Operation Amity-3

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Operation Amity-3

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:In a small town, friendly to the T.G. Community, a plan is set into motion to help the transgendered to switch genders if they wish. As part of the plan, their records are changed in the National Data Base and are given the choice to either go ahead with the transition and live with the new gender and identity, or wait. But there is a dark secret about the island to be uncovered.

Billie Pilgrim our Youth Pastor was my Sunday School teacher. She was very concerned about how so many of her students had been changed by the event and was quite worried about how to treat most of us. Many of the changed were very shy or sullen, not knowing how to act, but Billie saw how me and Anje were comfortable and came over to us.

Anje was wearing a blue poloshirt with courdory jeans and black sneakers; typical fashion for boyss while Billie wore a cream colored skirt suit with ivory hose, and white sandals.

"Ann, Jay Lee, I see that you two have accepted your change. will you two please talk to the others about accepting the change?"

"I am Andrew now, Billie. I will help because something happened that confirmed my new status."

"I am still Jay Lee, Ma'am. We went through an experience that confirmed our new gender. so we BOTH can share about our experience."

"Good, beause the others need your insight."

Ariel Montine, the Youth Department Secretary rang the assembly bell,
"Ladies and gentlemen, Billie and I can see that you are in need of counseling over what happened recently. Are there any who wish to step forward to help?"

Anje and I stood up, "Ariel, before this, I was a girl, now I am Andrew, a boy. But I prefer to be called Anje by my friends."

"Thank you Anje, and who are you, Miss?"

"I was the boy that you knew as Jay Lee. Now I am a girl named Jay Lee."

"Good. By standing forth, you BOTH have become counseloors. Are you ready?"

"Ma'am, my parents taught me to help others in need. And even though I am now a boy, I still want to help."

"Ariel, Billie, for some of us, this change is most welcome, but for others it is a royal pain in the ass."

"JAY LEE!" Ariel and Billie chorused.

"I apologise for swearig, but doesn't that pretty well sum thing up?"

I heard the other students begin to laugh, then they applauded me, causing our leaders to smile, "Well, looks like you DID sum it up. Want to be first?"

"Thank you, Billie. But can't we have refreshments first?"

"Everybody into the Youth Dining Room for breakfast," ordered Billie.

We had a filling breakfast of oatmeal with buttery croissants and hot chocolate. The Church made sure that everbody had a nourishing brakfast or dinner before Sunday School and Training Union, just as for Wednesday Night Mid Week Services.

It was decided early on to provide the meals to promote the idea of amity. There was a wide gap between the rich and poor. By providing meals, that the more affluent paid for, true unity was encouraged as the less affluent passed on the gift to others, a prime example of charity.

After we'd sat down to eat, I stod up, "In order to tell you about what happened and not gross anybody out, I will be succinct about my revelation."

"Jay Lee, did you experience menses?"

"Yes I did, Rachel. You are one of the very few girls here that was a girl before."

"I know, [sigh] and I know exactly how you and the other girls feel about the first menses. I had mine last year."

"Rachel, how do you feel about your friends?"

"Billie, I want for them to be who they were, unless they want to be who they are now. Me, I might be a majorette and wear a skimpy uniform, but I want to become an architect like Daddy and be a mom, too."

"That's very good. But please tell the class about your first menses after Jay Lee tells us about hers."

I got up and proceeded to tell about my menses and the older youth who were girls turned into boys by their bodysuits confirmed that what Rachel and I'dne through was as genuines as theirs. And those who were boys turned into girls had the same experience that I did.

"Well, these suits do have the abilty to changed the gender of the wearer, even giving them reproductive organs to match the new gender. To confirm this, Anje will share his experience and Saul Pierce being the only boy who was a boy before shall tell of his, afterwards," announced Ariel.

Anje got up and gave his story, " I was in bed, thinking about how cute my best friend Jay Lee looked in her dres when we met at the salon, today. I began thinking about us being married and the honeymoon when my penis stiffened and grew taller," he stopped as he took a gulp of water, and seeing me blush, came over to me. " Jay Lee?"


"I do love you, but would NEVER hurt you," he promised me.

"I know," I sighed.

"Well, I found that I had to release the pent up energy and suddenly, the white, thick semen exploded from me. THAT'S when I called out and my dad comforted me and gave the safe sex speech and made me promise to NEVER be in a room alone with a girl to avoid any trouble."

Then after a frank and ernest discussion, it was revealed that all of the boys and former older boys had similar experiences. Then the talk went to sexual encounters.

A few of the older youth had had exploratory sex before, but none were active. It happened during the summer during their family's vacation, mostly. Only one couple had had sex with each other. Although both were underaged, they were both counseled about continuing. Both had changed genders and until the full extent of the changes were known, we were all asked to abstain.


I went in and sat in my regular seat for the Worship Service with the other Youth in the balcony. We were allowed up there as long as our teechers were with us, or an adult. Before I knew it, Pastor James Frank went to the podium, "As everybody knows, many of our children have been affected by some sort of computer mistake that has led them wearing a bodysuit to help them conform to the new gender dictated by the mistake. The Church will support any choice made by the families affected and offer counseling."

After that announcement and sermon, there was a unanimous alter call where everybody either went forward to kneel around the alter or knelt at their seat, seeking guidance and wisdom. The canned music as we sought God seemed to calm many a fear and brought together people who'd been estranged as they buried old grievances. But one revelation I recieved came afterwards.

"Hey Jay Lee! You look AWESOME, girl!" exclaimed a girl about my sixe wearing a red skirt suit and tights.

"Are you Victor?"

"Yep! I don't know about you, but I'm in Heaven," she anounced as she twirled, showng her panty.

"Viki, you're showing your panty when you do that," I admonished her.

"Sorry, but you know how much I wanted to be a girl."

"Viki, how are your parents taking this?"

"They aren't. [sigh] That's why I've been living in the orphanage, Sir."

"Then why not move in with us? That way Jay Lee has a sister," offered Momma.

She squealed and hugged us, "Thank you! Now my wish is granted.

We spent the rest of the day setting up the attic as a double bedroom for Viki and me. Daddy and Grandpa moved the furniture upstairs and by the time that Training Union started, we were ready.

Viki and I had exchanged our dresses for pink polo shirts and leggings with matching socks and tennis shoes. We both enjoyed the feel of pantyhose, and after taing care of our menses, we were ready for dinner.

Luckily, the tampon and pad had captured my flow, keeping my panty dry, but I wore a fresh panty and hose to be safe. Viki as not as lucky. She'd not had access to a heav pad as I had, so her panty and hose were stained.

Sunday dinner was usually takeout from the Church's kitchen, so was usually buttermilk biscuits, gravy, hash browns, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, and jelly. Me, I loved omelets, so I'd simply scramble my dinner together, drown with gravy, then sop up the gravy afer eating.

After dinner, we would watch a movie from our library of films. We'd copied every movie on the pemium channels and hour favorite shows. We might watch a 'John Wayne' movie or a family comedy. No 'R' rated films on Sunday.

After the movie, we'd get ready for Sunday Evening Services. Adults went to lessons while the youth went to chior practice and drama. We had a drama team, and a puppet team who met on Wednesday nights so that we could all participate in the teams.

This time, Music Director Karen Page was handing out two new songs that we'd not song before, "Because of what has happened, 'He's Still Working On Me' is for helping to deal with the transformation, 'They Will Know We Are Christian By Our Love' to help us to forgive the incident."

"Karen, do you think that this was deliberate?"

"I don't know. But I DO know that many people are concerned about it. So we should have an answer soon."

Evening Worship wa a repeat of the Morning Service, and as we gathered in the Fellowship Hall for refreshments, I saw a new future ahead of us. I could see that the youth had been paired off into couples with no same sex pairings.

The Amity Island Charter encouraged citizens to be themselves, but certain elemments had guided the youth into becoming traditional hetrosexual couples. Even the openly gay, and lesbians were now 'happily' paired off with their ideal mate.

This was the debate that took place that evening with no consensus other than to solve the problem. One good thing that came out of it was that the families were able to organise a clothing swap, thusly saving themselves a small fortune.


After Church, we went home where Viki and I went to bed. The attic was originally a studio apartment, but over the years had become a storage room instead of filling up the garage or building a shed.

We found that we were both interested in boys, and that after Momma and Granny spoke with us about hygenie and boys that our 'flow' was decreasing and we eeach chose a tampon because it felt better than a pad in our panty.

What I never considered was Granny being sexual, but she was. She wore red silk jammies that flattered her figure, and with her hair down, she looked much younger and Momma was fantastic in her black silk jammies.


When we got to school, there was an uproar, The trading of school uniforms caused an unforseen repercussion of the Board ordering the buying of new uniforms which led to the careful examination of my new uniforms. Each piece had a microdot that emitted a subtle hypnotic message to make me want to be a girl.

When Daddy found that out, all of the new uniforms were found to be so infected and the Board jailed for their crime, the clothes repaired.

Almost a month went by and all seemed normal. Nobody made a big deal out of the gender switch, nor the pairings of the youth. It was eerily as if the event had never taken place. There were a few girls who got pregnant which confirmed that the swith did include a change in the plumbing. Wierdly, all five of the girls gave birth to girls. Could this mean that no boys would be born?


Try as he might, Daddy never found out the truth for several years. During that time, the families of the students who graduated found employment on the Mainland and new families with T.G. students moved in, already wearing their bodysuits. To stop any questions, only those who wanted to change genders wore the bodysuit. The gays and lesbians were invited as well. They were not required to wear a suit.


It was in my senior year and I was head cheerleader, Anje was the All-Star Athlete when things were finally realised and the bitter truth was revealed.

It was the Sunday before graduation, and I was up in the attic with Viki and Anje going over my valedictorian speech when Vike asked us about when Anje and I were getting married.

"Viki, I proposed to Jay Lee at our Homecoming game, and she accepted. Why are you so dang curious?"

"Because, I am her Maid of HoHonor and we've yet to start planning the wedding," she pouted.

I placed my arms on her shoulders," Viki, I will notbe married here. I fully intend on getting married on the Mainland by our Youth Pastor. Billie is now Pastor of the Seaside Fellowship Church."

"What size are you?"

"Size eight, why?"

"I know the perfect dress for you to wear to graduation. It's a floor length red silk gown with thigh hi slits on the sides and has a matching panty. You have those red heels and hose to go with it."

"But we wear our black gowns for graduation, Viki."

"You're forgetting about the dance, afterwards, Anje," she smirked.

"Then I'd best get my tuxedo out of storage," he sighed.

Viki and I went to bed and Anje slept in the guest room. our parents wouldn't let us have any boys with us over night, not even Anje. That was understandable as a few of the youth girls had become mothers, proving that the boodysuitss did completely change genders. I so wanted Anje in mee that I often has wet dreams about him. And Viki was just as bad.

She had the hots for just about every male on the Island, but she obeyrd Daddy about premarital sex amd used her Battery Operated Boyfriend, instead, just as I was. Technically, we were not virgins, but at least we'd be ready for our honeymoons.


That morning, Daddy was quite pleased with himself, "Jay Lee, Viki, I may finally have the answer to how this all started."

"You mean????"

"Yes, Jay Lee. What made you and every other youth like you change genders."

Viki grew woried, "But does that mean that I originally should have stayed a boy? I started my transition BEFORE the happened."

"I don't know, Viki. But I 'DO' know that most were hypnotised into either wanting, or accepting the change."

"Lee, who all are involved?"

"Amity Island Medical, and the Board of Education along with the C.I.A. The C.I.A. funded the research and Charter all to provide a safe haven in which to place their operatives and conduct experiments upon test subjects to see if an Agent could simply wear a suit and get away. So far, tests on adults are inconclusive at best."

"Daddy, I want to leave here and NEVER return! They have turned my life into a nightmare just to do a damned experiment that could have been done without the cover up!"

"Don't worry, we are leaving. What about Anje?"

"I turned to Momma, "I love him, and he loves me. And I am pregnant with his child."

Momma hugged me, "Want to wait till he knows?"

"He does, and Daddy?"

"Yes, Princess?"

"Don't be mad, please."

"Not as long as you have a proper wedding."

I did, after Andrew, Lee was born on the Mainland. I now stand looking at the ferry taking the new recruits to the Island. I serve as a counselor and thanks to the C.I.A. and N.S.A. cleaning up the operation, it is now what it should have been. Here it is January, and after the hell that I went through, the New Year looks bright indeed.