SRU: My Spring Romance

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SRU: My Spring Romance

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When a young boy has an accident that changes his life forever. Now, growing up as a girl, he finds that his best friend is there for him as he transitions from boy to girl. Then at the Spring Dance, her best friend makes her life complete thanks to a bit of magic.



* * *

Here I am, now the complete woman that I was meant to be after the accident that ended my boyhood. Please, get comfortable if you want to here about my Spring Romance.

My name is Carol Jesse Sims. I was born Carroll Jesse Pridmore, I've been married for 21 years to the most wonderful man I've known since we were both children, Harold Lester Sims. We have twin girls and are soon to be grandparents!

We were both born in Miami Florida 40 years ago, and we were BOTH born male. THAT is what makes this story so special, and its true! This is NOT your typical sex-change surgery story. I was magically transformed thanks to a spell that granted me my wish.

You don't believe in magic? Well, I didn't believe in the magic of love and Spring's Magical Transformation Property, nor the Fountain Of Youth, but now I do.


* * *

Les and I were neighbors and on the same football team at the Desoto Junior High School. We grew up the best of friends, always there for each other and always good boys who helped out the girls.

Me, I as always small and quick, like cat. With my red hued curls, I was often mistaken for a girl, even though I never wore a skirt, or dress. And he was always a bit bigger and stronger, like a bear, often thought to he older than he was.

Les was always the more physical of us, he was the one that got me into playing sports for the community center, but I got him into croquet, chess, got him into the book club and theater. We completed each other.

Everything was going perfectly until our summer vacation before junior high. It was July Fourth Weekend, and our family's were out in the back yard, playing croquet when it happened. Lee accidentally shot the ball into my groin, crushing my testicles.

The pain of the impact sent me to the ground as I curled into a fetal position. When our parents got to me, they saw my bloody groin and rushed me to the hospital.



When I woke up, my parents were there, waiting for me, "How do you feel, Sport?" whispered Daddy as Momma hugged me.

"I'M SCARED," I declared as I wept.

She hugged me, "It's OK for you to be scared, because I'm scared too," she wept.

Daddy placed his meaty hand on my shoulder, "Sport, I have bad news for you." he sighed.

"What's wrong!"

"When you got hit with the ball, it crushed everything," he announced.


"As of right now, you are a eunuch."

I was in the hospital for a week as my body recovered from the surgery, the hormones gave me a 'C' cup, and my waist shrank as my hip swelled out until I could wear Momma’s clothes. I was instructed in the elements of feminine hygiene and product usage.

I was taught everything about being a girl by Momma and Momma Simms, Les's mother. As my body grew more feminine, I saw that I was going to look like a younger version of Momma, which pleased me a lot. Momma had been Miss Sunshine and was even now, a coach for up and coming young beauty queens, I knew one thing, I'd be one too.

Now that I was a girl, I joined the Westbury Junior High School Jazz Cats. I found that I liked being a girl and wondered what it's be like to have periods and be a Momma, little knowing that my dream would come true.



I now knew that I would be the girl that I was hiding in me. I was best friends with Les, now I wanted to be his wife and have his children; little knowing that was not possible for me.

I became every boy’s sweetheart and had to learn how to defend myself from my more energetic admirers who couldn't, or wouldn't take 'NO' for an answer. If it wasn't for Les, I'd have been deflowered by them at a Halloween party.



I had gone as Captain Katherine Janeway of Voyager, except that I wore the gold female uniform from 'Classic Trek'. Mother had made the one-piece dress for me from the pattern in the tech manual, and when I'd put it on, I looked stunning.

The suntan hose and black boots simply made the costume a stand out, and the phaser, communicator and tricorder props were fun, too. The phaser was actually a combination mace and stun gun, communicator a cell phone and tricorder, a purse with everything that a girl would need.

At the party, I was given my favorite smoothie, not knowing that the football team intended to score on me. Oh, Les was there, but kept busy by a well meaning, but clueless coach with complaints against him.

It was when the team was suddenly gone and my absence was noticed that the plan was discovered. It was an unfortunate, but well known open secret that the team chose a girl to initiate into their club of 'team girls', and when Les found out, he went atomic on them.

They'd taken me to the pool house and were about to unzip me when Les came crashing in and throwing the team around. He had used the martial arts that he'd learned to take the fight out of them and rescue me.

The outcome from that nightmare was that the team was forced to forfeit all of their wins that season and lose any scholarships as well as spend their practice time in community service and attend counseling sessions. Only Les kept his scholarships, and best of all, the team was used to renovate the school,

Westbury Junior High School was an imposing five story edifice that filled an entire block with its two gyms, auto shop and carpentry shop in the basement with lunch room and auditorium on the first floor with the office and choir rooms.

Each of the upper floors was devoted to a different year with seniors on the top floor. Luckily, an elevator had been installed in the building when it was converted from a warehouse.

But over the years, the paint had started peeling and the natural wear and tear as well as graffiti had turned the edifice into an ugly building in need of repairs.

In order to save funds on restoration, the city had chosen to use volunteers to do most of the repairs under the mentoring of certified experts. Seeing the once vain and overly proud jocks now doing grunt work, improved the general atmosphere, immensely.

You see, the jocks had been taught by the head coach that they were the best, and were above all others, but he had died last year from a coronary, and the new coach took over, teaching them differently.

He taught them about 'fair play' and 'sportsmanship, and a belief in God. He was a devoted Christian who hated the way that the jocks were taught to believe themselves to be above the other students, and now he could carry out his new program.

After that fiasco, Les and I found ourselves to be the subject of ridicule from the alumni for losing what they felt was a possible chance at the state championship. They even thought that Les had overreacted until the coach told them about the other girls that had been date raped, often after a game and their fear of being raped again. After that, they stopped arguing, and fired the jocks that now were facing multiple rape charges.



After graduation, Les and I went to the archery range to practice with his new crossbow and arrows. Les loved to hunt deer and preferred a crossbow over a rifle.

We took the set out to an archery field one morning and spent the entire day shooting at paper targets, and we both proved to be pretty good at it. But trouble reamed its ugly head when Dwight showed up.

"Hey! If it isn't the fag jock and his girl," he leered.

"Well, if Lester IS a fag, why is he with me, the Head Jazz Cat?"

"Playing possum, I have seen him looking at the other jocks dong, bitch."

"Dwight, you know that's a lie, and that YOU were caught with Oscar in a compromising position in the shower more than once."

"OK, let's drop it, besides, I challenge you two to see who's a better shot."

"I'm game, are you, Les?"

"Sure, but what are the stakes?"

"Simple, loser forfeits his set."

"HIS set?"

"OK, their set, if you have one," he sneered.

"Yes, I have a bow and arrows."

We set about our contest, after I'd gone to get my set out of Momma's Pinto Wagon and were near equal in skills. But Dwight proved to be truly repugnant, Les had chosen to retrieve the arrows when Dwight brought out a hidden arrow and shot Les in the side.

I heard a sickening sound as it plunged into his chest and Dwight laugh as Les screamed in pain.

I saw red and nearly killed Dwight, using my martial arts training to cripple him. Dwight was left a paraplegic from my snapping his neck as I ran to Les to help him deal with his injury.

Knowing that Dwight's arrows were barbed, I knew better that to remove it, so I staunched the flow of blood with my cotton blouse, thankful that I had worn a sports bra, that day. When the paramedics arrived, I went with Les as Dwight was taken away with a police escort. The entire horror had been caught on tape, so I cleared of any wrongdoing and Dwight was sent to prison for life. But when his injury was accessed, he was sent to a nursing home and his parents had to pay for his upkeep.



When Les and I got to the hospital, his parents thanked me for saving him from Dwight, but I was ashamed to receive such praise. You see, Dwight knew that I'd been a boy before my accident, years ago, and had been trying to get into my panties, ever since.

He, like his father and grandfather believed that a man had every right to do as they pleased, no matter what the law said. They were all bullies who had dominated their wives until they'd broken their spirits, luckily, Dwight was an only child.

All too often, he'd harass me if he saw me, but he lived in the far side of town, in the more affluent neighborhood while Les and I lived near the docks. It was only due to bussing that we ever met that bully.

Dwight and a few others from his neighborhood were bussed in due to the law, and the city had invoked a city wide dress code to stop any problems due to gangs.

You could wear red, navy, or khaki pants, shorts, skorts, or jumpers with a white dress shirt, or casual shirt. Socks were to be white, or skin tone pantyhose, or tights could be worn. There was no exposing of the belly, nor groin allowed, either.

This did help by allowing the poorer families to recycle clothing, and to purchase uniforms cheaper from the thrift store, but still didn't stop the bullying of the poorer by the more affluent. Luckily, this stopped after my ordeal.



But Les convinced me to accept their praise, so I did. Les was forced to quit football, due to his injury, the arrow had hit his spine, and another impact would snap it. As it was, he would forever walk with a limp, and need a cane.

His parents wanted to put him in a special school at first, but he resisted, and they finally agreed to send him back to school where he became the school's symbol of success while I became his girlfriend in everybody's eyes. Not that I minded, but our relationship would be forever altered.

Whereas before we had been equals, now I had become his protector and defender as I developed my inner strength. In defending him, I found that I was stronger than I thought that I was, and being the nurturer type, I became the defender for the underdog.

Our parents were very proud of me for my stance against bigotry. Even though there was some signs of equality, there were way too many clubs and fraternities and sororities opened only to certain people in the school, by the time that we graduated, all were opened to any student.

AS for Les, he could no longer do his martial arts practice, so I stood between him and trouble. He would march into school bravely, leaning on his cane and smiled whenever somebody would crack a joke about his cane. But he was crying inside, too.

Les was always one of the most popular boys in the class. Girls had crushes on him, and boys respected him, but now that had changed because of me and Dwight. Les was used to being a leader. But the teasing was too much, even by a few teachers.

I stuck by his side, out of friendship, and was able to force those who were teasing him to stop by using the anti-bullying rules. And those rare times when he felt depressed, he'd thank me for being his friend with a brotherly kiss, but like me, there was an unrequited love simmering, waiting to be satisfied.



Well, in time, Les adapted to life using a cane, and even learned how to use it like a sword. He acquired several different canes for different occasions and even went to therapy to strengthen his torn muscles enough that by graduation, he did not need a cane every day, but he still needed them for long spells when he'd be standing, or walking.

Les proved to be quite popular in college, where our past was left behind. He went into teaching to become a coach while I made political sciences my major as I'd found that I enjoyed being on the student council and debating.

In college, Les and I were dating others, but shared an apartment to share expenses. Our parents knew that as adults, that we'd be exploring sex, and knew that we'd wonder about each other. We did, but we didn't want to spoil our friendship with sex before we were ready.

We both stayed virgins through college, and it was spring break of our senior year that our love finally blossomed. We'd returned home and were simply walking on the old amusement park pier where we'd gone swimming and boating in the past. Les was wearing a polo shirt and shorts, while I was wearing a swimdress and hose because I had yet to get a tan, and used the hose to prevent sunburn.

We were two childhood friends just hanging out. But all too soon I sensed that Les was sad and wondered what it could be. He'd long since come to terms with his limitations, and was president of his fraternity, while I was Queen of my sorority. In fact, they were matched together as the best on campus. As such, we were both dating pretty steadily.

For me, the dating was simply a duty as I only really enjoyed it whenever Les and I dated. We'd given up the apartment after being accepted after our freshman year, now I wondered if we should have refrained from pledging.

"Les, what's wrong? I know something is troubling you. Tell me, so that I can help."

He looked at me, then sighed, "Carol, I ... I don't think I'm ever going to find true love."

I was taken aback. "What do you mean? I thought you'd been dating a lot, and that it might be getting serious once or twice."

After another long, painful quiet period, he finally spoke again. "It's one thing to date, quite another to look at a lifetime commitment. When I ask a girl out, and we go out a few times, I can tell what's in her heart. Some of us like the idea of dating the frat prez, and other want sex, but it's never, ever love!"

"Les, 'I' love you, but am afraid to commit to a sexual relationship with you because I can never give you a family," I wept.

He smiled, Why not make a wish at the Wishing Well?"

I looked at him with wonder, Are you sure?"

"Why not? Couldn't hurt."

So we went towards the Wishing Well, but along the way, we came upon a string of shops including a magic shop.

"Les, Spells "R" Us is new, want to check it out?"

"Sure, I could use a few new tricks to amuse the kids in summer camp."

As we entered, a bell jingled, "Les, my tricks are not really meant for amusing children," said an elderly man in a blue bathrobe.

"How did you know what I said? Are you using a spy cam?"

"Hardly, I am the Wizard, and know everything about you and Carol."

"OK, prove it!"

"Carol was born a boy, but due to an accident, became a girl. You love each other, but she wants to be a genetic girl and wishes that your injury was healed."

"Wizard, can you help us?"

"Carol, do you believe that I can?"


"What about you, Les?"


"Then you do not need my help, young lovers. Simply cast a gold coin into the Wishing Well."

"But I don't have one," sighed Les.

The Wizard placed a gold dollar on the counter, "Then I will trade you a paper dollar for this gold dollar, but for the wish to work, you both must be pure in heart."

"Wizard, I have dated others, but I only love Les.

"And I want to marry Carol."

"Then propose to her."

He got on his knee, "Carol, will you marry me?"


Then I felt a strange glow envelope me and Les began to glow, "My wedding gift to you two. Now your wishes are granted."

"You mean that I'm now a girl?"

"Yes, your reality has been altered so that you were born a girl and the arrow that Dwight shot at Les, missed because it never happened."

"What about Dwight?"

"He was bullying you because he wanted to be a girl, but was afraid to do anything about it. Now, Dwight is Dee, your best friend and Head Cheerleader, and is due to become happily married, living next to you two."

"Does Carol still become the same activist?"

"Yes Les. But this time, instead she leads the cause for Dee to become a cheerleader since she is oriental, as for your other tormentors, they still bully, but now it's Dee, and you two and her future husband defend her."

"WHO?" we exclaim.

"Your twin brother Max, Les."



We had a double wedding with Dee and Max that spring and Max turned out to be a techno geek instead of an athlete like Les. Les and I married and had a family full of love and hope. And when my youngest son told us that he wanted to be a girl, we were ready, but that's another story.


                                  THE END