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Feb 18 update -Thanks to everyone that has responded so far. I've been pleasantly encouraged by the response I've gotten to the point that work is now under way to get the new site ready for content much sooner that I'd anticipated. When the site is ready to accept some content I'll be certain to email those of you that have expressed an interest to post there to let you know what the URL will be so you can create an account and help out with the testing and loading up some things for users to read.

I'm also working on defining a story publishing policy for the site and will have that posted when the site is ready to accept content. I can definitely say right now that x and XXX content will NOT be accepted along with this site's restriction on incest and under-age sex. My feeling is that if an author can't write a good story without these elements then they probably shouldn't be writing. Again with this new site I'm trying to stress that QUALITY is better than quantity.

There's still quite a bit to accomplish in setting up the new site and I've asked Erin Halfelven at BCTS to help me get things running as smoothly as possible before the site opens. It may take as much as another two weeks or more before things are ready to unleash the rest of the world on the new site. Please be patient and let us get things working as efficiently as possible. I've learned a lot in the past few years running Stardust and I want to use as much of that knowlede in setting up the new site.

This is a completely new site and nothing will be carried over from either Stardust or BCTS except what Erin and I have learned about using the CMS software to run the site. The only resemblance to either BCTS or Stardust will be from the fact that I'm using the same CMS software that both sites use. Other than that the new site is a clean piece of paper that will need to be filled up.

Previous posting -

I've been playing with the idea to start another site that carries sci-fi and magic type stories not necessarily just those with TG type content in them. Any ideas from the users out there if there's sufficient interest that another site like this might be viable?

I have registered a domain name but I really haven't done much to develop the site at the moment.

Bob Arnold

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Just to be on record...

I'm in favor of it. :)


Count me in

I'll post all my stories there. I don't write CD stories.

Interesting Idea

I'm a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy, so I would certainly be interested. A lot of sci-fi writing sites tend to be fan fiction orientated, so the thought of a site with some original writing would be very appealling.

I'd be more

Than willing to post what I have Bob. Most of mine are Sci-fi and magic anyways.

Plan? Ain't got no Plan!
"Beyond Thunder Dome"

I've been looking...

I've been looking for an SF site. I would definitely post all of my stories on your site if you decide to create it. I have a few non-TG ideas and at least one novel that I need to finish and find a home for.

Yes Please

I am a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy. I'd love it if you hosted a new site for those genres.

I like the idea.

I write a lot of stuff in the SF and Fantasy genres. I'd post what I have in them there, too, and likely add more.

I could possibly move some of my stuff there.

I have a spruced up verion of much of Timeout, my Whateley mutant fanfic, that Holly Hart gave some TLC to ater intensive care by Janet Nolan, Itinerant and even The Evil BlondeTM, my sister. Could possibly post that.

I also have some magic based stories, originally done for contests at BC and Stardust that might be worth dusting off, touching up and continuing. They are initially TG but became more and more magic or tech/magic as they went on.

In any case this might get my muse off his or her butt.

I know Scott Ramsey is working on a space opera epic though how far along it is I don't know.

I wish you well on this.

John in Wauwatosa

But you're not a scientist. Surely you believe in all this superstitious nonsense. (MAD Magazine)

Could be worse, could be raining. (Young Frankenstein)

But you're not a scientist. Surely you believe in all this superstitious nonsense. (MAD Magazine) Could be worse, could be raining. (Young Frankenstein)

Looking forward to it...

As a major SF/Fantasy reader, I would welcome a site containing well written stories in those genres, with or without crossover to other niche genres. I might even have a story or two in me that would be topical.

I can think of some excellent examples of stories posted here, or at BCTS, which would qualify for such a focused site. I wonder, though, if there will be a sufficient supply of quality SF/Fantasy stories without TG elements in them. SF/Fantasy stories, in general, are mainstream enough to have traditional markets such as magazines or book anthologies, which many writers focusing on TG elements feel excluded from. I hope we get quality stories from a wide range of authors, rather than just a niche subset of the current TG focused writers.


TG elements

I do plan on accepting stories for the new site that have TG elements in them but it won't be a requirement for stories posted there. 'm well aware that there are some authors out there that might feel left out in the mainstream magazines.

I also hope that there will be more mainstream authors that will eventually post there too. I fully realize that it may take years for the site to develop to the level of Stardust though and have decided to be ib this for the long run.

Bob Arnold

Sci-Fi versus TG

I was writing sf forty years ago, long, way long before I ever realised that it was possible to find TG stories, and longer before I discovered that I could even write the things.

Someone earlier wished their muse would get off it's butt. Mine flogs me unmercifully, but if I ever get the time there's whole galaxies of sf I could be uploading... don't say you weren't warned.


Looking forward to it, Bob.

It would be good to have a venue for more sf stuff to post to. I know I have a bunch of half formed ideas and stories that will fit if my muse lets me work on something individually for a while.

Sounds good

The association of Science Fiction & Magic puts me in mind of Foglio's restatement of Niven's corelary to Clarke's third law: "Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from technology."

You might try to encourage authors to use one of the variants of the "creative commons" license as shown at

It makes it a lot more clear what you can do with a freely available work.

Creative Commons

Good idea. Drupal has a module for that, too.

- Erin

new site for magic and sci-fi

In reading the concept behind the new site, I take it that a story such as Teddi's Tranquility series would be acceptable there?

There apparently are several volumes to the series but I am still uncertain if any other than the first volume have been completed. The first volume is in the process of being reposted at BCTS.

Tranquilty story

The concept behind the new site is to focus more on sci-fi and magic stories not necessarily excluding those with a gender transformation involved. If that's what Tranquility is about then yes, it may be most welcome on the new site when it is ready to go.

Bob Arnold


Tranquility is non-TG and is basically a children's & young adult's magic story. It encompasses a number of volumes a la Harry Potter although completely unrelated and in a different universe. At this time the first volume is complete and the subsequent volumes still need to be verified as completed.