about. When you undo your bad action, she relents. But do it again and she spanks double."

And then Grandpa spanks, then Daddy."

"Well, for you, yes. Not for me."

We heard Daddy pull up, "Quick! Put on your 'Pooh' nightshirt. I'll put mine on and see if he notices."

"OK, but we're wearing different colored hose."

"Then we will BOTH wear skaters’ tights."


* * *

Momma went to her room to get ready and I stripped off my clothes and hose, opened a pack of skater's tights that I would wear under my costumes or skate dresses, pulled on pink panties and my pink 'Pooh' nightshirt, and pink knee hi’s.

Momma was with Daddy as I came down the stairs. His first sight of me left him speechless as I stood in front of him. He looked from me to Momma, mouth agape. I saw him actually getting excited while looking at me, "Daddy, am I THAT beautiful?"

"Damn! Jay Lee, you look exactly like your mother. Please don't tease me."

I hugged Daddy, "Don't worry, Daddy. Momma is wearing her wedding bands. I don't have any jewelry, and my hair is styled differently."

"True, but 'IF' you were to try, you might get into trouble."

"Daddy, as much as I love you, I still want to be a virgin for my wedding. Besides, sex might just get me stuck as a girl."

"Lee, you reacted to Jay Lee as you did me when I was twelve. Remember our first time?"

"Yes, on our wedding night. And I've NEVER regretted it, either."

"Neither have I."

Momma and I set the table, then, just as dinner was ready, my Grandparents showed up!

"Momma, Daddy, why are you here?"

"We thought that we could all use some down time. So we went to Salem's Diner and got their Mexico Delight," offered Grandpa.

"And we got Jay Lee one of their waitress uniforms," added Granny as she passed me the uniform.

"May I try it on?"

"Go on, that way I can't confuse you with your mother," agreed Daddy.

"So, Lee saw Jay Lee and got excited." stated Grandpa.

"Daddy, yes he did. But he also told Jay Lee to NOT flirt with him and Jay Lee replied that she wants to be a virgin for her wedding, like me and Lee were," announced Momma.

Looking at both of us in our 'Pooh" nightshirt with their mid thigh hem, Grandpa sighed, "Well, with both of you showing off your legs, no doubt Lee will be horny as hell for you, Jamie."

I headed up to my room and donned the uniform, placing my night shirt on my bed. I stepped into the black leotard and buttoned up the front that made it look like a blouse. Then I pulled up the pleated blue skirt with its apron that covered my breasts after I'd slipped its string over my head. Then I donned the white knee hi socks and buster brown shoes and headpiece.

I went into the den where everybody was and knocked on the doorway, "Ahem."

Granny looked at me, "Damn! You are so beautiful."

"She does seem to have that effect on people, Momma,"

Grandpa whistled and adjusted his overall, "Lee ain't the only one horny as hell. Best be ready, Lydia."

"I will be, Franklin," she agreed with a Cheshire grin.

They stayed until late, then, when I went to bed, I knew that the next day promised to be very interesting. It would be my first day in Amity Island United Methodist Church as a girl. I slept in my night dress and hose, dreaming about letting a man have his way with me.

In the morning, I discovered blood in my panty, "MOMMA! I AM BLEEDING!!!!"

my parents and grandparents rushed to my room and Granny and Momma entered, "BLEEDINNG?"


They ran into my room, "Lee, Jay Lee CAN'T be bleeding!"
"She is, Momma. I thought that she had strained herself a bit, yesterday, but told her about menses. She fainted, and I had her to soak in the tub. Now, it's come full blown."
Granny sprawled into my hope chest at the end of my bed while Momma sat by me, "Jay Lee, that means that you now have the body of a young woman," she sighed.

"Me? Woman?"

"Yes, we never thought that that bodysuit would actually bond with your body, but it has. Now your body is totally female."

"But I am only ten! I shouldn't be bleeding!"

"Jay Lee, BOTH your Granny and I started our menses at your age. Only we weren't as developed as you are."

"Momma, I'm scared!"

Granny came over and sat on my other side, "Princess, we will be here for you. In fact, your Grandpa and I will stay here in the garage apartment to help you," she offered as she hugged me.

"Thanks, Granny. I am feeling a bit okay now."

"Then go and get yourself into the tub. A good warm bath will help you with that. And while you’re in there with Granny, I'll get you sorted for today."

"OK, Momma. But what about my bleeding shouldn’t I go to the doctor?"

"Honey, I'll call Doctor Melanie Brown, your mother's and my gynecologist to get you in, Monday."

"Thanks, Granny."

Momma took me to the bathroom and prepared the tub for me. While it was filling, she told the men about me, "Damn it! Now our son is our daughter! If only we'd chosen breast forms and a gaffe," Daddy sighed.

"Lee, the only way to have avoided this was to have moved away. But how were you to know that this’d have happened?"

"You're right, Poppa Frank. But I still feel responsible."

"Lee, you are not guilty of anything but being a good provider. Whoever is behind this conspiracy is guilty," added Momma.

"Daddy, I can't be your son, anymore. But I am proud to be your 'Princess' and let you spoil me rotten like you do Momma."

"OK, Princess. But I fully expect for you to excel at being a girl," he said as he hugged me.

Momma led me into the bathroom and locked the door, "Strip off everything and ease yourself into the water. It's very warm."

I did as she instructed and soon found my body relaxing from the heat as it soothed my aching body. Momma helped me by washing my hair in the fragrant water and when done, helped me to get out.

"Jay Lee, Here is a tampon to put up in your vagina. Just sit down, and I will insert it for you, but watch what I do so that you can do it next time."

"Will it hurt?"

"There might be a bit of discomfort, but that's because of your body's extremely sensitive nature at this time. But don't worry, It's your rite of passage into womanhood," she smiled.

I sat with my legs open so that she could do it. She gently peeled away the lips and eased it up into me, leaving the string outside. When she'd touched the lips, I gasped in ecstasy as I felt waves of pleasure from her gentle caress. As the tampon entered me, I felt as if my body was filled with pleasure as I moaned as blood and a musky smelling clear liquid oozed out.

"Felt good, from what I saw," she said as she cleaned me using a wet wipe and stuffing it into the waste basket when done.

"Yes, will it do that every time?"

"For some women, yes. But every woman responds differently. Some feel bloated and sore, up to those who have easy menses."

"What about me?"

"From what I can tell, like me, you’ll have an erotic menses."

"Are you in menses?"

"Yes, I am. That's why you’re Granny and I knew that it was your time. Back when she was still menstruating, we had ours together."

"What? You mean that she stopped?"

"Yes, about a year ago. All women stopped when they get older. That's why she sees the doctor that you will on Monday."

"Oh, to keep Granny healthy?"

"Yes, we women have a chance of getting breast cancer, and older women osteoporosis."

"Thanks for telling me, Momma," I said as I hugged her.

"It's what Mothers are for, child. Now put on your panty, but don't pull them to the waist. You need a pad as well."

I stepped into the red panty and pulled it to my hips. Momma then placed a pad in it and folded the wings around the inside hem of my panty.

"OK, go ahead and pull up your panty. You're wearing a heavy pad right now to catch any flow. You should be menses free by Wednesday Like I will be."

"What if I keep bleeding?"

Then we'll get you to the E.R. and have the bodysuit removed. And if it can't be, the manufacturer will be shut down for making a shoddy 'suit."

"GOD! I hope that doesn't happen!"

"Me too. Now do you want pantyhose or thigh hi's?"

"What about taking out the crotch of my hose?"

Momma grinned, "No need, there's a pair of them ready made with me. I felt that you'd want them, and they are taupe, too."

I sat down and pulled up the pantyhose, seeing that the gusset was absent. Other than that, it looked like my sheer to the waist hose.

"Here is your red sailor girl dress and matching socks and gloves. With your straw sun hat, you'll look adorable."

She was right. My dress fitted me perfectly. The pleated skirts hem at mid thigh and blue tie and white collar with the wide brim of my hat and its red band around the crown that held a red rose in it made my socks and penny loafers look like Shirley Temple.

Momma handed me my red purse, "Jay Lee, your purse has a spare pad, panty, and tampon as well as your wallet. If you wish, you can take your book bag instead since it’s also red."

"My bag, that way I can carry my Bible."

Momma handed me my book bag after dropping my purse in it. My Bible and Sunday School book was already in it, so I put my arms through the straps and rested it on my back. Looking in the mirror on the door, I saw a very cute girl that I'd become and I knew that any boy would want to date me.


* * *

My school books were carried in my 'U.S. Army backpack. It was made from the same material as the Army field uniform, except that it was waterproofed. Daddy had gotten it for me for our camping trips.

We'd go to Grandpa's farm and set up a tent during my summer vacation and live off of the land. There was a forest where everything but bears and cats roamed. The wolf packs were used to humans in the forest and didn't attack.


* * *

I went downstairs where the men were wearing there Sunday clothes of dress slacks and shoes with matching socks, black belt, white short sleeve dress shirt, tie and matching blazer while Granny wore a white sundress with taupe hose and sandals to match the pink carnation on her dress. But Momma surprised me.

"OK, I'm ready."

I looked and she was dressed like Granny, except that her flowers were red roses, "But Momma, don't you need to shower?"

"We all showered last night after you went to bed."

Then as I was complimented on my dress, we left for Church.

* * *

To Be Continued...