Terri's Vengeance-6

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Terri's Vengeance
Chapter 6

By Stanman63

Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis:The Plan continues to bear fruit as Delano likes what he sees and starts to fall under Terri's spell. He frees Kandi and Mandy from marriage, and awaits her return with the promise of a more lucrative meeting and his conquest of her. Terri still has doubts about herself and her vendetta that are slowly conquered as she finds new strength.



Here was a gentleman from the past. He knew the code of honor that Daddy went by. I could tell that he loved Kandi and Sandy. He wanted to make them his family, knowing their secrets. Now I knew that they would be cared for after the battle to come. I had a secret worry that they would be bereft of any family of their own. I knew that Kerry and Les would adopt them as they had Sandy and Randy, but I knew that I was asking too much of them in order for my Mission of Vengeance to work.

She looked at him with hope in her eyes, "You have often befriended me when I came here from work, never asking for favors. Now I know why. When Delano is finally defeated, we can and will plot out lives uniting."

"Good, that means that I get to spoil a Princess in you, Mandy."

She hugged him, OK, Daddy. I need new shoes," she giggled.

He play slapped her tush, "I'm not your daddy yet, young lady," chortled as she yelped and Kandi sniggered.

Now I saw Delano arrive, wearing a tuxedo, "Welcome to my place, have you been served?"

I pointed to them, "No, my companions have been flirting with that old codger," I giggled.

Sliding down into a seat by me, "We don't see many women like you and your friends in here, what brings you here today?"

"What kind of woman do you think I am? Do you think that you can sweet talk me out of any deals that we might make? My question threw him off stride as he heard the men chuckle at his fax pas. He needed to save face with them and quickly laughed it away, but I saw anger in his eyes, too. "Trying to size up the competition. And why are THEY here?"

I smirked, "They are your wife and stepdaughter, are they not?"

"They are."

"Well, if we are to do business, you must be a bit befuddled as to why I brought them," I smirked.

He scratched his full head of black wavy hair, "Yes, I am wondering why. I thought that this was a get together for a drink."

"And you are currently MARRIED! Good day to you! Our deal is off!" I announced as I sauntered out with Kandi and Mandy following me.

"You sure do play hardball, Terri," Kandi tittered in a whisper.

"Yeah! Terri the Terrier," giggled Mandy.

"Just wait, he will make an offer I can't refuse, now," I guffawed as I said the classic line from the 'Godfather' movies.

As we got to Herbie, I saw Delano leaning against Herbie. We had deliberately waited in the ladies lavatory to give him time to get there. He was smiling at me, and I could see the wheels whirling in his mind as he contemplated my falling into his trap, "Well met, indeed. Shall we continue our negotiations?"

"What negotiations? You proved to be a liar, just now. I don't deal with liars."

"Well, you lied to me too."

"Omitting details is not lying."

"Leslie, when I conduct business, I put everything on the table."

"Funny, no table here, and you were out to seduce me."

He cleared his throat as he tried to keep from choking upon his mug of brew, "You win. May we start off fresh?"

"Yes, divorce Kandi, return to her ALL of the asserts that you stole from her," I commanded.

"And just what do I get in return?"

My access to lucrative Government contracts, contacts, and relaxing of official intervention in your activities."

"Where do I sign?"

I placed the documents on the hood of his SUV, "Good thing that I came prepared, as you can see, only you need to sign."

He signed with a flourish, "I will vacate the estate by this weekend, Kandi."

She kissed his cheek, "No hurry, Tony. Take your time. I want ALL of your stuff out of there, and the original stuff returned or replaced."

He blushed, "I am truly sorry that we did not work things out. It was all my fault. I hope that one day, that you can forgive me."

"Toni, when you are truly repentant, I will forgive you. You must forgive yourself, first." ['Hard NOT to see him as a girl, knowing what's in store for her,']

As he got into his SUV, he looked at me, "When do we do our business?"

"Later on, Romeo. I want to celebrate with them."

We left and went to Kerry at the Lakehouse, knowing that we were being followed. We went to the Galleria, where we were soon lost behind a members’ only section for the Nest, an exclusive club that Delano wanted. It was here that Mayor Bradshaw, County Commissioner Waverly and their staff met away from the pressures of running the Government. Governor Stone frequented here, too.

As I parked Herbie in the back of a delivery van, Mayor Bradshaw came up and escorted us into the Nest, "Did you get the papers signed? Chief Hawk said that was your goal in the first meeting."

I looked the youngish looking black woman over. Her pinstriped skirt suit and matching hose bespoke of her political eloquence and reputation as a savvy leader. She had secured the city against much of Delano's evil by relaxing a few 'Codes of Conduct for her Police Force and working with the D.A. and Court appointed attorneys to keep a check on his evil. He wanted her dead, but was unable to achieve that goal because none of his henchmen ever got close to her.

"Madam Mayor, Just what all do you know?"

"That you were Terry White, husband of Joan, father of Maggie."

By this time, we were inside, where the waitresses, wearing the traditional red dress uniforms abounded. They looked smart in those knee length dresses and ballet flats. There was no exploiting of women, here.

"So, do you think that I am wrong to have so drastically changed myself?"

She smiled, "Who am I to judge? Before I became Mayor, I was Mark, now I am Marcia, thanks to the Dapper Gentleman."

I saw her glow as she patted her belly, "You're pregnant. Congratulations. My gift to you is this package of documents. Please have them certified."

She looked over at Kandi, "What will you do with the company?"

"Turn it over to the city. Those warehouses can be made into residences and businesses as well as new schools. That was Steven's goal before he died. The proposed plans are there, along with plans to convert the factory into a research center."

"I will, and thanks. Shaun and I are simply ecstatic over the pregnancy," she glowed as she left us at the waiting area.

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch as the distaste of Delano was washed away with copious amounts of wine coolers. Mandy had phoned Kerry to come and get us, instructing her to come by cab as we were in Herbie. When she learned about what happened, she laughed, knowing that the van would be unnoticed since it was used for local deliveries. 'Jeb's Deliveries' was used by the area shops ever since old Jeb Snow had retired from the used car business after his children graduated college. He and his wife, Marti kept the vans to donate them to local businesses. Now, thanks to a good economy, and support, the older vans were converted into mobile homes as they were replaced with new vans.


Collecting the mail when I got in, I saw letter from the twins. They had made me a storybook about their new Auntie Terri. They knew about the change and accepted me as their aunt. Upon reading the missive, I cried my eyes out as I let myself be a woman, reveling in the emotional release that I had denied while facing Delano. Now, at home, I was free to be the woman that I now was.

Mary and Murray had shown me unconditional love that only an innocent child could give. With their acceptance, I felt a great weight lift. I feared that my transformation would harm them, but their Hearts proved to be much stronger than I thought. I was raised to never harm a child, as the Lord said, 'Suffer the children to come to Me, for of such Faith is the Kingdom of Heaven." Joan and I had raised Maggie to believe in herself, and to think. We never spanked her for doing what she thought was right. We would make sure if she was right or not, then instruct her differently if she was wrong.

"Why are you crying?" asked Kandi as they entered the kitchen after using the toilets.

I passed the storybook over to them, "No wonder, Aunt Terri! Making this scrap book of your former life and showing how much they love you would break your Heart," sniffed Mandy.

"Only an Aunt or Mother can know that special Love, either by birth, or by choice," sobbed Kandi.

"Come, Ladies. Let's chill out for the day. We've done enough. Kerry left us take out from 'Guido's. Are y'all hungry for his Italian-Mexican specials?"

We agreed to the plan as Guido's specials were a special treat for a woman wanting to keep her figure. Guido was a possible Mexican-Italian chef from up North where he'd learned his skills in Manhattan. He was a colorful character with the skin of a Mexican, but the curly hair of an Italian. Thing is, his family were all Blacks. We know that he was adopted by them, because Guido was his last name, Epstein was his first.

We watched vintage martial arts movies from China that had been dubbed into English. The simple plot lines and corny lines were a refreshing look at the world. My old Sensei, Master Wong had given them to me when I achieved Master level and called me his son. When he died, his wife, Kieko and daughter, Sakura presented me with a katana, emblazoned with his name, Miagi. I have that sword in a place of honor and train with it daily.


The next morning I went to the Cherokee Mineral Waters Spa to soak and meet with Chief Hank Hawk and his son, Medicine Man Daniel Hawk. Hank had earned his Title by learning about Business Management/Administration in college while on an Athletic Scholarship. He was Eastmont Cougars' quarterback All Star Athlete, helping to win State Championships in baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, as well as track and field. He was, and still is a natural athlete, passing his legacy onto his son and grandson.

Daniel followed in his father footsteps as an athlete, but became a psychiatrist to help heal his tribes mental and medical needs, combining modern medicine with tribal herbal remedies taught to him by Medicine Man Silver Deer before he passed away. Daniel combined both teachings to bring holistic medicine into the modern age in the tribe and train others in basic first aid in order to give his people better health while his son, Moses Hawk went to college to become the next Chief/Medicine Man.

I wore my red swimsuit under my biker’s leathers in order to keep my identity a secret from Delano. I did not want him to know my location, nor my activities. I knew that if he did, he would make things awkward for those that I was meeting. He wanted the reservations for his use, there were loads of oil, natural gas and coal located there, and Delano wanted to exploit it instead of the Tribe's Green Earth methods that left Nature in its pristine state.

As I got off the Harley, Moses greeted me, "Hello, Terri. Welcome to the Spa."

I hugged him, "Moses, when did you get back?"

"This weekend, I'd have been at the Meeting, but I needed my beauty sleep," he chortled.

"Beauty sleep indeed! You are as handsome as your dad, and granddad," I giggled.

He preened, "Even us Braves need sleep in order to pleasure our squaws."

I slapped him on the stomach, "Let your granddad hear you say that, and he'll have you eating crow for a week," I smiled.

A shadow fell over me as I neared the entrance, "And why not? Crow is good eating," the Chief deadpanned.

He looked marvelous in his deerskin vest and denim jeans and moccasins, and Moses was wearing swim trunks that left no doubt about his anatomy.

Then why not take a murder of crows and bake a pie," I smirked.

"Murder of crows?" they chorused.

"That is what you call a flock of them, and a flock of crows number thirteen," I giggled.

Daniel beamed as he hugged me, "Is it any wonder why she is so smart?"

"Daniel, thanks. But you are a bit too young for me," I sighed as we entered the spa.

"Not me, Terri," he stammered.

I was swept up into strong, manly arms, "Terri, I Love you!"

"How can you Love me? I am just recently a woman!"

He let me down in a private room with a massage table and pool, "Ever since I met you in school, I knew that one day, we would marry."

I looked at him with wonder in my eyes, "For years, I saw myself as a woman, married to an Indian Brave. I believed it to be from my dressing as a Squaw for Halloween, and that kiss that we shared. I gave up that Dream when I fell in Love with Joan. Are you willing to take me as wife? I am damaged goods."

"What damage?"

I touched his cheek as I sat on the table, "My Heart is full of hatred for Delano. I am not worthy of your Love." I wept as my Heart broke for this gentle giant. I wanted to say yes, but how could I hurt him? How could I let my hatred destroy him as I wanted to destroy Delano.

He placed his hands upon my shoulders, "You are born with two Hearts, A man's, and a woman's. You have lived as a man. Now it is time to let the woman within you live free."

I saw a possible future with Daniel, one equal to the past that I had with Joan. But the more powerful one was of my death. I was not strong enough to fight against my despair. My Heart was still enthralled by my Love for Joan and Maggie. I should have died, then. But, I was spared in order to fulfill my destiny. I saw no future beyond Delano, and that scared me. Could I do what was needed? Could I free the city from Delano's evil? Then I saw the bitter truth.

Delano was not the evil responsible for everything. He needed to be freed from his evil. Knowing that, I knew that I must succeed, or the city would suffer. Whatever it was that had hurt him, it was due to his father. I would have to break the chain of evil, and destruction to save Delano from his hell, but it was up to him to accept salvation.

"Daniel, I want to be your wife, and give you children. But please, do not love me."

"I can't do that, my Heart is yours."

In saying those words, he broke through the Shadow on my Heart. I had been in darkness, until then. The darkness was my hatred, and fear. Now I knew that I had a choice, I knew that Daniel would free me in the end. Those were the vary words with when I proposed to her. And I repeated it when we were married. It was those very words that Joan said when Maggie was born, and were engraved upon the gravestones.

"Daniel, I can make no promises to you. I must see this through to the bitter end. I give no hostage to fortune, for I must be free to do what I must. Will you care for my family? I need them safe from Delano."

"Your family is mine."

"Thank you, Daniel. For the darkness in my soul blinds me to your Love for me. You must be there to call me back from my despair, lest I die.."

"Come, Terri, it is time for you to experience the works. I will give you your massage."

"Why you?"

"My gift to you."

I lay down on the table, and let him work his magic upon my body. I was pounded, and cooked in the ways of the spa that released all of my built up poisons, leaving me all wrung out and in need of a nap. I found myself in a lounge chair, wearing matching sports bra and panty, with taupe hose under panty.

"I see that our Princess is awake," giggled an Indian Maid.

"Yes, I am. Why am I dressed? Last thing I knew was that I was in the steam room."

"Chief Daniel asked us to dress you after you were taken from the steam room. Why?"

"So, He did not get fresh with me."

"No, my Lady. He is a Brave with High Honor. He would NEVER take advantage of a Maiden."

"Not even one who he wants as a bride?"

"Especially of you. His mother instilled that in him before she passed on."

"OK. But now I am starving! Have anything to eat?"

Daniel came into the recovery room, "Hungry, Eh? Then may I treat you to dinner?"

"In a sports bra and panty? Hardly!"

"Oh, that is for the dress you wear to dinner," he chuckled as he held aloft a green form fitting dress with a flared skirt to match the undies I was wearing.

"Why green?"

"To contrast your lovely red hair."

I smiled at him, "OK, you win, As long as dancing is not a part of the meal."

"How about a movie afterwards?"

"Which one?"

"You pick."

I got dressed and ready for my impromptu date with Daniel. He was the true Brave Warrior to my Indian Maiden. I found it easy to relax and be a woman, and let my Memories of my dating Joan ease me through any turmoil over being a new woman. I was able to see the date as she saw it, feel the warmth and Love she felt for me. I was able to do this because I was not engaging my vendetta side.

Was my vendetta side from my male half? Was that why I saw darkness when I let my need for vengeance rule my heart? Could I survive without my vendetta? Could I stop my war against Delano? No, I couldn't. I must continue. I must trust in Daniel's love for me..

As he dropped me off at Kerry's I saw Herbie next to my Harley. That meant that Sandy was here with Randy, but not my Harley. I looked daggers at Daniel who began a long, slow laugh at my anger that soon had me giggling.

"Sorry, Terri, but I had your bike brought here from the spa."

I slapped him on the belly, "Let's get one thing straight, Buster! That is a Harley Davidson, NOT a bike!"

"Are you mad that I moved it?"

"No, not really. I am miffed about you calling it a bike, though."

"My apologies then. I never knew that you were so gung ho about your Harley. Are you the same way about Herbie?"

"More so. Herbie was Joan's. Now, he is mine."

"What say I get you a K.I.T.T. Trans Am or Mustang?"

"Both.I like both of them. Heck, I can buy them myself."

He chuckled at my attitude, "Terri, stop thinking like a man. Let me spoil you like you did Joan."

"I NEVER spoiled Joan. She built Herbie herself. And if I spoiled her, it was in letting her be herself."

"Then, will you let me spoil you?"

"Yes, by spoiling my family with Love."

"What about you?"

I kissed him, longingly, "Only after I have completed my vendetta. Until then, I can have no future with you."

He left after promising to be there for me, knowing that I'd have to dirty myself to bring Delano down. AS distasteful as it was, I knew that I might have to let him seduce me. The idea of him straddling me, taking my virginity was appalling to me.


I entered the Lakehouse and saw Kerry and Les sitting at the kitchen table, patiently waiting for me with a mug of warm cocoa for me, "How did the date go? Do I need to organize a wedding?"

"Is my new sister in need of me to act as Father of the Bride?"

"You two are getting ahead of things, now. It was only an impromptu date, you know," I admonished them as I sat down.

"Aww! Come on Sis! We wanna know ALL the juicy details."

"Even you, Les?"

"Yep! I am your brother, you know."

"OK, I rode my Harley down to the spa to meet relax a bit, but it turns out that Daniel and I have a bond, like I had with Joan. Remember how Joan and I were so close?"

"Yes, she was always smiling after you left her for work, especially when pregnant with Maggie," sighed Joan.

"I would be jealous of you, but your sister is my best friend and lover. What more can I ask for?"

"The lottery," I deadpanned.

They both got a good laugh out of that, as intended. As a general rule, we did not gamble, except for betting a dinner on games.

"After a complete massage, given by Daniel, we went to dinner, saw a movie, then he brought me home."

"A massage? Are you still a virgin?"

Yes, Kerry. I am in no danger of becoming an unwed mother."

"OK, Terri. I'm just making sure that my twin is enjoying her first time out as a woman."

A smile, unbidden, came to my face and I started to giggle. "I never thought that I would go out with a man, Kerry! But Daniel simply has a way about him that makes me feel whole and complete, like I was with Joan."

Les poured more cocoa for us, "Are you OK with being a woman?"

"Yes, but are you? We were best buddies until I changed. Can you still be my buddy?"

He hugged me close, "Terri, I knew long ago that you were also a woman inside. Back then, I accepted you, knowing that you might one day do this."

"So, what is it like to have a sister in law who is as pretty as your wife?"

"It’s the best of both worlds. I have my Soulmate in Kerry, and a pretty sister to protect, too."

"Thanks, Les. Your acceptance of me makes my new life better, by far."

"What about me?"

"Kerry, you accepted me as a girl back when I dressed as you when we were kids. The only difference is that now, I am a woman, like you," I blushed.

"Then my sister has had her very first kiss, then."

"Yes, I kissed him, Kerry. What's more amazing is that I liked it! It was being struck by lightning for both of us. I know that I was reluctant to stop."

"You have become a woman, sister dear. After all this time, you have become a woman in your Heart. You are now the woman that you kept hidden under your male shell. I saw it the first time that you wore that bodysuit. Back then, you did it to protect me. Now, you are a woman so that you can right a terrible wrong. Les sees it and so do I. But we also see the darkness eating away at your Soul Only Daniel can bring the Light to you," she wept tears of mourning, mourning my loss of innocence.

"Don't mourn for me," I am past redemption," I sighed as I accepted my doom.


His admonition shocked my heart, he'd NEVER been like this before. Now, I saw the fury that he kept in check, a fury equal to my own. He believed in me, and my despair had frightened him to his core. He'd already lost a good friend and sister in Joan, and niece in Maggie, Now, I was saying that I was dead too.

"Les, I AM doomed, unless Daniel saves me. Because I can not see a future after Delano, but he does."

He nodded to Kerry who went up to see about the suddenly awakened children, as the others were asleep, "Then, go with him, He is your new life."

"Not till after Delano."

"Then, after this is over, follow your heart and do what you have to do to find happiness. Let Daniel spoil you as I have Kerry. Just be the best wife you can be."


I went to bed, pondering my future. Was Daniel in my future? Did I have a future? I saw no future after Delano, yet, I caught a glimpse of a bright future with Daniel. But I was not some innocent young girl who was Daddy's Little Princess. And I never could be, or could I? Daniel had pledged his Love and devotion to me, and his son liked the new me, but what of Daniel's father, Chief Hawk? Did he accept me as his daughter? I would seek my answer tomorrow, after Church.


I went to Church with my family, but I went in Herbie, not caring if I was seen at Pastor Sally's Church, or not. If any of Delano's goons saw me, so what! He knew that I knew his ex-wife, seeing us with my first family would give him more to ponder as he saw the Lakehouse property come under his domain.

Sally and James were exceptionally good today. I knew that they aimed the sermon and songs at me. If only they knew that when I’m not after Delano, I was my old self. It was when I went after Delano, that I saw darkness.


I drove to the cemetery to visit the graves, but this time I stood there in a black dress, my heels sinking into the moist ground as I spoke to them. The cardinal and the blue jay were waiting upon chicks in their nests. The chicks looked like a merging of their parents. Then I saw their mates up in the tree, bringing lunch to their offspring. It was weird, Male birds had the brighter plumage, yet, they were the avatars of my beloved family. Why was this? Was God showing me something? Then the dove flew down, and I knew that my question would be answered.

"I'll be back when I am done, and this is over then you can finally rest in peace. I will join you in Heaven, soon after. My Heart is cold within me. How can I live without you? I do not know." Then I sung the love song from that movie ' The Prisoner,' where Michael Cage played a Marine who went to prison for protecting his wife. 'How Do I Live Without You' became my lament." As I walked away I heard the birds, singing the song, as if they were giving me their Blessing.

When I got home, Daniel and his father were there with my family. I saw a scrumptious Sunday dinner laid out on the table and everybody was dressed in casual clothes. I had missed Sunday Evening services, which I hated. But no one chided me for my faux pa, they knew that only Hell or high water would keep me away.

Chief Hawk hugged me, "Come, my daughter, cast aside your burdens for the night. Feast with us, and rejoice in Creation"

That night, I let myself become his daughter. I relaxed and became an Indian Maiden in all but name. I found their Love for me to be a healing balm upon my tortured soul. Here was a vision of the future that I could have with Daniel, and I could tell that his father accepted me too.

The food was prepared by him and Daniel, using tried and true Indian ways. I had had authentic Indian food before, and this was as good as or better than that in their restaurant, Cherokee Pride. The roasted corn and wild game and pecans were washed down with plums and peaches distilled into juice.. After dinner, Hank Hawk started the meeting.

"We are gathered here today to finalize the attack upon Antonio Delano. We have prepared false documents that will send him to prison if he succeeds in acquiring them. I have no doubts about Terri's capabilities, but we do need this precaution in case she fails."

"Father, thank you for making this arrangement. I was worried about the possibility that I would falter. But, now knowing that you have taken precautions, I can do my duty without Fear of failure."

"And here I thought that you had no qualms about your vendetta," Kerry smirked.

"Kerry, there was always a fear of failure until now, Now I know that no matter what, Delano will fall."

Sally and James stood up, "Normally, I would not be involved in such an endeavor, but I am using my contacts within the Government to make sure that Delano can not rush the change of ownership through as he has done in the past. His cronies within the system have been put in jail for their crimes, thanks to a few sting operations."

"Sally, you amaze me. I never saw you as being so hard nosed. You and James have always been doves."

"Ah, but Terri. We are also lions, just as the Lord is."

"Just think of us being like Asalon, in the movie 'Prince Caspian," giggled Sally.

"A talking magical lion? Was he not supposed to portray Christ in the movie?"

"Yes, C. S. Lewis wrote it as a way of telling the Gospel. He and J. R. R. Tolkien wrote classics that are both fantasy and classics. It is hard to say who is more popular, informed Hank.

"Then, it is time to finally sting Delano, and I am the bee to do it."

I felt my bitter doom engulf me as I uttered my command, but now, I welcomed it. I gloried in the acid of hatred and vitriol of despair that began to course through my body. I became the avatar of doom, aimed at Delano, nothing would stop me. I abandoned all hope, for Hell was my source of power now. I gave up Paradise and God in order to fulfill my ultimate destiny. Terry the Man had died with Joan and Maggie. I was simply using the shell of his body to complete his Mission of Vengeance: His Vendetta against Antonio Delano.

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Best update of Terri's Vengance yet!

Almost free from rumination, though the continuity occasionally still got a bit confusing in places, with extraneous details materializing out of left field, But definitely going in the right direction.