Terri's Vengeance-7

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Terri's Vengeance
Chapter 7

By Stanman63

Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis: After the shocking announcement, Terri's family and friends, finally see the terrible price to be paid, unless she can see the Light of Hope. Daniel again pledges his Heart, but sees only the avatar. Only after she leaves does Hope reveal itself as in Heaven, the Truth is revealed.

As Terri meets Delano's secretary, she sees a manipulative, cunning mind, waiting for her moment to strike. When she meets Terri, she sees the true queen and realizes that her attempt to steal any money from Delano is a moot point when Terri promises her that her family’s wealth will be returned. As Delano falls for Terri, he finds that he is no longer himself, and the cunning plot begins to destroy him.



After I uttered those words, I saw panic in their eyes, fear that I had become a monster, one that they would have to kill to save themselves. All but the Hawk's, they looked at me and saw the dark shadow of the coyote, the trickster spirit of their mythology around me. What they did not see was that my Soul was dead within me. I had accepted my fate. It was up to Daniel to bring me out of the depths of the hell that I had created. I did not know it, but up in Paradise, my future was being discussed.


:Why does Daddy act like he is bad?" wailed Maggie.

She felt a strong, yet gentle hand lift her into his lap, "My Child, My Child, don't be crying. Your father is in need of your Love."

"Jesus, I do love Daddy! But now I cry for him when I should be happy!"
"My Child, My Child, go ahead and cry! For your tears shall wash away his pain."

"But why, Jesus? Why must he do this?"

"When you and your mother died, his Heart in him became filled with anger! Now, that anger has forged him into a weapon to right a terrible wrong!"

"But Daddy has become a momma! Is that right?"

"My Child, My Child, your father was born with two Hearts, the Heart of a man, and the Heart of a woman."

"Was he not happy as my Daddy?"

"Yes, My Child, he was most happy. He was ready to be your daddy forever."

"OK. Jesus, but why Daddy?"

Then, Joan came to Him, her eyes tearing, "Yes, Jesus, why must my husband become a woman in order to do this?"

"There is a great evil that has ruled Delano's Heart that unless destroyed, will leave the city a wasteland if he is not stopped before he dies. He is so powerful and filled with hatred, that it will take one who has no hope, has no one that can be used against him. When Terry lost you two, his heart died with you."

"But Jesus, he still lives!"

"Yes, because, as the Indians believe, Terri was born with two Hearts, A man's Heart that died with you two, and a Woman's Heart that is righting the terrible Wrong."

A new angel formed before them, "Joan, Maggie, I am Terry."

Joan hugged the angel as Maggie jumped to him, "Husband, why are you here, now?"

"Yeah, Daddy! Tell us, please."

It took my other Heart's despair to free me. She has embraced her destiny, not knowing that I left. She believes that she is doomed, she is not."

"But, how can there be two of you?"

"Maggie, I want to know too, but Terry seems to know," sighed Joan.

"Yes, Terry does know. He is the half that married you, and sired Maggie. Until now, his halves have shared his body. But when the body became female, the male half surrendered dominance to the other half."

"You mean that when I dressed as Kerry, I was letting Terri come out to play?"

Jesus laughed merrily, "Yes, you were. You had blended your Hearts into one for so long that Terri-girl expressed herself when you did anything, but that which is inherent in being a male, then she turned away."

"So, when I became your friend, THAT included BOTH halves."

"Yes, My Child."

"So, you do NOT look at the body, you look at the Heart."

"Yes, My Friend, and Fellow Heir."

Maggie tugged on His robe, "Momma Terri needs Hope. Without it, she will despair, and die," she wept.

Jesus wiped away her tears, Terri must choose Love over Despair. I have given her the choice. She must choose, for herself."


The next morning, I dressed for the occasion, wearing a low cut sundress and sandals for my next encounter with Delano. He was going to be at a charity garden party for brunch, and I made sure I was perfect for the day. I gathered mu new driver’s license, Social Security Card, Visa card, and passport. I smiled as I saw that there was no link to my old life, except that I was my very own younger cousin. Best of all, Terri Leslie Wright was an only child.

Now, I could give no hostage to fortune, I had none. As Leslie, I was from a township that was destroyed by a hurricane when I was born. I was raised by my adoptive parents who died in a house fire, years ago, giving me the clout that I needed to become a Powerhouse in the city. I had bought out the leases of those opposing Delano years ago, letting them be. Now, I was collecting my due from them.

The selling of my holdings to him, for a marriage would appeal to his ego in so many ways, that he would not consider the idea that I was setting him up for a fall. No, his one blind spot was his inability to conceive of defeat.


I got out of Herbie, and went into the bar where I knew Delano would be today. He frequented the Stardust Lounge on Mondays in order to conduct his more public dealings. It was here that he met with business men and women of the city, and state to launch different public campaigns. It was here that non-profit organizations sent their agents to sponsor charity events, and parades.

Melanie Waters was skinny, almost anorexic, with tiny boobs and almost no butt, and her dress hung from her like she was no more than a hanger. Her hat shaded her eyes from the sun, but it couldn't hide the electric blue eyes which told the real story. She was waiting for a chance to steal money for her transition from Delano. She had almost set aside enough money for transition when tragedy struck. Her daddy, Carl suffered a stroke which took her stash to treat. Now, as his only family, she used her Power of Attorney to place him in a nursing home. Now, she hoped to steal from Delano the funds to transition and pay off the mortgage.

I approached her at her desk, "My name is Leslie. I am here to see Delano," I purred as I sat on her desk.

She looked at me and visibly deflated as she seemed to lose hope, "Damn! I was hoping that he would call on me, this time."

She was smartly dressed in a skirt suit whose hem easily let you see her matching panty, "Don't worry, He will want you soon. In fact, he won't succeed with me today, Miss?"

She held out her hand, "Melanie Waters, Ma'am. Why?"

"How long have you been in transition?"

She looked at me with fear, "How can you tell? Only Daddy knows as well as the clinic."

I smiled at her, "We met, years ago when you first started. I recognize that cute mole on your nose tip."

"So, you're not out to out me?"

"Hardly! I myself recently transitioned."

She began to weep as the burden of her secret was accepted. She had been in fear of being outed and hurt ever since she began. Now, here was I, seeing her and accepting her. The fact that she was meeting another like her, gave her Hope.

"If you can be such a beauty that that bastard Delano wants you, then there is hope for me. I had the funds, but Daddy suffered a stroke, and it’s taking all of my savings to pay for the home that he's in. I am hoping to steal the money from Delano and get me and Daddy away," she sighed.

Then I saw the Dapper Gentleman arrive from a private lounge, "Ah, Terri, you are stunning, today. I felt your call. How may I help?"

"Melanie here needs your help."

"Is he a doctor?"

He laughed, Far from it! But if you wish to become a real woman, come with me," he offered as he held out his hand.

"Will it hurt?"

"No, Melanie. Trust him, and believe,"

She sighed, "I have no faith. no hope, just Daddy."

"Do you Love him?"


"Does he know about your secret?"

"I am Daddy's Girl! That's what he calls me," she beamed.

Then a bright beam of light touched her for a moment, then stopped, leaving behind a new Melanie. I saw her body change, becoming feminine as the male body was transformed into a female body.

"Dear Melanie, your selfless Love for your Father has made your dream come true," smiled the Dapper Gentleman.

She looked within and remembered a past where she grew up a girl, "Is this for real?"

"Yes, child. Now, your reality has changed. You were born a girl, now," he smiled.

"Are either of you angels?"

He shook his head, "No, I am but a Messenger of Hope. Terri's concern for you led me to you."

She hugged me, "Then, you are my angel," she wept.

I held her chin, looking into her innocent eyes, "No, I am no angel, just a woman on a mission. I could not let you suffer because of my mission."

"Then you are here to stop Delano, my prayers are with you."

"Thank you, now please leave. I don't want you hurt."

She sighed, "I can't leave, no car."

The Dapper Gentleman placed a set of keys in her hand, "Did you forget the cute Postal Jeep that you got for graduating from high school? Your father is awaiting you at his cabin by the lake. His stroke never happens now because he never smoked."

She kissed him, "Thanks! I forgot! Then I must thank God for my Miracle!"

"Go to Pastor Sally. She will believe." I offered.

She ran out, "I will!"

I turned to my friend, "Thank you Dapper Gentleman, you have given her what I never could," I sighed.

"Go, child. And fulfill your destiny," he chided as he got on the TransBike, which had appeared. He got on and faded as he pedaled.


I sauntered into his lair, seeing the rich, ornate room decorated in tasteful artwork of pastoral scenes, and those homey, cute knick knacks that a son or daughter would make or buy for their mom or dad. Delano got them for himself! He knew not such Love, and was crying out for Love.

"Well, well, well. I never expected you here. But I guess that I should," he said as he clasped his hands behind his head as he leaned back in his chair.

I sat on his desk, allowing my panty to be briefly seen, "I thought that you'd want to conduct our business away from prying eyes," I purred as I adjusted his tie.


"Yes, that is why I sent your secretary home."

"Then who shall run my office?"

"Me! I know the ins and outs of an office."

"What if I close shop for the day?"

"Then, we can have fun."

"Why not now?"

I got down, and headed for the door, "When you can stop thinking with your dick, let me know," I ordered as I opened the door.

"WAIT! He pleaded.


"I'll sign, I'll sign away everything to you."

I glided over to the desk and hung my arms around his neck, "OK, after signing, we go and celebrate."

He took my arm, and walked me out on the huge patio where his hand found my firm but very feminine bottom. I did not move as he caressed me, until his hand wandered up my side to my breasts.

"Not here silly! This is too public!"

He looked around and noticed the crowd of those who he had wronged,, then sobered, "You're right! These people think that I had this guy killed."


"Terry White."

"Would you believe that I am Terry?"

"No way," he chuckled. "I checked you out. You are first cousins at best."

"If you say so," I giggled.

"Where shall we go?"

"Let's go to my new home and celebrate, there."

"Let's go."

I sat in Herbie, waiting for him to put the documents in his wall safe. I was scared out of my wits at what I was about to do. I was about to let myself get intimate with a man one that I hated. But I had no choice really, the die had been cast, and I was now merely a pawn in this game I had started. It was up to the TransBike to come through.

I waited at the front door for him, my hose covered legs displayed in all their glory by the side slit. I stepped inside, leading him into the sofa in the den. I turned to face him, my arms out to greet him, he rushed in, ready to tear my clothes off and take me, but in his frenzy of vanity and lust he never made it. The TranBike beam hit him and changed him physically into a younger version of me, wearing a cute Barbie Cheerleader outfit with pink tights. The change confused him as his stride the changes had made. When she saw herself in a mirror, she fainted. The nightmare had begun.


Naked, but unable to move, she was dazed as she awakened from the shock of her transformation. She saw herself in the ceiling mirror rigged for this moment. I let her wonder her new look for a bit until she began to cry. Then I stepped up, "Recognize me asshole?"

She tried to talk, but her tongue refused to obey. "Remember Joan and Maggie White? You killed them with your SUV. Do you remember the screech of torn metal, spurting blood and crushed bodies? Do you remember the police stopping you? Or the fact that you escaped criminal prosecution? Only in Civil Court did I win?"

Not being able to move, she became scared of me, her terror clearly marked in her eyes and the gurgling noises she was making told me she remembered. "I know, I don't look it, but my real name is Terry Leslie White. It was my family that you killed, my entire family that you stole away from me, and now I intend to have my justice."

"Please! Don't kill me! She pleaded.

I smiled at her. "Relax, Dear. Killing you would be too easy. And that's not enough punishment for you anyway, I am going to make you remember what you did to my family every day for the rest of your miserable life. But, if you can adapt to your new life, you can actually be happy, again."

She looked at me with hope, "Why do I look like you, wearing a cheerleader uniform?"

"Simple, you are me, for now. As for the uniform, you chose it by thinking of that you wanted me wearing for sex. Want to know your punishment?"

"Yes, since you say that I am not to be killed. But what of my empire?"

Chief Hawk strode forward, "I have control of your empire. All illegal activities are over."

The full extent of her defeat hit her, then, “You have truly won, Chief Hawk. By turning me into a woman, I can never run my empire, but then, neither can Terri," she chuckled evilly.

"I never wanted control."

"Oh? What about those leases?"

"All doctored to make me their owner. In truth, my father gave them the funds that they needed. I simply activated a clause in the leases that is now null and void. They truly own their businesses, now." ['No need to tell him that that clause was only in the original, that when he came into power, it was taken out to prevent him from gaining control.']

"What is my fate then?"

Daniel stood by her, "You are to become a waitress and maid in our hotel and casino. You will also learn to dance, and entertain in our adult bars as a stripper and pole dancer. Even though you turned your wife into a crack whore and your step son into the high school slut, you shall choose that part of your fate."

My Heart awoke within me as I saw her about to despair. As much as I hated Antonio, I found mercy for Dana, "And, if you succeed in being a girl, you will become the daughter of a loving couple, long denied a daughter. It will be as if you were born her daughter. Can you accept the bounty? I hope so. Believe me, my vengeance is as bitter to me as it is to you," I sighed.

The grace of the judgment hit her full force as she saw in her Heart, the debauchery that she had committed against others that warranted a much harsher penalty. Even if she lived out her life under the authority of the Indians, she knew that as an employee, she was treated as family. In a weird way, she had become an Indian Maiden.

"Terri, you paid a most terrible price to stop me, yet, you show me mercy, why?"

"It was Antonio Delano Delano that was my enemy, Dana, not you."


"Well then, you choose your name," I smirked.

I choose Antonia Lynette Delano. That way I can be Ann, Toni, Anna, Lynn, and any other variations that I can't think about."

"I will endeavor to become the woman that I need to be, but what of you, Terri?

I smiled sadly, "I gave you Hope for the future, but I have no hope," I sighed.

She hugged me, "Because of me. When as Tony, I killed your family, your Heart died then. You have killed the monster in me, can you not find hope?" she cried as she saw my bitter future that I was embracing.

"There is no hope for me. I welcome Death, now. When I finally die, I will be at Peace."

She held me by the shoulders, "If you die, I die!"

I saw again the Heart of Delano, but now it was freed from the bitterness of its past. Now the Inner Fire was fueling her resolve to keep me alive. Now, she had become My Avatar of Hope.

I sighed in defeat, "OK, I will NOT seek Death for myself. I will not be responsible for your death. But in return, you must promise me to become the woman that you are now, and learn why you became a monster."

Daniel placed his hand upon my shoulder as Chief Hawk led her away to her future, Is it safe to let you be alone?"

I kissed his cheek, "Daniel, I gave her my Word, and I always honor my Word."


I went home and took a long, hot bath to soothe my troubled mind. The plan went off without any complications, except that I still felt empty. I had done what I had set out to do, destroy Delano, and end his empire, but at what cost? Now, all of his holdings were once again back in the hands of those he had gypped, and the drugs and brothels were turned over to the city. The city would turn the many crack houses into legitimate homes, jail the criminals, and begin to treat the many addicts of drug and sex caused by Delano's evil. Even though it was over, the aftermath would take years to deal with.

By my actions, I had condemned Tony to a fate worse than death. I had effectively killed Tony the man, gave birth to Toni the woman, much as he had done to me. Could Delano ever comprehend the magnitude of my despair? Of all the people involved, she was the only one, except for Mandy. And Mandy was now free from her hell, I would not bring back her nightmares.

I awoke, in the tub, the water now tepid. I drained the water and showered off the soapy residue from myself, noting how clean my body was. I toweled off and finding that it was my monthly, I wore a maxi pad in my panty, and donned a sports bra. Over this, I wore white hose and a pink shorts set with sandals. I had decided that heels were not for me. Let younger women who wanted to lure men into their traps, I had no delusions about my future.

I got into Herbie and went up to Lookout Mountain. I needed to find answers and I had burned the bridge back to Joan and Maggie. Even though my Heart was cold, and empty, I felt a stirring within me. Could there still be Hope for me? As God, even now, Calling out to me? The cemetery and Veranda were now closed to me, only Lookout Mountain remained. As I drove up to the Mountaintop Cafe, I began to feel hope in my Heart as I saw the majestic eagle's wings reflect the sunset to me, as if sending me a Blessing.

I got out, weeping at the beauty of what I was seeing. Here was a piece of Heaven before me, just for me. I had often seen myself as an eagle, soaring above the troubled Earth, ready to help where needed. Like the eagle, I was unafraid, aloof, above the weaknesses of base man. Growing up, I had earned a reputation as the loner, such as the 'Fonz' of Happy Days. But I was no super cool runt with slick hair, palling around with a red headed guy who found his thrill on blueberry hill. No, I was much more than that. I was me.

I was unaware of the presence across from me until I heard a Voice, "Welcome to Heaven, Terri. You have fought the good fight and have won."

As the evening darkened, I saw a man in a white robe, "Jesus!"

"Yes, My Child. I am He," He smiled.

I felt my Heart start to beat again as the Pure Love of God melted away the shell of bitterness and pain lancing the boils of hatred and despair. He grabbed me into his lap and let me soak his robe with my tears as bitterness flowed out, letting Love to once again fill my battered Heart. Ever since the accident, I had been dead in my Heart, never truly mourning my loss. Now the grief drained out of me as the scars of hatred were healed and my self loathing over what I had done was purged from me.

"Jesus, why Heaven?"

"Because, you never turned away from Me and Heaven," He sighed.

"I didn't? Not even when I accepted help from the Dapper Gentleman and the TransBike?"

He chuckled as He wiped my eyes, "They are working for me to help others."

"But he says that he is from the future."

"Yes, a future not too far ahead. A future that he is changing for the better."


"By making his work moot as the millions of those needing him are living a new life where their dream is fulfilled."

"OK, but he scares me."


"He can abuse his Power, hurt, rather than heal."

"True, he can, but he took a Sacred Oath to help others, and only the wishes of the rider may cause change."

"So, the TransBike is the vehicle of change."

"Yes, and working with his partner, they help others."

"Does the TransBike live?"

In a fashion, it is run by an artificial intelligence program that awoke when he rode it the first time. That was when he chose his path, for the TransBike opened his mind to the Heart's Cry of those in need."

"At least he is fulfilling his destiny, mine is fulfilled. Even now, I see no future for me, Lord." I sighed.

"You are letting your man's Heart rule you, let it go."


"Let me have it."

"You can have it, Lord Jesus."

I felt a gentle tearing in my Heart as my other half formed, completely whole. He was soon joined by Joan and Maggie. They were wearing in loose white tunics and trousers with sandals on their feet. As I looked at their feet and mine, I wondered if they were wearing hose as I was with my white dress and sandals. I saw Joan and Maggie lift the hem of their trouser leg to reveal bare legs.. I began to blush about that when Joan hugged me.

"Even as a man, you had a thing for hose. Why else do you think that we wore hose?"

"And here all this time, I thought that you liked wearing hose," Terry sighed.

"Oh, I do. But only because you made me feel special, I knew that I did not need to wear hose for you, but in wearing hose, I showed my love for you."

"And Daddy?"

"Yes, Maggie?"

"I like wearing hose."

Then he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye. "Terri, do not forget us. We will always remember you. I am finally at Peace. Now, it is time for you. Delano's evil is over, let others deal with the aftermath. Go, and live the life that you want to live."

"Oh, I do. But how?"

I heard Jesus chuckle until tears rolled down His cheeks, " Terri, open your Heart, you rascal! You know who!"

"Daniel, but he is supposed to call me back from despair!"

"Both of you are mistaken, he is to awaken you with a kiss."


It was gentle kiss that awoke me. It was as gentle as the breeze, yet packed the power of a thunderbolt. We looked into each other's eyes for a moment, and then I knew what I had to do, what I wanted to do. I kissed him back. As we released from the kiss, I saw that I was sitting on a park bench and that evening had arrived, bringing with it a full and glorious moon, ruling majestically over the heavens.

"Welcome back, my Love."

"Why are you here?"

"I heard your Heart's Cry."

"But how? We never bonded!"

"We did, at the spa. There I felt your Heart, and knew that you were my Heart's Match. Ever since then, I have felt you in my Heart. I saw what you did up here. Will you now deny your future?"

"No, I will marry you, but I want Delano there, too."


"I want for her to see that I chose Life."


I took him by the hand and led him to our bedroom. What was mine, was now his. The house was full of Love, once again, the shadows of despair were vanquished by the memories of a former Love and family that welcomed us as the new tenants. Daniel was a gentle lover who took my virginity and made me feel complete. It was here that Joan and I had first made love, and it was here that we conceived Maggie. It was also here that Daniel and I conceived our first child, Joan Margaret to honor my former family.

The next day, we visited Kerry and her family, She saw the 'LOOK' in my eyes, and knew what had happened. It did not help that I was walking funny either. Daniel is a rather hunky man, being nearly seven foot tall to my minuscule five feet.

"It looks like you two have spent some time together!"

My only answer was a sly grin, "We have my new sister. Terri and I shall marry," he chuckled as he held out his hand to show the birthstone ring with a stone for both families as I held up mine.

"You better be good to her, Daniel Richard Hawk! You hurt my sister and not even your Tribe can stop me!" she giggled as she hugged him.

"How true my dear Kerry! I Love your sister. She shall become my bride, and a member of my Tribe. You and your clan are invited to join as well."

Lester began to laugh his deep rumble, "I have always wanted to be an Indian, but I never believed that would be accepted as my forefathers were soldiers in the Calvary that caused so much grief for your ancestors."

He clasped Lester upon the shoulder, "We do not allow the past to influence the future, nor the present. If you wish, you may become a Brave as well, if you pass the test."

"What test?"

"You must be able to pass the Braves Test, if you have been through Basic Training of any type and have learned basic survival skills, as well as know Nature, you will pass."

"Are you kidding? I hunt and fish in these woods."

Joan and Lester were accepted as members of the Tribe, the twins entered the Tribal School and learned their Indian Heritage. While this was happening, I was busy with my wedding plans. When my pregnancy became evident, I was treated as if I was the Chief's Daughter. I was happy at last, but my final happiness was yet to come.


"Dana Delano, please come here."


"Good news, in the six months that you have been here, you have truly become a woman. Now, it is time for you to meet your parents."

"Parents? You mean that I actually get to live as a daughter?"

Coach Brad Barton strode forward, he was much younger, now. His graying hair, now a rich, golden brown to match hid Adonis physique, "Yes, Dana, you are my daughter, if you wish."

A petite brunette stood beside him, "Brad, Dana also needs a mother, I am your mother, Teressa."

Dana hugged them as her memory was flooded with memories of being their daughter. Now, the reason that she was here was to help out a friend, Terri.

"Momma, Daddy, I am ready to go home, now."

Hank Hawk kissed her on the forehead, "Do you know why you were that monster, now?"

"Yes, but I need to tell Terri, Please."


Daniel and I were married by Sally in her Church. It was a gala occasion with guests from all over the state, and with me being nine months pregnant, I made quite a show of myself, too.

My family were very loving and gentle, and Daniel's family and Tribe treated me like a Queen. When he kissed me as my husband, I knew that my life was now complete. I had come from being a man with a need for vendetta into a loving wife and mother. I had served my dish of revenge, cold. I did not become a monster to replace the monster that I destroyed.


It was now Christmas, and Daniel and I were visiting the graves to introduce my baby girl to Joan and Maggie. They stayed up in their nest, keeping warm from the winter wind, yet fed off of the birdseed container that Daniel had erected between the tombstones. Now, my name was listed as well, According to the engraving, I died the day that I rode the TransBike. There was no body as I died when the ship that I had chartered sunk in a storm.

"Joan, Maggie, this is my daughter, Joan Margaret. I gave her your names to honor your living memory. Terry, my brother, I am now at Peace as you are. I have righted a terrible wrong, now the city may awaken from its nightmare."

"Terri is my wife. I vow to Love her as she loved you. She chose me over despair, and now she has a legacy to live as my wife, and mother of my children."

Then I saw a petite teen run up to me as her parents tried in vain to restrain her. She was wearing a cheerleader dress and warm tights for the weather, while her parents, like me and Daniel wore black.

"Terri, do you remember me?"

"No, I don't.

"I am Dana Delano, or rather Coach Bart's daughter," she blushed.

I hugged her, "see that you succeeded in becoming a real girl."

"Yes, now I know why I became a monster."


"My father was a drunkard who never could keep a job, He abused my mother until she died, then abused me. When I found that I was smart, my dad pushed me to excel. I vowed then to succeed to please my dad."

"Where is he, now?"

"In a pauper's grave, and I know not which one."

"Are you happy, now?"

"Yes, my nightmare is no more. Jesus took them away."

Then the birds flew up into Heaven and vanished into the sun.
The End

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this was an interesting

this was an interesting read. thanks for allowing us to see it.

Best update of Terri's Vengance

Almost completely free from the rumination which marred many of the earlier updates.

"...the Pure Love of God melted away the shell of bitterness and pain lancing the boils of hatred and despair." That line was just plain inspired! But then you almost immediately go and mar that by having Jesus "Through whom all things were made" (Nicene creed) talking about an AI in the Transbike.

The Godess Love

I have no idea if this story is a true reflection of your belief. It comes very close to my own and I want to say thank you for writing it. Mishell